Christopher "Shine" Parker-Mayfair
Christopher Parker-Mayfair
Portrayed By Rufus Wainwright
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 22, 1981
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Shine
Place of Birth White Planes, NY
Current Location Salem Center, NY
Occupation Stylist, Home Economics Teacher
Known Relatives Jericho Parker-Mayfair (Husband), Edward Parker-Mayfair (Adopted Son), Jared Stone (Husband's Son), Katherine Parker (Younger Sister), Matthew Parker (Father), Sandra Parker (Mother)
Significant Other Jericho Parker-Mayfair (Husband)
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Light Emission, Colouration
First Appearance ???

Food is the way to the heart!


Christopher Parker was born into a upper middle class family in Westchester County New York. His parents both loved him and Christopher and his younger sister always got along well. Sure they had their usual family fights, but over all it was a good household. The Parkers always encourage their children to follow their dreams and put fourth their best efforts.

It was in middle school that Christopher realized he was gay, not wanting to take any of the girls to the dances and found himself being more curious in his male classmates then female. Even when he was younger he realized he never found himself wanting to chase girls around the playground. He also preferred less violent hobbies than sports such as singing, dancing, and cooking. Since he knew he was gay, he was quite shy for a long time, keeping few friends.

His freshman year of high school, Christopher started to open up around his friends a bit more. He would try out for the school plays and usually got some supporting role with a few lines. During his sophomore year, he had a supporting role in the fall musical at his High School. At the end of the scene the lights faded, but the stage was still glowing with a bright light. Realizing that the light was emanating from him, Christopher ran from the auditorium straight home and hid in his room. His parents were confused after the play when they did not find their son, they came home and they came home to find him crying scared in his room. That him and his parents realized he was a mutant and he also decided to come out that he was gay at the same time. His parents weren't at all shocked at their son being gay, and promised to work out what was going on with him being a mutant. His parents loved their children no matter what.

Professor Charles Xavier found the mutant using Cerbro and convinced him to attended Xavier’s. There he learned how to control his powers and use them effectively, but he never had a huge desire to be an X-Men at the time. He graduated High School there and left to go to an arts college where he majored in interior decorating and minored in culinary. After he graduated he realized there were too many interior decorators in the New York area so he went to Hair Dressing School where he earned his hairdresser license. At the age of 24 his parents helped him open his own hair salon, which he still owns and operates in Salem NY to this day.

When he was 19, and still in college he met an older guy name David and the two of them started dating. A year later they moved in together in a small apartment just out side of the city. Even though David was 12 years older than Christopher they had a very serious relationship and were in love. David didn’t care that Christopher was a mutant, after all when you’re already a minority who are you to judge. A year after they started dating the two moved in together in an apartment in New York City since that was where David worked and Christopher was going to school.

About three years after they met Christopher came home from class and saw that David wasn’t home yet from work. He made diner hoping to surprise him when he came home, but after a few hours David never came home and was not answering his cell phone. In there three years being together David had never done something like this and Christopher was getting worried, so he decided to go look for his lover.

Christopher decided to start at David’s work and look to see if he was still there. When he got there he found David’s car still there but he couldn’t find him and the building was locked. Christopher got worried and started calling out for him while making a circle around the building. As Christopher neared the dumpster he heard someone call out his name. He looked around and found David lying behind the dumpster, bloody and beaten badly. Someone had decided they didn’t like gays and decided to take it out on David. Between Christopher’s worried tears he manage to call 911 and get David to the hospital, but it was too late. They tried to save him but his injuries were to grave and David died that night.

He moved back in with his parents for a while after David died. That was when he decided to take a more active stand on gay and mutant rights, after a hate crime like that affected his life the way it did. He realized he had to live on, for David. He decided since he wasn’t having much success as an Interior Decorator and that the area held too much memory of David for the time being, he would go get his Hair Dressers license. Once he obtained it his family helped him open his own salon, which is fairly successful in Salem New York. He has also since taken up a job working as the home economics teacher at Xavier's.

Theme Song

Rufus Wainwright - Oh What A World


Light Generation - Christopher can produce light taking on any colour of the spectrum. He can focus it to light an area, in to a beam of light, a light shield, and fly. He can fire light beams with up to 40 tons of pressure behind them, his light shields can take up to 40 tons of pressure and he can fly at the speed of up to 100 mph, but when he flies there is a corona of light around him that also trails behind him. His light powers can be any colour he wishes them to be.


February 2, 2010 Responding to sigils in the park, heroes take the field. Bobbidy
February 2, 2010 Christopher and Jeri reunite after inferno. Sulfur and Five Days of Funk
February 3, 2010 Christopher comes to Apologize to Mikhail, doors are opened. A Need To Exist
February 5, 2010 Christopher explains the demon thing. Father Explains
February 7, 2010 Jeri brings Kevin home He runs into Christopher and Eddie. Growing Family
February 14, 2010 Jono gets swamped with optimism while him, Christopher and Hank go about their own tasks in the Danger Room. All About The Danger Room
February 16, 2010 Cam goes on an egg hunt. Christopher and Skyler discuss… strange things. Sinister Eggs
February 21, 2010 Christopher catches Jono sneaking out of the medbay. Need Of Fresh Air
February 23, 2010 Mikhail goes to check up with Christopher on what's needed to get his 'identity'. Trying To Find The Past


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  • Christopher has quite the affinity for wine.
  • Christopher truly cares for those around him.
  • Christopher is right handed.
  • Christopher likes to sing in the shower.
  • Christopher owns his own salon called "David's"


*The drawn picture of Jeri and Christopher was drawn by Muuskazi.

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