2010-06-23: Church of the Poison Mind


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Summary: Laura, Domino and Edward(NPC interrogate a Cult of Kalumai member, Deadpool is kept waiting.

Date: June 23, 2010

Log Title Church of the Poison Mind

Rating: R (LV)

Somewhere just outside of NYC

A tidy camper alongside a forgotten highway.

Edward's camper was a quaint little Trailblazer that was about 22' feet long. Currently parked north and along one of the river-ways, a secluded spot that was on private property. Inside of the camper though hastily done, the man they'd 'captured' earlier was tied to a chair, his head down, sandy-blonde hair falling down around his scruffy yet handsome enough features. Blue eyes sealed shut. Edward would have picked up Laura about forty mintues ago from a designated rendezvous point, currently they were getting out of the car, the door to the camper was open and an oil based lamp was being lighted up. A groan escaping the man who was bound.

Laura had parted ways from Edward several hours previously, letting him set up the camper and get their hostage ready for her. It was still the early hours of the morning when Edward and her had finally met up. The ride had been typical. Quiet. More of Edward's terrible taste in music and that was about it. Her clothes different from what she'd worn earlier, Laura was now in a light blue tank top, grass stains and dark reddish-brown splatters littered the front of her shirt. Dark navy blue cut offs that only hours before had been jeans. Carry a black messenger with her, Laura stepped into the camper. "Has he spoken at all?" She asked in Edward's direction as she set her bag down a the far side of the small camper, ignoring the man for the moment.

Edward's musical taste of the night was Asia and Phil Collins. The man somewhat bouncing between the two, even the camper radio had it going, "He's been in and out of consciousness. Sobbing about his brother." The man remarked quietly, pulling out a pack of cigarettes he thumbed one free and slid it into his mouth stepping outside of the Trailblazer to stand in front of it, lighting up the Marlboro. "Whats in the bag?" He asks idly while he stood there, the blonde man's head down hair dangling in front of his face, low groans coming from him. Edward was wearing a simple maroon sweater and tan slacks, with more of those Penny loafer looking shoes that were one step away from being bowling gear.

With a single nod, Laura ignored the question for the moment. "Edward you have a way to contact Deadpool, do you not?" Setting her bag down, on a table at the far side of the camper, Laura keeps her back to the two men, as she paces towards the small rado and turned the music off completely. "Call him." she added as the sounds of Phil Collins faded completely. She turned then, emerald orbs focusing on the blonde man. "Find out if he's cleaned up the scene yet. I'll need him to save the body." All this was spoken to Edward, of course, and as she spoke Laura walk over to their hostage, circling him slowly gaze scanning the poorly tied restraints.

The door to the trailer opened and in the darkness the cocaine pale features were emphasized by the spill of inside light, though one eye always remained darkened in that signature tattoo around Domino's left eye. She remained in the entry with arms folded over her chest, the low neck of the attire dipping enough to reveal nothing and everything at once, as was fitted with the rest of the painted on suit that was left open in areas for ease of movement and simple fit in contrast of black ichor on white skin. She had been lingering long enough to see them pull up and listen from outside until she had heard about enough. "A hostage, how cute. What's the plans?"

With the music shut down Edward gave his first scowl. A Culture Club CD sitting on top of the radio said he did have plans, that could wait though, "I see young lady you have no taste in good music, but yes, I…" He pauses as the door opens letting Domino in, "Good of you to join us Domino." He remarks,"I believe the plan is to get this Cultist here to talk." He motions indicating the blonde man tied in the center of the cabin to a lawn chair, his head down tears died down reddened cheeks. "Tommy… you killed Tommy…" Came the moans from the man. Edward then looks towards Laura,"I'll contact him and let him know." His wrist rose up looking at his watch,"But with the time spent, he may be finished already."

Laura's gaze flickers towards Edward, "I don't like music." she explains as she stops once more in front of the blonde man. Her attention shifting again as Dom enters the small camper, Laura's lips curling back for a moment before she refocuses on on the blonde man. "I doubt that. He doesn't seem to be one who does things when told, only when he feels like it." Speaking of course of Deadpool for the moment, she only fixed their hostage with a long, flat stare, saying nothing in response to his moans for his brother. Most of her strategy, depended on whether Deadpool had actually done his job when asked to or not.

Domino's slate blue eyes flicked from Laura to Edward and then settled on the hostage. "He an actual cultist or just one of their lackeys? From what I saw at another incident some of them seem rather ignorant of what exactly they serve. Might be helpful to know." Blood from a stone and all that. When Laura spoke of Deadpool as being the volatile one a small laugh omitted in the sound of a huh and she pushed from the door frame to get a closer look at the hostage, her tongue pressing against her cheek, just biting the moment of commentary off.

"Everyone likes music."Edward countered, then looked towards the man before his phone was held to his ear."Yes, is it finished?" The mrmrmrm from the phone carried on and the man sighed, a hand rising to rub the bridge of his nose, leaving Laura to explain details to Domino. The guy in the chair's head lolled to the side, his eyes cracking open before he was shaking violently in place,"LET ME GO! You bastards! Let me go!" Continuing his rough rattle of the chair rocketing back and forth as veins and muscles strained against his bindings.

With a flat stare thrown back at Edward at his counter, she shook her head slightly, hearing Deadpool rambling on insistently in the man's ear. "Tell him to get to the point already." she almost growled. "We don't know who he is yet, that is sort of the point of him being here." she murmured dryly in Domino's direction. "And yes, I heard about what happened to Star. Did you manage to question any of them before you killed them all?" a dark brow arching up as she fixed the woman with a stare. As the hostage began thrashing, Laura let one claw in her right hand push past muscle and skin. Her arm extending outward, she leveled the adamantium coated blade with his nose, hoping it would get his attention and shut him up for a moment.

Domino knew Edward would be on the phone forever at this rate so perhaps killing time was of the essence, and the struggling man was the perfect little obstacle to do such with. Laura though, got a flat stare from Domino and the tongue to cheek method simply came undone like bad stitch-work. "Can the sarcasm girl, no one appointed you leader, why don't you go babysit the one more your age level and let the grown ups handle the grown up work?" Both brows rose then and to intentionally make the conversation more painstaking for Edward Domino spoke up hopefully loud enough for Deadpool to hear. "IHOP's flapjacks suck."

The man's thrashing came to a slow stop his chin lifted up and he swallowed, his Adam's apple bouncing. "I don't know what you people want…"He said in a sob, his cheeks smeared with fresh tears. "Just know one of you sick fucks killed my little brother." Edward exhaled a loud huff of a sigh as Domino only instigated the man on the phone to pick up in another banter, "According to what I can piece together… he's getting ready to burn everything at the docks and we're interrupting him."

Laura snorted derisively, her posture shifting slightly as she contemplated pulling her other set of claws out to point them at the woman. Laura wasn't sure which one she liked less, Domino or Deadpool. "Exactly what is the work that you do? Aside from traumatizing mildly irritating seventeen year old girl's who have a spectacular talent for finding trouble?" Turning away from Domino, Laura returned her attention to the hostage. "That would be me." she supplied, her deadpan expression and tone surfacing again. "Tell Deapool to stop, for the moment." This was directed towards Edward, though she kept her attention on the blonde man. "Something that could be easily remedied, if you just cooperate. There are plenty of mutants with healing powers. Stab wounds aren't even that challenging for them." Laura's lips quirked up into an attempt at a smile, though it turned into more of a grimace, and faded quickly. "Our man has your brother's body. Now, if you give us the information we're looking for, we could get him to a healer, and you'd have him back easily enough. It's really your choice here. Cooperate, or don't. How much do you want your brother back." Laura lowered her claw, letting it recede back into her body, as she took a steady step back from the man, her head tilting to one side as she watched emotions play over his features. "What will it be?"

Domino heard Edward and the location of Deadpool, but that did not get any other words from her, her focus was on the hostage now held at claw point. Now she was speaking to him as she walked around to stand behind him and slightly to his right to remain in the man's periphery. "I personally want you out of this alive, but that's all dependent on you now." There was no need to even gesture or reach for one of the holstered Browning's, he was already at blade point and it seemed violence only slowed him down, not made him cooperate. Method B. Laura's statement though got a quick quip back that was a thrust to the very hilt. "Maybe if you were doing what you are supposed to at your age, she wouldn't have been there in the first place, afterall, you know far more than me." The smile Domino gleaned was one more razor borne and on the border of venomous, but it was kept low key enough.

Edward had already intended on stopping the maniac, there was more at the location that needed to be seen before such a measure was taken. Hearing Laura he gave no recognition of hearing her before speaking into the phone,"Look, I need you to stop what you're doing and just wait for me to arrive there. No, just wait, everyone is dead? All yes do nothing more, just hold the fort down until I arrive." Before more prattling could be passed through he hung up the phone. Edward's fingers pressed to either side of his head, a temple each as he watched Domino and X around the hostage. The hostage himself, beyond his sobbing fixed his eyes on Laura, "You're lying, why would a mutant heal my brother?" Domino's words had him giving her a quick glance as well, he did want to live, but his brother was another leverage point. "I seen him dead though, I… he didn't even look at me when I kicked him, he just laid there, bleeding out."

With a soft, frustrated sigh, Laura shifted in place, her right hip pushing to one side as arms came up to cross over her chest. Hearing that Deadpool had killed everyone was somewhat annoying, she would have to begin tracking all over again at this rate. But that was something to deal with later. With her flat gaze still fixed on the man in front of her she lifted a thin shoulder up, shrugging. "Plenty of reasons a mutant would do that for you." She had six reasons that were razor sharp and unbreakable housed in her own body. "I'm affiliated with a group that's very anti-killing. They won't be happy hearing about this, but I'll deal with that myself. They have some of the most accomplished mutant healers there." a moment of silence passed and Laura was pacing slowly in the confined width of the camper. "They'll fix your brother right up, providing you tell us everything that you know about the people you work for."

Domino seemed to have no purpose here aside from getting bossed by a child who [she was under the impression] was bait. But, she had it under control and the headache was not worth the money. A swift glance to Edward and she headed back for the door. "Seems you have bait and what you need all in one. I didn't sign up for a headache, I'll go wait with Deadpool, but count me out of anything to do with this." She gestured to Laura even as her eyes lingered on the hostage. With a slow shake of her head she hit the door and exited the trailer.

"Promise me you'll help my brother and I'll tell you everything." The man said quickly, hope sprung to life in his eyes at Laura's words. Edward moved aside as Domino headed for the door,"Wait wait! No, we are all needed in this… and I need to be there were Deadpool is before anything else is done, I'm the only one here who knows anything of the occult. Lets here this man out, get his brother… and go together. We need to get along, please, I am serious, this Cult is a dangerous threat, more than just any one or two of us can handle. I need all of you."

If Laura knew how to smile properly, without looking like there was something wrong with her, or looking creepy, she would have at Domino's words. But the hostage was responding, finally. In her peripherals she watched as Domino crossed the room towards the door, and wanted to throw something at Edward as he made an attempt to stop her. With a low grunt, Laura re focused. "Start talking, and I will make sure your brother is healed." she replied, giving a solitary nod.

"Tell her that." Domino was not the one with the teamwork issues, and if someone wanted to fly solo, she will let them all the way until they hung themselves. If anything was an eye opener, that was. Her pause had the door held open but just before it impacted closed behind her she stated. "I'll be with Deadpool, even he is not this hard to work with." Somewhere deep inside Domino died a little at that statement, but it was true.

"All right… okay, see… "The hostage struggles, his hands tugging at the bindings to get more comfortable."About a month maybe two ago, I got introduced to this guy, his name was Spaz… he had some good drugs, but he was weird, asked weird questions like if I believed in God, or what do I think about this movie or that movie, and all these movies see, they were all uhm, like religious or had demons in them and shit. Then he'd give me books to read all the time, cds to listen to, shit I never heard of." The guy was stammering, his eyes getting wider, "Can you untie me a little, please?." He almost begged of Laura. Edward nods towards Domino, his hand came up unthinking and he put it on her shoulder,"Please I can not stress this, do not let him burn the place down or destroy more than what he has… I did not express the importance of what we may find there."

One hand rose and quaintly removed Edwards hand from her shoulder like she was picking an insect off a sweater, letting it drop. "I'll do what i can, but if he wants a weenie roast, at this point, I am half tempted to offer bun length to him as well as the skewers." No further waiting, Domino was gone.

She ignored Domino completely at this point, the man finally starting to talk and fidget. With a quick shake of her head, Laura paced closer to the man. "you've told me nothing of importance. Just some junky with an obsession over God and demons." She leaned forward as she spoke, ignoring any sort of personal space bubble the min might of had, to level her face with his, her expression still flat. "Let's here something that is actually worth your brother's life and then I'll loosen your hands." Laura's face mere inches from the other man's and he cringed back slightly at her close proximity.

"I'm getting to it, I'm getting to it, I promise… se..see so I started reading the books, listening to the CDs, they were a bible sort of, but not a good one, like a black one that you never heard of and the stories are all changed around, so Spaz decided he liked me, started questing me around on their content, the more I answered right the more drugs he'd me have on discount or free… so then, then he wanted to introduce me to some of his friends, now these people, these people were sick fucks, freaks like I never seen before. I mean i seen people who…"His eyes drop towards Laura's claws and he did one of them hoarse swallows," Who cut themselves…or were into piercings and shit, but these people are killers, they sacrifice people, have FUCKING orgies, I mean, that was fun, I liked that but…"But they take people and they kill them. Different places every time, and the scariest ones, we don't get to see their faces, they always wear masks. Except one lady, this redheaded lady, shes hot, like the hottest piece of ass I ever seen… she gives the orders, I don't eve know her name they just call her, her or sister. She has us at the docks though, she made us wait there, we were supposed to be waiting for someone to tell us when to set up the next rite…"Edward interrupted,"The rite, you mean the raves? the dances?" The hostage nodded quickly,"Yeah… we go out and get kids to come to them, teenagers, get a lot of cute girls giving out fliers and they swarm… "

Laura straightened up, her eyes on the man as he spilled everything he knew about the cult. She listened intently, nodding here and there as she began pacing again. "Do you know who you were meeting? Or when they'd get there? This Spaz… person. I want to know where I can find him." She fired the questions off quickly, not giving any chance for the man to answer before she added in another. Her attention shifted slightly to Edward and then back to the blonde man. "I want a few of those bracelets. We need to get into this next rite. And I want to know where I can fins this woman. Do you know where she lives or works? When was the last time you saw her?"

"Spaz is at Hell's Kitchen…. he's always there, he's a drug-runner… and I don't know how to find her, she just shows up when she shows up… bracelets, those those you can find at the docks, where you ki…killed Tommy." His head fell down and his shoulders racked with shuddering sobs, Edward was rubbing his cheek thoughtfully staring off. "I haven't seen her for like a week no maybe a few days, I don't know man, I really don't know… I've told you everything. help my brother and let us go, you won't see either of us again if you do."

Laura was moving then, circling behind the man. "I will go find this Spaz person next." Laura murmured towards Edward, as she slid one claw put and through the man's bindings. Though, as she began to pull his hands in front of him, she grabbed his left roughly, holding it in place and putting a little pressure there. "We are going to the docks now, but know this. If you have lied about anything, or if you try to run, I will bring your brother back only to kill him again in front of me, do you understand?" The words spoken held no edge to them, spoke int he same flat monotone that she almost always spoke in, but the man shuddered, and flinched just the same. With a hasty nod of his head, Laura knelt down and released his feet from their bindings. She turned to face Edward, "Let's go before Deadpool gets bored and does something stupid." Still holding the man's arm she allowed him to stand, leading him towards the door of the camper.

"Spaz is strapped, hes got people with him who ain't fuckin' stupid and … you don't know what your messing with my mas… er Kalumai he is more powerful than you'll even know and… "The man shut up as Edward gave him a swift glare and the upraising of one hand,"Hush."Came forth as he re-adjusted his ring, having looked for a moment as if he was about to smack the man upside the head with it."If you want to get a lead on and head to Hell's Kitchen you can, I'm going to the docks after Domino and Deadpool. "Edward reached for a small bag on the counter and pulled out a cell-phone,"Hey thats mine!" Cried the hostage before it was given over to Laura, along with the man's wallet."I'll take him with me."

Laura fixed Edward with a steady gaze, a dark, slender brow arching slightly as he almost slaps the man. "I'll come with you." Was her reply, as he took the man's phone and wallet. Laura had no intention of letting the man live or helping his brother. She had only used the fact that she -might- help him as leverage to get him to talk. Finally she turned her attention back to the man, a little amused that he thought guns would do much to her - like she'd give the guy a chance to even pull a weapon on her. "Let's go."

"Very well."Replied Edward, the man was pushed by him towards the car. Not really sure where they were taking him, but the docks was their next destination. With the words 'lets go' they would be off. Even if Laura disliked music she was stuck listening to Flock of Seagulls on their way there. Edward was adamant this time on music not being shut off.

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