Temicid "Cid/Hexen" Yoder
Cid Yoder
Portrayed By Russell Tovey
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 1, 1989
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Cid, Hexen
Place of Birth Lobelville, TN
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Family
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Mild Transmutation
First Appearance Ich Bin Ein Hexenmeister?

Well, mama. Looks like I'm a Hexenmeister like you. But… a natural one.


Simple lives tend to breed simple peoples. However, some of these simple peoples just don't fit properly where they are. Lobelville, TN is the home of a small community of Amish. To be precise, they're most likely Mennonites, but they don't call themselves anything. Only the places of business use electricity, because they're owned by outsiders. The homes, the schools, all are done in strict religious standards. Temicid was born in this community. At their earliest ages, the little ones are kept apart from the outside world, simply being raised and kept at home. It's not until they're nearing ten that they're actually allowed to be near the outsiders.

From the moment Temicid first saw them, He knew there was something different out there. He knew there were other things to know, to do, and to see. However, he knew that it wasn't his time. So, he grew, learning and practicing his beliefs, though he knew there was more to life than what he was getting. He learned the things he needed to, and grew. However, he missed a lot of the important things in life as he was growing… well, the things that are important to the rest of us.

There were always some odd things about him, from the time he hit puberty. Many thought he was simply blessed in that things would just work better around him. However, Temicid never mentioned that he heard the sounds coming from whatever made these things happen. These 'spirits' of nature. He was taught that they were not real, thus thought there was something wrong with himself. Thus, when his period of rumspringa began, he chose to actually learn more about the outside world. Also, other things began to change. Certain parts of his body were not like other people's. His ears grew pointed. His eyes grew slitted. His body became more like the 'spirits' that do not exist. His hair even changed to a shade of mild purple. Fortunately, his mother was a practicing Hexenmeister in her community.

Some Amish do not shun magic, but accept it's use in hearth and home. With this ability, his mother created an amulet that would let him look normal to others as long he wore it. The amulet simply contains a basic glamour, easily disrupted by dispellation and vision powers. However, the effect will only be dispelled for the one person using it, not for the world.

Rumspringa is not practiced in all Amish communities, but his did. During this period, from young adulthood until 'marriage', the young Amish are allowed to go outside of the community. To do the unorthodox, such as drive vehicles, wear colors, and basically learn about the non-Amish English folks in the country. Those communities that do this do it because they want their community to grow with people who actually want to BE a part of the community.

As he left, a little late at the age of seventeen, he stayed with English family members (English being those who aren't or are no longer Amish). He chose to study for something that might put his life in line for something out of bounds, in other words, getting his GED so he could go to college. He learned enough that he was able to pass his GED, as well as score a high score on an SAT and get accepted to a few colleges. He knew he wasn't meant to remain among his family.

Teary goodbyes were given by his family. His mother granted him continued use of the amulet. Despite their non-use of electricity, mail is still common amongst them, so he knew he could still reach them.

With his new scholarships, he's chosen to go to college in New York. However, he's only JUST entering his freshman year and has plenty of time to decide what to do with himself. However, since arriving… the sounds he's been hearing when he needs things to change have been granted sight as well. He's begun to see strange creatures that come from his own body. He doesn't know if they're real or not, but is keeping silent and praying… praying that the visions go away.



July 8, 2009 Cid gets kidnapped for experimentation. More MGH Victims
July 15, 2009 Cid is one of a number of people that the Watcher observes, dealing with adversity. That Which Stands Against
July 16, 2009 Cid and the others escape. The Great Escape


  • "I said it!"


Cid's power is a very limited reality manipulation ability. Depending upon the 'spirit' called forth, he can do a multitude of things, though they may not necessarily be under his control in how they work. His powers cannot affect living matter other than himself. Plants, Animals, other people… they cannot be altered in any way. However, FORMERLY living material is still fair game. An orange that's no longer connected to the tree is no longer alive, and thus able to be affected. Anything he does will last no more than thirty minutes at a time before reverting back to it's natural state (with some limitations). If the altered item is altered by something ELSE, it's permanent. (ex: He changes an apple into an orange. Afterwards, he eats the orange. The chemicals in his digestive system have thus altered the orange, so it will not shift back). The alterations he can be done can be done within line of sight, HOWEVER, his 'spirits' must be able to make their way to it, so it's not instantaneous. A change within ten feet will happen within a minute or less. Twenty feet will take one to two minutes. Thirty feet, three minutes, and so forth. His 'spirits' can step through physical matter to do their job. Spiritual matter, however, is another matter. Spiritual matter in this case refers to mental abilities. Force fields, Telekinetics, any of that may stand in the way of the creatures. If necessary, he can cut the time in half by picking up his 'spirits' and throwing them. However, they get angry when he does this, often making it somehow affect him as well. While the spirits are invisible to most, ANYONE can hear them. However, those with spirit sight, or other exceptionally enhanced vision ranges can see them as well, and if they can be seen, they can be affected, regardless of 'spiritual' power. At the moment, none of his spirits may affect more than four 8 cubic feet of area. (Two by two by two) He can only bring one spirit out at a time. However, after the spirit has MADE the change, he can call another one out.



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