2010-06-19: Claws In Charge


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Summary: Kaji comes over to the Avengers Mansion to find himself a few new toys and an offer he might not be able to refuse.

Date: June 19, 2010

Log Title Claws in Charge

Rating: PG

NYC - Avenger Mansion

Various locations within the Mansion. Ending up in the training room.

The Avenger Mansion had grown quiet as night started to settle in. The only people remaining at the present time was Keld(up in his room), Jarvis and Tony. Tony had retired to his room after having played a few rounds of pool with Keld. While looking through contact information in the mansions computer system he realized that he hadn't brought Kaji into the mansion yet. That had to be rectified immediately. As he inputed Luna and Lockjaw into the security profile he added Kaji's information and called him up on the land line.

On the other end of the line, Tony would hear the sounds of a bit of a breeze of wind and the soft din of people talking below. "Hello?" Comes Kaji's voice.

"Good, you're awake!" Tony sounds a little too enthusiastic. "You busy right now? I've got an idea."

There'd a slight pause as Kaji then replies, "No, just sittin' atop of a building looking out at the stars and moon." Could be true, the wind is a good bet.

Tony isn't about to comment about the irony in that. "Look, come on over to the Avenger Mansion. I've been working on something, for you. No, I'm not telling you what. It'd ruin the surprise."

Another soft pause, and then the sound of rushing wind can be heard. It goes on for a few seconds before there's a thud, and Kaji grunts a bit. "On my way." The last thing that Tony hears before he hangs up is the sound of Kaji's new bike starting up.

After shutting down the computer in his room Tony walks downstairs towards the foyer. What in the hell had Kaji been up to? It sounded like he was in a wind tunnel but it could have just been a crappy connection to the anthro's cell. Standing around at the base of the stair case started to get to Tony so he busied himself with walking back and forth needlessly inspecting things in the foyer and wearing a hole in the carpet.

It takes Kaji a short time to get to the Avengers Mansion. Probably breaking a few speeding laws on the way there, but he's a safe driver… when he wants to be. He reaches the mansion, and starts to head up to the door. Letting out an audible 'Uhhh…' as he reaches the door. He shrugs a bit and then just knocks.

Tony notices Jarvis coming from the hall. He waves the butler off and opens the door himself. "Well, took you long enough." He doesn't really mean it, the hint of a smile at the corner of his eyes gives him away. "Come on Chewie, your gonna love this." He steps away from the open door and starts walking down the hall.

Kaji laughs a bit. "Again with the nickname." He shakes his head with a laugh before he follows Tony into the building. He looks around a bit before he focuses on following the man.

"I'd give you the grand tour but if you've seen one mansion you've seen them all," Tony comments as if this is an everyday experience for everyone. He forgets sometimes that not everyone has experienced the lifestyles of the rich and utterly boring. "There's a large meeting room I might remember to show you later. Got a nice game room too. The real gold is downstairs." Tony leads Kaji downstairs to what he calls /the garage/ but what is really his mad scientist lab. He presses in his access code and opens the door to let Kaji pass through ahead of him.

Kaji blinks a bit and lets out a "Uh huh…" He's still looking around with a bit of awe in his eyes before he looks back at Tony. "Why a meeting room?" When the door is opened, Kaji quirks a brow and then heads in first into the 'garage'.

Tony steps into the room behind Kaji, then moves past him to turn on the systems in the room. As things spring to life about them he heads to a far table that has a long black cloth laying over something. "Well, when there used to be a lot of people living here, helping the Avengers, we gathered in the room to look over data amongst other things when we needed to plan."

Kaji lets out soft ah in acknowledgment before he looks around the lab as everything springs to life. The mutant looks back at Tony before he then looks down at the table covered with the cloth. "Time for the obvious. What's under that."

The cloth remains undisturbed on the table as Tony seems in no rush to whip the cloth off his surprise. Instead he seems to busy himself elsewhere with this and that. Mostly he's out to drive Kaji insane. "Oh that? Nothing important. Really, you wouldn't be interested in what's under there."

A quirk of his brow as he crosses his arms over his chest. Kaji just lets out a laugh, "Riiight. Then what'd you want to bring me over here for?" He looks around the lab a bit, and then starts to wander around a bit aimlessly. Glancing back at Tony every now and again though.

Tony walks around a far table to pick up his latest piece of work. "You can't let me have a little fun torturing you? What's this world coming to?" Seeming put upon he stalks over to the table. "For your viewing pleasure I present to you, your weaponry." He flourishes the cloth away from the table like a magician would yank a cloth out from under a dinner table display. Pretending not to care what Kaji's reaction is he looks down at the device in his hand and tinkers with the settings. If his eyes wander upward trying to gauge the wolfs response, he won't admit it.

Kaji's eyes grow wide as he walks over towards the table. "Whoa." Is pretty much all that he can say as he looks over the weaponry. All of them blades of different sorts. He lets out a laugh, like a kid given the greatest present of all. He seems to find his voice as he says, "Seriously?"

Tony looks up from what he's working on with an expression that clearly says /are you kidding me?/ "Of course I'm serious! Do you think I'd drag you all the way over here to show you a bunch of weapons that I just happened to slave away on and then not give them to you?" Tony feigns like he's been mortally wounded by throwing up a hand to cover his heart. "I never get any love. Honestly."

Kaji's eyes shift back to the table, then up to Tony. It repeats this process before in a rather fluid motion he shifts into his anthro form and vaults over the table. Before his feet even touch the ground, he wraps his arms around the man and gives him a rather enthusiastic lick on the face. Mainly on the side. But he's rather happy at the moment.

"Oh God, that's disgusting!" Tony cries out as he tries to fend off a clearly happy Kaji. "Back, off…leave it…" Tony is only halfheartedly fighting back and gives in to laughter. "Seriously, I have issues!" He hasn't laughed like this in awhile and even though he's got slobber all over his face he finds it a welcome price to pay for making his newest friend happy.

Kaji lets out a bright laugh as he steps away, his tail can't stop wagging at the moment as he goes back to the table. He looks back up at Tony with a grin before he says, "Issues? I'll say. Giving me these?" His hands resting on the edge of it as his eyes flick to every one.

Tony shrugs as he walks over to stand next to the table with a quick peer down at his handiwork. "Well, I may not be capable of helping you with your armor other than conceptually but if its one thing I know, its weapons." He picks up one of the throwing knives and shows off how its balanced. "Now you know what I get up to in the wee hours of the morning when most people are asleep."

Kaji picks up one of the throwing daggers, turning it over and over in his hand before he holds up a hand; balancing it on his claw as he grins wide. "Niiiice." He looks around for something to throw them at before he looks back at Tony with a smirk. "And here I thought you spent the morning looking at yourself in the mirror." A teasing grin before he looks over some of the more melee weapons.

"No, I do that before lunch." Tony smirks. He lets Kaji look over the other weapons. "I tried to gauge things based upon the information I had on hand. I think these all will work." Tony pockets his device he's working on and tilts his head to one side. "If you want to see what they can do there is a training room I can show you to."

Kaji picks up some of the curved blades, rolling them in his palm a bit before he gripped them tight. "Oh yeah, I definitely like these two." He looks back up at Tony, his ears perking up greatly before he says, "Definitely! I'd love to try these bad boys out!"

Tony helps Kaji pick up the various blades off the table and leads him out of the room towards the training room. Once inside Kaji is able to see all of the various equipment the Avengers use for training purposes. What they are heading for is a small room off to the side. Tony opens the door and allows Kaji to enter before him. "There are a few dummies set up that you can attack. There are also moving targets, but you can see all that." Tony sets the weapons he's carrying down on a metal table along one wall. "I'll just move out of the way in case your aim is terrible."

Kaji glances back at Tony with a smirk. "It isn't terrible. But I may be out of practice on throwing these." He weighs one of the knives in his hands before he looks over at one of the targets. He shimmies the knife up in his hand, grasping it by the blade before he takes a step forward and hurls it towards one of the targets. Having it bounce off and hit the side of another.

A snicker can be heard softly from where Tony is now sitting. He had really tried not to laugh at Kaji's misfortune. "Let me know if you think anything needs to be changed up. Whatever you can't use I'll donate to one of the Avengers that likes to use weapons in their arsenal." Tony presses a button on the wall near his head and Jarvis responds immediately. "Hey, if you're bored could you bring down something from the kitchen. Two people, thanks Jarvis."

Kaji looks back at Tony before he sticks out his tongue a bit. "I'm just out of practice." Once you've learned something and you haven't touched on it for a while, it gets rusty. Kaji's no different. He balances over of the knives in his hand once more before he flings it towards one of the targets, having it stick before he goes for a rapid fire try. Getting three out of the five to stick to another. "They're all perfectly balanced. It's me that needs the help."

"Not my thing, I could call in Crocodile Dundee." Tony smirks from his vantage point. His attention wavers as Kaji continues to test each weapon. With one hand he pulls out his trusty computer pad from one pants pocket and the device he was working on earlier with the other. As he's working on making his newest project functional Jarvis appears with a small tray of snack foods and a pitcher of something to drink. Tony thanks him for taking the time to bring the tray down. After Jarvis leaves Tony shoves a cookie into his mouth and continues to work.
Kaji hms a bit as he looks back at the table and pulls up a curved blade with a finger hole on the end. "You know. If I attached a chain to the finger hole here. That'd be a deadly weapon. More deadly than it already looks." He glances back at Tony before he spins on of them on his index finger.

"You just want to look more like a bad ass street thug." Tony shakes his head as he punches a few numbers into his pad. He then turns his attention to the blinking device. Satisfied with it he pockets both and out of nowhere music cuts on in the training room. "Ever seen that show where they compare weapons?" He shoves another cookie into his mouth as he rises from his chair to cross over to a wall. A panel opens up with a target dummy sliding out. "Pretty accurate to what it would be like to attack a living being. Should show you what you've got if it were a real attack."

Kaji chuckles. "Part of the small time crimes is about intimidation. If ya can show that you're top dog, then you're golden." He looks over at the target and quirks a brow before he hooks the two curved blades into his belt loops and he picks up some throwing daggers. "So just go at it like it were a real person?"

Tony nods as he steps out of the way. "Lets say you throw one. It will remain in the target so that you can go inspect how it impacted, how deep it imbedded, what it may have tore all to hell. Some of those weapons are nasty. I'd save the big ones for last. I doubt you'd notice anything if you used those first." Tony circles around behind Kaji heading over to where a pair of boxing gloves sit near a hanging bag. "I ain't gonna be easy, easy. The only time I'm gonna be easy's when I'm killed by death.." Tony sings along to the song that's playing while wrapping his hands with tape.

Kaji sets the weapons down and then picks out one of the more moderate throwing knives before he balances it in his hand. He spins around, and darts it right at the dummy. Watching it connect in the middle of the torso. A soft hm before he started to walk over towards it, circling it once he reaches it. "Damn. Didn't think I was throwing that hard." The blade is nearly a inch or two deep into the dummy.

Tony looks over to see what Kaji had just tested out. "Its a much better gauge than a flat piece of whatever." He still wasn't sure why a wolf with ingrained weapons of destruction would need additional weaponry but he had to admit it made the wolf look even more aggressive. Tony finished wrapping his hands then turned to slipping on the gloves he preferred to use when punching bags or unfortunate sparring partners. "You may find that you can get a desired outcome expending less force. Save energy, that sort of thing." Tony sets himself up and begins taking shots at the punching bag.

Kaji tugs the knife out, balancing it in his hand once more before he glances over at the other weapons. Even though he has ingrained weaponry, those are his last line of defense. If he can stop people with other means, then that means himself won't have to risk his body. He walks over towards the table and picks up another knife. He twirls it in his hand a bit before he tosses it at the target. Using less force as it hits the arm. Going in a bout a half an inch that time.

Tony is throwing series of punches and using footwork to move around the bag a bit. He settles into a spot where he can watch Kaji continue to test out each weapon in his new arsenal. He has one more left that hasn't been shown yet that is in his pocket. After all, revealing all of the surprise at once isn't any fun.

Kaji walks towards the target, holding one of the curved blades in his hand as he moves to stand in front of it. He moves to stand to the side of it, and nearly a too-fast-to-see strike, he sticks the the blade of the weapon into the chest of the dummy; sinking it in a good few inches before he drags it back out. A soft smile as he says, "You must think it's kind of silly. A wolf using knives, hm?" Partially talking to himself, and partially to Tony.

Tony backs off and steadies the punching bag so it doesn't sway into him. "It is a bit. I think I've seen too many werewolf movies to be honest. All you need is to leap out of some shadow and tear someones arms off to bludgeon people in the head with." He turns back toward the punching bag, striking it with more force than a normal human male would be able to. The bag seems to survive well and there is very little protesting from the connections above that keep it in place.

Kaji blinks a bit, as if he just realized that he said that outloud. "Heh. Well, honestly, that may work on smaller crimes. I've gotten away with just what I have in me. But, there're fights where… you just need more." He shrugs a bit before he looks back at the dummy and hms a bit before he says, "Because, really. I can't just sneak up on them and bite them on the neck and snap their spine."

Tony cringes at the mere thought of that. "Lets just not even attempt to prove that possible shall we?" Tony lands a few kicks to the bag then uses his hands to slow the bag back down to where he can hit it. "You've got a point," he calls out as he lands another punch. "Fur and claws can't really hold up against the more creative powers. No offense!"

Kaji lets out a laugh, smiling wide that shows off his pearly whites. Fifteen hundred pounds of raw pressure in that jaw. But Tony might've known that already. "None taken really. I know that I can't stand up against someone… well like you. Or She-Hulk. Or any villain or hero up in that caliber."

The bag rocks as Tony lands a solid back kick. "I understand your point. I'm working on your armor issue." Another kick lands and is quickly followed up by several punches. "You considered staying here? I know you…haven't met anyone…but you could…" Each time he swings another blow to the bag he breathes in quickly to land another. It makes his replies choppy but understandable.

Kaji quirks a brow, and hms a bit before he looks around. He walks back over towards the table with all the weapons on it. His tail flicks back and forth as he contemplates this. "Yeah. I guess I could. I really have no real need to stay in that apartment anymore now that I have other places to stay." Now that he's getting that massive paycheck.

Tony dances back and forth then side to side. When he was in New York he spent most of his time between Stark Towers and the Avengers Mansion. Having Kaji all ready in one location would make coordinating impromptu things much easier. Not to mention he had a whole entirely different reason for mentioning that first. "You see, I'm gathering up the Avengers again. No clue where Cap has gotten off to yet again but …" Tony reaches out to steady the bag with his hands bringing it to a stop. "I am looking for new blood as well as old blood. You might want to consider it."

Kaji blinks a bit as he throws another knife, the blade embedding itself in the dummy's head before he looks over at Tony. "What else are you planning to throw at me?" He laughs a bit before he rubs at his head. "I'd consider it. But I don't even know if I'm Avenger material. Aren't they like the cream of the crop? The best of the best?"

"I'm thinking a tank, maybe a Hulk. Well, a She-Hulk. I haven't a clue where Hulk is at the moment." Tony replies casually as if he's actually serious about doing so. "You make it sound like I'm Viper looking over the newest recruits to the Top Gun school." Tony steps out from behind the bag to level Kaji with his best smoldering look. "I could play the part, no? Seriously, the Avengers are a team. A team of people that use their abilities and gifts to ensure that everyone lives a safe and happy life. We don't admit just anyone because frankly not everyone's abilities would hold up against some of the evil that's out there. You? I think you could handle it if you worked at it a bit. Get a bit more experience with the Supers."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh, pulling the knife out of the dummy's head before he rubs at the back of his head with his free hand. "Well… I doubt you'll let me say no to this." He walks back over towards the table, flicking his tail a bit before he looks back over at Tony, "You want to throw /who/ at me?! She'd pulverize me!"

Starting to pull off his gloves he walks towards where Kaji looms tall. "You can choose whatever you want to do. I'm merely putting out the offer considering you will probably be tangled up quite a bit in the goings on regardless of the label." Once he's managed to pull the gloves off he tosses them towards the wall and walks over to inspect the damage to the dummy. "Impressive. It lacks something though." From within his pants pocket he pulls out something and offers it palm up to Kaji. "For your less than furry self."

Kaji looks down at the palm of Tony's hand and picks up the switchblade. He blinks a bit before he shifts human and rolls it around in his hand. "I'm going to have to learn tricks with this now. So I can actually use it." He looks back at Tony before he says, "Well, I guess that I'm going to have to see about joining then, hm? Since I'm going to be hanging around."

"You're a wolf not a vampire." Tony smirks then walks himself over to raid the snack tray. "From experience I give you a bit of advice. Learn to master your emotions. If you let them get the better of you, if you lose your judgment, you'll be in for a world of hurt." Several of the Avengers have fallen prey to various things that have compromised their ability to function. He was no exception. "Oh, and watch out for Lockjaw. I won't go into it but if you run into Luna you can ask her."

Kaji chuckles. "Hey, I can hang rather well." He follows him over to the snack tray before he says, "Definitely going to have to work on that." He picks up one of the snacks then says, "Any advice on how to? Or'm I going to be swimming up the creek without a paddle."

"The latter. I'm not the best person to ask for advice in that area." Tony has stated the truth but really would prefer not to expound upon the laundry list of reasons why. "You done playing with your toys? I've got to find something to do or you'll have to probably tear me off the roof in a few minutes." Tonight was going to be one of those nights where he sent messages off to the US government, orchestrated a weapons overhaul on a battleship currently cruising the Atlantic, worked on tracking down Avengers and organized his Ipod play lists.

Kaji hehs a bit. "Yeah, I'm done with them for now. I think I should get used to them tomorrow probably." He looks back at the dummy for a second before he glances back at Tony. "Do you really think that I'd make a good Avenger? I mean, I'm such a noob when it comes to heroing."

"We'll see. Spend more time around the others. You'll get a feel for things better than what I could tell you." Tony polishes off the last cookie on the tray before pouring himself a glass of juice. "Don't be afraid to ask any of them to work with you either, even me." He was sure something would come up in the near future. All it would take would be another impromptu city visit to get him in trouble yet again. His phone rings before he's able to continue the conversation. Pulling his cell out he answers getting hit immediately by a ton of questions. "No, I'm staying over at the mansion tonight. Yes, come over. I'll meet you at the door when you get here." Tony hangs up the phone. "Well, Pepper is on her way over. Take a look around the mansion. If you need anything track down Jarvis. Not that I'm cutting out on you but a man has to have priorities."

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