2009-06-12: Clay Lion


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Summary: Robyn makes a clay lion in the Art Room. Owen's there too.

Date: June 12, 2009

Log Title: Clay Lion

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

After last night, Robyn's only taken the glasses off of shower and sleep other than that they're staying on. He doesn't like wearing them all the time but he doesn't want to almost kill anyone again. His mp3 player is hooked up to a pair of speakers and is playing some sort of German Technoish music. He's working on a piece of red coloured clay, slowly molding it into a lion, something actually normal from Robyn.

Having heard about last night from Ebony, Owen's been sorta looking for Robyn. The formerly sometimes fuzzy teen's search eventually brings him to the Art Room. In jeans and a tank top, he pauses to just blink at the music. Shaking it off, he approaches slowly and waves. "Howdy."
Robyn stops working on what he's sculpting and looks up giving Owen a smile. It's not the brightest of smiles and maybe a little on the forced end. "Heya Owen." He says shaking his head so his bangs are out of his eyes. "How's it going?"

Owen looks around for a place to sit near Robyn and shrugs. "Goin' alright for me. How're ya holdin' up?" he asks, yanking an empty stool over with his TK and sitting down. "Nice clay lion."

Robyn shrugs. "Okay I guess." He says as he's really not doing that okay but he's trying to hang in there. "Oh. Thanks." He says looking down at what he's doing. "I'm making it for Jordan, when he comes back. I figured he'd like something more…normal than what I usual do."

Owen smiles. "Well, it's nice. An'…you might already know this but it turns out Jordan ain' the only one that's been missin'," he shrugs. "Apparently, Jared, his brother, and that Daisuke-fella are MIA too. Haven' seen Julian aroun' either. Thought it was an X-force mission or something at first but…jus' seemed too lined up," he sighs. "So, ya'll okay after last night?"

"And Eddie. They're lost in time or something." Robyn says and his face falls and shoulders slump as it's brought up. And then last night is brought up too and Robyn just stops punches the clay he isn't using at the moment. "I wish I was back at my old school where none of this shit happened. I don't care that I didn't really have any friends here but my friends didn't go missing and I didn't almost kill people there."

Owen jumps slightly. "Lost in time? Well…that's new…" he trails off. When Robyn punches the clay, Owen jumps again and frowns. "Robyn, don' say that," he says. "Ya can' wanna toss away all the good jus' cause of some bad."

"Oh yeah, things are really great here. I share a room with some kid who I can barely understand cause I don't know Italian, I miss my parents and I miss Jordan." Robyn says as he's just used to a fairly mellow style of life. He just isn't used to this sort of life and it's getting to him. "I don't know Owen, what makes this place better than my old school and living at home?"

Owen arches an eyebrow. "What makes this place better?" he asks. "Well, ya met Jordan cause ya're here. Ya'll get tah see him when he gets back because ya'll be here, an' ya're learnin' control of your powers…or will be whenever this messed up insane power thin' is fixed."

Robyn shurgs and takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry Owen this is all just getting to me ya know? It's just too much at once. I know, meeting Jordan was good. I really do like him. But I thought dealing with being a physic vampire was hard enough now I have to deal with these things?" He says pointing at his sunglasses.

Owen looks up. "Ah dunno. Havin' tah wear glasses seems like it's easier than the whole vampire thin'," he reasons. "Ah mean, seems easier than worryin' 'bout turning intah a giant homicidal monster of bein' mentally connected tah a teacher."

"Yeah but I almost killed Skyler yesterday, if Mr…..Logan wasn't there, I don't know how bad she would have been." Robyn says as he pinches the clay a bit just to be doing something. "The pyschic vampirism was weird but I was getting used to it and Mr. Falk was helping me."

Owen shrugs. "One of mah first days here Ah almost killed Pallaton. If Mr. Parker-Mayfair wasn' there, Ah likely woulda had a Palla-snack and gone after other students," he says, looking away for a moment. "An' don' worry so much. Ah'm sure our powers will go back eventually."

Robyn smiles a bit and lets out a bit of a chuckle. "One of my first days here I accidentally jumped inside of Lon Cheney's…Pallaton's mind and possesed him." He just finds it amusing that they both had 'accidents' with Pallaton. "Just seeing Skyler there…broken…I thought I killed her..him."

Owen takes a deep breath, reaching over to place a hand on Robyn's shoulder. "Ah know the feelin'. Wakin' up after transformation…seein' the trail of destruction, thinkin' Ah killed people…it's a shock tah say the least," he pauses to sign. "But Skyler's okay and so are you."

Robyn nods. "I know, I'm just lucky Mr. Logan was there, that's it." He says still sounding a bit down. It's hard for him to adjust still. "I just need to get out for a bit I guess. Maybe I'll spead the weekend at home with my Mom and Dad."

Owen stretches. "Well, if ya'll wanna go out Ah can take ya for another flight," he offers. "Goin' home sounds nice too."

"Thanks but I'm not sure if I'm up for another flight right now Owen." Robyn says as he starts to pack up his clay and sculpture, making sure to put them in tight bags with a big of water to keep the clay moist.
"Maybe I can go out into town and do something, get some good junk food that they don't serve here."

Owen nods, watching the packing up. "Sounds like a good plan too," he muses. "Want some company?"

"Sure I might be able to use some company. Just as long as I don't accidentally blast someone or anything." Robyn says with a slight smile trying to make humour over a bad thing. "I should get something for Skyler as an apologize, I feel really bad."

Owen smiles and offers a hand to Robyn. "Lets get goin' then. And don' worry, Ah think Ah got this telekineitc shield thin' down," he says, making a joke of his own. "Ah might jus' be able tah help ya find somethin' good for Skyler. Ah am his roommate…sometimes…after all," he laughs a little.

Robyn raises his eyebrows and smiles. "Really? I was thinking of something like some sort of dessert like a cake or cookies or something." Robyn says as food is one of those things that everyone seems to like. He does takes Owen's hand, getting some red clay on his friend's hand as well. "I really can't wait until Jordan's back."

Owen doesn't seem to mind the clay, used to getting dirty. "Sounds like it'll be good. An' if ya can' find a good one, Ah know what kinda ban's and stuff he seems tah like listenin' tah," he chimes. "Me either. Ya'll deserve tah be happy."

"Oh cool." Robyn says but he likes going with the food idea. "Thanks Owen. I need to wash up a bit before heading out. Maybe we can wander around the mall a bit. Grab some mall food or something." Yay crappy Mall food!

Owen smiles and nods. "Right. You get washed up, Ah'll get changed intah a better shirt then we go get some food and work it off with mall laps," he chuckles.

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