2010-01-22: Cleaning Wounds


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Summary: A pointed conversation in Medbay.

Date: January 22, 2010

Log Title Cleaning Wounds

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Mikhail is sitting on a bed in the medbay, he looks very pale, has several long, deep claw marks down his back, covered in bandages that are refusing to heal and is shaking, hes wearing a pair of Xavier school shorts and looks pretty pissed off, there is a fist sized hole in the wall and it looks like several of the beds have been thrown at the walls.

Dallas enters the medbay and stops. His shadow form flows over him as he starts looking for the fight and then drops when he sees Mikhail alone in the room. He walks over, trying for a conversational voice. "Hey, Mik. I thought I'd check up on you and make sure everything is cool but, um, wow. Was the wall giving you attitude or something?" He looks around at the mess and then back to his friend, the joke a little hollow when contrasted with his worried expression.

Mikhail looks up at Dallas, there is a dangerous look in his eyes and if you didn't know him too well he would look kinda scary, when he sees its Dallas his expression softens slightly, he looks to the hole he put in the wall then back at Dallas and growls in answer to both questions, "Rashmi bring Lucas into school".

Dallas doesn't step back from that glance, but he's a bit wary. And when Mikhail drops that bomb, it looks like every shadow in the room reaches for Dallas at the same time, covering him in oozing, boiling darkness with random, disturbing insectile and reptilian shapes half-forming and then sinking back into the black shell of shadow around him. Eclipse eyes blaze for a moment and he tightens his hands to make fists so tight that his knuckles pop and tendons creak. "Where?" The question is flat and uninfected.

Mikhail hands tighten around the bedpost creating finger shaped indentations, "wish Mikhail knew", he really wants to end Lucas miserable existence.

Dallas takes a deep breath and then another. There is nothing left to throw or smash. After that pause he lets his shadow go and it does, reluctantly, for once. The darkness thins out in patches until it coils around him like the smoky outline of some giant snake and then slithers and slides to the floor, pooling at his feet before becoming just a shadow again. Dallas's expression is grim and he says, "Tell me that the X-Men and X-Forcers have him and Rashmi didn't just hide him in her room or something?"

Mikhail shakes his and throws the bed hes sitting on against the wall leaving a large crack down the wall, "They have him, if he in her room he be dead now", the feral mutant is shaking in rage, partly because of Lucas, partly because of Rashmi and partly because of the poison that's effecting his senses enough to stop him following his scent.

Dallas winces a bit at the impact and shakes his head. "Dude. You don't need detention. And they don't need to have to set this place back up again just as an emergency happens." If he can't break something, he'll fix it. With that, Dallas starts trying to put beds back upright. He works for a moment before he says, quietly, "Don't go after him, Mik. You're my friend and I don't want him to hurt you. /I/ couldn't even dent him and I hit him with /everything/ I had." He seems embarrassed and ashamed to admit that. But it's better than letting Mikhail go looking for a fight that might get him killed.

Mikhail pose sits on the floor and leans against the wall as the dizziness from the poison finally overwhelms him, "X-men suppose get rid bad guys, why they not get rid them, they killers, need to die", he doesn't understand why none of them have tried, "If we cant do, why don't they?"

Dallas gives Mikhail a worried look and comes over to offer the larger young man a hand up. "Hey, let's get you back in a bed. Those demons did a number on you, didn't they?" He pauses and says, "You know people are afraid of us, right? Mutants I mean? The X-Men don't kill, as a general rule, because even when it's really, really bad people, it would still be mutants killing people. And that scares them. The idea that we could do that, as a group."

Mikhail lets Dallas help him up, Dallas should notice that his skin is very cold, "But the demons killing people, they need be stopped."

Dallas winces at that icy touch and says, "Dude. Should I call somebody back in here?" He seems genuinely worried and he maneuvers Mikhail towards the bed that Dallas just put right, gesturing that Mikhail should lay back down. His expression is a mixture of guilt and worry and his scent reflects that. "I should have never taken you into the city. I'm sorry, Mik." And then, "They do need to be stopped. But the truth is that I think we're outgunned. Magneto and Cyclops and Hellion and all. We're waiting for that chick to wake up. Apparently she knows what's what."

Mikhail shakes his head and lays down where Dallas tells him to, "No Mikhail fine", he takes hold of Dallas' hand and smiles reassuringly, "Not you fault, Mikhail chose to come, had fun, it helped", he doesn't understand why people keep blaming themselves for what he does.

Dallas stiffens a bit as Mikhail takes his hand and then just smiles faintly. "And you kicked ass." He covers both of their hands with his free one for a moment before trying to extricate the one Mikhail grabbed, pointing out, "I was the leader there. When you get hurt it's because I'm not doing my job well enough. But still. You /did/ do an awesome job." His scent is an odd melange of guilt and stress and an obscure cheerfulness at the moment. So complex that even Dallas probably doesn't know what he's feeling.

Mikhail grins at the compliment, "You kick ass too", he shakes his head again when Dallas blames himself again, "You not know, poison effect Mikhail very bad, didn't know it stop Mikhail healing", he does pick up the odd feelings in Dallas' scent and kinda wishes Dallas would tell someone what really bothering him.

Dallas chuckles and says, "Well, most of us don't actually bite people. Much less demons." He pauses as he moves on to the next bed, struggling to right it and get things back into order. He looks back to Mikhail and asks, "Do they taste as bad as they look?"

Mikhail shakes his head and pulls a face, "No it taste worse".

Dallas echoes that expression, looking properly horrified. "Yuk." He rights the stand next to the bed and then moves on to the next, only having to slide this one back into place and smooth out the sheets. "Heh. Reminds me of cleaning up after parties at people's houses. Surprising how quickly you can go from completely messed up to just fine. And vice versa." He looks back towards Mikhail and his tone is suddenly cautious as he asks, "Are you getting back to where you were before …stuff happened?"

Mikhail sighs and shakes his head, "No, still cant feel properly", he has been feeling stuff but hes not sure what the emotions hes feeling are its like hes been cut off from everything that made him human, all he can access is the animal part of him and anger.

Dallas puts the last bed to order and then comes back over to sit down on a stool next to Mik's bed, putting them about at head level. He rests his arms on the bed and says, "Addison told me that he's afraid that poking around in there will make things worse." He frowns heavily, obviously looking for solutions, given his thoughtful expression. "Did Nate hit you with something? I mean, some kind of crazy psychic attack thing? Maybe he has to undo it?"

Mikhail runs a hand through his hair, "Nathaniel not hit Mikhail", he doesn't know it but the whole no emotions thing is self-inflicted, he cant feel because he didn't want to and forced himself away from his emotions, he just couldn't make the connection back to them.

Dallas sighs and says, "Okay. Well, that would have been too easy." His tone is a little wry at that. He just watches Mikhail for a moment and then reaches out to rest his hand on his friend's arm. The sudden spike of scent from him suggests that the gesture is something he's conflicted about and makes him both nervous and uncomfortable. But he doesn't realize that Mikhail can perhaps interpret those scents finely. He summons up a faint grin and says, "No problem, Mik. You, me and Robyn. We'll figure something out. If nothing else you can watch chick flicks until you either throw up or tear up."

Mikhail sighs as he catches the scent of Dallas discomfort, little does Dallas know, he has pretty much figured out why he feels like that, "Yea Dallas, that sound good", he cant understand why everyone isn't just straight with each other, since he joined the school hes been taught to hide things too.

Dallas lets go and grins. "You won't say that once you you've actually /seen/ Steel Magnolias and the rest of them. Scary stuff." And then he goes quiet, apparently fine with just keeping Mik company a while. He folds his arms on the edge of the mattress and rests chin upon them, slumping on the stool and yawning hugely. "I think I'd trade a little sick for some sleep right about now."

Mikhail stands up and pulls the bandages off of his back, he turns around to show Dallas the deep gashes in his back that are still bleeding, they don't even look like they've begun healing, "No Dallas, you really wouldn't want this", due to the increased affects of the poison on his body, hes not gonna heal till its out of is system.

Dallas sits up and makes a strangled noise. "Dude! Stop that! Metaphor. Don't they teach Eng…. oh. Right." He shakes his head and says, "Figure of speech. I didn't mean it literally." He gives the wounds a closer look, not exactly being adverse to blood. "Ow. And you realize somebody is going to have to replace those, right?"

Mikhail shakes his head "No they not going be replaced, Mikhail going be open, not lie about anything, everyone lie too much, keep secrets, hide things", he is fed up with no one saying what they really mean, and constantly lying.

Dallas sits up even straighter and says, "Not bleeding to death isn't lying about anything, Mik." He gives his friend a surprised, even cautious look as he says, "And why do I think you're not talking about first aid here?"
Mikhail touches the gashes on his back then holds out his blood covered palm, "Blood is honest, doesn't lie, everyone here lie, always lie, Mikhail knows, Mikhail can hear lies", when he says he can hear lies is being serious, with his hearing he can register the change in someones heartbeat when they lie.

Dallas winces and says, "Okay." He stands and goes to one of the open medicine cabinets, the ones without drugs and removes bandages. Elementary first aid is no stranger to the smallest guy on every team. He uses the time and dragging out the supplies to marshal his thoughts and then finally, he repeats, "OK." And then, looking back at Mikhail, trying to keep his expression level and calm he adds, "I can't help stuff that I feel, Mikhail. I can only ignore it. And that's what I'm doing. I didn't say anything because it makes people uncomfortable." Mostly Dallas, given how open on this particular subject his fellow students are.

Mikhail catcher the scent of fear and guilt coming from Dallas, he puts his hand on Dallas' shoulder, "You shouldn't be afraid or guilty about what feel Dallas, you Mikhail friend, you brave, strong, a leader", he sighs, "You great person, no matter what you feel".

Dallas blinks at that, still adjusting to knowing Mikhail can read his scent and then goes still and quiet at that hand on his shoulder and the words. He shakes his head, "If I were stronger, it wouldn't be a problem. But I wasn't. And I'm not. And not a good person, either." He shrugs and says, "But I'm working on it. And I'm your friend too." And then a faint, somewhat forced, grin. "But I'm wearing a lot more deodorant around you. And maybe getting you a garlic necklace or something." He clears his throat. "Now, turn around so I clean those stupid cuts and put a bandage back on them. I swear, did you /have/ to make out with a demon in the middle of a fight?”

Mikhail shakes his head, "You are strong and you are good person you idiot." He turns round to let Dallas bandage his back, but then Skyler walks in looking like Rashmi, the girl who's responsible for Mikhail pulling holes in the walls and trashing the place, he jumps to his feet growling, "You checking your boyfriend hasn't sent anyone else down here", his voice is full of pure malice, if you dont know him he can look quite scary.

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