2010-01-24: Cleansing Of The Spirits


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Summary: The Demon Elementalist thinks he's calling. Fortunately for him… his 'call' is answered. But the Spirits may be stronger.

Date: January 24, 2010

Cleansing of the Spirits

Rating: R

NYC - Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Station is one of the main hubs to get in and out of Manhattan. The main concourse is vast with marble covering the floor and walls. Looking up at the ceiling is looking at a piece of art, mapped out is all the constellations in gold on a blue background. In the center of the main concourse is a circular information booth displaying departure and arrival times of the various trains. Once you leave the Main Concourse there are many expensive shops to be found. There is also a major food court within the Station, where visitors can feast and chat before their train arrives.

Ethan waits, perhaps not patiently. He's cleared out Grand Central by the simple expedient of sending his lesser spirits to harass and frighten any traveler or staff stupid enough to be out and about in the middle of the invasion. One thing about having the spirits enslaved is that as long as he's a demon, his control and general power level are greater than ever before. He certainly doesn't look much like the Ethan that any of the Spirits have met before, with jet black skin, bat wings and a skull wreathed in fire in place of his face. The wardrobe has changed too, as he's only wearing a pair of crimson leather pants he looted from some store or the other. All in all, he looks like a slightly debauched demon, awaiting the prey he's called to his trap. Which is, essentially, what he is.

There are things that feel wrong. Like New York. And there are things that feel VERY wrong. Grand Central falls into the latter. Because of this, Drew is out exploring. He's being more careful than usual. He's got his watery armor up, covering his body. These past few weeks have been hell. Literally. And he doesn't know what to expect as he turns any corner. So, he's being prepared. He's the 'good' spirit of the bunch… generally. He slides along, not taking true steps. After all, the water rolls and it carries him when he needs to move.

Ethan looks down from his contemplation of the windows and arched ceiling when he notices more lesser water spirits than usual pouring into the area. One last glance, "Lovely. I think I may make my palace here." And then he turns, calling on the spirits and sending a ripple through the concrete under the tiles, so they pop like firecrackers as an expanding, low wave pulses out from him, announcing where he is. More fire spirits are called to create a circle of flame a few yards in diameter around him. Never can be too careful with these watery types.

Watery types? There's a difference in being a watery type and being Water. With a capital W. "Ethan." He says softly, shaking his head. "Why?" That's the only thing he can ask as he waits, body coated in a thick layer of liquid as he rises slightly off the ground. He glances about and nods softly. Pipes everywhere. Water fountains. Plenty to call on if need be. He doesn't call on it yet, nor on his weapon. He's simply… waiting.

Ethan shrugs at Drew and says, "Power? Control? You can't hear the voices, Drew. That siren call to indulge yourself. To unleash yourself. I've always been apart. And now I'm a part of something bigger. And I'm strong." He gathers all of the elements at once, something he'd never be able to do normally and lets out another pulse, a ripple of lesser spirits flowing out from him like heat mirage, air and floor and flames bending and rippling before it and even the uncontrolled water that Drew hasn't already claimed flowing back away from that pulse for a moment. "Or why did I call you here?" That last seems a little amused.

"You didn't call me, Ethan. You simply enslaved power that wasn't yours and made the place feel wrong. That's why I'm here." Drew says, reaching out mentally and pulling that uncontrolled water back to it's place. Ethan may have control of the other elements that Drew doesn't, but he cannot match Drew's mastery of water. "Strong? No. To give your will over to someone else is a sign of weakness. You are an elementalist. You're supposed to be stronger than that." He says, water around his body beginning to churn and ripple.

Ethan arches and eyebrow as Drew does that and he scowls, the flames at his feet pulsing higher. "It is not a weakness to conquer from within, Drew. And because I /am/ an elementalist, I want to gather what is mine. And that would mean all of you. Think of it. With you and the others following me, I could take charge of the demons. Rule both Limbo and Earth with all of you as lords of men, demons and spirits. And think of all the suffering we could prevent." There is a sly tone as he adds, "Well, most of it we could prevent. Some is just … fun." The earth ripples again and a whirlwind appears at his back, scooping up loose papers and debris. "Join me willingly, Drew. And I won't have to …train… you."

"That's where you seem to be wrong, Ethan…" Drew says, reaching out his hands to either side and forcing the water to break the pipes in the walls. This will give him a very healthy, heavy supply to work with. "I'm not yours to gather." On hand goes forward. A blue, fluid whip appears in his hand. "Neither is Kaden, nor Dmitri, nor Keith, nor Xane. We are our own living, breathing creatures. And you cannot have us. You'll never force any of us into anything we don't want to do." He says, calmly, rising up to put himself up above the elementalist. He's not making the first move.

Ethan shakes his head and the ring of fire around him starts advancing towards Drew, slowly. He looks at the splashing water pouring from the walls and then back to Drew. "Fool. Don't you think I know that you're living and breathing? I want to keep you that way. Do you you think that my brothers will? No. They will eventually sense you and wipe all of you out as a threat to our power. You'll be safe with me. And in return, you'll make me powerful enough to take control of this chaos." He raises his hand and a roughly hewn sword of flame appears in it. "Don't fight me, Drew." And then, as though the word is being dragged out of him and burns like acid to his demonic throat, "Please." Followed by a sardonic and slightly wicked, "It would be such a shame to waste all of you."

There's a loud laugh from Drew at that one. "You think THEY can kill us? They'd have more luck destroying the elements completely. In other words… it's not possible. Until we're ready for our lives to end, they won't. I told you. I've been dead twice. Death is not the end for us." He says with a grin. "Oh, if you're trying to take away my freedom, you're damn right I'll fight you. Until you get control of yourself and out of that… hideous body they've stuck you in, I'll fight until I die. And then I'll fight again. And again. And if I have to, I'll call the others in to help me. We've been staying out of this war because it doesn't affect us. But now, you're dragging me into it." The spewing water is left to lie where it wants for now… mostly. It's pooling on the floor and flowing to form a barrier between the flames and Drew.

Ethan stretches, arms lifting over his head and tilts his head this way and that, as though limbering up. "Hideous? I rather like it. And now I'm hurt." If a skull can be said to grin even wider, his does. "Which means I should share the pain." With that he brings down that flaming sword and a gout of white-hot flame lashes out towards Drew's legs and feet. The heat of the stream of fire is such that the water it passes over steams and hisses and some of the loose debris of the whirlwind behind him combusts, turning it into an almost biblical pillar of fire and wind.

The hiss of steam causes the water around Drew to shift him out of the way. He falls slightly as some of the water steams away, more coming to his rescue nigh-instantaneously. He begins a forward charge from his new angle, letting the whip crack forward towards the mage. The whip itself gains length as it snaps, growing with the water that's part… but only part… of it's makeup. "You think you're hurt now… you keep this up and I'll show you what real hurt is, Ethan. You may be a demon, but you were human. And there's something I know about you that you don't know." Sure, he doesn't know shit about demons. But, he can sense certain things.

Ethan instinctively tries to call the water spirits to him to wrap around his arm and dull that whip's bite as he interposes an arm between his face and body and the lash. Which is why he's surprised when it fails to respond and Drew's whip coils around his forearm with a stinging kiss that slices into the flesh a bit, tinging the water with red. He hisses and his eyes narrow in pain and rage. "You don't know /anything/ about me. But you are about to learn." With that he screams out his defiance and rage at Drew and it takes the form of a jet of sickly yellow-green hellfire, seeking to scourge the young Elemental Spirit's soul rather than his body. He intends to trade pain for pain.

Admittedly, the hellfire is quite unexpected. And it does hurt. Not on a physical level, but somewhere deep down. It causes a lapse in his grip, the whip loosening. It doesn't leave his hand, but it's grip on the arm falls away. "I do know one thing…" He says, muttering under his breath something about 'Xane… help…'. He looks up, eyes turned nearly white, like frozen water as he stops himself from letting the pain affect him. He is water. Water is eternal. That, and coupled with a sudden reinforcing of his sense of self. "That though your body has changed. You're still mostly made of water." He says with a grin, reaching forward and beginning to pull at the water inside. He's not ready to kill. He just wants to stop.

Ethan laughs, low and wicked and triumphant as the whip falls away and he takes a step towards Drew. "I think you're going to need more than a good cook." And then a startled, "Water?" He winces as it feels as though every cell in his body has mildly contracted at once. He half-hunches over and then looks back at Drew, trying to sound more confident than he is at this point. "Nice trick. Have one of mine." He gestures and that miniature tornado whips around him and advances on Drew, throwing small bits of litter, some of them on fire, at him, as well as dust. It skips above the surface of the water as through trying to suck that up as well, but Drew has control of it. As it gets closer to the Water Spirit, Ethan raises one hand and a blast of true flame arcs towards the tornado, turning it into a firestorm of air so hot that steam immediately begins to hamper visibility between the two of them. And that whirling column of superheated air is headed straight for Drew.

Mimicing the Firestorm, Drew calls up all of the water the walls can provide, pulling it around his body for protection as he reaches out again. "Ethan, you cannot control me. You cannot take me. You need to realize this. Come back to your senses. If you were you again, I'd give you almost anything you want that's within my power." He tempts, barrelling himself forward, drenched and covered in about a foot of water. Sure, there's a lot of it going to steam around him. He's moving in a straight line at Ethan, apparently attempting to grab the demonic being. The room is getting quite humid from all of the steam.

Ethan flinches back as Drew barrels through the firestorm and comes for him, armored in water. He says, "Give it to me now. I'm /better/ now." His voice is slightly petulant at that. "Stronger. More powerful. We could rule the world. All of us together. Well, with me as king. We could wipe out all the others who were blessed or taken and the legions would be /mine/. No rules but ours. No worries. No whim unfulfilled. Drew … being the friends and trusted servants of a God-King wouldn't be that bad, would it?" He points the sword of flame at the tiles under Drew's feet and they burst as rough concrete hands form, trying to catch at his legs and ankles like some scene from a horror movie. "Stop. Listen. I /will not/ be stopped by you. Even if I have to give you up and go on to the next Spirit with your body as bait."

And catch, Drew does. His legs anyway. He begins pressurizing the water around his body as he glares at Ethan. "I will not be captured. Even if you kill me, there's enough water in New York, and in my range, that I will get out. I'll flood you and that entire bloody castle in the middle of Central Park." He says as he begins to draw more water from the demon. "And I'll leave you a dessicated husk if I have to. You don't seem to understand. I'm Water and eternal. You're just an elementalist. I care about you as a human, yes. But I have the others. And I will survive." He says, pulling HARD. "Leave now and I'll let you live."

Ethan nods and says, "And when you rise again, I'll just try again. And if I have to bring a legion of demons or a horde of the taken, I /will/. You greater Spirits are too big a threat to my power base to be allowed to room free. I /will/ have you. All of you. And eventually, you /will/ stand beside me willingly. But apparently, not today." He glances up again. "Do you know what the most interesting thing about vaulted ceilings is? If you move one bit of stone, it's not a ceiling. It's a mountain crashing down on your head." And with that, he lets the sword and ring of fire fade and stretches all of his demonic-enhanced strength upwards, warping the stone and causing it to stretch and bend like taffy. All it takes is just fifteen tons or so of the weight bearing material suddenly not bearing weight. And then the roof begins to collapse, dropping plaster, stone, concrete, rebar and the dust of decades on those below.

The gripping stone has too much pressure around it to keep it's grip on Drew as he soars upwards, on a waterspout, to at least match Ethan's level if not supercede it. He wants out. He takes one final VERY large tug of water from Ethan, if it kills him, so be it. If not, it should, hopefully, weaken him enough to get him stuck under the falling ceilings for now. He's pulling with everything he's got. Not realizing that he's also pulling it from anywhere nearby. "You can't have me." He says simply, voice like ice. The nice thing about pressurized water around his body is that Drew can deflect many large pieces of debris. Normally, he wouldn't have the drive or thought to do so, but right now, he's enraged. And, unlike most people, his anger runs cold.

Ethan howls in anger and pain as Drew pulls water from his body, causing a myriad of tiny red dots to bead his skin like a dusting of rubies and garnets. He falls back to the floor, splashing into the water Drew has caused to burst through pipes, amongst the floating debris of his own tornado, some it on fire from gouts of flame tossed by the demonic elementalist. The ceiling is colapsing in chunks and bits, revealing the late afternoon sky, boiling red from the flames of the city. Ethan wraps his bat-like wings as tightly as he can about himself and wills the concrete and stone to rise around him, forming a low, thick dome, shielding him from the wreckage. For long moments there is only dust, steam and the sounds of outraged stone and metal shearing and shattering.

Ethan howls in anger and pain as Drew pulls water from his body, causing a myriad of tiny red dots to bead his skin like a dusting of rubies and garnets. He falls back to the floor, splashing into the water Drew has caused to burst through pipes, amongst the floating debris of his own tornado, some it on fire from gouts of flame tossed by the demonic elementalist. The ceiling is collapsing in chunks and bits, revealing the late afternoon sky, boiling red from the flames of the city. Ethan wraps his bat-like wings as tightly as he can about himself and wills the concrete and stone to rise around him, forming a low, thick dome, shielding him from the wreckage. For long moments there is only dust, steam and the sounds of outraged stone and metal shearing and shattering.

He's sent the call out a few times, but Drew isn't stopping. ~He's gone Demon. He's here. I don't know if I can do it on my own.~ Drew is repeating softly. As he flies through the afternoon sky above the falling wreckage, he watches down below. His eyes have gone to ice as he stares. "Ethan, I know you're not dead. Get out here and fly away. You can't best me." He says, wiping a hand across his lip. One of his legs is dangling against his desires. He can't quite control that one right now… not in the standard manner anyway. He looks worn and tired, but defiant, still.

As soon as Kaden received the metal call from Drew that he needed help, Kaden didn't hesitate before rushing out of the penthouse. It's taken him a bit to get to Grand Central Terminal but he's come as quickly as he could. Each time he heard the call just caused Kaden to push himself more. ~I'm coming.~ It's the only reponse he's given. He finally arrives to the area, running into the scene. He doesn't take time to look at the damage, just shouts out; "ETHAN! YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING PAY!" He says, his hands and forarms engulfling themselves in flame, looking around for the blond gone demon.

Ethan shivers in his self-made tomb and takes a deep, shuddering breath that turns into a growl and then a roar. Stone melts away like snow as he launches himself up, wings snapping out with a crack like a canvas sail catching wind. With his ebon skin and flaming skull in place of a head, he looks like some demonic rocket rising on a pillar of flame and darkness. He aims for Drew, as though meaning to tackle the Water Spirit right out of the air. "We'll see, little Spirit. We'll see." Which is of course, when the odds get significantly worse with the arrival of Kaden. He hisses and mutters, "This was /not/ the plan."

"When you fuck with one of us Ethan, you get all of us." Drew says plainly as he actually lets the demon tackle him. Now that he knows Kaden is here, he's not worried like he was. His body is surrounded in a foot-width sheath of water. He angles his body so that the crash of Ethan will turn them both to the ground, trying to throw off the weight and spin them around if he can. "Kaden! Take the fire!" He says, calling out to his friend and lover. "I have water. He can't touch it."

Kaden already has his arm out and is aiming to draw the pillar of flame that Ethan is using towards him. "Already on it!" He yells trying to pull the fire towards him, focusing everything he has on that. "Sorry Ethan, but I have no problem kicking your ass and if you hurt Drew…" He's very protective of his relationship with the water spirit.

Ethan laughs with triumph as he body tackles Drew but given that he's not exactly the world's most experienced guy physically, it's not long before he's the one who looks to be crashing into the ground. He frantically summons up a column of air, slowing their fall and then tries to toss Drew away from him. His scream of pure fury as the fire is ripped away from him by Kaden and he scrambles to stand looking at the two of them, somewhat worse for wear. The crimson of the leather pants he is wearing as his only clothing is matched by a thousand tiny pinpricks of blood, shining through a layer of dust. If a flaming skull can be said to have any expression, his both furious and worried right about now. He reaches out with his power, towards life of all things, having a plan even in the midst of all this. Now to buy a little time… "You can both still join me, you know. I can understand the petty defiance. But I /am/ trying to protect you."

"This is not petty defiance, Ethan. This is real. You're in over your head. You control the minor elementals. We're not minor elementals. We ARE the elements." Drew says, not yelling as he slides away after Ethan 'throws' him. "Kaden! Be careful!" He calls, holding his grip on the water as he flips his whip out at the elementalist again, this time intending to score a mark across Ethan's back.

"Protect yourself from this asshole!" Kaden shouts as he's pissed off right now, and this isn't an annoyance pissed, this is full out anger. He gets into a fighting stance and throws a punch at the air, when his fist stops, a blast of fire shoots out aiming to hit Ethan. "You hurt Drew, for that, you're going to burn fucker." Once the fire ball is thrown two flaming tonfas appear in his hands as if he's getting ready for hand to hand combat.

Ethan flinches as he sees the whip blow coming but he's focused on a use of his power both complex and subtle and knows he can take pain for a bit if he has to. It's something one learns in the thrall of demonic beings. Still, the sudden shock of that lash makes him cry out and he feel the damage already, even before blood starts to flow. Kaden's attack, on the other hand, is something else entirely, not just painful but potentially fatal. Ethan diverts his attention to raising up a slab of earth and stone between them and though it explodes as it intercepts Kaden's fireball, he's knocked down and back, rather than fried where he stood. He murmurs, "Just a few seconds more…." His magic has called plant life alright, in the form of the fungus and molds growing in the dust that fell from the collapsed roof. This is a more powerful and delicate operation than he's usually capable of and he augments it with air to permeate the bubble of water around Drew and a wind to let Kaden breathe in the spores, borne like nearly invisible dust on the wind. He says, "I know what you are. That's why I /need/ you all. Alive. Damn you, we could /stop/ this nonsense."

Drew's in water. There is no air flowing into it. That's the thing. One thing that may have never been noticed by a lot of people. Drew doesn't breathe unless he's talking. He's simply trying to get Ethan down. ~Kaden. What did the spirits give you? The previous ones?~ He asks, mentally, trying not to give anything away. He sends a wave out towards the demonic being, trying to wash away the wall of dirt he erected.

Kaden reply's mentally to Drew. ~The Tonfa's.~ He's not exactly quick on the uptake realzing what Drew means. He charges forward at Ethan, not realizing he's breathing in any spores on the wind that Ethan is creating. Once he steps in, he swings one of the tonfas around and goes to try to hit him with it, while bring the other one forward to jab him. Hopefully the martial arts lessons are paying off. ~I can also purify stuff, like if your'e sick.~ He thinks at the last moment.

Ethan spreads his wings and starts to take flight as Drew's wave and Kaden's attacks come in. He winces as the wave washes away his shield and he just has time to try to fill his wings with wind and sail backwards as those attacks come in. The jab misses, but that wide swing impacts one wing. Unfortunately, hollow bones come with the package and Ethan lets out a pained yell as it crumples and he spins around before hitting the ground. He raises his head, the eye-sockets of his skull blazing even more intensely than usual and murmurs, "Grow!" The tiny spores in Kaden's lungs suddenly animate and multiply, stretching and putting out feelers of fungus and mold towards each other, as Ethan tries to fill his lungs with a semi-solid mass that blocks the passage of air and would probably be painful. On Drew, the effect would be (much to Ethan's surprise) somewhat different. An algae bloom, turning the clear shell of water to a murky, opaque green if it succeeds.

AS the bloom fills the water, Drew drops the water, refilling his shell quickly with clear water from elsewhere, leaving himself exposed only momentarily. He doesn't happen to notice Kaden's distress… if it happens. ~Then purify HIM! Get it out of him! I don't know if it will work or not, but it's bound to be better than not trying.~ He calls out to Kaden's mind as he continues getting himself ready. He can't focus on anything else yet.

Kaden has never purified anyone before but he figures now is a good time. He reaches out and starts to try to call fourth his purifying flame in Ethan, and he starts to for a few seconds before he finds he can't breath. Just like fire, Kaden does need oxygen to funtion and he starts to struggle for breath. The purifying flames stop and Kaden drops to his knees, clutching his throat as if it will help him, trying to get air. He doesn't know how he's choking or what's causing him not to breath. ~Drew…can't…breath…~ He thinks desperatly over the mind link.

Ethan is still struggling to get to his feet that pulse of purifying flame hits him. Where it does, his skin goes from deepest black to the pale peach it normally is and he screams as the flames seem to sink into him, running through his blood like a river of acid. His control of his powers is fairly well lost as he can't focus on anything but that pain and the subjugated lesser spirits simply stop what they are doing, causing the choking mass to start slowly shrinking back into motes. He looks down at his hands, one ebon and the other pale, following a piebald effect over his chest and arms where the purifying flames started. "What did you DO?!" The sound is half-wail and half-roar and his only instinct is to try to flee as he tries to summon air spirits to lift him up, instinctively spreading his wings again, the broken one causing another wave of pain to disrupt his spirit craft. "I'll make you /suffer/…." It has the slavering, pained sound of the snarling of a rabid dog.

"Kaden! Burn yourself! Inside and out!" Drew yells. After all, if he was algae'd up, what did he do to Kaden? "Burn yourself, then do it again! I'll hold him." Drew says, Letting the water burst behind him, thrusting him at Ethan. "If you have to burn me, Kaden, DO it. You know I'll be back!" He calls, arms out as the water flows, hard and heavy. "I can and will stop you. WE will." He says simply. He sees that the purifaction started and is sure it'll complete. "Come back to us, Ethan. Please." Hope has returned to his eyes, melting the ice to a brighter blue.

Kaden starts to cough as he can breath again, happy that he has air. He doesn't move from his position on the ground. "I can Breath Drew I can do this. I don't care if you'll come back…I can't burn you." He says glaring at Ethan. "No, you're the one that's gonna suffer asshole." He mutters as he reaches out his hand and focuses on purifying Ethan again. It's not easy and it's not fast, but he focuses all he's got on doing it.

Ethan again tries to struggle to his feet, only to be captured by that inexorable coil of water that Drew commands. His expression is panicked and angry and confused at the same time. His voice is gravelly as he says, "I was trying to protect all of you! Don't do th…." And then all he can do is scream as Kaden makes good on his promise and the purifying flames roll over and into him, burning away changes both physical and spiritual. The process is not unlike having a star explode in his chest, spreading out from there until his entire body is ablaze with the spiritual light. The process is prolonged enough that at some point, he just doesn't have the breath to howl any more and by the time the wings sizzle and disperse into nothing and his own features reappear, he's well beyond any thought of fighting back. His voice is a low, tired rasp. "What did you do? What did /I/ do?!" The question is entirely rhetorical. One thing that isn't burned away is his memory of his actions.

Drew knew it would hurt. But he knew it would be worth it in the end. "Are you… yourself?" He asks, after the flames begin to die away. He's exhausted. But he can stll get everyone home again if he needs to. He looks to Kaden. "That's my baby." He whispers, smiling.

Kaden doesn't say anything for the next half hour as he just focues on purifying Ethan. He doesn't move from his spot as he continues to do what he can. Once Kaden is done he falls over on the ground, exhausted. It took a lot of energy out of the fire spirit to do that. The comment from Drew gets a smile. "I couldn't let anyone continue to hurt you."

Ethan winces and shivers. Every nerve is raw from the cleansing and even the wind on bare skin hurts a little at the moment. He looks around at the devastated national landmark and winces again. Drew gets a guilty, embarrassed look and a nod. "As much as I ever was." He looks between the two Spirits and says, hesitantly, "I can't even /begin/ to tell you how sorry I am about this." He looks down, not wanting to meet their eyes and notices the pants. Hmm. Apparently demon-Ethan has kinky tastes. And no inhibitions. Did he actually /wear/ those around town?

"I know." Drew says with a nod as he pulls himself upright and moves to lift Kaden and Ethan up. Hey, he may be exhausted, but he's gonna do everything he can. "Wanna come back with us for a bit?" He asks, grinning. "I think you'll be ok. I didn't realize how strong the purification was." He chuckles. "Are you hurt? I can heal you when we get home."

Kaden leans against Drew and smiles. "I love you Drew." Not caring if he's affectionate in front of Ethan. "But if you ever ask me to kill you again, I'm going to punch you so hard." After all Drew might know some of the guilt that Kaden bears in regards to murder. Kaden just looks at Ethan for a bit but doesn't say much.

Ethan sighs and says, "Ah, I think I kind of terrorized my school. A little. Especially the lacrosse team. It /may/ be my 'ex' school when all this blows over. So, um, yea? Please? Also, it feels like you used me for a pin-cushion. What was that?" Ever the magic wonk, apparently, trying to understand how things work. He arches an eyebrow at the 'I love you' but wisely keeps his mouth shut on that topic. He crosses to stand a yard or two from Kaden and says, "Thank you. Seriously. It all made sense while I was doing it but … Just thanks. You could have just killed me."

"I don't kill my friends if I can avoid it." Drew says with a grin. "Oh, sorry, yeah. I kinda dehydrated you." He says with a cough as he reaches out to grip Ethan to him along with Kaden. "Kaden, are you ok for a waterspout?" He asks first, before dragging them all home. "My healing will be easier than his purifying." He chuckles, nuzzling against Kaden, but still holding tightly to Ethan.

Kaden nods to Drew. "Yeah, I'm cool with it." He says in regards to the water spout before looking to Ethan. "No, I couldn't have killed you. Believe me, I couldn't. Killing people isn't something I want to do." The again is left unsaid. "I've never done it before but I can purify things out of people like sickness and shit. I didn't know it would work."

Ethan gives Drew a faint grin at that confession from Drew. He blinks at the hold and then nods as Drew asks about the waterspout. Ah. That makes sense. And then a wide-eyed and controlled expression to Kaden's words. "Ah. You, um, didn't know. Well. Er … glad I could help you refine that." It's as dry as dust and a little horrified as Ethan pictures all the things that could go wrong. "Hm. Also, I need a shower. Apparently demons aren't big on bathing."

Chuckling, Drew lifts them up from the ground to carry them back to the penthouse. However, as he goes, water seems to slide up under and around Ethan, scrubbing at him gently. He'll still need soap, but the water will at least carry off the grime.

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