2011-10-21: Clearing Negative Energies


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Summary: What is said in the room, stays in the room.

Date: October 21, 2011

Log Title: Clearing Negative Energies

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Quenton and Sage's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

The scent of something burning can be smelled coming from Sage and Quenton's room. It's not a bad smell, more like an inscence burning. Sage is in the room holding a bundle of herbs known as a smudge stick and he currently is waving it through the air of the room, paying attention to the corners and such. He's dressed in his usual hippy style and barefoot as well and there's a look of calm concentration on his face. On his bed is a box that looks like it was mailed from home with a patch work quilt, container of cookies, a pile of letters and a few other things unpacked from it.

"What the hell is that smell?" wonders Quenton as he saunters on in, nose crinkling a touch as he stares at the barefooted hippie clad animated hair bearing Sage. "What are you waving around? A wand? Is that friggin' pixie dust?" The tall mutant moves towards his bed, dropping down onto it by making his body fall limp, eyes lifting to Sage from behind his sunglasses. There's something different about the taller boy. His veins can be seen, albiet very faintly, and are dark red, instead of blue.

Sage turns around and smiles at Quenton. "Hello Quenton, it's not a wand or pixie dust, it's a smudge stick. It's made of dried herbs, mainly sage, and it's used to drive off negitive energies. My Mum sent it to me, she makes them, and I figured it would help you a bit by making the room a much calmer place. I figured if there wasn't any negitive energy in the room it might help you feel better." He says honesty as he looks at the dried bundle in his hand. "If you wish me to put it out I can do that."

"Negative energy?" Quenton says dumbly, before shaking his head once more, and scratching at his face. "Look, I don't care what you do with the room. I don't. You can paint the walls pink for all I care, Rapunzel. Just don't fuck with my bed or my clothes." He sits up and glances over at the affects on Sage's own bed. "Anyway, you mean the herb sage, right? Not like… peices of you are on that… smudge stick? Why's it called that, anyway?"

Sage takes a small dish from his desk and puts the smudge stick out. "I did not touch your bed or your clothes. You don't need to worry Quenton. I don't have an interest in touching your belongs." He says as he starts to open up the quilt that was sent to him, looking at the squares. "I'm not quite sure why it's called that. And yes it is the herb sage. Not me. It's proper that you ask the plants permission before using it and there are all sorts of other herbs you can put in it to make it smell better."

"Ask the plants permission? Who the hell cares? They're plants." Quenton shakes his head. "I bet there's a mutant who can like… control them, make them grow, or something." The tall mutant shifts on his feet now, before he carefully slides off the bed and into a stand.

"They are living and they're also children of Gaia." Sage explains. "Just because they cannot talk like we do doesn't mean they don't have life. They still have a spirit just like we do." He says looking at Quenton curiously for a bit. "Well there are a few fae creatures that can control plants, help them grow. So how has school being going for you?"

Quenton shrugs his shoulders now, as he interlaces his fingers behind his neck. "Fucking brilliant. I get to get threatened. Funny, I never do the threatening, despite how much I want to. Maybe I should just punch someone and see what happens." His fist swings through the air, and a faint rippling can be seen from the force. "And you?"

Sage looks at Quenton and shakes his head. "You shouldn't punch anyone. I understand things get you angry, you seem to be one of the angriest people I've ever met, but there's nothing that cannot be solved without violence. If you ever need to talk about something I'll be happy to listen. I'm sorry to hear you got threatened." He's quite sincere about it. "It's been okay for me. I have a lot of trouble adjusting as it's terribly different than home. I also am horribly home sick."

Quenton shrugs his shoulders. "It'll be applying my power, won't it? Punching things is all I'm good at." He shakes his head. "I'm not going to play charity case or basket case and try to talk about my issues. If I get threatened again, I'll threaten back. If a fight starts, well. I haven't had a good scrap since September eleventh."

Sage goes to stand up but then instantly sits back down. "Quenton.." He begins before digging around the box and pulling out a white crochet stuffed pig. "Here." He says handing it to him. "My youngest sister made it for me but I have the pink one there. You might need it more than me." He says thinking the bit of comfort might help his roommate. "I'm positive it isn't the only thing you're good at. You might be saying that but I'm certain there are other things."

Quenton takes the stuffed pig, stares at it, before pressing his lips and tossing it back to Sage's bed, causing it to bounce a little more than it should and hit the ceiling as well. "I'm not a stuffed animals kind of guy," he promises, shaking his head. "Stop being so fucking nice to me, Sage. It makes you look less cool." Quenton actually liked his room mate, but he's not the friendly type. And if he does show his softer side, he'll be letting down those walls of his. Not quite ready for that.

"I'm not worried about looking cool." Sage says as he chuckles before grabing the container of cookies and reading the note attached, and something seems to light up in his face ever so briefly. "I'm not going to be mean to you Quenton. I don't believe in being mean to people." He watches the pig hit the ceiling and then the ground before picking it up. "My sister made it for me because back home I have a pet pig. They're my favourite animal."

"My favorite animal is a spider monkey. Always wanted one for a pet," comments Quenton, staring at the wall a moment before shaking his head. "And you don't have to be mean to me. Just stop being so damn nice. Pisses me right off," he mutters. "If I had a dollar for every nice thing you ever said to me, I'd be a hundredaire."

"I don't know much about the Spider Monkey. Do they make good pets?" Sage asks as he starts too look thorugh the pile of letters that were mailed, there's at least twenty. "It's just who I am Quenton. I believe in being nice to people. I'm sorry if it pisses you off, I don't mean it to. I can try saying nothing to you if that would help but it might be a bit hard sometimes."

"I don't know if they make good pets," Quenton murmurs, lifting his shoulders once more, as he glances over to Sage now. "Christ, there's a lot of fucking letters there," he comments to Sage, while leaning back on the bed once more. "And no, speak your mind. I'll just deal with it and grin and bear it." He secretly found Sage's friendliness endearing.

"I have a big family." Sage says as he flips through them. "I have two brothers, two sisters, my Mum and Dad and then both my grandmothers and grandfathers lived with us along with my aunt, uncle and cousins. I have letters from all of them." He says. "We don't use the telly so letters are easiest. Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"I have a brother and a sister," agrees Quenton, pressing his lips tightly at Sage's words. "My sister's pretty cool about the mutant thing, though she knew about it since I discovered my powers. My brother? Not so much,' he comments. "Not so much." He stares blankly now. "What does your family think about you being a mutant?"

"They're quite fine with it." Sage says. "I was the first one at the farm to show abilities granted by the Dunlalaps." He just accepts that everyone else calls them mutants. "I came here to get them undercontrol so I would stop destroying things. Sometimes my hair has a mind of it's own." He says taking a deep breath. "Meditation and ma…well Meditation helped." He says before looking away. "I'm sorry to hear that about your brother, why would anyone be uncomfortable with it? It's a gift."

Quenton tilts his head a moment. There was hesitation a moment. "Ma what? What else other than meditation?" The mutant shifts on the bed he sits at, while watching Sage fiddle around with his letters and other things. "Uncomfortable with it? I murdered six people when my berserk power went off. He's more than uncomfortable, I think."

Sage opens his mouth to tell Quenton what he was about to say when the bombshell is dropped in his lap. He actually pales a bit. "Quenton…" He says with a bit of sympathy. "I'm sorry that you had to go through that. My Great-Grandfather told me how horrible it is to kill someone and I can't imagine the pain it must cause you." So much makes sense about Quenton now but he can only assume it was by accident. He can't believe that Quenton is a killer. "The worst I've ever killed is an animal and I hate doing that."

Quenton shrugs his shoulders now, clenching his fists together. "I would have killed them even if I didn't berserk," he mutters. "They killed my best friend. If I ever find out who they worked for, he's gonna pay, too." His fist slams into his hand, and the air ripples yet again.

Sympathy floods through Sage and he takes the pig and walks over, placing it next to Quenton before going to sit back down on his bed. He doesn't say anything for a while. "I'm truely sorry Quenton. I understand how much pain it can cause is to lose someone you love. It's why my parents introduced me to marijuana, my Grampa Lou died and it hurt so much I couldn't sleep. I don't think there's anything I could say that could make you feel better but I am very sorry."

Quenton glances aside at the pig a moment, before glancing to Sage. "Look, Sage. I get that you're trying to be nice. But giving me the pig won't help at all. Just… it won't. Hell, it makes me feel even worst, because it feels like I need to be coddled or treated like some kid. Just… take it," he mutters, pushing the pig away and leaning back once more.

"Quenton, it's not about being coddled or treated like some kid." Sage says firmly as he leaves it on the ground. "It's about something to have that's an ounce of comfort. Something that helps with that pain if even for a few minutes. Or if you like, I have cookies here that my Mum made me that are, well the teachers wouldn't approve of them." Sage says hesitantly. "You can have one, help calm you down a bit. It helps me and I know I've needed anything for comfort since coming here."

"Well, this isn't what gives me comfort," Quenton growls in reply. He paused a moment. He wasn't angry at Sage, but he was angry. He was always angry, really. "What are they? Weed cookies?" he wonders, glancing aside at Sage. There's an idea. "Well. I won't let the teachers know, but uh… maybe we shouldn't. I used to put down gangsters who sold this to kids."

Sage nods a bit shyly. "Yes, they are." He says tucking a dread lock behind an ear. "My Mum makes pretty good ones. We grow our own back home." He says but he doesn't make mention that his family sells it too, not after that comment of Quenton's. "So, what would give you comfort? I you were to have one thing right now, that would make you feel safe and just ease the pain of losing someone you love, what do you think it would be?" He asks curiously.

"The Russian that hired those guys to rob the bank. Nothing would make me happier than to tear his head off," Quenton mutters, and from behind his sunglasses, a very faint red glow can be seen, and his veins become slightly more visible. Then both fade, and he exhales quietly.

Sage looks at Quenton for a bit before looking at the quilt in his lap. He stares at it for a long time as he's very torn on what to say to Quenton. "I can't understand that feeling at all. I've never wanted to hurt anyone. I'm sorry." He's a pacifist so he can't understand that degree of anger at all.

Quenton glances down at the quilt a moment, before glancing over at Sage's face. "Yeah, well. Stay like that, Sage. Your best feature is the fact that you're the nicest thing to happen to this school." He shifts slightly, awkwardly, before wondering, "What uh… who made the quilt for you?"

Sage looks up at Quenton with a look of surprise on his face. "Um, thank you. It's just how I was raised is all." He says before smiling looking at this quilt. "A lot of people, my Mum, my sisters Violet and Saffron, my Grandma and Grammy, my cousins, aunt and a lot of others back at the farm. My older brother drew on this square, I can tell." He says pointing at a white square with a drawing of a blue flower on it.

Quenton nods slightly, rubbing his face awkwardly, glancing at the square with the flower. "Cool," he says, a little hesitantly, before clearing his throat and then glancing towards Sage's face. "Look, uh… Sage. I'm… I don't know how to do this friendly thing anymore. I get pissed fast and want to hurt everything that moves, and it takes a good deal of restraint to prevent that. Just… if you can't stand me, for your sake, just… I dunno." Silence again, before he grabs up his own blanket, which is synthetic, so that he can't tear it, and begins to pull and tug at it, pressing his lips tightly together. "If someone ever like… hurts you or something, lemme know," he grunts, before rising to his feet.

"Okay." Sage says to Quenton giving him a warm smile. He doesn't think he'll be needing it as he plans to not get into any fights but the offer is touching in it's own way. "If you ever want to try meditation let me know, I'm not great at it but I find it helps clear your mind. Maybe it can help with you start feeling angry. This is you're home too, so if anything I do bothers you, let me know." He says though he's thinking that smudge stick worked.

Quenton shifts on his feet, now, a hand lifting to rub at the back of his head. "Well. Uh, you're not the first person to offer that. We'll see what happens," he murmurs, hand dropping to his side and clenching into a fist. "Sometimes I need to let it out. So that I can… avoid exploding. No one wants that, not even me."

Sage starts to go through his care package making things a bit neat. "Well the fact that you don't want that is a good thing I believe. The offer is there if you want it." He says casually. "I don't want to push you to do what you don't want to. What might work for me, might not work for you. And thank you, for not telling the teachers about…" He points at the container of cookies. "It was treated a lot differently back home."
Quenton nods slightly. "It takes a lot of balls to stand up to someone like me, and you do it all the time without knowing it," he comments. "So yeah, I'm not going to let the teachers know. As long as you're not a fiend or anything, I'm not going to hold it against you. Hippies are different from fiends anyway." He pauses a moment, before clearing his throat, and shifting a little. "And uh… thanks. For listening. But if you tell anyone outside of here, I'm hanging you upside down on the flagpole." It's hard to tell if he's serious or not.

"No I'm not a fiend. I mostly do it to help me sleep." Sage admits. "Though with things being so different here and the classes being overwhelming I might just have some relax and not be so stressed feeling." He admits. "I won't tell anyone about our conversation since you asked." Even though he more threatened. "It's not up to me to tell others, it's what you have to work through though I'm here if you need a friend."

"Right, well. I'll keep that in mind," Quenton promises, glancing over at Sage a moment before shifting and tossing his blanket back after crumpling it up. "And what's overwhelming for you? I figure since we're gonna be spending the night in the same room for almost a year we might as well study together. I'm uh… well. I used to be a nerd. I can help."

"A lot of things. I'm trying to manage but there are days I just want to curl up and forget it all. I've never had schooling like this." Sage says. "Things were so different back home and the classes are just, very different. History, English, Mutant studies are all overwhelming. Then I try to get along with certain students here but I know they think I'm strange and don't know how to handle that I didn't grow up with all this fancy stuff."

"Mutant studies I'm good at, though not some of the science crap they talk about. I wasn't that kind of a nerd. Uh, history? I can help with that. English, too." Quenton scratches at the back of his nape. "Though I'd never figure you'd be bad at English. There goes me stereotyping again."

"I'm not bad at it I'm just confused at the point." Sage admits. "I've never had to learn about taking a language I already speak and write. I'm from England, I speak English so why do I need to take a class focused on it?" He says as it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to him. "Sciene, I don't even want to start on how weird it is. I don't believe half of the rubbish they teach in science. So, when you say you're a nerd, what do you mean by that?"

"Doesn't matter," Quenton says quickly. "Just know that I can't do what I was a nerd for anymore." He tongues his cheek now. "I don't know. I guess it just looks better on paper. I think maybe you should talk to the lady in charge, though I'm staying far away from her. If she's the White Queen, then I'm not talking to that bitch at all." He shakes his head. "I had to deal with Hellfire Club wannabes once. I'm definitely not going to deal with the real thing."

"What do you mean Hellfire Club?" Sage says as he has no clue what Quenton is talking about though he'd probably find out about her sooner or later. "Quenton, I'm thinking about starting a small garden outside come spring, but for now I usually go to the attic and take care of the plants. If you'd like to help me sometime, I wouldn't mind the company and telling you what I know of the various flowers and herbs."

"Supervillians," Quenton says, perhaps a little ominously. "Maybe you didn't have to worry about it much in… uh… the Shire. Or where ever." He shifts slightly now. "Well. I mean, there's not much I can do to help without accidentally destroying something. If you need a tree landscaped or whatever, I could probably help you there."

Sage shakes his head. "Not really. Sometimes we heard stories of Captain Britain but that was about it." He says. "Well if you ever have the itch to try planting or just working with herbs and various plants and such I'll be happy to teach you." He says. "Though I should be going to get something to eat, would you like to head down to the cafeteria with me?"

Quenton shakes his own head. "I'll be fine," he mutters. "Uh, we'll see about the garden thing. I'm gonna probably go work out at the trainyard and then come back to go to sleep." Yes, he works out at a trainyard. "Anyway, stay safe, Sage, and stay good."

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