2020-06-14: Close Encounters


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Summary: Daisuke, Misha and Vincent go on patrol having a brush with the Hunter, Deadpool

Date: June 14, 2020

Log Title Close Encounters

Rating: PG.

The Future - NYC - Chinatown

For the most part Chinatown seems like its untouched, except for one thing, the Manhattan Bridge spanning from Canal Street to Brooklyn is no longer safe as most of the bridge is in the river below and various cables hang from the towers that still stand. Other wise all the buildings and streets are intact. Those who havent fled New York or couldnt flee Manhattan still live here and a few shops for food and other survival goods are still open confined in a two-block area, its nothing of the bustling community it used to be.

The sun is hidden behind clouds today, but low in the west and difficult to see over the buildings of the city. Daisuke, Vincent, and Misha are on patrol, and picking their way carefully through an large building. It houses several shops and some kind of manufacturing facility. Likely illegal back in the day, but now abandoned. Misha isn't visible however. They came to see if there were any supplies they could scrape up, or at least that's what Misha is about. He's prowling unseen and unheard through some of the shops towards the front of the buildings.

Finally the black clad figure makes an appearance near Daisuke. There are no special effects for his power, and not even the displacement of air. "Three people in the trinket shop." He murmurs, "but there's nothing of worth that I saw." The man's voice is growly, rough, and he's a slight European accent. Polish actually. "The laundry only has one. Might be worth it for the clothing." Misha shrugs about that. Just scouting. Doesn't expect anything.

Magazines and boredom were reason enough to be standing infront of row racks inside the Trinket shop, a heavy jacket was worn about his frame as he stood there head downcast flipping through an out-dated Soldier of Fortune, right now Deadpool's mind was strangely quiet. The witnessing of Captain America's execution along with several X-Men had him troubled more so than he would have imagined. Serves them right Why? … Good question, I'll get back to you Funny that, you'd think his conscious would all but disappeared in the last few years. Setting the magazine down he would pick up another, a small smile appearing that seemed half-hearted as he looked upon a fairly recent Hustler, recalling back when mutant's could actually be found as a rare treat in a few of these. Thinking on this lack of ultra exotic strange nude beauties well, this had the smile fading again, a sad like clown face appearing on the mask he was wearing. Doh Maybe go kill something and get out of this funk? Someone just has to shine a laser pen on a wall and everything will be fine Hurhurhur. Dropping the piece of 'literature' back into the stand. Maybe he'd go have Sabina raise some Zuvembies to target practice on if he couldn't find the real thing. Having been too absorbed to catch sight of Misha if they'd gotten near, no real clue the mutants were within any sort of visible range of him. He was off his game tonight

Luck for Daisuke his voice is back, but he's still not fully healed but when you're running low on people as soon as you feel you can go out on patrol you do. "Laundry is good." Daisuke sasy listening to Misha. He's got a large rucksack slung over one shoulder and one arm is set in a make shift splint. There's a glock holstered at his hip and a katana slung over one of his shoulders. "Vincent though, it's really good to see you again, where have you been the last….lots of years?" He asks as he is definitely favouring one leg over the other but then when you can fly, why worry about an injured leg. "I wonder if there is a corner market here too."

Vincent stands up and stretches his arm, keeping one on the crimson and black crutch that he created earlier that day. He leans on the crutch and lowers his arm to scratch his hair before he looks over to Misha, "Well. I could use a shirt." He looks down with a small smirk at his exposed upper half, his wings partially dragging behind him, not sure on how to fold them yet. "Daisuke, right?" Vincent asks at his old friend, and then raises one wing halfway before he makes another crimson and black crutch out of thin air and leans on it, supporting his weight more, and says, "Better now, but not sure about these." He says before motioning his head back to his new appendages. His mental recovery is pretty fast, but he still has trouble now and then.

Never having known Vincent, Misha merely nods to the other. Keeps his opinions on taking obviously wounded people into the field to himself. "This isn't a good place to chat." Is all the chiding he allows himself. "We can access the laundry through the wall over there. If we're lucky we could have some time to choose, but if not there are people on the street who could become involved if there's a scream." There's a pause as he looks towards the wall he motioned to earlier. "I can open the wall."

"How old is this twinkie?" Deadpool questioned the man behind the counter who seemed incapable of making eye-contact, "Meh." He replies and snatches it up cramming it into a pocket before the shop was exited stepping out into the bit of sunlight that was remaining, a low whistle escapes him as he starts to walk his direction taking him towards the Salem Center but also in the vicinity of the trio of Mutants.

Daisuke looks at Vincent for a long while as he doesn't remember him having those powers at all. "Alright Sidestep, let's go in." He says as he does need a new pair of pants too. "Maybe we can get some laundry detergent too, ya know, just to get some stuff clean." He says as he moves close to Misha getting ready as he scans around trying to see what's in the area, being vigilant. "Shit Mikhail…someone's coming."

Vincent notices Daisuke's look and simply shrugs before he replies "I'll tell you when we are alone sometime." Then with a glance between the two. "I think I'm not lucky enough to get a jacket." Vincent says as he hobbles over to Micha and then pauses when Daisuke gives the warning. In response Vincent changes the crutch in his right hand into a tai chi-esque sword, but he uses it as a cane for now, still using it as support, and finally nods to Micha that he's ready to move.

"Then let me open the way, and I'll play distraction. Which direction, Daisuke?" Misha says and asks with no hesitation. "You two get what you can, and get out." He's the one with the best chance to get away after all. Not that he thinks the two will actually do this. A touch to the wall makes a human sized hole appear. No sound, no effects.. what was once solid how has a hole in it. And if given the direction, the man disappears again. Not invisible, he's actually off set from reality, but can see the 'real' world from there. So passing through walls, he seeks out the one that poses the threat.

Deadpool's stride continues until he heard the quick non-decipherable bit of conversation, Diasuke's warning at first. No mind paid at first he lets his whistling commence, yet that nagging sensation of perhaps a 'honed' instinct or simply experience the tune breaks and he becomes increasingly curious. Mebbe its a Rous! Think of the fun necro-babe would have with that Good idea yellow box! White box agree? Sure, why not, still stuck on no more four armed four breasted women in our favorite magazines He was poised, his head was craned to the side and his jaw thrust out abit, as if he had become some living antennae for possible noise, "Yooo hooooo? House keepink!" He calls around the corner.Subtle

Hearing that voice, Daisuke whispers one thing before deciding not to walk through the hole. "Deadpool." He knows they have to be fast now and that they could be in trouble so he looks at Misha and Vincent. "We won't be getting anything here, we gotta go if we can. I think this is a situation where we gotta run, I don't think we can take on that Hunter."

Vincent follows Daisuke, and stops. "What? Who?" He raises his eyebrows and his wings subconsciously, and the grip he has on his sword changes subtly as he senses the fear in Daisuke, "But, oh, ok." Vincent says but retains his ready state and "Where do we go?" Vincent asks Daisuke, not sure where in this world is safe anymore except from the underground safe house they just left.
Misha frowns at Daisuke, but there's no argument. Reappearing near the man, Misha offers Daisuke a hand, and one to Vincent too. "Then quickly, both of you take my hands." He's always one for escaping before dealing with really bad trouble.

"If you're a giant dog sized baby eating rat say squeak." Deadpool's right hand comes up and forms a funnel at his ear, his left hand was scratching at his own side clawing at his holster before he was able to draw out the sub-machine pistol, the only two fingers, thumb and a stump of one other holding onto it as it drew free. Maybe it's an auditory hallucination?Auditioning for what?Nevermind… "I better not be getting Punk'd!" Done talking he lunged out around the corner the firearm he had drawn was held upside down in his stump fingered hand, held awkwardly but somehow the safety had gotten switched off. "AH HAH!"

Daisuke pulls out his glock with one hand and grabs Misha's hand with his other. "I really don't know if I can survive fighting him again." Daisuke mutters as he knows they are now in the range for Deadpool to see them. "Damnit what I wouldn't do for a distraction right now….or a building without people in it." Otherwise he'd try to collapse a building on the Merc with a Mouth.

Vincent reaches for Misha's hand as he offers it, and a way to escape from this man giving Daisuke the willies. Just before he fully extends his hand, Vincent reaches out of the hole into the merc's direction and fires a cone of red and black energy towards his feet and then slips back into the hole, "GO!"

"We don't have to worry about that." Misha assures. Grabbing those offered hands, all three of them disappear as Deadpool jumps into view. There's no doubting that Deadpool will see them vanish. "Don't let go of my hands." He says firmly as the world goes strange. Everything goes slightly hazy and faded. Deadpool is still there, as is the building, but everything is a little odd. "He can't see or hear us. If we just walk away now we can escape. Stay calm." A pointed look to both. This is Misha's power. The other dimension that he has access to.

"Hey its the kid from Antic Cafe who killed Mr.Ed!!! You bastard!" A spring comes to his feet a sfire dances across the cement infront of him, flickering upwards. Deadpool wastes no time in springing across the bit of blaze to land firing off three well placed rounds where they had been. "Twilight Zone." He humpfs out, "Wait guys come back! I'm thinking about switching sides who do I talk to so I can get the secret decoder ring too! Honestly, I'm a new man!" Seriously?I dunno, I'll flip a coin once I grew enough fingers back. Quick jaunty actions from him had him doing an almost cartoon-like misleading stab at the air and pointing of his firearms in each direction, planted, like he was doing some in place Gun-Kata. "This is some sort of Nightcrawler thing or did they just go Invisible Woman?" I vote on hallucination

Daisuke just stands there quietly and grabs onto Misha's hand. "I wouldn't trust him." He says quitely about changing sides. "Are we stuck here or is there a way we can get out away from here?" And if they're stuck there well…hopefully Deadpool will get bored?

Vincent smirks as this seems slightly familiar that had happened to him once over the past ten years, but he keeps it to himself. In fact he remains silent this entire time, slightly worried that Deadpool could hear them, and also because he has nothing to say.

Misha shakes his head. "Considering his track record, he's just trying to play us." Learned about Deadpool while in SHIELD. "There's no way he honestly wants more than to haul us in." After that the man nods towards a wall. "We walk. Nothing is solid here, but the landscape remains the same. So we can literally walk home so long as you keep your hold on me. Ready?" If they are ready, he begins walking towards a wall, and then through it. There's no sensation at all, because the wall is nothing more than a trick of light. "We're going to have to stop coming to this area of the city. I can't believe that's merely bad luck." Not after at least two years of this.

"Okay, fine I don't want to be in your stupid clubhouse, buncha lamers anyways even your stupid pibble Pete." Just like the X-Men, even the younger generation snubbed him. Not sure why he was getting so worked up it isn't like he was fully serious about joining, or was he?NoYeah, you're right! The weapon holsters and Deadpool flashes from existence, teleporting away from where he stood to stand on the lip of one building high enough he had a vantage, able to see now in all directions. He was patient enough when he had to be, waiting here for several minutes wasn't a bad idea, not like he had any ability to track them if they had teleported. "Bunch of buzzkills and here I was seriously hoping it was a rous." Exhaling loudly he pulls out that twinkie and begins eating at it. Keeping his eyes peeled lazily on the surrounding area, eventually probably sooner than later he would get bored.

Daisuke sees Deadpool teleport away and he curses. "What I wouldn't give for the ability to have walkie talkies." He says knowing exactly why they can't have that type of commication. "Okay, though I will warn you walking back will be slow like this. With my leg and stuff." His good arm is gripping Misha's and his useless broken arm just hangs next to him. "God he just…I'd love to scream at him again."

Misha smirks at Daisuke, mindful of the other teleport, but more interested in getting away. "Then we should do our best." Said with a smile. Curbs his tongue again about the wounded. "We could have asked one of the telepaths if you needed communication like that." A bit late now though. "Daisuke, I'm not sure anything any of us can do would have done more than slow him down. Screaming at him wouldn't have done any good. You made the right choice." Walking! We're walking! And over here, we're passing Yang's Stop N Go. They have questionable hotdogs on Tuesdays..

Vincent remains silent, hobbling along, trying to keep his hand in contact with Misha and then an idea hits him. He grips hard holding onto both of them and starts to flap his wings, showing he could fly while still in this state. "I might be able to carry you."

Daisuke shakes his head at Vincent. "No, we're staying here and getting back to base. It's better to run then to die fighting." He says as he's still recovering from the last ass kicking he got from Deadpool. "Then when we get back, I can hear your story."

"I was saying while we're in this, place, I think I could fly us back instead of walking. It'd be better on my feet at least." Vincent motions to his bandaged feet. Gimping forward keeping up with the other too, "Walking is fine though."

"Flying would be faster, but if you drop either of us it would be bad." Misha agrees with Daisuke about the whole walking part. He leads the two towards the nearest tunnel access. Right past a sentinel and some guards as a matter of fact. Doesn't bat an eye at it either. Yes, Misha does this on a regular basis. "Sorry, Vincent." About the having to walk.

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