2012-02-14: Close To My Heart

Players: David and Star

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Summary: David and Star have a Valentine's Day Date

Date: February 14, 2012

Log Title: Close to My Heart

Rating: PG

NYC - Ten Ren Tea

This little Asian teashop sells loose tea by the pound and boxes of tea in many varieties. Various scents of tea flow through the store giving it a serene feel. Besides just selling tea, there are two tables and a bar where people can sit and enjoy hot tea, cold tea, and even bubble tea. Tea cakes are also sold here individually or in packages to go.

Valentine’s Day in New York City. Love is in the air and having been a couple for some months now, David has opted to treat his lady love to the very location on which they went on their first date. And so having prepped the restaurant to appear almost exactly as it did on June 18, 2011. David, dressed in a black suit, but with a red tie signifying the holiday, holds the door open for his Star Rosen. Of particular note, David is without his cybershades, as he has made the effort the last few months to go without them. His dark brown eyes look lovingly at Star as they are greeted by the same hostess from the first date. “Welcome…again.”
A Valentine's Day date with her boyfriend is cause for celebration, indeed. Star has dressed up for the occasion in a pretty, knee length, off the shoulder pink dress. She gives David a happy little smile as she walks through the door he's holding for her, turning that smile on the hostess, her eyes a happy amber with little flashes of blue in their depths. She turns back to look at him, "I can't believe you did all of this for us." Beat, "Again."

“Well with my promotion at the school to Student Liasion and Orientation, I’ve been busy processing new students and arranging stuff that I may have been a bit lax in my boyfriend duties.” David sheepishly grins as he follows her in. Speaking fluent Chinese to the hostess, she nods and leads them to the table, David reaching for Star’s hand walks with her towards the table and then kissing her hand, goes to pull her chair out for her as then takes his seat opposite her. “So I thought why not recreate the night that brought us together…romantically anyway.”

"You know that I understand, David." Joy and affection fill the air around Star as they're lead to the table, the faintest of blushes coloring her cheeks at the kiss to her hand, "Well, thank you." She glances around the room, "It's beautiful." And very much appreciated. She sits when he pulls the chair out of her, reaching across to try to cover his hand with her own when he's settled, "I've missed being able to be alone with you." There's a smile in her voice and crinkling at the corners of her eyes.

"I know…I feel the same way…and so for tonight. We WILL be alone. Just the two of us…no students…no staff…no dangers…no Cloud…and no Nathaniel… I have arranged a place for us in the city tonight. Called in an old favor and so we will be staying in New York City, no need to rush back to Salem Center." The hostess returns and bows, Enjoying yourselves so far." She does not hand them menus as the waiters are already bringing out their orders which are similar to the ones they had on their first date. The hostess does ask, "What would you like to drink, however?"

The empath can't help but smile a little at that, looking surprised, and pleased, that they're going to be staying in the city tonight, instead of having to go back to the school, "That sounds absolutely wonderful. You really are too good to me, you know?" Star looks up when the hostess checks up on them, mild irritation filtering into the air around her for a moment before she pushes it down again,

"Yes, thank you." She pauses thoughtfully for a moment before requesting a glass of green tea to drink.
Chuckling softly at her irritation, David seems to blush a bit at her compliment and he offers his opinion, “It’s true, I am too good for you.” He chuckles again, “But it is only because you deserve only the best, Star.” With that he asks the hostess for tea as well. As she leaves, music starts to play. Quietly and softly but then it feels the room sweetly. Not loud and overbearing, but complimentary to the ambience and atmosphere of the restaurant. Two cellists perform for the young mutant lovers.

"You are, huh?" Star can't help but feel a little amused at that, though the comment about her deserving the best has her blushing again, "Thank you, honey." She falls silent for a moment as the music starts to play, smiling faintly and closing her eyes for just a moment. She opens her eyes again, the young woman's eyes shining with hazel-green and blue. For the time being, she's content to just spend a little time in silence, enjoying the time spent with him.

Also enjoying the silence, for David it is often what is not said that means the most. He has simply to look into her eyes and watch as they shine the colors of her emotions and with him, they shine bright and lovingly. With their meals brought to them, he nods his appreciation and offers thanks in their native tongue. With the tea, he holds it out towards Star and toasts, “To us.”

Lifting her glass of tea, Star joins the toast, "To us." She brings the glass to her lips with a small smile, "And to many more holidays together." She sets the glass down and starts pushing food around her plate as she slowly eats her meal, "So how are you liking your new job, anyway? I know it's keeping you busy, but it wouldn't be so bad if you like it." That's her philosophy, anyway.

“Oh I love it.” David’s voice seems to go up an octive as he speaks on the new job. “I mean I am busier than I was before…but I finally feel appreciated it. If you remember there was a time when I was ready to quit and tell the staff and the students to f…” He catches himself, “…tell them I quit…but I am glad I stuck it out and got recognized for all the hard work.” He sips the tea and starts on the food himself, “How’re you liking TAing?”

The young woman gives him a genuine smile, pleased that he's happy and no longer feeling like he's going to quit and burn the bridge behind him, "I'm glad." Star nods once, "I'm glad that you didn't leave the school." And that he's feeling appreciated now, where as he wasn't before, "It wouldn't be quite the same if you weren't there…" Then he's asking how she likes her job and she shrugs one shoulder, "I like it. I know I'm not qualified to do much more that just make sure that student stay out of trouuble, but it's stll nice."

“Well, you will get there.” Placing his hand on hers, “We will get there. Together.” David sighs happily and content, “I still remember the trouble I got into when I was student and when I first started working there. At least now we don’t have to worry about being kidnapped anymore whether it is a crazy magician or Sugar-Man.” He laughs, “I mean seriously what’s next. Frankenstein or Dracula or some funky trolls and goblins coming for us, but enough about nonsense.” As his meal is almost half gone, he taps his hands on the table as the cellists play something a bit livelier.

Star nods, reaching across the table to rest a hand on his arm, "I know I will. I think I might be able to handle taking some college courses this summer." She's not going to try more than a few hours a week, though. Not until she knows she can handle being around strangers again. She nods and makes a face at his reminiscing, "Yeah… You know, I was abducted after I'd been in New York for less than a week…" Her entire senior year was one abduction or kidnapping after another. It's no wonder that she decided to stay at the school when she graduated! The thought of horror movie monsters coming after students has her wrinkling her nose and shaking her head, "That would be totally insane…" She smiles a little when he has the musicians change the song, the hint of agitation that had started being hinted at fading to be replaced by contentment.

With the change in music comes a change in food as well. The waiter returns with a metal tray with a silver covering and he places it down on the table between Star and David. Smiling, David begins to stand up and move to behind Star, “We didn’t have desert last time we were here, so I wonder what that is. Lift the covering.”

Looking a little confused when he stands, cruiosity bubbles around her, though not as much as would have when she'd first arrived at Xavier's; a sign that she's getting at least some control over her powers. She looks up at him over her shoulder for a moment before reaching out with one hand to carefully lift the cover, making sure that she doesn't touch it against whatever is under it.

On the tray under the metal covering is a small jewelry box. David who is now directly behind Star leans over her and opens the box, revealing a silver chain with a small heart shaped locket. He holds the locket out for her to inspect as he kisses her cheek and whispers, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Within the heart shaped locket, there are two photos. One of him and one of her.

The empath's eyes widen at the sight of the box and she looks up and over her shoulder at him as he reaches past her to open it and present her with the locket, "Oh my-" She doesn't really take the time to look very closely at the gift before she's turning to try to wrap her arms around his neck and give him a proper kiss. She sits back after a moment and looks up with eyes that are amber that's almost overwhelmed by blue, "Thank you, David." It's only then that she actually looks at the gift, positively beaming, "I love it!" Especially the pictures of them. She blushes a little and looks up at him with shining eyes that dance slightly with suppressed laughter, "Now I can keep you close to my heart always."

Enjoying the kiss and offering as much passion in return, he takes the chain and places it around her neck and clasps the lock, “Well you are always in mine, so I thought it fair to return the favor.” The cellists begin to play a slower song as David extends his hand out to Star, “Shall we dance?” He smiles as the restaurant staffers smile at the young couple.

"Thank you…" Star's voice is soft as he fastens the necklace around her neck, a small smile playing at the corners of her mouth as she places her hand in his to stand with a nod, "Oh yes." Anything to spend a few minutes in his arms right now. The happiness she's getting from the restraurant staff just intensifies her own, making her feel as though nothing could possibly ruin this night.

Nothing will ruin this night. With Star in his arms, he leads her in a slow dance. His arms around her waist and her head on his shoulders, he moves to the music and continues with her in his arms, even as the music comes to end, he continues to embrace her along the floor. As minutes go by, he then kisses her and smiles. The hostess makes a gesture that it is time to close down the restaurant. David nods to her as he spins Star in a fancy way and leads her back to the table. “Well, it looks like we have to go.” He would feel sad, but he knows while the date is over the evening is not as he had made arrangements for them to spend some quality time elsewhere.

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