2012-08-02: Closing A Chapter


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: Thursday, August 2, 2012. 1:52pm

Log Title: Closing a Chapter

Rating: G (Some religious content)

Xavier's Mansion - Hosea and Mikhail's Room

The decorations in this room are not what you'd find in your average American teenager's lair. Hosea's room has a strong smell of…well, Hosea. It isn't dirty, per se, there really isn't much to get dirty. The bookshelf has a few wood carvings, with a blood-stained spearhead as the centerpiece. The desk has his textbooks piled to the back of the surface, next to the lamp, while an old leather wrapped collection of book pieces lies open. It's a Bible of some sort.
The dresser drawers are left open, revealing a rather scarce population of clothing. On the unmade bed is a handknit quilt, very african in appearance.

Mikhail has been laying in a tree in the woods all day and figures it's about time he hads back to his room, dressed in a pair of black shorts Mik is as usual a little muddy adding to his feral appearance. Yawning to himself he leans on the door to push it open.

A rubbermaid tub is in the side of the room, packed with Hosea's things. Not everything is packed away, since there is still some small time left before the summer ends and he will need to find a new place to live. Hosea is in the place he is often found, reading the tattered old Bible at his desk. He looks up as Mikhail enters. "Aha, hello Mikhail, are you doing well today?"

The feral teen's eyes flicker over to his room mate, "Heya, sleepy," he crosses the room and falls onto his bed, "You're packing your things?, where are you going to?" he wonders if Hosea's going back to Africa, returning to Romania's been on Mik's mind for a while.

"I think dat I will go to da Mutant Town maybe," Hosea says. "Hah, dey think it is rough in dat neighborhood, but I do not think so." He closes his Bible gently. "I cannot stay here any longer, no? I am now old enough to rent a place to live. Dere is much work down there to do to help people." Hosea, constant blue collar charity mentality piercing through.

Mikhail frowns, "Help people? but they're like us they've got powers too, i don't think they need help protecting themselves", as with many things what was meant has gone right over Mik's head, "Mutant town always smells funny to me, can't ever figure out why".

"Hah!" Hosea grins broadly with the wide white smile he is known for. "Not all help is needed for protection," Hosea notes with a finger raised. "Spiritual help is what dey need. Sometimes help because dey have no money. Dere are many types of need, yes?" He turns in his chair to face Mickhail's direction. "Compared to heah, it is vedy poor, and people do have not good education." Sounds like some of those problems Hosea has as well. His educational history hasn't been the best, and he has less money than those in Mutant Town.

Mikhail actually fits in that bill too, he's got noththing unless the school provides it and as far as education stands, he started two years ago, of course he does have the benifit of an eidetic memory which he's been able to use to pretty rapidly catch up, he still has much to learn though. "How does spiritualness help with being poor? I don't understand."

Hosea grins. "Money it comes and goes," he says. "When you die, you cannot take it, yes? But Jesus Christ, now he will stay with you if you follow him." He reaches his dark index finger over and places it on the Bible at the desk. "First Corinthians One verse twenty-six, say dat not many wise, and not many strong has God chosen, but da weak things. He takes da poor and da lost, he heals dem. It makes me da richest man, yes? I have more den da Tony Stark even! What do you think of dat?" He laughs as he speaks.

"I don't know what to think, I don't think I have enough knowledge to form an opinion but being spiritual is about belief right?", Mik's got no experience of the idea of god but he understands what it is, "I believe in here if that counts."

"You do not have to have a great amount of knowledge," Hosea confirms. "But you must believe in da true thing. Believing in Jesus in da heart, dat is what counts." He stands to his feet and walks to Mikhail, reaching a hand out toward his shoulder. "You are a good man, my friend."

Mikhail is confused, hows he supposed to believe in this Jesus person? he hasn't met him before but he must be a nice person the way Hosea keeps talking about him, maybe he lives in Mutant Town, "Thanks, you too, it's good to want to help people, thats pretty much why we're all here right?"

"It is part, yes," Hosea answers. "We should love God, and love people, dat is what God says. He made all of us in da world to love him, and love each other." He queries then to the fanged mutant, "What is it dat you will do now dat school is done, where will you live? Will you return to Romania?"

Mikhail shrugs, "I haven't really decided yet, I thought maybe of going back to Romania but I wouldn't really be going back to anything, I don't know where my parents are or if they're still alive and I don't wanna go back to where Xavier's saved me from, I'm sure I'll figure it out soon."

"Hah, if we need, maybe we can move into an apartment, and share rent," Hosea suggests. "If you need, friend. I am sure dat God will guide you into da right choice."

Hosea heads to the door. "I hope dat your day will continue well, I am going to meet Sophie, see you latah." He gives another pearly grin, and heads out the door.

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