2009-02-24: Closing Gaps


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Summary: Kaden finally makes the move to close the gap between him and Xane, Drew over hears and is quite happy.

Date: February 24, 2009

Log Title Closing Gaps

Rating: G

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

The load at the restaurant has been low for Xane. His Sous Chef wants to show his mettle in the kitchen, so Xane's been allowing him to head up the restaurant a couple of days. So the Chef is now in the kitchen of the penthouse, cooking up some food, still trying to make something for his presentation. He's actually singing while cooking, something he doesn't do normally. "In a gadda da vida honey~! Don't cha know that I loovee youu~?" The counterspace is taken up by cutting boards and razor sharp knives and ingredients.

It's hard to miss that Xane is home as Kaden hears him singing in the kitchen. He takes a deep breath and walks over there and leans against the door. "Xane…um…I would like to talk to, if you don't mind." He sounds more nervous than angry but he did tell Drew he'd do this as hard as it is for him. He's wearing just a black t-shirt over a pair of cargo pants like usual, he doesn't have much diversity in his clothes.

Drew comes out of his bedroom after turning off his shower and re-dressing. He starts to move to the kitchen, but hears Kaden start to say something. Placing a hand over his mouth, he stays around the corner, listening as hard as he can, trying his best not to be seen.

Xane stands at the stove, his back to Kaden for a sec while he's talking but the chef is listening. "Sure thing. What's on your mind?" He asks, his back still to Kaden, as he is tossing some sliced chicken in the pan. "I'm listening, just got to make sure that this chicken doesn't overcook." His street clothes are being worn right now just jeans and a red t-shirt, with a black apron with the Nolita logo on the breast.

Kaden runs a hand through his red hair nervously and takes a deep breath. "First, I want to say thank you. For the effort you put into making dinner and making a cake for Drew's birthday, I don't think I ever did that. Also, because, even though I wasn't really happy that night it made me realize something, that I want to be happy, on my own. You..helped me realize that." He says and he seems neverous as he says it and it's not easy for him to be honest like that. Kaden just knows it's something he has to do or he's just going to be perpetually pissed off forever.

Drew leans against the wall where he is, a smile spreading across his face as he listens. Kaden's learning. He really is learning how to be more like a normal person. Drew looks at his phone to make sure that today isn't his birthday again…

The clap of a pan rings out on the cold stove, the chicken is done. A nearby casserole dish of macaroni and cheese sits in the oven. "And that should be done now." He puts on some oven mitts and brings out the casserole. "You're welcome, K. I know that Drew appreciated the notion from you." The chicken is placed atop the casserole and is brought down on a silicone pad on the counter. "Oh really? I'm glad to see you taking that initiative. And I'm glad I could inspire that, even if the original mood was fake from the food." It may be fake but some of his clientele need some escape from stress, and his food does give some nice feelings, and without the burden of pharmaceuticals!

Kaden lets out a breath of relife and now for the second part, the hard part. "And, I'm sorry, for being a jerk to you, before I got to know you. I just have trouble, opening up to people and letting them in." He says and there, that's what he wanted to say. He closes his eyes and takes a couple of breaths trying to calm his nerves a bit.

"Apology accepted, I'm sorry for some of the things I said too." Something new with this recipe, there is only little to none emotional content in it, since he didn't touch the ingredients much with his own hands. "It may be a stretch for you, but I'm hoping this meal doesn't have the effects that others do. Feel free to try it if you want. Just chicken with mac and cheese. Broccoli should be done too." He looks in the steamer on the stove. "Yeah." Xane grabs a spoon and scoops out some veggies in a serving dish. Mostly healthy, only real bad thing in it is the cheese.

Kaden looks at the food cautiously and nods. "Okay, sure, I'll give it a shot." He's doing this to try to bridge the gap between him and Xane. He walks over to the frige and grabs out a bottle of water. "I also did have fun the other night, playing the Wii with you and Keith." Kaden says giving him a half smile as he goes to sit down at the table and takes a long drink from his water.

Drew just can't sit still any more after hearing Kaden's admission and other things. He bounces around the corner and gives a bright grin to both of the other spirits. He can't get anything out of his mouth just yet, but he does get a juice from the fridge.

Xane fetches some bowls and cutlery from the cabinets. Bringing one over to Kaden, and enough for the other spirits. "I did too; even if I was kinda lame, I haven't played games since my college days. Oh hey Drew." He says as the water spirit moves in. "I got a bowl for ya." He says, placing it down on the table.

Kaden gives an embarassed sort of smile as he blushes slightly, when Drew comes in. "Hey Drew. Xane just cooked some dinner and so I figured I'd give it a shot again." Since it was good and Xane said he tried to make it differently without it being able to alter emotions. "I figured, you've all been supportive of me, maybe I'll be supportive of Xane as he tries to cook differently." He admits.

Drew grins and moves along with the others, stopping to place a kiss on Kaden's cheek. "Thanks." He says, to both actually. Looking up at Xane. "I think he's learning a lot." He winks, moving to sit next to his… well, whatever they are.

Xane's eyes kinda go wide for a sec. With as much as Kaden acted, he figured him to be straight. "Umm. Here's the food. Serve yourselves." He says as he places a spoonful of each into his bowl, passing over the broccoli and mac and cheese.

Kaden smiles at Drew and reaches a hand under the table to squeeze his before serving himself some food. As Drew says he's learning a lot he turns and sticks his tounge out at the water spirit. "I learned that one from you and Keith." He says as he gets a small portion just to try, hey, at least he's trying.

"I'll eat in a little bit. I just wanted to be in here with people. Got lonely." Drew says with a shrug. Blinking, he jumps up and runs over to give Xane a hug as well. "Sorry, I never actually thanked you properly for everything. It was really nice." He says, ending with a cheek kiss before moving back to his seat next to Kaden and taking the other spirit's knee in his hand.

Xane smiles as the kiss lands on his cheek. "It's no problem, really. I'm just glad you guys liked it." The chef starts to dig in, nothing yet, but it always comes slowly. "Sometimes I can't tell if my food is doing it to me, or if I'm still experiencing the mood that I put in it. So I figured it's best to try it on someone else." Sounds like a guinea pig, and it kind of is. But at least it's not trying new cosmetics on animals?

Kaden blushes and smiles as Drew places a hand on his knee. The fire spirt kind of knew what he was getting into and that's why he took a small portion. "This is really good, and do your powers work on yourself? I know I'm immune to fire and Drew doesn't seem to have any problems with water…" He says as he takes another bite before taking oup another forkful and holding it towards Drew. "You sure you don't want to try, it's really good."

Xane smiles. "Thanks Kaden. They do, or at least the strong ones do. That pissed off food the other day? It wasn't me angry. It was induced." The chef will think twice before making pissed off food again.

Being offered food, Drew shrugs. He leans out to take the bite from the fork. D'awwwww. Feeding each others. Cute puppy-love or something. He gives an mmph of enjoyment as he pulls back. He nods quickly. "It is good. I don't feel any change, though."

Kaden nods at Xane's words as he continues to eat. "Sorry then, I just tend to react easy. If someone snaps at me I just snap back." It's like he puts up the emotional sheilds and puts his angry guard up. "But Xane, I really do want to learn to cook small things just incase, ya know?"

Drew just seems really happy. As if nobody could tell that by now. "I'm… really overjoyed with how today has gone." He says with a nod. "I would almost think TODAY was my birthday, if I hadn't already had the party a while ago."

Xane gives a nod to Kaden. "Well, this one is very simple. And it can be made even more so. There's tons of stuff you can make with just cans from the pantry. Stuff I learned to cook when I was a kid. My folks were never really home so when I was old enough to take care of myself, I did. But that's a story for another day." Xane gives a half-smile before taking another bite. "How's today very awesome for you?" He asks Drew.

Kaden will actually have to ask Xane about that another day though, he's trying to learn about the others just as they've taken the time to learn about him. As Xane asks how today was very awesome for Drew, Kaden blushes something fierce again and just looks into his bowl and starts to eat the little bit remaining.

"I've just had a really good day. Kaden's opened up a lot to me. And… he's learned a lot more control of his power." Drew says, with a bit of a blush. Yeah, there's something he's not speaking of, and Xane's already had a hint of it.

"Well congrats, it's more control than I have. Well, this one proves I can control it. If it works that is." Xane gives a nod, he's pretty much figured out what other thing is. It's a bit apparent, due to the blushing, and other behavior. Xane's been around the block.

Kaden finishes up and goes to put his dish in the dishwasher. "You and I can practice learning control together. And I think I'm gonna go to relax in my room for a bit. It's been quite the day." Kaden says giving Xane a smile and a pat on the shoulder. "See you tomorrow Xane."

"Well, maybe I can help you figure things out. Dmitri and I both helped with Kadens. Though, I don't think you need to have something so… emotional in either way." Drew says with a bit of a blush. "I just let mine flow naturally." He looks up at Kaden. "Would… would you like some company?"

Kaden blushes and just looks at Drew with a smile, the answer is obvious as he waits for Drew to join him.

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