Cloud "Rush" Rosen
Cloud Rosen
Portrayed By Calvin Harris
Gender Male
Date of Birth 19/07/92
Age 18
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Little Baby Cloud, Rush
Place of Birth South Boston
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Sparrow, Sam, Dante, Noah, Kaden, Jasper and Star Rosen
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

Remember, don't jump though the portal, don't jump though the portal, screw it, jump though the portal.


Cloud was born to a large family in South Boston, Massachusetts, his family were made up of his parents, Sparrow Rosen and Sam Rosen, his four brothers Dante, Noah, Kaden and Jasper and his twin sister Star. He and his sister were named by their dying ex-hippie grandmother, who took her inspiration for their names from the beauties of nature, Star from the night sky and well where she got Cloud from is pretty obvious. His dad was a cop and his mom a High School Principle, so they had enough money growing up, but still with four older brothers he got a lot of hand-me-downs.

He may have not have had all the best toys growing up with five siblings but he had a very happy childhood, being the youngest him and his sister had it easy compared to his older brothers, his brothers didn’t hold it against him, though they did used to wind him up by calling “Little Baby Cloud”. When he started school the name stuck with the boys in his brother’s grades, which tended to get him into fights when people in his grade started calling him it, but he could handle himself, benefit of have four older brothers.

When he reached high school he got into football like his brothers and father before him, when he first joined the team he didn’t get on well with his teammates who said he was only on the team because his brother Jasper was captain. That all changed after his first game with the team where he did brilliantly and became the popular jock guy that all his brothers before were. It was also around this time he got into cars and building them, so he generally spent his time at football practice, the garage or with his sister who happened to be his best friend.

Shortly before Cloud turned 17 his powers manifested, when he was working is his garage with his sister. He was fiddling with a car battery when it gave off a strong discharge, rather than shock him his body absorbed the electricity draining the battery. After a couple of hours discussing with his sister what might of happened he started packing up to go home, however when he touched the cables that are supposed be linked to the battery he released some of the electricity starting up the car, it was at this point him and his sister realised he was a mutant.

Two months later and Cloud was going to pick his sister up from a party, when he arrived he was told that his sister was upstairs, when he went up to find her, he found her with a drunk guy who was being overly pushy while his sister was telling him no. He grabbed the guy by the throat to pull him away from her, when he touched him the guy fell to the floor thrashing as Cloud accidentally began absorbing his life-force, taking charge Star grabbed him and took him away from the party and back home, telling him it was time to tell their parents. Rather than being angry like Cloud thought they’d be the rest of his family were really supportive, with his brothers even turning it into a joke. However there was still the problem of not knowing when Cloud’s powers would next activate, which left the family on edge until they were contacted by the Xavier Institute offering him a place at their school for gifted youngsters, relieved to have some guidance though what was happening he agreed to go.

Cloud attended the institute for over a year and a half though his senior year, he has now graduated and is living in mutant town and working towards becoming a cop.


This list may increase as Cloud experiments with different energies.

Energy Overview- He can absorb up to two million kilojoules of energy and the force of the blast ranges from one blast of the full amount amount of energy he has absorbed to several blast of less energy that will run out when the full amount of energy is used.

Fire - He can only absorb up to 5000'c before his immunity runs out and it will begin to burn him from he inside out, the absorbtion will run out, either when he has released the same amount of heat as he absorbed (he can either release it all at once or in different bursts of heat) or if he gets knocked out he will immediatly release all the energy at once.

Electricity - He can absorb up to 2000000kj before he is overloaded, as well as energy blasts he can used the energy to move with superhuman speed about 130000 mph.

Life Force - Its the same as they way he absorbs other energy, the person he absorbs from's blood pressure increases dramaticly and their heartbeat doubles, their blood vessles become clearly visable though their skin(Kind of like how evil Willow looks in Buffy), their eyes roll back and it looks like their having a fit, if hes draining them for more than a few seconds they will be unconsious for anythime from a minute to several hours depending of the person, if hes draining them for several minutes it will put them in a coma until their body is able to deal with the draining, if he confinued draining for 20 minutes of more they will die, someone with a serious heart problem or illness will die much more quickly. He will regenerate at the same speed as the other person his being weakened, on top of that untill the remaining energy he absorbs is used(If it isn't all used in healing, or he doesn't need to heal) he takes on several personality trates of the person he drained, also he changes slightly physicly, his blood vessles do the same as his victim's do and his eyes and nails go black, when the draining is taking place its a two way thing they can begin drawing energy from him if they understand whats happening and consentrate on it.

Magic - Due to magic and mutation not mixing well it is a bad idea for Cloud to absorb it as it is highly unpredictable.


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