2010-11-04: Clues Right In Front Of Your Face

Players: David, Robyn, and Heather

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Summary: Robyn and David discuss the recent events in Tegu-Haaz and Heather makes a cameo.

Date: November 4, 2010

Log Title: Clues Right in Front of Your Face

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - The Slaughtered Lamb

Outside the wooden sign displaying a Wolf's Head on a pike along with the name 'The Slaughtered Lamb' swings in the breeze of the run down old pub. Inside the wooden floors creak as extra weight is applied and the smells of lingering alcohol and tabacco smoke permeate the air. Oil lanterns are hung on the walls circling the pub to provide light the patrons while the walls are marked with old tally marks from games long ago played. Behind the bar are old barrels of wine and ale, an hearth for cooking up meals and a layer of dust is caked onto the dishes. Long tables that can sit at least ten people each are still sturdy but some are turned over while the chairs are scattered across the place. A second hearth with ash from long ago still sitting in it is built against one of the sidewalls for light, heat and additional cooking. If one were to search the pub they might find food that is mysteriously still edible..

With the teddy bear still sitting on the table Robyn isn't to far off. He's been absorbing what mental energy he can from those that have come into to pub. Where ever the bear has been lately, Robyn hasn't been too far off. Some moments he remembers who he is and others he's lost it. Right now it's hard to tell as he just seems to be pacing in the Slaughtered Lamb, passing through tables, chairs and anything else in his way as he walks.

Making his way into the tavern and spotting Robyn passing back and forth and smiles, "Robyn?" David asks unsure if the apparition of Robyn remembers him and his life at Xavier's. David is dressed in what was his Xavier's costume. He wears his usual cybershades but without the power. He stares at the pacing youth.

Heather watches the teddy bear and Robyn with some interest, her eyebrows furrowed as she considers. She promised that she would protect the bear, but now she is in a difficult position. The bear is important, and after recent events, she suspects she knows why. She stands up from her chair, where she's been writing notes on free paper. Slightly conflicted as she walks ghost Robyn walk, she decides to head towards the exit of the building, but not before pausing in front of David: <Nemesis. The bear is important. If you find anything out about it, write it on my paper. I will read your notes. Please do not harm it. Not yet. I will return in a few of your hours.> With only this exchange, she leaves, zipping out the door to search for other classmates lost to the world.

Robyn turns at the mention of his name and nods. "Hey David." He says remembering the older teen from Xavier's. "I've heard a few rumours." He says since he has been hanging around the place where people tend to be. "That James and Mr. Gilpatrick fought and wrecked the farm house and that someone was found up at the Asylum.

Smiling, David grins, "So you remember me. I'm talking to Robyn Larkin." His expression shows that he would hug the boy if he could feel him. "What you heard is true. James and Kenta fought. Kenta was a werewolf, but I believe he has been freed from his curse. As has Mike. The man freed from the asylum was Alaric Blackmoore. The man responsible for bringing us here. He gave us quite a bit of information."

Robyn nods. "Yeah, that's me. Twin brother to Richard." He says as he looks at the note Heather left. "The bear, I can't leave the area of it. I have to stay by it, something with…things aren't making much sesne David. I feel it…there's something else there." He says as he's been struggling with the ghost taking over. "I don't know how long I'll be me, but…wait, you said Mike is free?"

David smiles, "Mike is free. and I believe Kenta is as well. Alaric told us how to return you all to your normal selves. You have to face your fear. Basically, I had to kill Mike to bring him back to normal." He sighs a moment, "So we are figuring out the equivalent for the rest of you who are affected." He moves to the bear, "I don't feel so bad about having dug this thing up and I'm glad I was able to repair it."

Walking into the pub, Alaric Blackmoore snarls at David. "You don't listen boy, do you. You have to find their weakness and kill them. How did you cure Frankenstien's Monster? Think about it." He says and David would be able to pick up some things from Alaric such as, to cure those infected he has to find how to kill what they've become. "Fear feeds the demon, makes him stronger but fear doesn't kill the monster."

"Find their weakness and kill them." David ponders for a moment, "Mike as Frankenstein was afraid of fire. I lit the spear on fire and smashed his clockwork and he returned to normal." He looks at Robyn. "You're a ghost. What is a weakness for a ghost?" David stares at the teddy bear andrubs his temples as he is getting frustrated by Alaric and this entire realm and experience.

"Now you're starting to use your head." Alaric says as he walks past David and to the back of the tavern out of site.

Robyn then looks between Alaric and David and shakes his head. "I really don't know what kills a ghost. I haven't really seen who else is infected…." Then Robyn stops and blinks a few times as if there is a bit of an internal struggle before speaking again. "What are you going to do to me?"

David watches Alaric walk towards the back of the tavern and just shakes his head unsure of the man and getting a chill as the man walks past. He then looks to Robyn, "Nothing right now, until we figure this out, but I can guarantee you, Robyn. You will be fine and we will get home." He speaks that last part with an assured confidence.

"But this is my home." Robyn says as he walks over to the bear and reaches through it. "Paddington keeps me safe from those that want to harm me." He says as there is some bond that connects him to the bear. "And you're another one who calls me that, Robyn. She does too, the girl who protects Padditington."

Looking at the teddy bear, "Paddington?" He picks up the bear and studies it, "I get the link to the bear, but…" David ponders what would happen to Robyn if the bear was destroyed. He looks it over, "I'm sorry, lad. what is your name?" He looks up as he puts the bear down safely where it was before.

"That's his name." Robyn says as he walks over to David and casually drifts a hand through his arm, draining some of David's psychic energy in the processes. "I don't remember my name. What about you, what is your name? And why is it you wish to get rid of me?"

Shaking his head negatively, "You misunderstand, boy. We do not want to get rid of you. Only wish to help you. My name is David Alleyne." He exhales and sighs as he moves to the bar, "I work at a school where we try to help young people. It seems you are in an odd predicament. We call you Robyn. Because we believe your name is Robyn. Do you remember anything at all?"

"I don't remember school, I just remember the Asylum." Robyn says as he looks at the bear. "Are you asking what I remember from before you all showed up? Cause before that I don't remember much. I remember the Asylum, I remember that….I don't' want to talk about it." He says as the ghost shudders a bit.

"I know it can be difficult, Robyn. But do you want our help? It seems that bad things happened at that asylum. We just want to help you." He smiles, "We mean you no harm and we just want to help you. You must notice that strange things have happened here." David pauses a moment, "You were going to say something, but stopped yourself…if it is because you are afraid of something or someone, well we can protect you."

"It's because I don't really remember and I don't want to talk about it." The ghost says as he just knows that something horrible happened there once upon a time even if the memory of what exactly that was isn't there. "Why do you think I need help and why is it you're trying to help me? What do you think I need help from. No one has really answered that just that they say 'I need to be helped'."

David nods, "We are trying to help you because you are ghost. When we met you were flesh and bone. We arrived in the this realm together. You are not part of this world. But you are slowly becoming part of it because you are afraid. The fear is transforming you into. You are Robyn Larkin. You are a student at the Xavier Institute. I am your friend, David. The girl protecting Paddington is Heather. She also numbers among your friends." He sits down on a chair, "We are trying to help you, because we care about you and miss what you were and are concerned about you are becoming."

"I don't remember any of this." Robyn says as he's not sure if David is telling the truth or lying. "You call me this Robyn person but how do you know I am him and just don't look like him. You want to help your friend but you don't know that I am this friend. And what is it you plan to do to 'help' me as you claim."

David hmmmmns, "The 'how' has been determined yet. And I can't make you remember who you were before. I'd think and hope that deep down in your heart, you'd realize that there must be some truth to what I saw saying. You pointed out that girl is protecting Paddington. Yet, why would she go through such lengths of protecting something important to you, if she didn't know you or care about you. Trust me, that girl hates me and yet she has sought me out to assist her in finding that bear and helping you. So, if she has demonstrated that she is going through such lengths to help you, then there must be some truth to it all. It flows in an odd sentimental logic, I suppose."

"Why does she hate you?" Robyn asks as he looks again at what Heather wrote on the wax earlier. "What is it that you did to her?" Cause obviously, to the ghost, it isn't her fault. "Because I asked her to and she agreed. She thinks I'm useful in finding a way out of here, I don't think I am, but you two don't belong here."

David pauses a moment to think why he is hated. He shrugs, "I'm not really sure. Something from when we first met. But anyway, we, you included, don't belong here. You may be key to getting us out of here. Do you remember or know anything regarding silver waters?"

Robyn shakes his head. "No, it doesn't make any sense to me. Or ring any bells. Silver waters? What is silver?" He asks as he's clueless about that. "And how can you hate someone if you don't remember why? Is it worth it anymore if you can't remember?"

David appears disappointed by the fact that Robyn knows nothing about the silver waters, "Silver is a color and an element…but not too worry." He sighs, "I don't hate Heather. I care for her as much as I care for you and the other students." He smiles, "You will have to ask her about that." He then quirks an eyebrow, "While you were at the asylum, do you remember anyone else there. Any other young people like yourself?"

"Well what do you associate with the colour and the element? And who told you about it?" Robyn asks as he starts to walk around the pub a bit. "I saw a crazy man there once but I was a long unless you came up to bother me or snoop around. I was busy looking for what Heather found so I didn't notice."

"It's a metal. Less precious than gold. It's a metallic shiny gray. I guess is the best way to describe it." David ponders, "Alaric Blackmoore told me about that. Also, does the phrase Tegu-Haaz mean anything to you?"

Robyn shakes his head. "No, I've never heard that word before." Then there's a deep breath and he speaks up. "Talk to the one that seems to know things, I'm just a ghost David, someone who has nothing to hold onto yet has one thing that keeps me here. Just…I can't remember."

David nods, "I'll be sure to talk some more to Alaric. I feel as if I am missing something that is probably right in my face." He looks at the bear, "Paddington? Why does he have that name?"

"I don't remember, I think I just called him that when I was alive." Robyn remarks as most of his living life is a distant memory that's barely in focus, beyond blurry. "Maybe Paddington Station? I don't remember." Robyn says as he starts to wander off. "You should look for something silver." He says before walking through the wall of the Slaughtered Lamb and outside, leaving David in the pub.

David nods and looks over the bear, "Thanks for the chat, Robyn." He sits down and puts the bear back down to leave it for Heather when she returns. He rubs his temples and also leaves the Slaughtered Lamb to get some fresh air and start looking for something silver.

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