Cody Barrows
Cody "Rebound" Barrows
Portrayed By Ryan Kwanton
Gender Male
Date of Birth 6/13
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Little Buddy, Rebound
Place of Birth Dallas, TX
Current Location Queens, NY
Occupation Prep-School Student
Known Relatives Buddy Barrows (Father), Debbie Barrows (Mother), Cindy Barrows (Sister)
Significant Other N/A
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Tactile Kinetic Manipulation
First Appearance Young Avengers - Infinity Gem Saga

One Part Texan, One Part Over Compensation, 2 parts Spit and Vingar and you got your self a Cody


Buddy Barrows is a rich man. His father was a rich man and on back. Buddy specifically made his money by being a major investor and stock holder in an oil company. Originally from Texas, Barrows lived a typical all american "texas" style life. Graduated, married, bought a big house, had a couple of kids. One boy and one girl. This story is centered on the male, Cody Barrow, or Little Buddy as many of the family and friends of the family would call him.
Cody wanted for very little when he was a child. He and his sister were brought up "right". He was given the best toys, the best clothes and the best schools. But that is isn't to say that he was spoiled. His father had learned the value of money at an early age and so to did Cody. He was set on an allowance, was made to help with chores. He was always responsible for cleaning up after himself. While rich, his family were still people with values and respect. They hadn't become the lazy hedonist that occupy L.A. and the valley. They were not idle wealth. Cody went to church regularly, with his family, and like most kids accepted what was given him without a question. Church made him feel safe. It was a place of sanctuary, and in it Cody learned right and wrong. He learned the values that still stay with him today.
Cody's biggest love was sports. While his father was busy he -always- made time for his kids. One of the ways he managed to spend time with them was of course to coach their little league teams. So, Cody was left to play Soccer, baseball and football. His sister also played all three, much to his fathers joy and his friends chagrin. Cody didn't mind however. Sports was something he had a natural liking to. He was always forward, or pitcher or quarterback. Not only because his father was the coach, but because he was better by leaps and bounds at athletics than the normal children. And pushing him past that was the absolute 'need' to make his father proud. His need was out of respect and love for his father. His father had always gone above and beyond for him, and he did the same. He stayed on the practice fields long after the other kids went home.
His mother for the most part, was absent in spirit. She was happy with the kids, and loved them. But she was happy being rich and a housewife. She tended the books, made big household decisions and shopped like a pro. But she was distant, leaving Cody with a small lack of physical affection. Thus pushing him all the further to his fathers side for the occasional pat on the back.
When Cody was old enough, he was sent north. Specifically to an all boy's prep school known as St. Francis Preparatory School. Leaving home was a little difficult, but his father had long before told him that eventually Cody would go to school like he had, and that it would help him get into a good college and he would meet the right kinds of friends. And so, without much fuss, Cody went to New York. It wasn't all bad. Cody had an allowance, he made friends. He was quickly popular with most people given his good looks, wealth and sort of 'down homey' demeanor. And then…there were the sports teams. The sports up north are a little different from those in the south, so he instead played Soccer, Lacrosse and found himself on the junior varsity wrestling team. He was doing everything right. He spent the majority of time in his studies, excelled at his sports and kept close contact with his family.
One night during a lacrosse game with a rival Maryland Prep school, one of the opponents made a comment about his sisters virtue. Which, in the south is a line you do not cross. A shove turned into brawl. As suddenly a fight broke out and in a blur, it was over. Cody -trounced- the 7 guys that were jumping him. He was a mess of action, knocking people back, jumping over them to throw them like a professional martial artist might…perhaps a little further. None the less, being the one that pushed first Cody was suspended for the rest of the season. His team-mates kept their distance, not understanding how one guy could do so much damage over something so trivial. His father understood why he did what he did, but both parents were -very- disappointed…though his father was secretly proud, but somewhat worried about what such a fight might mean. And of course the video of such has made the lower hits of youtube under the title of "Lacrosse Flipout" which shows blurry images of one figure taking on 7 or so in a manner of moments.
Becoming something of an urban legend around school is good for two things…making one a pariah and giving one space to 'deal'. People talked about him. People were interested in him, but all they wanted to do was talk about what had happened. And Cody couldn't and wouldn't explain it. So, he spent allot of time by himself, working out what had happened. He just happened to be throwing a ball around one day when he noticed that upon decent, it slowed down and almost tried to avoid his hand. And when it finally did touch down, it looked as if his hand lit up in blue light for a brief second.
The following weeks were something of a daze. Weird things happened. He could tell when someone was coming up behind him. He felt healthier than ever. His metabolism increased to the point where he was eating all the time. He could throw with new accuracy and strength. Then it hit him. After talking to his father about maybe seeing a doctor. His father agreed and he was sent to a specialist. When the results came in, it hit both hard. Testing showed Cody to be a mutant…his father instantly payed off the doctor to keep his mouth shut and in turn broke connection with Cody telling him it "will be ok" and that he "just needs time to think about what to do next."


*Met the Young Avengers.
*Fought in the Infinity Gem War.
*Fought with the Young Avengers.
*Left in a huff and has been working solo.


  • "Tactile what-now?"


  • Cody has a birthmark on under his armpit.
  • The more energy he has stored in one of his fields, the more increasingly violent he becomes.


Cody power is "Tactile Kinetic Control." What this means is that Cody can harness and control ambient kinetic energy from himself. That is…when he hits something, or something hits him, it charges his body with a small amount of kinetic energy that manifest in the form of a dull blue glow. This charge can be used for any number of ways.


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