2010-02-20: Coffee and Magic


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Summary: Omri meets Maxwell at a coffee shop.

Date: February 20, 2010

Coffee and Magic

Rating: PG

NYC - Greenwich Village

The lower West Side of Manhattan is known as the Bohemian Greenwich Village or just The Village. Unlike most of Manhattan, the streets here are not in the usual gird that the rest of the island is. Most the streets here are named rather than numbered as well. The buildings here aren't as tall as high rises of Manhattan as they are the 19th century row houses and occasional one-family walk up apartments..

Maxwell is mostly sitting down at a cafe, sipping coffe and enjoying himself, giving a little mmm and enjoying rich fresh coffe

Omri is exploring the city. He's not really been out much, and after his encounter with that woman in the park, he's taking her advice and getting out a bit. He wanders into the little cafe, moving to the counter. He smiles at the young male barista, and orders a rather fancy named cup of overpriced coffee. As he waits for it to be made, he glances around, checking out the place.

Maxwell mmms and he's dressed in a simple blue suit, he likes it, enjoying and when you come over for the coffe the young german teen smiles and waves, "Ah, hello there, greetings…" he says happily and cheerfully

Omri takes his coffee, and he looks over at Maxwell. He smiles a little, and glances away, kind of shy, before answering, "Um… Hi." He furrows his brow a little, looking around for a place to sit.

Maxwell smiles again, well he motions to his table, "Did you want someplace to sit? I do not mind sharing my table, ah, I would enoy someone new to talk to, please ,please if you wanted to come and join me" a friendly soul.

Omri blushes just a little, again looking around, before nodding, and making his way to sit with the teenager. "Sure… thanks… um…" He looks around, "So… Are you like, an exchange student?"

Maxwell ods tilting his head as you blush, he smiles a little again, "somthing like that yes" he says with his contiental accent, "I am Maxwell von Ryan, from German, greetings" he nods his head, and he takes another sip of his coffe.

Omri reaches out a bit with his empathic powers, brushing against Maxwell's emotions. He senses the German, and he speaks to Maxwell in that language. "My name is Omri Laroche," he says in German, shaking the boy's hand. "Nice to meet you."

Maxwell chuckles a little bit again and he speaks German right back, good, teenage slang, but he's from east Germany, and genuinelly happy to have someone to talk to, "So then, yes I am a student here to learn any number of things, I hope so, or I hope to" he licks his lips and mmms again, "Good coffe here…I like the village it is quaint,reminds me of home…so Omri…what brings you here then?"

Omri grins, "I'm actually from Canada, eh. I moved here about a year ago. Got a job as a translator for a large technology firm downtown." He shrugs, "I'm HERE, because I don't go out much, and someone said I needed to see the city."

Maxwell ahs to himself, "Well you can see any number of things here, Manhattan is one of the broadest and greatest cities in the world that is why I am here because you should be able to find SOMTHING here"

Omri nods, "Yeah. I was told to see a play, but that's not really my thing. Well, I don't THINK it's my thing." He studies Maxwell for a moment, and then just asks, "Are your parents here?"

Maxwell mmmms, "A show I should see one I think…probably it would be a good oppertunity" he laughs, "Oh no, they're back home in Germany, I am here by myself, student as I said"

Omri tilts his head a bit, "Really? You don't seem… I mean, no offense, but you seem a little young to be here unsupervised."

Maxwell smiles, "Oh not unsupervised, do not worry I have a handler" he laughs, "The German government is paying for my time here and my trainining I have an officer here I answer to." he keeps leaned back.

Omri grins, "An officer? What are you training for, Mr. Von Ryan?" He smiles, taking a sip of his coffee, "Hmmm… that is good," he agrees.

Maxwell nods, "Mostly just trying to get a handle on what I do now, little bit of a defender, so mostly it's a little bit of combat, nd defense" he takes antoher sip of coffe

Omri laughs, "I'm sorry… You're, what, like, a body guard? You're still a kid! How can you be a defender?"

Maxwell blinks, "No, no for Germany, ah, simply put I am working on discovering aspects of magic, since I have a talent for it, and to work onthat subject" he nods

Omri smiles, "You're a magician? That's fantastic, eh!?!" He laughs a bit, "When I was back in Quebec I had a friend who did street magic. You know, like David Blaine things."

Maxwell nods his head, tilting it slightly, "Ah…yes…sure…" he says with a rise of his coffe cup, "Das is good, ya…" he takes once more a sip, "So you are a trasnlator then?"

Omri nods, "I am. It's good work. Better than I deserve, really." He shrugs, "I didn't even graduate high school, so I suppose I do pretty well."

Maxwell nodsh is head, "Just have a good handle on the various languages Ja? Haha…sounds very nice." he mmmms and he remains tapping upon the table, and he keeps thinking, "I have a few languags myself, just a few"

Omri grins at Maxwell, once more brushing his empathic abilities against the young man. "Four languages is actually quite a lot. You shouldn't dismiss it so quickly, eh?" He shrugs, "French is probably my favorite."

Maxwell eyes just a little bit towards you, narrowing, and he smiles, the amulet tucked in his shirt gives a faint glimmer, "Ah…and you are not just a technical person" he points a finger at you with a smile.

Omri nods, and he blushes again, looking away. "No… I suppose I'm not…" He sighs, leaning back in his chair.

Maxwell smiles al ittle again, and he takes a deep little breath and once more he'll grin, "I'm a bit special too"

"You asked why I was here in New York. Heh… Truth be told?" Omri leans back forward, "I had this stupid idea I might join the Avengers." He shrugs, "Kind of silly, eh?"

Maxwell blinks, "As in Da Super heros?" he asks with a little twitch, and finally he nods, "Oh, Ja, really?" he thinks about it and he laughs once more, "Why not! What is it you do then, myselve, as I said, magic…not the stage stuff, but a mystic, power" he smiles.

Omri seems a little embarrassed by Maxwell's super heroes statement. "Yeah… like the super heroes," he nods, looking away shyly. He shrugs his shoulder a little, "It's lame, I know." He looks back at Maxwell then, and smiles, "Mystic Powers? That sounds… well… more impressive than the charlatain tricks I do, eh."

Maxwell shrugs a little bit, and he keeps smiling, "heh, I don't know, I'm just really trying to figure that out, trying to figure what I should do and how I should train, really that's it." he smiles again.

Omri nods, "Well, maybe you should find someone who understands your powers and convince them to train you?"

Maxwell nods, "That's all I want you know, I am looking for that I'm tryiing to, see that is why I am here" he laughs

Omri smiles, "Well, if I hear anything about anyone that might be able to help you, I'll let you know." He pulls out his card from his pocket, handing it to Maxwell. It's for the business CircuiTech, and calls him Omri Laroche, Liguistic Relations.

Maxwell nods his head, "Thank you very much…"he mmms and keeps watcing, staring at you, "Well then, don't worry, I'll pay for your coffe too…" he keeps smiling, "just want to ah…want to be GOOD at what I do"

Omri chuckles, "I appreciate that, but really, that's not necessary. To be honest, I should buy YOUR coffee. I'm the one with a job." He grins, "Well, if you work at it, you'll figure it out. I was never lucky enough to get any training on my powers, but I did alright in the end."

Maxwell nods, "I am mostly trying to figure it out on my own as well, nothing more, just mostly trying to do the right thiing but I suppose this is true for all young heros isn't it?"

Omri shakes his head affirmative. "Yeah." He pulls a ten from his wallet, leaving it on the table. "Here. For the coffee." He smiles, and takes another drink of his coffee. "I should probably start heading my way back home."

Maxwell b ows his head, "have a good evenining,good to meet you!"

Omri nods, "You too." He gives a smile to the young man, and he heads off.

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