2010-02-12: Coffee Catastrophe


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Summary: Cam and Robyn have coffee… until someone else appears.

Date: February 12, 2010

Coffee Catastrophe

Rating: PG

Westchester - Grind Stone

//The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks. //

Early daytime, Cam doesn't have any classes going on right now. So, for his break, he's taken a little trip into town to see what there is down here. Finding the coffee shop, he breathes a sigh of relief. Hopefully, it's good. He peeks inside, moving to get in line for the barista. He's dressed in a greys today, with a long coat over it all.

Robyn is already sitting by the window in the coffee shop with a cup of hot chocolate in front of him and large cookie, oatmeal raisin. There's already been about half the cookie that's been eatten suggesting he's been here for a bit. He's dressed in his usual style, black skinny jeans and a Frakenweenie T-shirt over a black and white stripped long-sleeved shirt. He's free till a little later this afternoon when he has squad practice. He's just people watching at the moment, seeing if any inspiration hits him for his art.

Cam steps up to the barista and orders a large hazelnut hot chocolate. With marshmallows. And whipped cream. And sprinkles. And chocolate shavings. Along with that, he orders a slice of the coffee cake they have behind the glass. He hasn't looked towards the people sitting around yet, but once he pays and gets his order, he does so. Seeing Robyn in the corner, and most of the rest of the place busy enough that there's no fully empty tables, he walks over that way. "Uhm… mind if I sit here?"

Robyn looks up and sees Cam and nods. "Yeah, sure. Cam right?" They met briefly that one night when Cam was making chicken cordon bleu. "I see you've found the get away spot for students?" And there probably are a few other Xavier's students here as it's fairly a mutant friendly estabilshment. "What'd you order?" He says looking at the loaded hot chocoalate Cam got.

"Coffee cake and Hazelnut Hot chocolate with everything in it." Cam says, blushing at all the sheer sugar in his hands. He places it down and looks around. "Didn't know it was, really. I just… haven't been outside the school since I got here. Figured it was time. So, I saw a picture someone took of here and followed the path." He shrugs. It was actually a picture of a particular piece of architecture, but it'll do.

"Wow, remind me to get that next time." Robyn says as he does have a sweet tooth, he just manages to stay thing for the most part. Something that might not last forever. "That's kind of creepy, I think you said though that you power was to find stuff." He says taking another bite of the cookie. "So how are you doing so far at Mutant High? Have you been assimilated into wanting to be an X-Men yet?" It seems 90% of the student body wants to be one.

"Yeah. I find stuff, but lately, when I want to find something, I can also see how to get there. Maybe it's some kind of… mutant synergy. I don't have a clue." Cam says, shrugging. "That's how I found Lucas to give him his box the other day. And I see… different paths, sometimes, too." He thinks about it. At the last thing, his eyes open wide. "Dude… I'm a total non-combatant. I even…" He pauses. There's no other way for him to phrase what's coming out. He's a polite kid, but sometimes… "I even fucked up the one thing I can to do help someone." He shakes his head, looking down. That made him feel like crap.

Robyn smiles and shakes his head. "No, don't worry about it. I was just making a comment how most kids at the school have this desire to be X-Men and think it's everything. It's really cool if you don't want to be, I mean I don't. Also my powers are kind of combative, I have all mental powers. I just can't really get in the front lines, well I can but then the Owen thing…I usually get hurt when I do."

Poor, quaint coffee shop. Without any warning a powerful gust of wind roars through the shop. Anything small, and not nailed down, goes flying. The air is soon filled with napkins, cups, and sadly, hot coffee. Not to mention any rolls or snacks that people may have purchased. The source of the wind is a shimmering portal of transparent and pale blue. About eight feet wide it manifests some feet over the floor, gusts in the wind, a couch, and something else, then disappears.

The couch is an old, and rather ugly thing, but it's fairly large. Not to mention heavy. It hits the floor on a corner and knocks over a few tables. Not to mention some poor patron who had only been rising to his feet to try and run away. They all slam into the wall.

On top of the couch, and not gently, smacks someone. Six isn't quite conscious when he hits, but there's his own cry of pain amid all the rest as his flailing wings get caught. One beneath him, and delicate bones break. In the aftermath, and it all lasts mere seconds, one wing is crumpled beneath him, and he's not all that aware. Semi-conscious. The other wind is spread out and over another customer. She soon shrieks in dismay and scrambles back from couch and teen.

As his coffee cake goes flying, Cam grumbles. "Dangit, that's a huge draft." Fortunately, he was holding his cup. "Owen… yeah… I failed him." But then he looks behind himself and realizes the wind wasn't just a huge gust from the door. The portal… then the couch… then six. "Ohshit… Uhm… Robyn?" He says, looking to his co-seater. He's new at all of this and doesn't have a clue. He's just rather frightened at the moment.

Robyn jumps out of his hair as his cookie, and hot chocolate go flying. "I have no clue Cam." He says backing up against the wall, yeah he's scared. "Oh shit is right." He says watching the couch then the…person? fall into the building. He doesn't know if he should aproach…it..or not. Looking around, Robyn decides to take a chance and take a few steps forward. "Umm…are you okay?"

Six is very slow to reply, but the man behind the couch is quick to speak up. "Help me!" His voice is strained. "I'm hurt!" The Baristas is soon there too, wide-eyed and uncertain. "I'll dial 911." She says as she hurries off. Only after this does the winged one begin to stir. A shift, a moan, and those wings lift. At least until the broken one attempts to, and that halts everything. Six makes a sound of pain, the wing fingers and membranes bloodied, but he still attempts to move. Looks dazed and soon very confused. "…." What? Robyn is blinked at in a clueless manner.

Cam looks at Robyn and bites his lip. "We shouldn't move any of them, should we? Should we call someone from… home?" He asks, motioning to the fact that Six is obviously not a regular human. He's agitated, trying to figure things out and being at a total loss, due to his lack of experience in the matters at hand. "Uhm… maybe we can move the couch off the guy back there?"

"I…uh..Yeah…call, I don't know first aide or anything." As Robyn walks over and tries to help move Six, if the boy lets him, so they can get the couch off of the guy. "Let's move you okay, how about this chair over here. You okay?" He doesn't look too good and he looks at the Barista and nods. "I think 911 would be good."

The Barista soon has the phone in her hands, dialing quickly. Her voice merges into the background noises here as she explains the situation. Six meanwhile shakes his head to clear it and accepts the aid from Robyn. Three of four arms are working as they should, making a somewhat eerie display as he levers himself to his feet with the aid one of wing arm and Robyn. "…I'm sorry. I…" He has no idea what's just happened. A look of dismay wars with the confusion on his features. But the man behind the couch cries for help again and with a worried glance to Robyn, he turns that way. "I think I can move it. See to him?" Not that Six looks in any condition to move said couch. One wing is barely held off the floor, him a bit too stunned yet to cradle it.

The moving of the couch is more of rolling it off that poor customer. Six is in no condition to lift the thing and so he pulls it to him. Not smoothly, not gracefully, for it hurts. After that he sinks to a clear spot and cradles his arm. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Watching everything get moved, Cam looks at the four-armed mutant. "Wh… where'd you come from?" He asks before looking to the other man behind. Hopefully, 911 will give a quick response. He's out of his depth. He can at least see about taking a First Aid class. After all, he doesn't have any other combat-marketable skills. At least this way, he might feel a little useful. "Call one of our teachers?" He asks, "Who? I… I don't know." This, to Robyn.

Robyn goes to help the man behind the couch, hopefully he's not to injured. "Are you okay sir?" He says as he tries to help him to his feet and find a place to sit comfortably. "Someone called 911." He informs the man before looking at Cam. "Uh…Call Rob or Jono or Addison." He says naming off the three teachers he knows the best.

Six's look to Cam says he really has no idea how he got here. Where he came from though, that he manages after a moment. "Maine." A pause and then he adds, "Lubec, Maine." Fear creeps in at the edges of all this, but he doesn't say more immediately. Just going to sit here and hurt for a bit. Sorry, Cam, but he's as new to this as you are. Then, when it really hits him, "….Where am I?"

The man behind the couch has a broken leg, and he's not all that happy. Then again, he's good reason to be mad. Some unfavorable things are said about mutants, but he's not shouting. Still, you all can hear many of them. The leg makes any attempts at standing impossible, but Robyn can help him get away from under that couch. The Barista is still on the phone, for they want you to stay on the line. She tells them that she thinks the man has a broken leg.

Nodding, Cam pulls out his phone and dials. As soon as an adult-sounding voice answers, he speaks quickly. "Hey, I'm Cam. Newer student. I'm at the Grind Stone. Weird stuff just happened. Kid with four arms. One looks broken. Uhm… help?" He looks up again, blushing.

Robyn does his best to ignore the comment and wishes he knew what to do? "Anyone know first aid?" He calls out to anyone in the cafe before heading back over to Six. "I'm Robyn, and you're in Salem Center, New York State." He doesn't assume Six is a mutant so he doesn't say anything, but he does look at Six's winged fingers, to see how badly he's hurt. Robyn really shouldn't be doing what he is as he's already recovering from one injury but he doesn't seem to notice the pain in his shoulders at the moment.

Trying to make himself take as little space as possible, and failing, Six huddles down as he watches Cam use the phone. It reminds him of something, and he looks around worriedly. With Cam not answering his questions, he's left to puzzle this out by himself. "Dad is going to kill me." If only for the couch! Sure it was ugly, but it was theirs. Then Robyn answers and the teen looks over with a little bit more of awareness. "…Where?" That's a rhetorical question, honest. There's a wince even as Robyn moves close, for that one wing has bones broken in several places. Those long fingers are slender. The bleeding is minimal, but it's already pooling on the floor. "How'd I get here?" The call for someone with first aide goes unanswered. No one here does. That woman who ran shrieking at lease comes back to tend to the man with the leg.

Bobby just happened to be nearby when the phonecall was taken. "…say what now?" he smirks as he is given the brief bit of info. "Yeah, it's cool. I know where that is. Y'know, you're lucky I had previously cleaned my slate for today. I originally had BIG plans…" Bobby pauses for a few moments. "…ok no I didn't. But still, that's not the point. OK I better head out then…heh…" He heads out of the Mansion, pausing for a moment at the door to put on his glasses and he debate the method of travel to use…then he smirks and smacks himself in the forehead as he realizes that he has his own mode of transportation handy right where he's standing. "…damn I can be such an idiot sometimes," he mutters to himself, turning and taking a running step or two before pointing his hands to the ground and creating an ice slide. He zips up into the sky, and in the direction of the shop.

Cam is still completely confused about the whole thing. Especially Bobby's response. "Wha?" He says to the dead line as he pockets the phone. He's got little in the standard sense of humor. His is strange. "Someone's on the way." He says to Six, biting his lip. "Someone that might be able to help you get somewhere safe, too. And the barista called 911 for him."

"Salem Center, New York State. Maybe an hour north of New YOrk City?" Robyn says answering the rhetorical question before wincing at all the broken bones. "I think we'll be able to get you to a doctor, who can help with your broken wing." It just looks painful to Robyn. He doesn't seem weirded out by the wings if anything, a bit facinated with the way he takes the occasional glance at them. "We were gonna ask the same thing, how'd you get here."

Somewhere safe? Wide-eyes are turned on Cam with that, and it brings him to pull away from Robyn. He's in danger? Six has never been in a situation where his obvious mutant status has gotten him more than light hazing. "..Why can't the paramedics help me too?" Cam isn't the only one who's confused. Robyn's words keep him from struggling to his feet, but he still pulls that injured arm closer in. Yes, it hurts, but he's huddled against it, almost protectively now. The other arm, long fingers spreading somewhat, cover the injured. Cam and Robyn are doing a great job, if unintentionally, of scaring him. That Robyn isn't weirded out is helping though. "I don't know. There was this wind.." You guys really do know the rest.

It doesn't take too long for Bobby to get there; his presence is actually felt a few moments before he even appears at all; the temperature in the room drops a few noticeable degrees. Upon reaching the location, Bobby hops down from his slide, pausing in the doorway to survey the damage in the shop. "Either this coffee shop doesn't have very good muffins, or… Juggernaut works here," he observes with a half-grin. Sometimes it's hard work to amuse oneself. "It's the Bobby Drake Mutant Rescue and Clean Up Service at your, er…service…" he announces as he strides in and over towards the ones who called for assistance. "Clean up services for a separate fee, cuz I really, really hate that part…" Bobby stops in front of Six, then glances at Cam and Robyn. "Anyone care to relate the goings-on here?" he asks, a little more seriously.

Looking up at the entrance of Bobby, Cam just stares for a few seconds before finally coughing. "Oh, 911 is coming for the injured person there. But, we weren't sure if they'd know how to treat his injuries… uhm… sir." He says, looking to Robyn. "We were having a talk when the wind picked up, and he and his couch fell out of a hole in the sky." Well, he's never seen a teleportal before…

Robyn nods in agreement. "That's pretty much what happened Sir…Mr. Drake." He says knowing Bobby as one of the teachers in the school. He looks at Cam and then at his wings again. "Because they might not know how to fix damaged wings? I mean, not everyone has them?" He sounds a bit confused as if it might be obvious to Six. "It looks like you've broken it pretty bad if I'm any judge, but I'm not a healer or anything."

Six stares at Bobby too, having no idea what all is really going on. This does not look like a paramedic, and neither does it feel like it. When did things get so cold. He blinks a little as his breath shows. Um.. Robyn distracts him nicely though, and with a bit of practicality. "But if a hospital can't, then who will?" Sorry, but he doesn't know about the school, and the magical machines it has in the basement. "I don't get this at all." A rough shake of the head, and it finally brings him to rise to his feet, regardless of the pain. Six takes up a lot of space with those large arms, but he backs away from Bobby an unsteady step. The injured wing stops him and he awkwardly cradles it in the three other arms. "Why would I be in danger, and why can't I go to the hospital?!"

Bobby nods his head slowly as the situation is explained to him, his expression not really changing much as he looks between Robyn, Cam and Six. "Gotcha," he replies, as if people falling out of holes in the sky happens all the time. "Eh, I've seen weirder stuff," he shrugs. "Just be glad that the couch that fell wasn't a sectional. That's a LOT of couch to be falling…" Bobby sighs and shakes his head as Six doesn't seem to be too aware of things involving mutants and regular hospitals, i.e. they are usually not a good combination. "Listen kiddo, it's really pretty simple. Hospitals equal big no-no. Especially for people with wings. I mean…hospitals have enough wings of their own, why would they need any more?" Bobby laughs…then it slowly peeters out as he realizes that no one else is laughing with him. "…eh. We prolly should get you to the school," he finally decides.

After Bobby's semi-humorous explanation, Cam smirks and sighs. He of little humor. "Sorry, a lot of the hospitals around here don't know how to deal with unique physiologies." Hey, he's new,but he can make something up. "But we have a school up the road that… caters to different people. And we're all a little different here." He says. "It's ok up there. Really." This coming from Cam? Well, he knows the kid seems scared.

Robyn smiles a bit at Bobby and looks at Cam, trying to think of what to say. "Is it safe to assume that you're a mutant?" What a way to begin a converstation with someone. "Some of us are different like you and around here, it's not always good. Where we go to school, they have stuff that can fix injuries like yours, better than a hospital. And without the questions of how did a person with wings, end up with one broken?"

Can't you just see the question marks dancing over his head? Six stares kind of blankly at Bobby when the X-man speaks of hospital wings and what not. Sorry, he's in a bit of shock here and unable to process this all too well. Normally he'd deal with this stuff well, and that shows in his lack of aggression, or attempting to flee. "..School?" That is the only thing he can even think of to ask. The other answers he's gotten haven't helped any, so Six is growing a little afraid to be asking anything. "Um, yeah." A mutant, that's him. Cam and Robyn explain finally and he looks a little blank. "Oh." Honest, he gets it. Doesn't look any less dubious though, but he's not moving away. "…Okay."

Bobby nods his head in agreement as Cam and Robyn explain the school somewhat to Six. "Yeah, pretty much what they said. Bottom line is, you'll have about a 100 percent more chance of getting fixed up and helped at X's then you would anywhere else on the planet. So it'd probably be a smart decision to come with us." He shrugs. "I mean, unless of course you'd rather stick around here and help the staff clean up. Hey, it'd at least be good press for mutant/human relations! I can see it now…'Winged Man Helps Local Coffee Shop Clean Up Mess Made When He Fell Through the Ceiling With a Couch'. Got a nice ring to it, eh?" Bobby grins. "OK, no it doesn't. Anyway, I think we should probably skee-daddle. With the ambulance there usually will be the boys in blue, and I doubt you wanna stick around answering five million questions…" he glances over to Robyn and Cam. "Si?"

Cam nods quickly at Bobby as his eyes go wild for a second before he blinks. "Tryin'a plot a path back to the school, but every time I think 'faster' the path moves to you." He says to Bobby, blinking a little. Yeah, his powers are a little different. But then, aren't they all? "Yeah, c'mon, Robyn. Let's go." He looks to Six and nods. "It's ok."

Robyn nods to Cam and Bobby. "It's okay, you can trust us." Robyn says but he knows it's easier to say than actually do. "At least there you can get patched up and we can try to figure out what happened and Cam can probably help you figure out how to get home?" Robyn offers as he figures once healed, Six will probably want to go home.

Dazed with everything, Six can't really parse everything Bobby is saying. Sorry. Swallowing, he glances around in an uncomfortable, and very uncertain, manner, but then nods. Okay, he'll go with. A look at the man who's laying there, glaring at everyone, and then Six follows the rest of you. Yes, sirens are on their way, for it's been long enough for the paramedics, and police, to arrive. Six has a little trouble getting through the door, but he manages. Drips blood as he goes, and is starting to look pale.

Bobby turns and backs out of the door after the others leave, and he lifts a hand with a smile and a wave. "Sorry folks for the situation and the mess, it's all taken care of and under control now. You can go back to your coffees and teas and hot chocolates, and newspapers. I see one over there…" he points towards a newspaper page draped over the counter, then continues to point out the coffee cups scattered throughout the shop…"And over there. And…there. Oh! I see one there too!" he points at an overturned coffee cup near an overturned table. "I think there's still a little left in there, too!" He backs out of the door finally. "…oh and I've changed my business, we no longer could afford the Clean Up Service part of it, so, eh…sorry. Bye!" The Iceman quickly lets the door close, then seems to hurry the others along, looking back over his shoulder. "C'mon guys, let's beat it…heh…"

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