2009-09-15: Coffee Hour


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Summary: Eddie runs into his brother, Wesley and Robyn at the coffee shop. Wesley doesn't have much to say.

Date: September 15, 2009

Log Title Coffee Hour

Rating: G

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

School's out so Robyn's come down to Salem Center to hit the coffee shop and pile over his history homework while enjoying a nice mocha and one of their large Oatmeal/Craisin/White Choclate/Macadamia nut cookies. He's wearing his usual all black and sitting in a comfy looking chair by the window while pouring over a text book. He foot moves a bit, matching the beat on the poppy emo song playing over the speakers.

The Grind Stone was not only a social spot for teenagers, but it happened to be close to where Wesley worked. Though he has not a taste for coffee, he is a hot chocolate fiend. The electric mutant smiles to the barista, who knows exactly what he wants. "You know, hun, one'a these days you're gonna have to tell me your name." She speaks to the near-silent mutants. He simply nods and takes the hot chocolate to a good seat, which happens to be next to Robyn's seat.

Wandering his way into the Grindstone after school, Eddie Parker-Mayfair's got a smile on and is humming a tune. Dressed in jeans and a Spider-Man t-shirt, he adjusts his backpack a bit as he heads up to the counter to get his own hot chocolate. Just a sudden craving for one. Once the drink's in hand, he looks around the room and smiles a bit wider when he notices Wesley. The power booster starts to head over, surprised to see his half-brother there but hasn't noticed Robyn there yet.

There's a look of confusion on Robyn's face as he gets to one part in his text book and he shakes his head with a sigh. He just shrugs and closes the book, figuring he'll get to it later. It's not that he doesn't get it, it's just Robyn puts the minimal amount of effort in his classes to get B's and C's. "Why can't I just take nothing by art classes." He mutters not paying attention to those around him.

Wesley sips his hot chocolate with a smile on his face. He did manage to see his brother headed towards him, though he didn't change his outward appearance. The young man took out a book, though the text itself looked to be little more than a story for middle schoolers. It was a book named The Hatchet, and though it is a very good book, it is a hard book for the GED student.

"Hey, Bro. Today going okay?" Eddie asks when he gets to Wesley's table. Robyn's muttering brings the power booster's attention over and he jumps. "Cause ya need more in life than just art skills?" he suggests. "Hi, Robyn."

Robyn chuckles at Eddie's unexpected voice and smiles at him. "Hey Eddie, and not if you plan on being a sculpter for movies or something." As that is Robyn's dream job at the moment. "And I know I need this stuff my parents would kill me if I got anything less than a C." At least his parents dont' press him too hard in grades, just enough for passing.

Wesley looks up at Eddie and gives the same smile he's had on his face for a while, giving a nod as well. He opens up the book and starts reading where he left off. He's not really paying much attention to the other conversation though.

Eddie tilts his head to the side. "Well. I guess you might not need hstory for that but you would need math I think…" he trails off thoughtfully. "Oh yeah. Robyn, this is my brother, Olly. Olly, this is Robyn. He's a classmate of mine," Eddie makes introductions, smiling the whole time.

Robyn looks at Wesley and smiles giving him a small wave. "Hey." He says to Olly. "Yeah, I go to school with Eddie, I'm a year younger though." Meaning he's only in his Junior year where Eddie's in his senior. He runs a hand through his short hair, that's been growing back nicely since the incident with the MGH dealers. "So..nice to meet you Olly." He says with a smile.

Looking to Robyn, Wesley gives a wave, the look on his face is kind and friendly, if only he'd talk. The electric mutant looks around the place, though he's quickly sucked back into his hot chocolate.

Eddie smiles and sips his own drink. "What's giving you trouble," he asks Robyn. He glances at the book Wesley's reading and nods. "That's a good one," he chimes, having actually read that one.

"It's just remembering all the dates that's a pain in the ass. Sure some of the stuff that's happened is interesting but remembering which war took place in 1832 is not easy." Robyn says as he needs a cheat sheet or something for all the numbers. "I know that there were all the wars, who won, but the dates.." He just shakes his head. Then he looks at Olly for a few seconds, tilting his head. "So whatcha drinking?"

Wesley gives a big nod to his brother on the opinion of the book. Olly looks over to Robyn, opening up his cup, revealing the hot chocolate inside. Yes, he's not much for talking. But thats not to say he doesn't communicate at all.

Eddie grins at the nod from Wesley, quite pleased to see his brother happy. He sips his own hot chocolate again before looking back to Robyn. "Dates are kinda tough to memorize. Maybe like…flash cards or something'd help."

Robyn shrugs knowing he'll be studying it later at the school. "I'll figure out eventually. I just have to study for the pop quiz tomorrow." Robyn stands up and stretches. "It was nice meeting you Olly, Eddie, I'll see you back at school. I gotta go meet Jordan in a bit so I'll see ya later. Enjoy the brown stuff Olly." Robyn says with a smile as he packs his stuff up and goes to head out of the coffee shop.

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