2009-04-15: Cold Vodka


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Summary: Just another night at the bar. A slow night brings in a new face or two.

Date: April 14, 2009

Cold Vodka

Rating: PG

NYC - Nowhere

//Nowhere is a community bar, with a slightly old world feel. All of the tables and chairs are made of wood, though there are some couches in a slightly offset room with green fabric. The music varies, depending upon the Owner's music taste for the day. Beer and Liquor are both served, but are both carded for as well. //

//At the front of the bar, right as one walks in,is a large sign. "Superhuman friendly establishment. There will be no tolerance for disparaging remarks based on one's genetic status. Any fights will not be tolerated within the bar. The management holds no responsibility for where combatants are teleported." //

It's a slow night, really. That much, Nik's sure of. Running a hand through blue hair, he sighs softly, cleaning a few glasses. HE doesn't often work the bar, but tonight's an exception. The music playing is on the verge of metal but not quite there. Ra, to those that know it. Blue hair and glowing eyes would stand out were he not in the middle of Mutant Town. Here, it's just common place.

What really tands out in the middle of mutant town, is a fairly well dressed buisness man type. Dmitri has heard about the bar in mutant town, and has decided to check it out even if he is technicaly not a mutant. After making a fiarly quiet and unremarkable enterance he scans the bar with an impassive lok on his face before walking smoothly over to the bar having ditched his normal badly made fake leg for one made of sandstone that moves as well as his biological one. "Hello, do you have any good vodkas?"

Turning to the new entrant, Nik offers a smile. "I have quite a few, depending on what you're looking for. If I don't have it here, I can get it in a matter of moments. If you have a particular type you enjoymore than others." He says, motioning to the stools at the bar.

Dmitri nods and slips onto the stool rather easily and names a type of Romanian vodka that tends to be rarly found in the US. Dmitri waits a second too see Nik's reaction to what he asks for, since Nik said he could get anything he mentioned if he does not already have it. "Of course, if that s one you can not get, I would not mind something else that you might think I will like."

Taking note of the name, Nik raises an eyebrow. He pulls out a little notepad and takes a look at it. Rarely found in the US doesn't mean never found. And Nik knows a few interesting places that have it, if the do not sell it. "Pardon me a moment." He says, grabbing the busboy to keep an eye on the table for a moment as he steps into the back room.

Dmitri nods and raises an eyebrow as Nik goes off to the back room to look for a bottle of the Vodka e ordered, or at least that is how it looks to him. Idly he pulls a small black stone form his pocket and lays it on the bar in front of him making it change and alter. His first action is to make the stone turn into a perfect sphear and start to roll around in front of him in complicated patterns.

IT takes a few moments, but Nik returns, carrying a bottle of the requested vodka, with a smile. He seems to have a little extra energy crackling about his body, but that's ok. "Whattayaknow? I've got it." He says with a chuckle. "Well, I do NOW anyway." He brings it to the bar. "How do ya like it?"

Dmitri lets hsi stoney face break into a small grin, he has not had any of his particular favorite vodka in a while and looks forwards to this. "Ont he rocks." Despite the obvious joke to theose that know him Dmitri says it as serious as can be as the rock he was playing with stops, and forms into a shot class in front of him.

"Do you actually want the ice with it, or do you just want it kept cold? I can keep it cold without watering it down." Nik says with a chuckle as he waits for a moment to find out. Hey, his powers are good for something anyway.

Dmitri hmms and shrugs, "Cold without watering down the drink would be perfect." Dmitri watches Nik to see jsut how he would use his powers to keep the drink cold.

The bottle is picked up and placed in a suddenly appearing portal of energy. Moving away from it, Nik grabs a glass, placing it in another portal, right in front of Dmitri. The glass begins to frost over mildly within moments. Afterward, he pours the vodka into the glass, pulling it out and vanishing both of the portals. However, he opens another right in front of Dmitri, where the glass is placed.

Dmitri watches with a raised eyebreow and a 'Fascinating Jim' look on his face as the glass is placed in the portal to keep it cool. Dmitri nods, "Thank you." and places his money on the bar vor the drink before taking his first sip.

As the money is placed, Nik slides it and makes whatever change is needed before placing it back in front of Dmitri. "That should keep it chilled as long as you keep it in the portal. Cold energy. Gotta love it." He laughs, moving to lean against the back of the bar and stretch.

Dmitri nods at Nik. "It is interesting, and energy that creates an absense of the basic types of energy that cause heat. All but useless as a weapon against a freind of mine, but still interesitng." Dmitri sips more of his drink as he thinks aobut the cold portals, and how dangerous and useful a power like that might be.

Entering the bar, is a relatively tall young man. His hair blonde and he's dressed in a wine red dress shirt, and black slacks. He certainly looks old enough to drink in the bar. Simon makes note of the sign and moves farther in the bar, taking a stool for himself. He gives a nod to Dmitri. "Evnin'." He offers, with a bit of courtesy to both Dmitri and the barkeep.

As the newcomer comes in, Nik raises an eyebrow. It's been quiet all night, but now, a couple of people. Ah well. It's still not the normal busy time. "Yeah, but what I wouldn't give for a nice HOT shower." He laughs to Dmitri. "Without the ice." Nodding to Simon, he tilts his head. "What can I getcha?"

Dmitri nods at the ne commer, "Good Efnink." he says simply in a nice eastern european accent. Dmitri shrugs at Nik, "Never was one for shower my self, there is something oddly…like I am being erroded in the sensation form them.

Looking to Nik, Simon gives his order. "Ay'd like double of The Glenlivet 18." He asks, starting to reach into his pocket for some cash. " t's a bit quiet in 'ere today." He says, his eyes a bit skittish. Either he's looking for someone, or he's looking out if someone comes in.

Nik nods softly. "You got an ID?" Nik asks, looking over the younger guy. Sure, cops can't really do as much to people in Mutant Town, but they still have to TRY to obey the laws here. He chuckles at Dmitri. "Oh, now, they either scald or they freeze on my body." He says with a quick shrug. He does begin pouring the scotch, even if Simon's not old enough. If he can't drink it, Nik will.

Dmitri nods, and does not care much for temperature but he knows a couple of people that are sensative to temperature so he can understand. "Logicaly it makes no sense to feel like I am being eroded, but no matter how much you try to be logical it is not possible to apply that to everything…unfortunetly." Dmitri watches Simon carfully out since he seems so skittish.

Out of Simon's back pocket, comes the wallet, filled with US dollars and British pound-notes. He also procures a fake ID, it's british as well. The birthdate puts him at just over 21. Though even in his home-country his real age is plenty to drink. "'ope that's good for ye." He says, looking to Nik. As far as his voice goes, it's calmed. Seems he's just making sure he doesn't recognise anyone.

Nik hasn't seen too many British IDs, but looks it over as best he can. He does squint a little at it before shrugging and sliding the scotch down. Even if the guy is too young, he couldn't tell it from that. "Logic doesn't dictate much anymore. Not with these random things."

Dmitri shrugs and sips from his glass agian placing it back in the portal after. "All the more reason to try and keep logic going. The less you see if it the more its stabalizing forces are needed."

"Thanks, not too many places will take that ID. Sayin' that they don't take international ID's." He takes the scotch and takes a sip. Seems like he's starting to get more relaxed now, only waiting for his next job. "Noice place you go' 'ere." He comments to Nik.

"But there are lots of internationals around here. I don't see the point in telling them no. Their money is just as good as anyone else's." Nik says with a shrug and then offers a smile. "I like it. Hopefully, it'll be here for a while." He turns to Dmitri. "Not too worried about TOO much logic."

"Exactly, this is New York. Hub of international buisness. Yet unless you know the roight place, they'll just dismiss the ident." Smon takes another sip from the glass. "Anyways, thanks again for the scotch, cheers, mate." He says taking a larger drink this time. "Neve saw this playce before, we dun have anything loike 'Mutant Town' back 'ome."

"It's only been around for a little bit. We just opened a while ago." Nik says with a bright nod. "I'm still getting more people to work here, so I don't have top be here all the time. I'm Nik. The place is mine."

Dmitri nods and shakes his head, "That is why I am glad I have local ID. Mutant town is something new for most people. Not something you can find anywhere else."

Giving a nod to Nik, Simon smirks. He figures that he's safe to use his 'real' name, since not even the heat in Britain knows it. "Simon." No mention to job or anything. "But still, if ya loike it, you'll be here. Me father owned a pub close to Gloucester, hardly ever saw the poor basterd."

"Oh, I like it, but I prefer to let other people do the running. I like to do a lot more out there." Nik laughs. HE is a great bartender, and enjoys it, but hey. Spending all your time at a bar can be painful, too. "And having ID is always a good thing. I have my ID and my passport."

Dmitri nods and raises his glass, "A toast to the immagrants and dispossesed, without whome the American dream might still involve buffallo and the native peoples to this land."

Simon raises his class. "I'll drink to that!" He says, raising his glass as well. "Where eva you are, Dad!" Well, he doesn't know who his father is, so that part is genuine.

Nik holds a glass up, as a portal appears above it, and another inside a bottle of flavored rum. The rum streams into the glass. He raises it up as well. "I have to agree with that one." He chuckles, joining in.

Dmitri downs the last of his vodka and sighs, saying a silent prayer in the vein of what Simon said for not only his father's soul but his whole tribe where ever they are.

Simon takes another drink of his scotch, almost finished. "How much to I owe you, Nik?" He says, starting to take out some bills.

Nik names the amount without a beat. He shrugs softly, leaning back against the wall. Not much else he has to say. "I'm actually kinda itching to see who tries to fight in here first." He admits, casually. "I have to figure out where I'm gonna dump'em."

Dmitri looks at Nik a long moment and lets out a single sharp laugh. "I could sudgest a few dark holes in the ground…or I know a rather nice Romanian VIllage that would be a perfect place to strand someone that deserves it.

The amount plus ten dollars is taken out of Simons wallet, sliding the bills towards the bar. "There ya go. I wouldn't be abe te help ya there though, though I know a place where they'd never be able to get out of." Too bad it's a realm of shadows, and Simon has to be there sometimes.

"Oh, I know one place that I could take them and they'd never find a way out without me, but I'm not going to be inhumane." Nik says, pointing at a small portal nearby. "It's too cold."

Dmitri says, "I must ask, because Keith and Drew would never forgive me if I do not I am sure, can you teleport someone out of his clothes? Because even if you do not put them somewhere dangerous or vicious you could always drop them in a public place in nothing at all."

The shadow merger stands up, and starts to head towards the door. "Cheers!" He calls out before leaving through the door. Simon is thinking of heading towards the condos around here, this may be a perfect place to blend in.

Nik offers a wave to Simon as he leaves before laughing at Dmitri's question. "No, I can't. I open portals. I don't JUST teleport. Things have to move through what I create." He says, wrinkles forming at the edges of his eyes while he grins… the only sign of his age that he's got so far.

Dmitri nods at Nik and shrugs. At least now if he talks about this night with the others he can answer that inevitable question. "I see. Hmm, It may well be time for me to go as well. There is always more to do than there is time to do it." Dmitri gives Simn a wave as he leaves, and pulls himself off his stool. Picking up the stone shot glass he had created while keeping himself buisey earlier Dmitri sets a small black rock, about the size of a normal jaw breaker on the bar beofre leaving. "Keep the tip." he says simply just before he leaves. Before he is ten feet from the bar headed to the park the rock cracks open revealing a chunk of gold inside.

AS everyone leaves, Nik sighs softly before seeing what Dmitri left behind. "Nice." He says, pocketing that into another dimension with a chuckle. "What an interesting evening."

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