2009-05-11: Cold Worries


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Summary: A quiet evening in the kitchen leads to a troublesome discovery.

Date: May 11, 2009

Log Title: Cold Worries

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It was nearing dinner time at the Mansion, and thankfully, the kitchen wasn't too full of students and teachers trying to get their meal. Though there was one person in there, making food for himself. Kael, the resident male aerokinetic and new kid, was poking his head into the fridge. Looking for something to make that was filling, for him at least. The boy hums to himself as he grabs a few slices of cheese, and the tub of butter in there before he heads back to the counter. Grilled Cheese anyone?

Summer is nearing, and the chilly nuisance that is Max walks into the kitchen, he automatically sees his boyfriend and tries to sneak up on him. Ducking behind, though Kael might notice the air getting colder before Max can sneak up all the way to Kael. He's dressed in cargo shorts, flip-flops and a New Mutants shirt.

July steps into the kitchen not long after Max made his way in, in time to notice Max's attempt at surprising Kael. She just smiles, and shakes her head softly, deciding to not ruin Max' surprise, and she moves silently to sit on a nearby chair.

Dressed in a shirt patterned to look like Iron Man's armor and matching shorts (yes, Eddie's a dork), Eddie Parker-Mayfair comes into the kitchen while singing a little tune softly. Just something about Spider-Man he heard on the radio today. He stops singing and walking when he notices the others, stopping himself from greeting when he sees the surprise-in-progress.

Kael straighens up, blinking softly before he lets out a nearly quiet laugh. The wind controller ducks down into the cupboard, looking for the griddle to make these on. Or even a skillet would work. Kael mutters something, not really noticing anyone else as they are all being quiet!

Max continues to make his move, though he did stare at the two coming in, thinking that they'd give him away. Silently, Max starts to get closer and closer to Kael before jumping up and yelling: "HI KAEL!" Not laud enough to do damage his eardrums, but loud enough to be frightening. During the surprise, Max moves his arms around Kael to give a good hug.

Eddie just leans on the door, watching quietly. He makes note of what Kael seems to be making and moves to sit at the island. When Max yells, Eddie jumps and winces, still smiling though.

Kael doesn't startle from the shout! But he does lean back into the hug with a grin as he says, "I couldn't believe that worked." He let out a soft laugh as he set the skillet up on the counter and turns around to hug Max close to him.

Max looks to Kael and smiles. "I didn't think it would." He says, looking to the skillet. "Whatcha cookin'?" He asks, moving to take a seat by the island, he doesn't like to sit too close to the burner. "Hi guys!" He says, waving to both July and Eddie now that the deed has been done.

July giggles softly and waves back to Max, "Hey, Max. Hey, Eddie, hey, Kael." she says, smiling, "How are you all doing today? Aside from trying to scare each other?"

Eddie chuckles and waves. "I'm good. Hey guys," he finally greets his fellow-New Mutants and the Corsair.

Kael looks at the others with a smile. "Hey, everyone." He picks up the skillet and says, "Just makin' a good few grilled cheese. Got out of a sim with Storm, and she pushed my control a good bit. Used up a good bit of my energy." He looks over at Max and smirks, "Even showed me something that I never really noticed."

Max looks to Kael, smiling. "That's cool. I haven't done much with Iceman lately, but that's cool. I need to go to the store sometime and get some more…strawberry Yoo-Hoo." He's got a thing for that drink apparently. "I can't wait for our next session. Tomorrow, it's gonna be fun!" He exclaims, looking to the other New Mutants.

July chuckles softly as she looks at Max cuddling with Kael. "Max, just be careful to not freeze my arms again?" she asks, smiling a bit and shaking her head ruefully. "They get fragile when frozen. Not to mention I can't move them." she winks.

Eddie holds in a laugh when July mentions her frozen arms, shaking his head. He watches Max and Kael fot a bit before grinning. "Oh yeah! Gotta love our training sessions! I can't wait to get in there," he declares, pumping a fist in the air.

Kael laughs brightly. "Storm seems to want to see me progress with my control. So I've been meeting with her a good bit. When it's not my squad's turn in the Danger Room." He starts to spread butter on the bread as he looks back at July, "Max did what?" He grins slightly, glancing towards his boyfriend for a second before he chuckles.

Max's face starts to blush as Kael asks more about the situation. He avoids the glance from Kael. "I was gonna try and do something better than a little ducky next time I meet with Iceman. Maybe I can do something better." He tries to change the subject on the matter.

July can only chuckle at Max, "Trying to avoid the subject?" She asks, arching one eyebrow at him, before just shaking her head, "That's ok. I did send you flying as a come back from that, so we're good." Seh grins.

Eddie looks up thoughtfully. "Hey…could you like…make an armor suit out of ice?" he suggests. He gives July a little frown at the mention of sending Max flying but shakes it off. "I got some time with Addison in. Not much but he helped me out with a few things," he explains, mostly reffering to the whole empathic mimicry thing.

Kael looks back at his boyfriend, chuckling softly as he tosses the pieces of bread onto the skillet, laying the cheese on afterwards and then covering that with the other bread. "Why do I think that your guys' sessions are more interesting than my own." He glances over at July and asks, "How high did ya send him?" A slight poke at MAx, in pure jest, as he goes back to watching his food.

Max looks to July, not remembering being tossed into the air because he accidentally froze her arms. Seems like he doesn't know what's going on here, but it's not making him feel like a ball of sunshine. When he's poked, it seems to lighten him up a little before he starts to look serious again. His body turns to ice in the meantime, leaving his clothes the same since they are not unstable molecules.

Erik steps in from the outside to watch someone turn to ice. "Oook." He says calmly as he makes his way to the refrigerator and opens it, rooting around for a coke. "Must not use the ice person to cool drinks, cannibalism is frowned on in society…" He murmurs as he finds the coke, and opens it to take a sip.

July chuckles a bit at Max and Kael, "Relax, Max. It's not like I hold it against you. It was an accident." she shakes her head softly, before watching Erik step inside the kitchen. "Hello." she says, waving to Erik with a smile as he passes by her.

Eddie doesn't really remember it either, hence the frown at July. He's dressed in a t-shirt and shorts patterned to look like Iron Man's armor, expressing his dorky side. When Max goes icy, Eddie smiles. "That is cool," he says, just like always. Erik gets a frown too at the mention of cannibalism. "Hello, Mr. Anderson," he greets.

Kael lets out a soft meep, moving the skillet to a burner that's not in use and he looks over at Max. "You okay there?" He moves closer to him, reaching out to touch at Max's shirt. Then Erik comes in, but Kael doesn't notice him right away. His boyfriend just turned to ice!

The little mutant refrigerator still is in bad spirits. The solid ice being looks to his boyfriend. "Yeah. Just…" He says, standing up and starting to head out of the kitchen. That whole thing has him weirded out now. "And it'd only be cannibalism if you chipped some off of me and put it in that can." Max mentions, before scratching at his ice-hair and starting to make towards the supply room of the mansion, headed towards the walk-in freezer, he's a bit distraught.

"You are walking in to the freezer." Erik says as he leans on the counter, and raises a hand to motion the young mutant back. "Which, while being appropriate for a surrealist photograph or a write-in to 'This American Life', isn't going to help you de-ice. You need to relax, let whatever it is that has you worked up go, and your body will find its' way back to its' natural state."

July blinks softly at Max, and she wonders if her little joke went a tad bit too far, and then she stands up and moves to approach Max, "Max! Hey, Max. Um… sorry about that, man. I didn't mean to get you this bad. I was just trying to make a light joke." she says, rubbing the back of her head a bit, in embarrassment, and she smiles lightly, "Sorry about that. Just.. stay here with us? Please?"

Eddie just keeps quiet, sitting there and giving Max a concerned look. He's not good at this kind of thing.

What Kael would give to create a wall of wind right now. But, he has to deal with that later as he heads to stand in front of his boyfriend; his hands coming to rest onto his shoulders if he'd let him. "Hon, just calm down. Please?" His voice barely above a whisper as he smiles weakly. "She was just making a joke. A harmless one."

Max looks to Erik, his clear blue eyes are deep in thought. "My room used to be a walk-in freezer. I'm not trying to change back anyways." He bids before starting to continue into the freezer. "I just need to think. I've been forgetting a lot of things lately." His body will not go back to flesh and bone before it wants to. His voice is calm, and even, which is different from his spazzy, ADD voice. "I get that it was a joke, I just, I don't know, dude." He says, he's not going to force Kael out of his way, but he still wants to get into that freezer.

Erik shakes his head. "Running away from whats wrong won't help, Max." Erik says softly. "Trust me, I've done a lot of running. A lot more than I ever should have." He says, and for a moment his eyes flicker back to Eddie. "And far too often time to clear your head is code for time to ignore the problem under the guise of considering it. I know that one too. Talk to these people, they're your friends, and a group of people as close to a family as you'll ever have." Erik says softly for a moment, his eyes distant before they focus again. "Besides, if you're having a problem with July house rule says we have to team you up on a dangerous mission to make you bffs."

July sighs gently, "Max, why?" she asks softly, "Come on, man, stay. Let's talk, have a nice laugh, or…" She trails off as Erik interjects, looking at him, and then she chuckles and looks back at Max, while jerking a thumb toward Erik, "… Or, like he said, embark on a life-threatening dangerous mission together." she says, smiling.

Eddie sighs, putting his head down on the counter. He hates when there's friction on the team or with anyone in the mansion for that matter. "Please no life-threatening missions unless you're bringing the rest of the team to make sure you don't actually die…"

Kael smiles softly, crouching down slightly to look into Max's eyes as he grins. "Want me to spend some time with you in there? I don't mind the cold that much." He grins warmly at the cryokinetic, pushing mainly everyone out of his mind at the moment before he spares a glance at everyone. That same smile on his face before he looks back down at Max. "Or would you want spend time by yourself to mull things over?"

"Neither are listening. I've been forgetting things, /me/. No bad vibes with July, no anger. I'm trying to remember." He says scratching his hair-ice again, most likely the first time he's sounded frustrated/angered in front of them. "No, finish your food. I'll be fine." He says, still looking to Kael, he starts to make his way into the freezer, the cold inviting him in like an old friend. He's pretty sure he's just fallen off of his skateboard one too many times, but he's still not sure. It's either the freezer, or try ice-sliding, but he's gonna spend some time by himself either way.

Erik looks disappointed his shpiel didn't work, and takes a sip of coke. He looks over to Eddie at his sigh and comment, shrugging. "If it is good enough for Charles it is good enough for me." And there is something in the way he says 'Charles' that is just…creepy familiar, for some of the people in the room.

Eddie frowns a little as Max goes off, worried about him. "Man…" he whispers, trying to figure out what's wrong with his teammate. He looks up at Erik when he says 'Charles', frowning slightly as if worried about him too.

Kael sighs softly, moving out of Max's way before he heads back to the stove. The Aerokinetic being a bit silent as he starts to reheat his food a bit before starting to eat it. He's a wee bit concerned now. And it shows on his face.

July looks at Max, then to Kael, and she rubs her head a bit, worried about Max, but now at lost at what to do, since she apologized to him already. She sighs a bit, and just sit down, "Just… don't take too long, ok"?"

Erik shakes his head for a moment. "And this is why I am not the school's counselor." Erik says after a moment before he shakes his head and takes another sip of soda. "Although I'm pretty sure I used to be better at that." He looks to the others. "So you'll have to fill me in on what actually happened here another time, I have to go work with the studying group. To think, some people think Constitutional law is hard."

Eddie blinks at Erik. "With so many people tryin' to twist, bend, and reinvent it to suit their needs and agendas it can be," he says, remembering this solely because it was part of his last history test. He shrugs and moves towards the fridge. "Thirsty…" he murmurs.

Kael looks up from his grilled cheese, swallowing from what he had in his mouth before he looks over at July and Eddie. "Anything interesting to tell?" His voice detached at the moment. His mind occupied with other things.

July watches Erik leave to work on his class, and then she looks to Kael, chuckling a bit, "Ms. Munroe taught me some how to hit the punching bag, but, so far, I only found out ways to flatten my fists against it." she ruefully says, smiling lightly and then chuckles.

Eddie shrugs. "I had a dream I met Iron Man and he wanted me to be his sidekick," he says, explaining why he's wearing what he is in a way. Pulling a bottle of juice from the fridge, he moves to get himself a glass. "Not much else has been happening recently."

Kael quirks a brow over at Eddie. "Interesting dream. I had one where I was flying." He looks over at July with a grin, "I remember that. I was there, remember?" He lets out a soft chuckle before he takes another bite out of his sandwich.

July smiles, "That was before." she says, "I met Ms. Munroe outside, at the garage, and we went to get a punching bag of my own in town." she explains, shrugging, and stretching an arm toward the cabinets to get a glass for herself as well, while still seated at the table, "But we ended up meeting two villains: Finesse and Force, from what I could gather."

Eddie blinks a few times as July mentions the villains. "I've…never heard of them," he says. "What happened? Did Ms. Monroe kick their butts?"

Kael looks over towards July. Attention? Fully on her as he takes another bite of his sandwich. Okay, maybe not his full attention. "WHat he said. What happened?"

July chuckles, "Ms. Munroe got them surrendered." she nods softly, smiling a bit as she gets herself some juice and places the jar back in teh fridge, all with her elongated arms, "But she had help from… Patriot, I think is his name. This 'Force' guy, from what I saw, has some kind of power that increases gravity. Not sure about this Finesse guy, though." she shrugs.

Eddie jumps as July mentions Patriot. "Patriot! He's one of the Young Avengers and really awesome. I met him once after he saved me from some jerks," he says, grinning. "Oh man, I wish I could've been there. You didn't try to help?"

Kael looks over at Eddie, giving him an odd look for a moment before he chuckles softly. He's just gonna eat his sandwiches and think about things for a moment. Though he does look at a glass in front of him, hming softly as he makes a beckoning motion towards it and a small gust of wind blows it towards him; the glass sliding smoothly. "Hee…"

July chuckles a bit, "Yeah, I think it was him. Anyways…" she recalls the last Danger Room session with Ororo. "If Ms. Munroe tells you to stay away, you stay away. There is no other way." she smirks a bit, "But I did help getting the civilians away, the ones that stayed to watch the commotion."

Eddie shakes his head slightly, not sure he'd be able to resist the urge to join in a superhero thing like that. Especially with his powers. He jumps when Kael blows his glass over. "That was pretty cool," he comments. "Yeah…there's always some people that stay to watch superhero fights but I can't blame 'em."

Kael snickers a bit. "Sorry bout that Eddie. Trying what Storm gave me some ideas for controlling my powers." He slides the glass back to it's normal point with his own hands before he looks over at July. "I can see why you listened to Storm, specially after what happened in the Danger Room that one day."

July chuckles softly and nods to Kael, "Oh yeah. And I guess she'd be even madder if she had to babysit me while fighting those two bad guys." she shakes her head softly, "One angry Storm is enough for me." she mirks.

Eddie blinks several times, pouring his juice. "What happened in the Danger Room?" he asks.

Kael glances over at Eddie with a grin. "Well, first it was just me and Storm. She was helping me with my powers. Then Logan, July, Jared and Vladimir came in. And it turned into a basic fighting practice simulation. July and I learned how to throw punches. Then Mr. Summers came in and watched; and helped me with an uppercut. Then Vladimir, Storm, and Cyclops got into an argument and we found out why it was a bad idea to make Storm angry." Then he takes a bite of his sandwich. Nom.

July chuckles a bit, and she sits her juice a bit, "Basically, Vladimir refused to train like Kael and I were doing, training punches against a punching bag. He said that it's useless, and we should train only our powers." she sips again, and shrugs, "I disagree wholeheartedly, but it's his opinion. But the problem he was too… vocal on it, and got Storm real angry. Come to think of it, I think it was good that Mr. Logan left early, because I think he and Ms. Munroe are real good friends, and he'd be real mad at Vlad for making Ms. Munroe angry…"

"Mr. Logan came back?" Eddie asks as he puts the juice bottle away. "Well…anyone can tell ya it's a bad idea to make Ms. Munroe angry," he chuckles. "Have you ever seen the footage of her in the school database? She's one of the most powerful mutants there is," he says, resisting the urge to slip into fanboy mode. "Mr. Logan….is -definitely- someone you don't want mad…"

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "I feel that I could be up there with her if I ever got mad. From what she said, I have control over the very winds more than I know. So…" He rubs the back of his head with a laugh. "I need to control my anger…" He takes a bite once more as he listens to Eddit and nods, swallowing fast to say, "From what I've heard from older students, his classes are… interesting."

July chuckles softly, "Yeah, from what I recall Mr. Summers saying while in the Danger Room sessions, Mr. Logan's classes are killer. Literally." she says, shaking her head a bit before sipping at her juice again. "Interesting would be putting it mildly."

Eddie looks curiously to Kael. "You know…sometime, we should go into the Danger Room together. I could boost you and give you a peek at how strong you might get," he says. He then chuckles. "Mr. Logan is awesome…intimidating…but awesome."

Kael looks over at Eddie, a slight wide eyed look to his face as he says, "Oh, I seriously don't think I'd have the control for that. Gimme a few weeks? Or a few months at that?" He laughs nervously before he nods. "I agree on that too. He looked that even."

July chuckles softly, "You really gave me a hard time controlling myself the first two times you 'boosted' my powers, Eddie." she says, smiling, and finishing her juice, before looking at Kael, "I wonder if Logan served in the military as a drill instructor. He certainly seems the type."

Eddie blushes a bit. "Sorry…I tend to forget to do a gradual boost instead of all at once," he says, embarassed. "Whenever ya wanna see what being boosted is like, just tell me," he offers to Kael.

Kael nods a bit. "I'll keep that in mind. It does make me sound curious, with how powerful Storm is. And how powerful I think I can get. I dunno. Storm told me that it took her a while to learn how to fly." He looks over at July and says, "Oh definitely. He certainly seems like it."

July nods, smiling, "I guess our powers don't matter how powerful they are." she says, shrugging softly, "To me, what really matters is how you use it. It's like that saying 'Doesn't matter the size of your weapon. It's how you use it." she shrugs again.

Eddie blushes slightly and coughs a little at July's statement. "Yeah…power's not everything. I mean…me and Dai aren't the strongest guys out there but we beat Scorpion and Delilah together."

The walk-in freezer door opens. But who steps out, has not changed, Max is still iced up, and now he's all ice, no clothes, except the Unstable Molecule New Mutants uniform he wears most of the time. The suit had iced up with the boy, his real clothes resting in a plastic shopping bag someone left inside the massive cooling unit. As he walks out, the clacking of ice on the floor can be heard on the tile. He looks to be in better spirits, but not by much.

Kael is about to ask Eddie something when the door opens, and Kael looks over; a bright smile on his face as he spots Max coming out. He scoots back in his seat, "Feelin' any better?"

July doesn't quite understands why Eddie is blushing, but she doesn't mind if much. she just shrugs and was about to say something when Iceboy- I mean, Max comes out of the freezer. "Oh, hey, man." she says, smiling and waving to him.

Eddie jumps when the freezer opens, stopping himself from falling off his stool. "Hey Max!" he greets.

Clacking still as he walks into the kitchen from the freezer, Max waves halfheartedly, saying: "Heya." He's not so grumpy, but not to his full either. The iced boy looks at his hand, still weird to see himself clear with a slight blue tinge. "I dunno." He answers Kael.

Kael hms softly, turning in his seat to look at Kael fully. "I gotta admit, it's kinda cool seein' you all icey and such." He grins a bit before he looks around the kitchen and then he centers his attention back at Max.

July blinks softly as she takes a good look at Max, and smiles, "Oh, cool, you can turn into living ice! I can see through you!" She giggles, "That's awesome, Max!" she says, nodding.

Eddie frowns again at July but smiles to Max. "It is cool that you can ice up like Iceman," he remarks, finishing off his drink and then heading to the sink.

Max looks to July. "I was like this before I went into the freezer, I just took off the clothes that can't turn to ice with me." He says, lifting up the shopping bag in between his ice fingers. "Yeah, it's cool. I used to have this armor, before this other thing happened. And then I got haunted by a ghost, and then I turned to ice, and stayed like that for a month." The icy mutant looks around, noticing Erik left. "I don't get what Anderson was saying, man." He mentions. Normally if something bothers him he just keeps it in and doesn't say anything. Seems his scattered, attention deficit brain is fired up again. Soon he starts to shake his heel, up and down, tapping on the tile below his feet.

Kael lets out a soft chuckle, humming to himself as if he's trying to decide if he wants to do something or not. He hops out of his chair, and leans down in front of Max; just to give him a light kiss on the forehead before he goes back to his seat. "I didn't get it either. I think he was talking about mainly adult things."

July chuckles softly, "He's being cryptic and mysterious. I guess it's his type. I've met with him before a few times wandering the mansion, but couldn't make head or tails of most of what he says." She shrugs softly, smiling as Kael moves to give Max a soft peck on the forehead.
Erik has disconnected.

"Mr. Anderson is alright. Don't worry too much about what he was saying," Eddie says simply. "A ghost?" he squeaks. "Hey Max…later, can we talk?" he asks, worried about his teammate. Turning his attention to washing all the dishes for a few moments, he starts to hum a slightly worried little tune.

Max looks up to his boyfriend, giving him a medium kiss on his cheek. "I love you, you know that?" He says before he releases Kael's hand. "Cryptic and mysterious. Pfft. Whatever happened to just 'is', life's too confusing to twist and shroud even more than it is." Max has always been a down to earth, real kind of guy. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's always honest, and has a lot of common sense. "Yeah, a ghost. It was in the Danger Room. When do you want to talk?" He asks Eddie, before moving over to a chair and sitting down.

Kael grins wide, "Yeah, I know." He returns the squeeze before he sits back down in his chair; glancing over at Eddie before he looks over at July. "I've met a good deal of people like that back in Texas. It was interesting." He shrugs slightly before he looks over at Max. "A ghost? That's rather cool."

July stands up and places her glass on the sink, "Well, gotta get going. Study and all that stuff." she says, smiling a bit, before looking at her friends, "I'll see you all later. And in the next Danger Room session, too." she says, nodding, "Stay safe, everyone." She waves, before heading toward the exit.

Eddie waves. "Bye, July," he says, casting a quick frown towards the new glass in the sink. "How about tomorrow, Max? After our Danger Room session?" he suggests.

Max waves to July as she leaves. "Right now is alright. I mean, Kael is cool. And July and the rest aren't here anymore." The icy mutant smiles and clicks his feet together idly.

Kael lets out a soft laugh, waving to July as she leaves before he hops off of the chair. "And I don't mind at all. I can keep a secret." He heads over towards the fridge, he himself is thirsy now.

Eddie takes a deep breath and nods. "Alright…what's wrong, Max?" he asks. "What's got you feeling so down?" he says, turning to face the smaller mutant.

Max looks to Eddie, he thought this was about the ghost. "Umm, I just don't remember things. There's tiny holes in my memory, or I remember things differently. It's been coming up more and more." That's what's got him so down, the joke from July didn't help much on that front.

Kael closes the door, a juice carton in his hands; apple juice to be exact, and he heads back over to the counter. He hums a bit, trying that wind thing again with his seat and it just rocks in place. He gets a frustrated look on his face before he just goes and sits in it. Listening to the conversation though.

Eddie dries his hands and gives Max a very concerned look. "Max…this…maybe you should talk to a doctor about it? Dr. McCoy or Dr. Reyes?" he suggests.

Looking to Eddie, Max looks down to the ground. "Maybe." He says, not really liking doctors much, at all. He hates going down there every weekday to get his ADHD medicine. "I don't really want to…" Why couldn't he have asked about the ghost…

Kael reaches over, sliding a hand reassuringly into one of Max's, and he says, "If it make ya feel better. I'll come with ya? I don't mind the doctor too much." He smiles softly, trying to at least make him feel better.

Eddie moves over to place a hand on Max's shoulder, trying to be supportive. "I don't like doctors or hospitals either but this could be something serious, Max…"

Max looks to each of the two in the kitchen. "Why? I just don't like going there…" He doesn't know the severity of it, but Max does need to see somebody about it. "C'mon, it's not like I'm dying."

Kael smiles slightly. "We care about you, Max. Some more than others here in the school. We want to you to be well. And, this needs to be seen by a doctor." He squeezes Max's hand in an effort to drive it home.

Eddie winces at Max mentioning the potential for death. "Max…I wouldn't insist on you going if it wasn't something serious," he says. "How about this Max…if you promise to go, I'll go to this store I know in the city and get you all the Strawberry YooHoo they have?" he offers, knowing a little bodega that still carries it.

Max looks to the two of his friend, be it significant other or not. He thinks about the proposal long and hard, Strawberry Yoo-Hoo is rare, and his favorite drink, but he hates all that medical equipment. If he could sweat in this frozen state, he would be. His eyes shift from side to side. Breathing in deeply, Max does not know what to do.

Kael looks over at Eddie with a quirked brow. Oh, that was a darn good proposal. He looks back at Max with a soft laugh as he says, "I'd take it. All the Strawberry yoo-hoo a place has? It could be enough to last you an entire /year/ probably even more."

Eddie bites his lip, taking a deep breath. "I didn't want to do this, Max but you're forcing my hand…" he trails off. "If you go and get checked out by the doctor for this…I'll not only get you all those bottles of Strawberry YooHoo…but…" he smiles slightly to Kael. "I know you're as big a fan of Captain America as I am…and it may not be the same as meeting Cap…but I can ask a few friends of mine…the Young Avengers…if you can meet their leader."

Max looks to Eddie and Kael. "Okay, I'll go." Though this was before the talk about the Young Avengers. "No, you don't have to do that. The Yoo-Hoo is enough." He's quite serious about that. It's worth as much as gold to him, though he wouldn't know what to say to Patriot, he just doesn't want to be one of those, staring fans, just amazed the whole time.

Kael smiles wide. "Glad to hear it!" He looks over at Eddie with a smile. He's going to have to thank him someday. Then he blinks a bit and says, "Now the question is when."

Eddie smiles and nods. "Alright. Tomorrow, Max?" he suggests. "Right after our Danger Room time," he suggests, part of him wanting to say before it but another part kicking him of even thinking of depriving someone time in the Danger Room.

Max looks to Eddie, the severity is starting to sink in. "Does it need to be sooner than that?" He asks, honestly, now knowing it's too serious to put off for very long, and he doesn't want to forget his Danger Room time.

Kael hms a bit. "How about first thing in the morning? I'm sure that you can miss a few classes for a doctor's appointment." And due to the fact that they live here, they can explain it quite easily.

Eddie winces, rational side winning out over the 'inner-child-with-terry-cloth-towel-cape' jumping up and down in his mind. "Yeah…" he trails off, lookiing a little defeated. "First thing in the morning seems best."

Max looks down, letting out a sigh. He was hoping the two opinions weren't going to be that grim. "Okay." He says, standing up, he's scared even more now. But he may need to be this scared to take things seriously.

Kael stands up, moving to stand behind his iced over boyfriend and he gives him a quick tight squeeze hug. "It'll be alright, Max. I'll go there with you, alright?"

Eddie nods. "It'll all be okay, Max. The doctor will check you out and if anything's wrong, they'll fix it right up," he assures the cryokinetic. "I'm positive of it."

Max grabs the bag full of clothes and takes out his cell phone. "Yeah…I'm just, gonna call my folks." He says, looking down to the phone and looks at the numbers in there. A tear forms in his eye, dripping down on his face and freezing there. "I…don't remember my house's numbah…" That seems to be really getting to him, enough to let what's left of a Boston accent escape through his voice.

Kael bites his lower lip before he gets a small moment of clarity. "Wouldn't you have put it in the contacts? Like saved the number in speed dial or something?" He looks over at Eddie, his eyes screaming the message 'Think of something!'.

Eddie gives Kael a 'Why would I know?' look. Taking a deep breath, he bites his lip. "Alright. If its not in your contacts list, the school will have it on file. And no big deal about phone numbers…I don't remember the one for my biological parents' house," he says. Mostly because he actively tried to forget it and even considered asking Addison to wipe those memories right out of his head. "Kael…can you stay with Max tonight? I'm gonna go talk to Mr. Summers and see if I can get Max excused from all his morning classes."

Max starts to flip through the numbers in his cell phone, it's not making any sense to him. "But Oi always remembah numbahs, this doesn't mayke any sense." He says, starting to weep more and more. If there were any chance of him turning back to flesh, that went out the door. "Oi just want to talk to them, but I can't remembah."

Kael bites his bottom lip once more, and he looks over at Eddie. "I'm pretty sure that the doctors here keep late hours, right?" Looks like he's just bumped the time up to /now/ if possible. He hugs Max close. Not caring that he's made of ice at the moment.

Eddie takes a few deep breaths to calm down and nods. "Yeah…" he says. "C'mon, Max. We're going down to the infirmary now. If the doctors aren't there, I'll go find them," he says, doing just what his Dads and Ricky and Julian and several others told him to do. Be confident. "And right after I do, I'll get the number for your parents from the database, okay, Max?"

The cryokinetic can't do much than go with Eddie and Kael at this point. He's too distraught to put it off any longer. Whatever is happening in his brain, it's effecting him more and more. He'll comply with Eddie and Kael's instructions, he knows he can trust them. But he's still afraid at what the docs are going to tell him. He closes his phone and places it on the counter, handing it over to Kael.

Kael pockets the cellphone; mustn't leave that, and holds onto MAx's hand tightly as he looks over at Eddie. "Lead the way. I'll follow." He looks over to Max, and says with a warm smile, "Don't worry. I won't leave your side." He looks back over at Eddie, ready to follow whenever.

Eddie nods, giving Kael the 'hold his hand' look. "It's okay, Max. Everything's gonna be fine," he says, even if that little neurotic voice in the back of his head says again and again that he needs to worry. Giving a smile, he leads the way to the med bay.

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