Cole "Defense" Aron
Cole Aron
Portrayed By Josh Henderson
Gender Male
Date of Birth 10/21/86
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Defense
Place of Birth Hell's Kitchen, NYC
Current Location New York City
Occupation Hero/Seeking Employment
Known Relatives Both Parents Deceased. Unnamed Uncle (Deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Secretish
Known Abilities Energy Shields
First Appearance Triple D

Always wanted to say this…COWABUNGA!


Cole Aron was born on June 1st, sixteen years ago in New York City. His parents, Rodney Aron and Melissa Aron were quite pleased. Rodney, a city worker died shortly after his son’s fifth birthday in an accident involving a police shootout. The loss weighs heavily on Cole even today. At the funeral, Cole’s uncle told him that is was ‘up to him to keep his mother safe now’. He apparently took it to heart. Despite the loss, Cole’s had an enjoyable childhood. Despite not having very many friends, he got good grades, and got along with his teachers and classmates. He helped around the house often, doing most of the cleaning, cooking, and similar tasks once he learned how to do so.

Highschool hasn’t been very pleasant for Cole. Starting to feel rather lonely, he pulled away from most of the activities he had been involved in to spend more time alone. The sudden manifestation of his mutation were another shock. He was just walking home in the rain, wishing the newspaper he was using as a shield against the rain was more effective in stopping the rain. Rather suddenly, the rain stopped hitting him. Looking up, Cole was quite shocked to see a glowing blue energy shield above his head.

Understandably shocked, Cole ran home and locked himself in his room. He spent the next several days using every private moment he could to try and get the shield to happen again with varying results. He kept his mutation secret until a few days before his sixteenth birthday. A small accident while cooking sent a pot of boiling noodles towards Cole and his mother. Reacting on instinct, Cole formed another shield and blocked the danger. After a lot of discussion, Cole’s secret is still safe and he’s relieved that his mother doesn’t think he’s some sort of freak.

After the conversation, he decided he’d start working to become a superhero. He’d already been taking kick boxing classes for self defense but decided to start taking them more seriously. Designing a costume and a picking a codename, he told his mother about it and they agreed he’d at least wait until he was eighteen. Cole continued his training even as he went off to college.

It was during his sophomore year that he got some very bad news. His mother had died in a car accident. After the funeral, Cole was a bit broken up but got through it thanks to his roommate. He got back to training, working on powers and physical skills he’d need to be a hero. He even started some basic street-work as ‘Defense’, defender of the area around Florida State College. Eventually, he graduated and took the first plane back to New York to begin things again.


Energy Shields - Cole’s ability is to generate energy shields. These shields take the form of transparent blue energy constructs and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. His shields can withstand about 65 tons of pressure before beginning to crack but in times of great need he can push himself to make a shield to hold back about 70 tons of pressure. He’s got a limited telekinetic control over the shields, allowing them to be used as a platform for flight at about 150mph alone and a maximum of 100mph if spreading the shields to carry others. He’s also able to use the shields as a cutting edge that can sever carbon steel if enough force us applied. These barriers are able to stop solids, liquids, gasses, and various forms of energy but require more concentration to block more things. The surfaces of the shields also create a bit of a reduced friction area for ‘shield surfing’ and similar power stunts.



  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I'm rolling down a street in Hell's Kitchen in a giant, glowing hamster ball while wearing spandex. Where did my life take such a weird turn?"


  • Cole's original choice of codename was 'Shield Warrior'. This lasted for one night. After being laughed at by the mugger he was trying to stop, Cole slapped a D on his chest and became Defense.
  • Cole frequently wonders why and when his life became 'weird' but seems to enjoy it.
  • Cole has a high amount of respect for DareDevil, having grown up admiring him.
  • Cole is a closet-geek


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