2009-04-05: Collecting


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Summary: (unknown beginning) Bloodbath beats the crap out of Vladimir before Dazzler chases him off.

Date: April 5, 2009


Rating: PG-13

It's the nice part of town. Where all the money is kept. There happens to be a certain Jewelry store that is currently having problems. A late afternoon visitor with a mask and black body suit on walks in, and instantly the chaos starts. A word doesn't have to be spoken. The villain is not known, but one doesn't have too many reasons to walk into a jewelry store in a spandex outfit unless they are looking for trouble. "Everyone stay calm." comes the accented voice of a smooth baritone. "This will be over quick." There is a scream and someone reaches for a button. The figure in black doesn't seem to mind.

Vladimir is walking back from a computer shop a new part swings in a bag he is holding. He sees the oddly dressed man enter the store and frowns knowing there going be trouble. He thinks about keep walking but then he hears the scream and sighs, "god damn it." He walks to next to the building and sits down on the sidewalk. His eyes roll back into his head and his body goes limp. His mind leaves his body and enters the computer system. The lights go out in the store.

The villain in black turns around. If one can see, his body is normal and humanoid, but there are ridges under his skin…like a different skeletal structure. More primal, almost quasi reptilian. Ridges jut out at odd angles, it's not unlike the vampires in the buffy universe. He beams a small bit of pride and offers, "Right on cue…" He chuckles.

Vladimir mind returns to his body and calls 911 and explain what going on. He then hangs up and stands. He walks to the door. Opens it and steps inside. Like the Tanner he dress all in black a major difference then his very light blond hair. He a just his rose color glasses, "Put down any and all weapons and lay face down on the floor."

Tanner grins a bit and chuckles a little. "Oh. Now that's not going to happen. However, I'll leave these people alone if you do me just one favor…" He says with a grin as he starts to walk towards you. "Just one tiny price to pay and I leave, without so much as a fight…"

Vladimir frowns as it is tempting to just let you go. It is clear your not a normal person and he most likely out matched. He feels him self shaking his head no.o0(damn it am I this dumb?) he speaks in a firm tone, "I'm sorry I can't do that" You can see his eyes roll back into his head and his body go limp as he fall to the floor. Vladimir does not short out the box and when he wakes up he sees and feels he in the hand of the man. He know this could happen but had to try. He frowns, "okay dude let me go or you be sorry" His hands move to your arm trying to pull him self free with out riping his hair out.

Tanner keeps his hand gripping hard. "I believe you." he offers in a small chuckle. He's almost elated by the struggle. His blue eyes dialate with a rush of endorphins he has yet to experience. He growls a little bit and brings his hand back. "No offence, kid….it's not personal, just business." With that, he swings the arm forward to try and hit the younger hero straight in the face, and at the same time yanks with the other hand. His goal is two fold…get the hair and knock the kid away.

Vladimir is still holding on your arm so when you yank you just pull him up with you. As for the fist coming at him he still holding on to your arm so he fully open as you hit him right in the face. Stars that what he sees right now from the strike. Confuse by the hit he does not put up a fight.

Tanner sighs a little bit and growls, something in his hands shifts and a row of ridges grow up under his skin on his knuckles. "Kid….I'm not in the fookin' mood. You are going to get hurt…" With that, he starts punch after punch on the young man to try and knock him loose of his arm. "It doesn't." *Swing* "Have." *Thud*" "To be." *punch*. "This way."

Vladimir takes punch after punish unable to do much physically. In a desperation he use his powers. His eyes roll back into his head and his body goes limp. His mind reaches out to the street and finds a car and starts setting off car alarms hoping to get other to notice what going on. In this state he does not feel what happening to his body so he can get his wits back fully.

Tanner sighs a little and idly lays the kid down and leans over him, reducing the amount of hair he has a hold on and idly jerks out a few strands and tucks them away on a small pocket on his belt. He looks back at the mundanes that are hiding behind counters. "Get him some help…he'll be fine…just a little sore." That said, he stands and starts towards the door.

For those arriving. There is quite a ruckus happening in the area surrounding Orion's Jewelry Shop. The alarm is going off, as are alarms from cars surrounding the area. Inside the lights are off, but the sunlight outside brings some manner of visibility. Inside is a figure short of stature and small of body. But his skin is wrapped around ridges on his bones, making him look a little like the vampires from Buffy. He wears a mask and a black body suit with a belt that has a small box on it.

So much for a peaceful day window-shopping — Ali HAD been minding her own business a block or so up, cruising past shop windows on her roller skates, getting ideas about what kind of stuff she should be looking for at shops she can actually afford. But, well - she's never been able to resist the call of trouble. Even when she'd rather -not- play hero.

But, well, what sounds like a whole lot of car alarms gets her attention — and she gets the lead out, practically flying through the streets on 8 wheels, effortlessly maneuvering around slower-moving pedestrians and whipping across the couple of streets that separate her from the commotion. And all the noise is definitely a blessing, if this is the sort of trouble she's all but certain it is.

The Black clad figure opens the door to the street and starts to turn to move down the street and down the closest alley. He's not combat trained and everything is rather new to him, but at the same time he is smart enough to know that he should probably not stick around too long. A grin spreads over his face, endorphins long stored up are coursing through his body. He likes it….

Vladimir There is the sound of police cars coming mixed with the other cars. Network returns to his body and feels the pain from the blows and the pull on his hair he comes to and looks around. He frowns and sees the guy in the street and stands up, "this sucks."

Black clothes, mask, booking it away from a jewelry store and towards an alley. Yep, it's almost exactly the sort of trouble Alison expected. Vaulting herself -over- a parked car, the blonde sometimes-hero moves in hot pursuit.

"Hey! Stop it right there, buck-o!" Ali shouts, grinding her toe brakes into the concrete for a hard stop and pointing her right hand like a gun while guiding it's aim with her left. *ZARK!* a bright green laser shoots from her fingertip, blasting the hell out of trash cans and debris ahead of the figure's path.

Tanner turns his head, but doesn't stop moving. "No." He states plainly. "Nothing is broken, nothing is stolen. You will find a young man in need of medical attention inside. Of course, if you would rather play hero and stop someone who has taken nothing, or broken nothing, instead of helping an underage young man who is unconsious on the inside of that store, then feel free to do so at the price of your own morality." He offers continueing towards the alley. "But I am not stopping." He says, waving a hand at the woman.

"You MUST be new at this," Alison smirks - and for a second, all of the sounds of the street; the alarms, the cars, people talking (or freaking out as they get too close to the scene), even the sounds of the approaching police cars — they all go silent. "I can do -both-."

Mirroring his wave at her, Alison conjures forth a bright cascade of lights. Every imaginable color, dozens of shifting patterns and shapes, strobing and pulsing, flood the alleyway and banish every shadow in every crack.
Tanner gives a nod of his head. "Well, enjoy it then." he offers. The swirl of colors and such are enough to cause him to pause for a moment, but seeing no real threat, and of course feeling an undeserved sensation of invulnerability he continues into the alley, regardless of how bright it in. He continues on his way, never breaking more than a walking pace.

Since the guy's decided to walk - and… well, Ali's a little grumpy about the lack of visible eye-searing pain, but… well, she'll deal with him in a second. Keeping the lights going, she risks a quick check of the Jewelry Store: Because he's right, if that guy's in there bleeding out or something, she'd be sorry.

Alison doesn't even go all the way in - there's a roughed-up guy standing up and shaking himself off, and he looks thrashed but he's conscious and breathing and everything. "You're good? Good! -Stay-, the cops are nearly here," she announces, then turns right back around and rushes the alley. 'Please still be there, please still be there, please still be there…' the thought runs through her mind like a mantra.

It is about that time that a body comes flying out of the alleyway, landing on the ground with a loud thud and a yelp of pain. He is wearing a pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt that has some punk rock band on it. He lands hard and whimpers a little bit, holding his arm. However, he looks terrified and starts to scramble away from the alley in a paniced way. "Oh, shit! Oh Shit! Help! What the fook is that thing?" he says pointing to the alley and holding his arm attempts to get up to his feet and get away from whatever it is that has disrupted him.

"I dunno," Ali tells the guy, cutting around him on her skates as he gets up - "But I'm gonna find out!" She kills the major light show, transforming it into floodlights instead, leaping and skipping over the detritus she blasted earlier while she hunts for the escaping assailant.

The alley shows nothing, but empties out into another alley and beyond the the back lot of an old tenament building. The young man slowly makes his way towards the athorities and the ambulances that are soon to be arriving. He simply wants to get away from the horror of whatever happened in that alley. And he moves into the crowd that is starting to form, and as he does so a grin spreads over his lips and he continues walking, disappearing into the small sea of people.

Alison gives up - either he climbed and took off, or he teleported, or he went through the sewers - however he did it, the guy escaped. Which makes her cranky. Floodlights go down and… there's a crowd. FanTAStic. She works her way around it but doesn't try to take off, instead heading back for the jewelry store to check back on the injured guy.

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