2010-04-22: Comfort Food

Players: Lucas and Connor

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Summary: Food to make people feel better, and a mending of fences takes place… with a bit of a surprise twist.

Date: April 22, 2010

Comfort Food

Rating: PG - 13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

The lights never seem to go out in the kitchen it seems… the brightness playing out of the serving areas into the dining hall, where inside comes the smell of rather strong espresso, and interestingly enough… Mac and cheese… not a rather common thing to have in the air in a place where one can expect gourmet food… but instead you find Connor in the middle of settling a pot of Mac and Cheese with polish sausage and mushrooms… the cheese sauce thick and heavy, spiced with a couple different types of pepper and a hint of garlic. His back is to the doors currently, working the espresso machine to emit a decent head of steamed foam…

Lucas bursts through the doors, wearing a pair of sweats and a wifebeater, along with his signature white gloves. He walks right past Connor, pretty much ignoring him, to the pantry. He opens the pantry door, and digs around. After a minute, he withdraws with a box of cinnamon Pop Tarts, the box covered in marker writing reading, 'Belongs to Lucas - Touch and he will kill you.' He sits the box on the counter and begins opening it.

Connor turns to go over and check his cooling pot of dinner, having made enough for at least five or six, despite the fact that he's the only one there. Your going by makes him stop in his tracks… and he sets down the spoon he was working with. Once you're on the counter, he leans back a moment… and then says softly, "I have something I need to say to you… actually you and James both… but you first is good enough. That is… if you're willing to hear it." With that done, he turns and stirs the pot once more, before bringing some up to taste… then nodding in satisfaction, "And if you want some… you're welcome to it."

Lucas removes his right glove, revealing a brilliant ball of nuclear energy. It's warm, and the whole kitchen is lit up. He holds the Pop Tart near it, toasting it as he says, "Whatever." He ignores the mac and cheese for now.

Connor arches a brow at the display, never having seen your ability before, but says nothing before turning around and going to the machine to get the shot of espresso that he had brewed, and then sets himself up with a mocha… once done, and sipping it, he sets it to the side, and says, "I'm sorry I snapped at you. Not only was it rude to you, but it was rude to James too… I didn't know the things you… all of you… had gone through. I hadn't really known about the demon thing that happened over Christmas… and what they made you all do… nor what happened with Mister Sinister… and his attack here. I'm new here… and it's kinda hard to get in the door, because everything you've been through has made you all a lot stronger and tighter. But that doesn't excuse me getting pissy at your comments. You were just hassling us… when I was busy making an idiot out of myself because well…" He smirks a bit, "Frankly… I don't know James all that well… and I was trying to get him something to cheer him up a little.", He says with a sigh, and rubs one hand through his hair, "And we both saw how spectacular that ended."

Lucas sighs, sitting the toasted pastry on the counter. He slowly tugs his glove back on, covering up the ball of energy before looking up again at Connor. He stares at him for a long moment, before just asking, flatly, "Oh yeah? Who told you that, an' what did they say Ah done?"

Connor goes to scoop some dinner into a bowl, the stuff thick and sticky, slopping hard into the bowl in a wonderfully comfort-food mess, "Robyn told me what he was willing. About how you'd been made to kill people. About how they did things to most of you… about how Sinister turned Jordan into what he is, and what he did to Robyn himself. He also made it clear how close you guys were… good friends. So… I was a dick. I was pissed, and after everything else I've been through lately… well… there's no good excuse."

Lucas slowly exhales. Something here has him rather not happy. He chews his bottom lip for a moment, and then he picks his Pop Tart back up. "We ain't THAT close," he responds, grumpily. He takes a bite of the Pop Tart. "And you an' Ah ain't friends, apology or no. Got it?"

Connor takes a bite from the mess in his bowl, chews, and then swallows, "I don't expect a smile and an apology to be enough on anyone's part. But… if I can't be a friend, I can at least be civil." And with that he picks up his foot and drink, and goes over to one of the stools to sit down.

Lucas takes a bite of his Pop Tart. He speaks with his mouth full. "That'sh great. Jusht don't egshpect the shame from me." He swallows. "Why was you buyin' Jimmy a shirt? You gotta admit, teasin' aside, that's a little weird."

Two more heaping spoonfulls are eaten before he looks up and replies, "Whatever Jonothon told him was enough that he fainted… whatever it was… and I haven't been told… hurt him." Tapping his chest, "Right here. I…" And he stops, looking down at his food once more, "I just was hoping it'd be something that'd give him something to smile about. I don't know what he likes… except japanese monster films. So… I took a chance."

Lucas rolls his eyes, "He don't need you to make him feel better. And neither do Ah, so don't go buyin' me shit, none, neither." He eats the last bite of Pop Tart, chewing and swallowing. "Wait till y'all are freinds before you go tryin' to do friend things, okay?"

Connor actually smiles a bit, "Wow… you're protective of him. That's actually kinda touching… but I won't say anything to anyone…" Sounding completely sincere as he returns to his food, finishing the bowl, and getting up to go refill.

Lucas scowls, "Fuck you," he says, clearly not okay with the idea of him being protective of anyone. He huffs, and reopens the pantry door. He closes the Pop Tart box, and begins hiding it back in the back of the pantry.

Connor arches a brow, "Maybe I deserved that." Another bite gone, and swallowed, then another, chewing on the dog before putting it away too, "So fine… since you're his room-mate and probably know him about as well as anyone on campus… what should I do? If it's leave him alone… fine… but I still owe him the same apology you got."

Lucas closes the pantry, and tilts his head, looking at Connor. "You got defensive because you ARE gay and you have a thing for him, huh?" he asks, rather seriously.

Connor tosses his spoon down, "Oh for…" And he rubs at his eyes a moment, and then sits back on the stool, staring at the wall for a moment, "I don't know where I swing, allright? And it wasn't even on my damn mind. I didn't appreciate the insinuation I was hitting on him… because I wasn't. But… it probably looked that way to both of you. Why's it so important?" Finally looking towards you, waiting for your response.

Lucas slowly smiles, and shrugs, "Ah dunnow." He leans against he pantry door, folding his arms over his chest. "Maybe Ah just thought it'd be nice if'n he found someone. Boy or girl." He shrugs once more, "Ah reckoned you was cute enough." He smirks, "Forget it." He unfolds his arms, and begins to walk towards the door.

Connor almost spills his coffee, and then coughs once as he stares as you as you turn to leave, "W-whoa… waitaminute… I… w-what?" Genuinely caught off-guard by your statement, standing up, and then you hear, "Shit." As the splashed coffee ends up on his shirt and his jeans.

Lucas turns to look back at Connor. "What?" he asks, his expression kind of bland, not really sure what's got Connor frazled.

Connor starts chuckling a bit, and then gets a napkin to start working on cleaning up some of his clothes, "Nevermind… look… you have a good night… and… if you see him, let him know I'd like to talk to him when he's good for it?"

Lucas watches Connor for a moment, and then sighs. "Fine. Don't tell me." He shrugs, "You're loss." He nods, "Ah'll tell him. Good luck with figurin' out where you swing. It's a lot harder to do alone." He turns again, to go.

Connor takes a couple steps your way, "Hold it…" Stopping as he ends up leaning on the island, balancing on his elbows before he says, "I… my friend… the one I mentioned. He is…. gay I mean. And once he made a pass at me. He's had a thing for years… I sorta knew, but I didn't say anything. I let him down because… people don't get close to me. Because back home I was the crazy kid… I never fit in anywhere. I didn't really KNOW anyone. You know the kind of kid I was… always there in the background. Anyways… when I got here… I wasn't looking for anything like that. I'm still not. Frankly… I'm too damn scared I'm going to use my powers once too often and I'll start going insane… or worse… I'll bring something here that'll hurt people. That does not make for prime relationship material."

Lucas tilts his head once more, "Then spend your life alone. It's you call. But you can't be afraid of kissin' someone." He smirks, it's a cocky grin, "Specially if'n it's someone what kisses great." He winks, "Take it easy." And yet again, he's turning to go.

Connor says a bit loudly before you get out the door, "You know… you don't have to ENJOY it so much!" Chuckling and then shaking his head a bit before turning and going back to his food, rubbing the back of his neck and mumbling to himself, "I wonder if he can do that trick with calzones…

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