2009-05-18: Comforting Hugs


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Summary: Jordan helps Robyn feel better after losing his powers

Date: May 18, 2009

Log Title Comforting Hugs

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Jordan and Vladimir's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

After last night Robyn's just been feeling off. He misses his powers already even though he hasn't had them that long. He decided that he just needed to be with someone he's comfortable around and that person is Jordan. There's a light knock on Jordan's door quickly followed by Robyn's voice. "Jordan..you there?"

"Come in." Jordan calls to Robyn with a grin as he hears the voice. He heard about last night's episode, but doesn't know who all was involved in it. He's laying on the bed, reading a book on biology. He's wearing just a pair of shorts and a jersey.

Robyn walks in and closes the door behind him and unlike his usual shy sellf he walks right over to Jordan and lays down next to him so he can hug him. "They're gone." He says not knowing how else to say it. "Last night, it took my powers. Sorry I just needed to be with someone right now."

Jordan squeezes Robyn tightly until he hears that. "Ohshit, no… Are you ok, babe?" He asks, turning his head to look Robyn over. "I mean, I know you don't have them, but are YOU ok?" He asks, putting the book down and bringing his hand up to stroke a little of RObyn's hair.

Robyn nods. "I just took one hit, got knocked back but I'm okay." A little sore but nothing horrible. "Physically I'm okay it's just weird. I never hated my powers, I liked them even if I couldn't control them and sometimes it felt like they were controlling me. And…" There's something that causes Robyn to smile. "You called me babe." He's never had anyone but his parents use a 'pet' type nickname with him.

There's a chuckle from Jordan. "Of course I did. Would you prefer something else?" He asks, wrinkling his nose as he winks. "As long as you're fine. They say that many of the X-folks have lost their powers before, and they always seem to get them back."

"Scott, the blond cowboy and Addison where also there." Robyn says in regards to the adults. "July and a few others I didn't know lost theirs too. Nine of us. If you see some green gak looking humanoid, avoid it. I hope you're right." Robyn says as he wraps his arms tightly around Jordan. "No, I like what you called me."

"Wow… nine mutants with no powers. That REALLY sucks. And three of our teacher types." Jordan shakes his head softly as he looks towards the wall across from the bed. "Shit. I'm glad I wasn't there."

Robyn leans up and kisses Jordan lightly, now that he's more comfortable around him he's a bit more comfortable with making first moves. Also he just needs the comfort right now. "I'm glad you weren't too. I like you when you're big." He says with a smile.

Grinning, Jordan waggles his eyebrows. "Well, babe, I can get REAL big if YOU want it." He says, adding a double entendre to his words, just to make them sound worse than they're meant.

Robyn blushes and buries his face in Jordan's chest with a chuckle. "That's not what I meant." He says, speaking into Jordan's chest. He looks up and smiles at him. "Thanks, for making me laugh."

"Oh… Ok. If that's not what you meant…" Jordan says, beginning another tease. He tugs Robyn atop him and pushes his hips upwards. "I can get REAL big if you want." But he can't even hold a straight face for tha tbefore he starts laughing.

Robyn blushes as he's pulled on top of Jordan, but he's grinning the entire time. He puts his hands on the side of Jordan's face and leans lean to give him a big kiss. "That's not what I meant but I really do like you Jordan." He says laughing with the blond.

"I know. And you know the feeling is returned." Jordan says with a grin as he leans into the kiss, squeezing Robyn tightly. "And you'll be back to normal soon. I promise. I'll join the fight to get them back."

Robyn smiles and runs his hands through Jordan's hair. "Thanks." He says grinning, even though he's down about his powers being gone he's just happy to be around the man who makes him smile so easily. "I'd join the fight too but I don't know what I could do, throw bits of clay at it? Play the cello horribly?" He says joking of course.

"Throw bits of played clay cello?" Jordan offers with a shrug. "Hell if I know." He squeezes again. "We'll get through it. Promise."

"Even if I have to go back home I'll still be here for you okay?" Robyn says as he doesn't want to lose Jordan. "Lucky I'm from New York." He's not saying it pessimistically. "I know we will, it just feels weird, I don't know how to describe it. My mind feels different."

"If they send you back, they have to send Mr. Summers back, too. It wouldn't be fair otherwise. And Mr. Guthrie. And Mr. Falk." Jordan says with a nod. "Other wise… it's not right."

Robyn nods and smiles at the reassuring words. "I like it here, not as many kids here. And I met you here." He says leaning in for a kiss. "Mr. Summers was the first person to lose his powers, we all tried to get away but it didn't work.'

"Did anyone get really hurt, or was it just power stealing?" Jordan asks softly, hoping he can get away if he runs into the thing. Bring in a power he can't normally use.

"I think Mr. Falk broke something, I heard something crack as he landed and his leg didn't look right." Robyn says remembering that but he doesn't remember anyone else getting hurt. "Mostly just power stealing and I don't even know what it was besides green."

Jordan winces softly as he strokes Robyn's hair casually. "Well, I won't leave you alone anymore. If anything happens, I'll be there with you. Ok?"

Robyn snuggles against Jordan and nods. "Thanks Jordan." He says completely relaxed laying there with him. "I skipped classes today cause my mind wasn't really up for it but I think I'll be better tomorrow. It sucks but you're right, it's not the end of the world and this'll probably get resolved.

"It will. Do… do you wanna sleep in here tonight?I don't think they'll say anything as long as we're not… ya know… foolin' around." Jordan says with a soft whisper as he kisses the top of Robyn's head. "You're more than welcome to. Though, Vlad will probably start shit."

Robyn grins happily as he was thinking the same thing but he just didn't vocalize it. "Yes." He says maybe a bit too quickly. "I'm glad you asked cause I didn't know how to and if Vlad starts anything, whatever. Let him be jealous."

Nodding, Jordan reaches out to turn off the light. HE does take off his shirt and shorts, but he's still wearing something as he slides under the covers. "He knows better."

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