2009-02-28: Coming And Going


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Summary: Kevin goes looking for Hilary. Freedom Ring moves to escape from the city. They run into one another

Date: February 28, 2009

Coming and Going

Rating: PG

NYC - East 42nd Street

Traveling from East to West in the center of Manhattan is 42nd street. The long street is home to Grand Central Station, United Nations, Bryant Park, New York Public Library and Times Square. This street has many stores and restaurants tailored to the more upscale and tourists of the city. There are also many theatres along this street for Broadway Musicals and motion pictures.

Somehow, Kevin has lost the two people he was grouped with. Somehow, that doesn't surprise him in the least. He's travelling alone, and looking like an armored soldier from a Bed, Bath and Beyond: There's a popcorn bown upside-down on his head with a pillow underneath it, a few throw-pillows hugging his torso, and a shower curtain rod gripped firmly in his hands, complete with curtain dangling from it. All of his pillow-armor is securely tied with nylon rope. He's also wearing reflective shades, so the supposed aliens can't steal his soul. All this, while walking slowly down 42nd street, hugging the walls of buildings and looking around warily for signs of combat.

Really, he didn't know why he didn't try this before and Crusader wasn't going to let him hear the end of it any time soon. But Freedom Ring has ventured out from the shelter set up to try something today. Sneaking around to avoid conflict and save energy, the hero in pink and black is also hugging walls and looking around corners. When he turns around a corner and suddenly comes face to face with the Bed Bath and Beyond Warrior, the teen jumps and gets into a defensive stance.

Likewise, Kevin jumps backwards and lets off a high-pitched squeal. "DON'T TAKE MY DNA IT'S ALL I HAVE," he yells, then swings wildly at Freedom Ring without even really watching what he's doing.

Freedom Ring yelps, eyes glowing as he goes invulnerable. "Hey! I'm not after anyone's DNA!" he says. "And quiet down before you get us attacked!"

Kevin opens one eye, and then the other, slowly lowering his curtain rod. "…. Are you sure? 'Cause, that sounds like something an alien might say," he mutters suspiciously.

Freedom Ring frowns, dusting off the spot that was hit with the curtain rod. "I'm sure. I'm Freedom Ring. Ya know, a super hero," he says. "Who are you supposed to be?" he asks, looking Kevin over.

Kevin rubs his chin and eyes Freedom Ring. "Hmm. Well, you got an outfit in mis-matched colors… So yep! Your story checks out." Then he reaches out to grab him by the shoulders. The curtain rod seems to withdraw into his right palm as he does. "Thank GOODNESS! I snuck past the barrier and I'm trying to get to my friend's apartment and I could REALLY use a super hero right now!"

Freedom Ring starts to say something in defense of his costume but gets cut off by the shaking. "H-hey! What? Woah! Hold on!" he says, reaching up to grab Kevin's arms and stop the shaking. "You snuck past the barrier? How?"

Kevin blinks a few times as if blinking will help him remember what he just said. "… The barrier? Oh! Yeah, through the sewers! I guess the aliens didn't consider we were advanced enough to have underground waste disposal." As he backs up from Curtis, the curtain rod grows out of his palm again, complete with the flowing curtain attached. "I'm gonna head back to it, but only after I get to Hilary's," he says as he moves to walk around Curtis.

Freedom Ring stares for a moment. "Dude, you're a Skrull?" he asks. Shaking it off, the teen jumps and suddenly a wall springs up infront of Kevin. "Woah. Hold up. I'm about to go open a hole in the barrier. Who's this Hilary?"

Kevin slows for a few steps. "… Skrull? What the heck is that," he wonders out loud, then jumps back when he finds Curtis in front of him again. "AGH! MY DNA-Oh. It's just you." He frowns and adjusts his popcorn bowl. "Hilary's a good friend of mine and my boss. He lives in Greenwich Village, the lucky bastard." He chuffs. "I mean geez, you'd think with what he DOESN'T pay me, he might not be able to afford such a plush place while I'm just living in a cardboard box!"

Freedom Ring frowns as he dispells the wall. "Would you calm down?" he asks. "And if you don't know then you're not one," he sighs. "You're in here for your boss? Look, give me his address and I'll get him after I make sure if I can open a hole in the barrier, okay?"

"Hmm, lemme think." Kevin rubs his chin thoughtfully, then shakes his head. "No. Dude, I came all this way to find him and I'm not leaving until I'm sure he hasn't been assimilated! He's not just my boss, he's my best friend." And the only person he really knows in this dimension. "Besides, I said there's already a way through! The sewers, if you don't mind getting your outfit dirty. I'm just gonna get Hilary-maybe pick up a few donuts and some coffee 'cause I'm starved-then head right back through." He side-steps to get around Curtis once again, and continues 'sneaking' down the street.

Freedom Ring scowls and is tempted to do something. For just a moment, he lifts his hand and considers making Kevin come with him but sighs. "Fine, go get yourself killed…" he grumbles. Watching the man for just a moment longer, the blond heads off towards the barrier. Once he gets there, he'll be opening up a hole in it and then going for help.

Kevin takes a few more sneak-steps down the street before his form changes. Just like that, he's now a pigeon wearing a miniature popcorn bowl and pillow on its head with little pillows tied around its torso. Kevin flutters off in the direction of Greenwich Village carrying a smaller shower rod in his claws.

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