2009-04-19: Coming Down


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Summary: Addison confronts Vladimir on his actions… things don't go as planned.

Date: April 19, 2009

Coming Down

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Jordan and Vladimir's Room

//Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student. //

Vladimir it is after dark but still early it was a cool night but not ice cold. Vlad has decided to spend the night in his room just poking around the computer. At the moment he playing a RTS against the AI and winning not that it was in doubt his human forces are beating back the alien race with the hive mind.

There's a quick knock at the door, followed by an actual mental touch to Vladimir's mind. ~~Are you available for a moment?~~ The voice asks, waiting for Vlad's response before he opens the door.

Vladimir looks at the door and blinks as the voice enters his mind. He frowns but calls out, "Enter." He pause the game and moves the lab top off his lap but does not get up off his bed. He turns to face the door and waits.

STepping in, Addison offers a firm nod. The red-head smiles to the student. "I don't know if we've met or not, yet, but I'm Addison. I'm a member of X-Force and an undermember of the X-Men. Do you have a few minutes to talk about something?" He asks, letting the door close with the force of his mind behind his body.

Vladimir looks over the guy and shakes his head, "I don't think we had the pleasure but I guessing this is not a friendly drop by." He moves some hair from his face and smiles, "So what did I do?" He can think of a few things that could get him in trouble but not going confess to anything until he knows what to confess to.

There's a nod from Addison, "No, it's not. I have to remind you of a few school rules." He says with a sigh. "Because you're breaking some of them and convincing others to break them." He taps his forehead. "I can't block people out all the time, and I feel them and see them. For starters, were you swimming naked recently?" He says, simply leaving it at that.

Vladimir smiles and nods, "I was first at the pool and then at the lake. Tell you the truth I should of thought of the lake first." He shows no shame in this fact, "I also did it late at night when everyone else well also everyone else was a sleep. There was someone else who I met there by pure chance but I will not give his name and if you enter my head with out my okay I will break your nose." With that last part he stands up, "It one thing to ask to come in like you did but someone else mind is most privet and I would think as a form of rape if you did that." His hands are in fist he is wearing (like always) leather finger less gloves with silver studs on the knuckles. He shows no fear of you or what might come of him from his actions or threat.

There's a telekinetic hold placed on Vladimir. "For starters, I just said I cannot block everything, child. Second of all, you will not EVER threaten a teacher or a student on these premesis or you WILL be expelled." There's a literal fire around his eyes. "Now, the reason I came. IT is completely against the rules to be naked anywhere on campus save in the showers or your own bedroom. There are children in residence here, and the school rules state you may not do so. I already know who the other person was, as it was HIS reaction I felt in my head last night. And frankly, if anyone knows about mental rape, it would be the person that was mentally controlled for two years of his life, forced to do unspeakable things. Now, along with that, we're having a lot of people feeling quite uncomfortable around you because of your sexual advances. Sex is ALSO not allowed on campus."

Vladimir nods, "I know you can't control it all the time you said that and that's why I have not punish you out." He looks into youe eyes from behind his sunglass (yes he wearing sunglasses in his room after dark) There still no fear in his eyes of you even with the flames, "I did it late at night so no child would see me and I had short and a towel near by incase someone of the other size or a child did come by. Don't get me wrong I not making excuses I did swim naked and I did it with someone else after a chance meeting. In truth if I could redo that night I would change a thing." He frowns some, "you felt in his head? Did you enter his mind by chance or did you enter his mind looking for something?" He makes no comment about the sex part as he will address that after this.

"I didn't enter it. I FELT his confusion and his lack of desire to be a part of the nudity. His confusion over the rulebreaking." Addison says, with a glare. "I don't know who you think you are, Vladimir. But you broke the rules. I'm here to address that. You're not here to talk to me about how my powers work or why they do. If you are naked on this campus again, at the lake, at the pool, anywhere other than the allowed areas, Mr. Summers will apply a punishment that may include expulsion. I wasn't going to tell him about your exploit at first, but sinc eyou seem to be so violent, I will be giving him a full report of this meeting. And he may choose to do something sooner." The X-Force members are, after all, like Resident Advisors in a college dorm. The good thing is, there's nothing Vladimir can do to him. Taking a precaution, Addison does shut off the kid's power, just in case. He doesn't know what it is, but he's taking the precautionary action.

Vladimir folds his arms and sighs, "I'm sorry I have problems with anger tell shades if you want. I like it here but I am not scared of the outside world. There is no punishment that can scare me after what I lived in. A slap on the wrist most likely next to it. The only thing I sorry about is the other person confuse about it and I will take full blame for it don't punish him over this." His tone is softer now his fist open but his body stays stiff, "As for the sex thing I'm sorry I am making other uneasy with it but I stop when they say stop. Also you might want to read other minds since there are many students doing it. No matter how much the school police it you never stop other sexual activity and in truth I see no reason to there not going be any STDs or unwanted babies." He sits down on the bed, "Now if you tell who I up set I will say I am sorry to them and not advance on them any more."

"I know other students have had issues with it, and they are being dealt with as well. The fact remains, the school rules state that you shall NOT do this while you're at this school." Addison says, tempted to alter Vladimir's perceptions, but not doing it. THat's what he's fighting himself over. "They did not wish to be revealed, and they will remain silent. I WILL speak to the other person here as well, to make sure that they're aware of the school rules. IF you break the rules again, kid, you'll reap the consequences. And that attitude needs to improve, quickly, or you'll have people kicking your butt into the ground. Again." Addison is angry. It's obvious, but he's not backing down. "I told you. I do NOT read minds on purpose, and my actions are not your concern. But, if I were you, I wouldn't get too comfortable." He says, turning towards the door and swinging it open. He's not returning the kid's power yet.

Vladimir does not say anything for a long time and then stands. He walks to his closet and pulls out all his clothes and puts it on the bed. He then walks to the dresser and does the same, "I have no family I can go to. My mother is a drug whore my father was most likely one of her john's but since I do not want to cause any more trouble for the school or those I care about in this school I will leave now." He knees down by the bed and pulls out a large suitcase and start to put his clothes in it.

"Talk to Mr. Summers first. He'll be here in a few minutes." Addison says with a glare, walking out and slamming the door behind himself.

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