For those new to the game, or unfamiliar with MUCK commands, here we have a list of commands to help you best utilize the game.

'pub' - The command to use the public chat channel, for OOC chatter and the like. ex: pub Hello!

'+ooc' - The command to let you speak out of character to the room you're in. ex: +ooc Uhh, GM? Can I get a sanity check?

'pe' - The command to get into the player editor. Used to fill out your +finger information.

'page <name>=' - The command to page another player, for more private conversation/exchange of information. 'p <name>=' will also work. For paging multiple players, simply put several names after 'page', without commas. ex: page madhatter vaire atropos=You guys are made of awesome.

'@paste <name>' - This command is for sending longer messages to other players, or messages with multiple paragraphs. Using this command will take you into the editor. To send use '.end'.

'jump <character name>' - The command to teleport you from your current room to the room another character is in. Also. 'jump #global' will give you a list of quick jump locations that have been set up. (ie, 'jump central' for Central Park)

'+finger <character name>' - The command to view another character's information. '+finger' by itself will allow you to view your own character information.

'@desc' - The command to describe a character or location (only if you own the room). '@desc me=<character description>' will set your character's desc. '@desc here=<room description>' will set your room's desc.
-For longer character descriptions, the list editor is available as well. 'lsedit me=<description title>' will bring you into the editor, where you can write out a longer desc, if you so choose. '@desc me={list:<description title>}' will set a list desc.
'where' - The command to see a list of what rooms all the currently connected characters are in.

'+who' - This command not only shows where each connected character is on the grid, but shows their current status, sex, race and idle time.

'WHO' - This command will list all the characters currently connected, how long they have been connected, their idle time and their personal message, if they have on set.

'@doing' - The command to set your personal message for the WHO command. This can be used to let the other players know if you're okay for RP or for pages, etc. '@doing RP_OK' will show your message as RP_OK on the WHO list.

'+census' - This command will show you a list of the races on the game, how many of each and how many of each sex there are within each.

'+newplayers' - The command to see characters created within the last two weeks.

'write #help' - This command will take you to the instructions on how to post up a bulletin on our BBoards. Includes how to edit and delete.

'read #help' - This command will take you to the instructions on how to read the bulletin boards.

'wizzes' - The command to see a list of Wizards and their duties.

'staff' - The command to see a list of staff and their duties.

'name' - This will list all the taken character names on the game thus far. Can do simple prefix searches like 'name A', to look for all names starting with that letter.

'code' - This does the same, but for codenames in use on the game. Can also do simple prefix searches.

For posing, you can use 'say', 'pose', or '@emit' depending on how you want the pose to start.

For Example:

Typing in 'say hello kids.' will show '[Character's Name] says, "hello kids."'

Typing in 'pose steps into the room.' will show '[Character's Name] steps into the room.'

Typing in '@emit The dog is brown.' will show 'The dog is brown.'

Alternatively, you could use a colon instead of 'pose' (ie, :steps into the room), a quote mark instead of 'say' (ie: "Hello, kids!) or 'sp' instead of '@emit' (ie sp The dog is brown.).

There is a special grouping of commands called 'Emotes' we've added in for some OOC fun. Ex: Emma loves you! You are loved! (If you see something similar to this pop up on your screen, you've just been emoted!

'emote #list' - The command to show you the list of all the emotes on game.

'emote #on/#off' - The command to let you toggle the emotes on and off.

To send an emote, take an emote from the list and type '<emote> <character name>' (without apostrophizes or greater than/less than signs). Enjoy.

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