2010-04-11: Computer Help


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Summary: Jeremy comes to Misha for computer help.

Date: April 11, 2010

Log Title Computer Help

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Misha's Room

Beyond having a full walk in closet, and a bathroom at the back, this room surprisingly has no bed. Instead the space is taken up by a television on a rolling cart, a couple comfortable chairs, many game consoles, and extra shelving. While there is are dressers built into the wall, and other amenities, it apparently wasn't enough. The computer desk is fairly large, and on it is a laptop with full accessories and a flat screen monitor. The shelves have books and boxes aplenty, most about computers, and gaming in general. Strangely there are no posters or other such things. Nothing to show personality. Excepting perhaps for the programs themselves.

It's the weekend, Jeremy's gotten all his homework done, actually most of it on Friday, so he's decided to stop by and see Misha. He's just been to the surface for a cigarette and has now grabbed his laptop and is knocking on Misha's door. He needs help with using it as he hasn't really touched a computer in several years. And typing with gloves on is never easy.

Typing on a laptop with gloves even more so. Mikhail doesn't answer immediately, but there is soon a "Come in." from that harsh voice. He's siting before his own computer, one leg pulled up and a heel on the seat. Dual screens are going, and there are many windows open. Someone's doing his own homework. But should the door open he looks over and smiles at seeing Jeremy. "Jeremy! Welcome." Strangely, there's no bed in the room. Just a couple of comfortable chairs, and a gaming console where one should be. "Is everything being well?" Bare of foot, in sweats and a Barnes tshirt, he pushes back somewhat to turn his chair around.

"Wow." Jeremy says as he's never seen anyone doing the duel screen thing before, it looks confusing and busy to him. "Every thing is good, just having trouble with the computer. It's hard to type and just getting that damn thing called Excel to work is a pain in the ass." Jeremy admits as he didn't need it much back at his old school, it was more just typing reports and using the internet, not much more.

"Eh?" Not quite understanding what there is to wow about. Misha snorts for it and motions the other inside. "There be a small fix" Rising from his chair, he heads to the closet. Doesn't take him long to reappear with a keyboard. "Not best, but bigger." Showing that keyboard, and he shows how to hook it up. Things are stacked out of the way to make room for Jeremy. "Excel we can be doing. How are you settling in?" Pulls over one of those chairs so that there's a spot to sit. The desk isn't huge, but it's big enough for two.

"Your computer, how can you have it on two monitors?" Jeremy really does think it's impressive and he doesn't know much about them either. "Oh man, this will make things a bit easier, I was so tempted to rip my gloves off the other night so most of my homework they'll have to deal with being hand written." Jeremy doesn't care if they want it electronic, it's not easy with his powers. "I'm doing okay. My roommate's not bad, he's from Ireland." He says sitting down. "Thanks, I'm just not great with computers. And I have to get new email but not like I know anyone but you guys here."

Oh.. Heh. Misha smiles at that. "The video card can be handling two. More like real desktop in that you can be laying things out." Seems amused over it. The teen is also very careful not to touch. "There are being plastics to lay over keyboards. Normally to be protecting from crumbs and such, but maybe that could be helping? We buy new and you have little info to read?" It'd be bland to be certain. "Then you could use keyboard. Only make sure to keep plastic with you so not pick up new info." He shakes his head about computers, "Are not having to be. Once you learning where things are, you be doing fine. I show you email too. Is easy."

"It just sucks, cause I used to be okay with computers but two years later, I mean even windows has completely changed here and we were just learning stuff in school….it's just frustrating cause I'm supposed to be smart." Jeremy says as he is pretty smart and his school work shows it but he just shrugs. He doesn't realize it but he's actually starting to get comfortable around Misha, not as nervous. "The other stuff too I have to figure out."

"And you are being smart." Misha assures. "What you are not being is patient." Said with a smile. "Everything you knew is still being there. Is only in different spot. Think of it as someone having rearranged bedroom. All stuff still there, but no idea where. You relearn. Is taking time however." A pause as he pads to the fridge tucked in a corner, and offered Jeremy a cola. "Go ahead. Show me what is giving trouble. We find answer."

"I guess I'm just anxious, getting back into a regular life." Jeremy admits with a shrug as he takes the cola and cracks it open. At least he doesn't have to worry about the past thing with his lips, he can't see the past from that. "Alright, well…here." Jeremy says as he explains to Misha what his homework is and what he's having trouble figuring out in Excel. "It's for my computer class, they want us to make all these charts with formulas and I'm not even sure."

There's a little smirk as the teen settles back into his chair. "Anything worth having, worth working for." Which means? Misha thinks Jeremy needs to be patient. He does show the other how to work the charts. This is child's play for him, but it's not that Misha does the work, he shows how it's done so that Jeremy can do it again later. Also helps with the setting up of email. Whether it be Barnes or even Gmail. "See? You got it easy." How is that being stupid?

Jeremy actually opens up a word document and writes, slowly and with lots of back spacing, everything Misha tells him so that he can remember it later. "Okay, so it's just this?" He says as he makes a simple math equation down the entire column. "So I figure you've done a lot with computers? Did you grow up around them or always just taken a liking to them?"

Misha makes gentle corrections if necessary, but on the whole has no issues with making notes. "Just that." Said in agreement. "Not whole life, no, but I am loving them, yes." Something about the topic has him a little distant, but it lasts only seconds and he's smiling again. Memory is often not all that fun. "Around ten or so I had first. Am not genius or anything, but I enjoy. Mother noted interest and was sending me what she could." His laptop for instance is a little strange. Mainly because it's made of metal and built for abuse. "So I have been having top of line machines for years." Top of the line from what he knew about anyway.

"Wow, that's pretty cool that your mother would do that for you." Jeremy says but doesn't mention anything about his family in return though. "We just had a regular computer and what we had at school, that's what I learned with. I never knew much. Violin and track and field, that's what I liked. I'm saving up the allowances they give us here and figure in two months, I'll have enough to buy something used."

There's the shake of his head, "Not very wow really." Misha's smile is there, but some of it faked. "She was being thousands of miles away. I saw her once every year or two. Giving things made her feel better." Not often at all, no. And neither does he ask about family. Not yet anyway. The teen wants to give Jeremy time first. "Are you joining track here? I am thinking you should. Would not be same, but if you were liking it. Music too. Especially if saving."

"I'd like to, get back into shape. I have to admit, it helped getting away from some stickier situations in the city." Jeremy says as he looks around the room. "I couldn't help but notice, you don't have a bed." He just comments as that's one of those things you can't help but comment on. "Did you ever do anything with sports back home?"

An understanding look about getting away from trouble, but the teen is soon distracted by the bed. "Oh, that' is due to power." Misha explains. "I shift when sleep, so leave bed there. No point in moving it back and forth when I will sleep and be moving it again." Makes it sound so normal. Don't you translocate your bed every night. "Is also saving room. I can have extra stuff." Doesn't offer to show, for that would mean admitting to his growing collection on the other side. "No sports, no. Aunt Elzi was being training enough."

Jeremy nods trying to understand what training he's talking about but Jeremy doesn't question Misha. "Oh, that's right, your power. I just have the room with Caleb and it's weird having a roommate. It's like sharing a room with my brother again." Jeremy says as it's the first time he's admitted to having any siblings to Misha. "I don't have much stuff so I don't need a lot of space. I actually have too much space."

Details filed away, but not asked after. Misha can see Jeremy needs time and so gives it. The teen had to take care of a crazy person for some years, so he learned a little patience. "Yes, my power." A bit of a grin about the room mate. "Being college level is having perks. I no have to share." Not that he wouldn't have privacy if he wanted, but that's not the point. "You will be filling it." That space. "That is the nature of vacuum." There's a twinkle to his hazel eyes as he says that, for he's making a joke. "Is roomate being careful?"

Jeremy nods. "Yeah, Caleb said he'd be careful. I think sometimes people are overly cautious." Jeremy says with a shrug. "I mean, I can understand though, no one wants someone spying on their life if it's intentional or not. And honestly, right now all I want to fill that room with is a violin and sheet music. I really do miss playing. Sorry that I keep talking about it."

"More out of respect than fear." Said of people being overly cautious. That said, he touches Jeremy's shoulder afterwards. No, it's not fear. While he doesn't want his background read, it's more because he doesn't want anyone having to share the horror he's seen. "And you are beginning that." Filling the room with sheet music. "You are saving, yes?" A smile and he shrugs. "Patience is all you are needing. The rest will fall into line if you are."

Jeremy gives Misha a confused look before nodding. "Yes..yes, I am saving up for it." Jeremy says with a smile. "I can be patient, I mean I know I just need to save. I'm just a bit excited." He looks at a few things on his computer and turns it off. "I should be going to bed soon. I actually can sleep really well in here." Jeremy admits as he's had a few good nights of sleep. Maybe cause it feels like he's got a place to belong again.

Misha approves, "Excited means you are already fitting in." Means one feels safe enough to shift thoughts to other things. To feel comfortable. That's what the teen approves of. "Good. I to have been. It was being nice change." Jeremy knows about sleeping in cold, fearful spots, so Misha doesn't explain. "Good night, Jeremy. I am being glad you came by tonight. I shall having to be hearing you play violin sometime."

Jeremy stands up and takes his laptop and the keyboard Misha gave him. "Thanks again and defiantly. I really owe you Mikail. Just let me know when you wanna hang out in the city sometime." Jeremy says as he knows the parks /really/ well. "Good night and I'll see you in class tomorrow."

"I will." For Misha has enjoyed exploring. "We can be talking about that tomorrow." Times and such. Once Jeremy leaves the teen returns to his homework. His workload is a bit high right now, but for many of the same reasons Jeremy has to do the same.

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