2009-04-01: Confession


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Summary: Jesse and Darrell discuss their recent discoveries.

Date: April 1, 2009


Rating: R (for language)

NYC - Hell's Kitchen - Jesse's Apartment

The apartment is a little on the small side. There are doors on either side leading to a bathroom and two bedrooms. To the back is a door leading into the kitchen.

The furnishings of the apartment really don't match that well. There's a very comfortable looking blue couch right next to a tattered plaid loveseat and an old leather rocker. The TV in front of the couch is a 32 inch CRT TV with a PS3 beneath is. The controllers sit on a small wooden coffee table in front of the couch.

They didn't talk much coming home, but chose to save it for later. Unfortunately, Jesse crashed out on the couch, clad in just his vest and the thin underwear he was wearing beneath his costume. He lays there, even now, snoozing lightly. His body is sprawled all over, on leg hanging off the top of the couch, one arm hanging off the bottom. Of course, if Darrell fell asleep there as well, he would have still ended up in this position.

Darrell actually crashed in the chair last night and woke up a while ago with a stiff neck and back. His shirt has been thrown onto the coffee table and his pants are in a pile on the floor. As he gets up, his sweaty skin sticks off the back of the leather chair and he curses a bit. He stumbles around sleepily for a bit until he makes his way to the kitchen, grabing a glass orange juice and adding libral amounts of vodka. "Looks like the fancy superhero's still sleeping." He says to noone in particular.

"Pour two." Jesse says, waking up lightly at the sound of vodka. "And it's not fancy. You were out there doing just as much as I was." He says, moving to a standing position, with a bit of a wobble and coming up behind the roommate. "You… sir… were something else out there." He laughs, stretching his arms out over his head.

Darrell takes a sip of his screwdriver and points at Jesse as he swallows. "I wasn't in spandex." He says as he pours Jesse one as well, giving it the same libral amount of vodka treatment. He hand the glass to Jesse as he leans against the counter. "So were you, you even looked the part. And thanks, I didn't even think I was going to go out there at first."

"I wasn't in spandex. I was in leather-wrapped Kevlar/Nomex blend with metallic flake accents." Jesse says, taking a deep sip of the screwdriver and sighing deeply. He coughs a bit afterwards, forgetting how strong Darrell likes things. "I can make you one. If you actually want to do things like that. I have to make some more pants for myself, unless that Maelstrom guy brings mine back." He grins impishly. Pulls his cellphone off the table near the door. "Got his digits."

"Leather wrapped huh?" Darrell says as he doesn't know much about that stuff as all. "And you still had time to pick up a guy, nice. And costume for me, Jesse, do I look like the superhero type? You just found out now that I even has superheroes. Nah that was a one time thing." Darrell says running a hair through his tangled main of hair.

Jesse sighs softly. "Dude, just let me design. You know what I want to… no wonder you never told me." He says, rolling his eyes as he shakes his head. He quotes from a movie, complete with accent. "Supermodels FEH. Nothing super about them. I want to design for GODS!" He raises one hand high while he does it before bringing it back down to untangle a little of his roommate's hair.

Darrell raises his eyebrows. "Why do you think I never told you?" He says curiously as he's not sure if Jesse knows the reason or not. Darrell has that thick wavey hair that tends to get tangled easy and it always seems to be a bit messy. "Yeah well I'm not a god but if really gets your rocks off, you can design something. Doesn't mean you have to make it or I'll wear it."

"Because you know how I am." Jesse says with a shrug. He's never hidden his goals and desires. "How I like superheroes. That's all." Well, like is an understatement. After all, he is… what some would call… a cape chaser. "So what were those things anyway? Those… strings?" He asks, holding a hand out from his fingers before he picks up his glass and drinks more of it, bringing it down to about half.

Darrell laughs and shakes his head. "No, no, that'd be more of a reason to tell you, then I could drive you nuts even more." Darrell says but he doesn't say the reason he's never told Jesse, just a half reason. "Well I just didn't know how'd you react to me being a mutant. And yeah, it's weird, they're some sort of threads I can mainpulate and use." He says letting them form between his two hands. "I can change what I want to use them for. So what about you Mr. Music Man?"

Snapping his fingers, Jesse creates a song out of thin air. Killing Loneliness by HiM. "Exactly. Well, that, and I can turn sound into physical shapes. And… I can fly. Beyond that, I haven't figured a thing out." He says, shrugging. Concentrating, he creates a cup out of solid sound. It vibrates lightly to the touch as he pours Darrell's drink into it and hands it to him.

Darrell takse the glass and feels it vibriting and raises an eyebrow. "So you can make slightly vibrating solid objects? They must love you in bed." Darrell says with a wink as he takes a drink. "Man, this is weird, and you're a walking soundtrack." Darrell just shakes his head sounding amused. "I haven't figured much out with what I do since…yeah, Jesse, please don't tell anyone I'm a mutant."

"Why would I tell anyone you're a mutant, Dare? I'm one, too." Jesse says, shaking his head. "While it's great to be out there, getting the adoration of fans, we all need our private lives." He pauses, sighing. "You know I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt you. You're my roommate and my best friend, bro." The music fades away quickly. "And nobody but you knows about it. So, I don't know if they love it in bed."

Darrell steps in to give Jesse a hug. "Thanks man, besides you the only person that knows is my younger brother." His biggest fear is being outted as a mutant and people turning their back on him. "And you secracy's safe with me Jes. Though I will admit it's a nice weight to get off my chest." Darrelly says chuckling. "Fuck, what are the chances that we'd both be mutants. Man, I guess luck is shining on my ass."

"Pretty high from what I hear lately." Jesse laughs, accepting the hug, despite their lack of dress. After all, the buzz is already kicking in quite nicely, and Jesse likes touch when he's buzzing. "I'ma head upstate this weekend to see my rents. You're more than welcome to come along."

Darrell heads into the living room and flops down on the couch, downing the rest of his drink. "Yeah sure, I don't have anything to do. Steve's having a party but I can skip out on being beer pong champ for a weekend." He jokes as he's gotten Jesse to come out on weekends with him to visit his family before. "I promies I'll clean up nice for your Mom." He jokes.

When the drink is gone, the glass vanishes, though Jesse pours himself and Darrell another from the kitchen before he comes out. "Cool. I just hate to go up there alone. I always end up roped into things I don't want to do." He says with a slight laugh as he moves to sit down on the couch, properly, despite Darrell's floppage.

Darrell takes the glass and takes a big sip out of it. "Ahh, just the right amount of vodka, and no problem. I don't mind going with ya, like you said, we're best friends. I'm just not excited for when my parents see I charged the flight to LA for a day and I'm hoping they don't put two and two together that it was durning the final fight." Darrell chuckles as he is a bit spoiled by his family.

"Yeah, that's why I'm glad I can fly on my own power. It just… takes a while." Jesse has no idea what his parents will think of his actions as a superhero or anything along those lines. He's always been so quiet… HA… about it.

"I don't think these…" Darrell says as he puts down his glass and brings his hands up to flick out some of the 'threads' to bring one of the ps3 controllers to him. "are going to help me to fly at all. I also need both hands to use them. It's just a weird power." Darrell says shaking his head with an amused smile. "So whose this Maelstrom dude you got digits from?"

"Did you see the guy that was with the crying kid and the dead kid. That guy was Maelstrom. Hot air-manipulator. He… it was weird. He said the kid would be alive again tomorrow, that their family is weird." Jesse says with a shrug. "I hope so. Kid was splashing water everywhere, trying his damnedest. I wish I knew my powers well enough back then."

"Yeah I did, I dunno, I saw that kid with the fire and damn, don't want to piss him off." Darrell says remembing just the adimantium skeleton behind. "Oh, so the built hot once, man he can't be much older than us. Invite him to one of the parties with us." Darrell's always open about bringing whoever along and if means a lay for Jesse, why not. Just put a sock on the door. "Man, be alive tomorrow? Well who knows how whose powers work. We live in a strange world Jes."

"I know it. Believe me, I know it. I fucking staked a VAMPIRE COW, dude. A MOOING VAMPIRE COW." Jesse says, staring straight, deadpan faced, at Darrell. "That is some seriously fucked up shit. I almost expected it to go 'Blah' at me." This may mean that Jesse has a new nightmare, now.

Darrell can't help but laugh at that. "Sorry dude, I know you're serious, I saw it but serioulsy that was fucking hilarious. I think more the fact that it exsits. I've got some weed in my…nah we're drinking I don't want to be throwing up later." He was going to offer them to relax to get over the image. "Dude, who'd ever think we'd have super powers and be fighting side by side."

"Yeah, mixing doesn't work. Not to mention, we don't want to end up accidentally getting naked and making out again." Jesse teases with a chuckle. "Yeah, who woulda thought it? I… I wonder really if my parents know. I've tried to stay quiet."

"Accidentally making out? That wasn't so bad." Darrell says with a chuckle. "Who knows, and quiet, your power seems to be anythign other than quiet." He leans against Jesse and takes a drink of his orange juice and vodka. "Man, I'm glad this is over and I'm glad I got to skip two days of classes."

"Well, I'd rather do it on purpose, than accidentally." Jesse laughs, shaking his head. "And I know. My power's not quiet, but I can be. Though… i don't know if you ever realized it… my mp3 player has never had speakers." He grins, snickering at the one ruse he's been using for years.

"Ya know, it never dawned on me until now you son of a bitch." Darrell jokes as he doesn't use his powers that much at all. Though Jesse might start seeing him used the more often for more mundane things. "As long as we're enjoying it, I'm happy." Darrell says about the kissing.

Jesse laughs softly. "Good. At least I was able to pass it off, because I use an offbrand." He tosses a wink out, sipping slower at this drink than the last one. "I hope everything works out here, though."

"I'm sure it will hotstuff." Darrell says to Jesse finishing off his drink having quite the buzz now as he lies back and just enjoys it with a smile on his face. "What say we get completely shitfaced tonight, put in Kung Pow Enter the Fist and watch the 'what they're really saying' verison." Hey Darrell's one of those people to focus on something enjoyable than anything that required contimplating.

"Yeah, let's do that." Jesse laughs. He grins, tugging Darrell over for a hug. "Perfectly fine with me. Anything to get my mind off of this stuff for now. I'll save the serious thoughts for my desigining moments.

Darrell returns the hug and uses his powers to reach out and grab the remote to his hands. "Shit, that would have been cooler after we sat back down. Do you wanna put in the movie and I'll get us more drinks?" Darrell says giving Jesse a wink before getting up to just grab the rest of the orange juice and bottle of vodka. Just keep it all there.

"That works for me." Jesse says,r ising to pop the movie in and then lay across the couch, winking. He's not planning on moving. "Just relax. I'm not going back to class until Friday."

Darrell pets Jesse's hair before topping off of their drinks. "I'll be going tomorrow but you've got me this weekend hot stuff." He says as he is just happy sitting there relaxing with Jesse and watching a silly movie.

"Just remember, now. In the middle of a restaurant, when you hear the Weeoooeeeeoooeeeoo… it wasn't me." Jesse laughs, sipping a little more before settling in to watch the movie and forget the outside world.

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