2009-04-01: Confessions and Kisses


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Summary: Daisuke tells Jared of his past.

Date: April 1, 2009

Log Title Confessions and Kisses

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Daisuke and Jared's Room

The room is fairly neat with both beds usually made. Jared's side of the room is practically spotless and everything has it's place though it doesn't look like he has much in regards of dcor except for a yoga mat by his bed and a Wonder Man poster on the wall. Daisuke's side is a bit more cluttered but still neat as he has a few drawing pads piled up on his desk along with his art supplies along with a few pictures taped on the wall. A drum pad sits folded up at the end of his bed. The room looks lived in but not overly cluttered.

After going into the city today, Daisuke picked up one thing he was sorely lacking, art supplies. Buying new art supplies always inspired Dai to dive into drawing right away. He's lying on the floor of the bedroom with a large drawing pad infront of him, coloring in a sketch he did earlier with cra-pas. His hands are smudged with the different colours as he puts some shading and depth into what he's working on. One of the several Japanese bands that Daisuke likes plays in the room as it serves as inspriation music.

Jared has spent a good portion of the day shopping too, except that he went after a few much needed things at the nearest sporting goods store that he could find. Oddly hyper about how well the fight in California went the young man is almost humming with energy as he enters the room he shares with Daisuke holding several plastic bags. "Oh, hello Dai!"

Daisuke is actually drawing a picture of Jared in his Alpha Squadron uniform and Eddie in his New Mutants uniform. He tries to flip the cover over to hide what he's drawing. Dai just likes to draw portaits of people he knows, mainly his friends. "Heya Jared! You went out shoping too today?" He says pushing himself up from the floor.

Jared nods and grins at Dai, peeking at his work to try and see what he was drawing. "Yeah, I had a few things I absolutly needed. The least said about going for over a month with only one jock the better. I still probably need to pick up regular clothes and all, but what I have will at least alst me a while now."

Daisuke chuckles and goes to give Jared a hug. "I did some art shopping today, I think I spoiled myself too much on new art supplies but I lost most of them in the attack. I still need to get more clothes too." He says as he's been going through the same seven outfits or so. "We can always go shopping together, I know some cool places in the city or with your power, if you want to go some place less populated?

Jared shrugs, "Won't matter much. I probably won't get noticed as healing people unless someone has like a major accident or something while we are there. I don't really care about the whole clothes thing, I just get what fits and is comfortable. Although it might be more interesting going with someone else, and with you I wouldn't have to worry about you flirting with the wrong person the way I was the one time I went shopping with Leo."

Daisuke chuckles and shakes his head. "Jared, you know how bad I am a flirting. I mean, you know I like you and I still don't know how to flirt with you, but…I'd really like it if you came clothes shopping with me Jared." Dai says with a bit of a blush before he takes a deep breath and sits down. "Listen though, before we become, whaetever we are…there is something I should really tell you, unless something happens and I freak out at something."

Jared just grins and dumps his bags of underware and sports wear on his bed and moves to lean in and kiss Daisuke gently on the cheek. "I know, you flirt about as well as I do." Jared blinks as Dai goes all serious on him. Not sure what to say Jared sits down next to Daisuke on the bed.

Daisuke leans next to Jared and takes a deep breath. "I don't like talking about this and I really just want to get this over with but, when my mother died when I was four, my Father went kind of crazy, took to alcohol really hard. From all the scars, you can see that my father took to physical abuse, but he also took to other forms as well. I'm…not a virgin Jared, my father…there are very good reasons I hate him and he's the reason Shuya killed himself. My father's dead and I'm actually realieved he is so..yeah…that's my dark secret. It's out there, I'll try not to be such a headcase okay?" He asks just glad to get it off his chest and hope that he doesn't have to talk about it again.

Jared leans back, and slips and arm around Daisuke as he talks. Jared nods at the part about Dai's dad being an alcoholic, and the physical abuse, and looks a little blankly at him as mentions there is more. He takes a long time to actaully understand what Dai is saying. After he actually understands what happened to his friend Jared takes a long moment not sure what to do other than jut hugging him. "I…don't worry about trying to change how you act or anything. Your my friend, you know I care about you no matter what you do right?"

Daisuke leans into the hug and returns it. "I care about you, a lot Jared. And that's my past, I'm trying not to live in it. I like the furture that it looks like I have here." Daisuke says with a smile. "Okay, now that that's over, let's go onto happier subjects, when do you want to go clothing shopping?" He asks snuggling up next to Jared.

Jared nods, smiling softly glad that the subject of horrible pasts if gone for now but not wanting it to jsut get burried where they can pop up agian later and cause problems. "I am glad you like the future you see. Hmm, I can go just about any time, well as long as I am not in class since they are starting up again."

"I do, I mean I have good friends, I have a great roomate who just happens to be brothers with my best friend." Daisuke says chuckling with a shake of his head. "And Leo and Nathan seem to be really getting along well. I'm good to go tomorrow as long as I don't have anyone I have to tutor. I'll admit I miss being in class."

Jared grins and hugs Dai a little before saying, Sounds good to me, better to not procrastonate and all. Maybe we can stop somewhere get you some compression shorts and a few other things so we can start with the yoga lessons as well.

Daisuke smiles. "I'll stop anywhere you want to Jared. And compression shorts?" He asks as all he ever wears are just regular boxers or boxer briefs. "But I'd really like that, starting the yoga lessons. So tomorrow it is. So just you and I then or…?" He kind of wants it to just be the two of them, get to know eachother more.

Jared just grins at Daisuke and leans in to whisper into his ear. "Actually I was thinking just you and me, out in the woods where no one will see in just our compression shorts …" Jared leans back from Daisuke grinning a little to himself. Ok, so he has learned a thing or three about flirting from all his time with Leo but its not like he culd bring himself to do it in front of people or anything. "Or at least we could start with jsut the two of us for now till we gett know each other more and then maybe find others that want to learn to join in."

Daisuke goes wided eye at what Jared whispers and smiles, with a bit of a blush. "How much yoga would we get in then?" He asks as he looks up at Jared with an embarssed but slightly sly smile. "I'd really like that, just being the two of us. I also really like getting to know you. And last night, you looked really hot in your Alpha Squadron uniform."

Jared blushes a little too at Daisuke's reaction. "We would get a whole set in. Might not be great at much else besides Gymnastics but I have that and discaplin enough to make sure we get though a full set and plenty of exorcise beefore…we get any other exorcise." Jared blushes a little as he gets complamented. "Naw, green is not quite my color. Red, black and white…those are my colors. You on the other hand…looked awsome in your uniform, compleat with the arm flaps like Banshee."

The blushe hasn't gone down yet, but Daisuke places a kiss on Jared's lips as he mentions other excersie. "I'm looking forward to our yoga lessons." He says running a hand through his hair. "Well red's not really my colour either. Blue, black and purple are more mine." Daisuke says. "The day when we get to make our own uniforms with colours, I'll definately want blues in mine."

Jared nods and kisses Daisuke back feeling happy. "Hmm, I am deffenetly going mostly white…probably going to end up looking like a cross between a leather daddy and a World War two eara nurse if I am not careful though…"

Daisuke can't help but chuckle at the image. "I just want to have a black base with blue accents and blue and black stripped arm sails. They help to fly." Daisuke says as he as he moves to sit on Jared's lap, so that he's stradling and facing him. "Though the way you kissed me last night made me feel ilke that World War Two nurse in Times Square." Daisuke says with a blush as he runs his hand through Jared's hair. He's a bit braver behind closed doors.

Jared's hands go around Daisuke as he stradels his lap and grins at his room mate. His hands go to the small of Daisuke's back as he grins at him and leans in for a peck on the lips. "Well I kinda get how the soldier was feeling there in times squar when he grabbed and kissed the nurse."

Daisuke retruns the peck on the lips and grins brightly. "Are you calling me a nurse?" Daisuke says chuckling as he knows Jared isn't. "You did really well out there Jared. I liked fighting along side you, Eddie, Leo, Nathan, all of us. I didn't even know that lizard guy was there until you beat him up."

Jared grins at Daisuke happily, "Nope, I am saying that I was excited that the whole war thing was over, and grabbed the best looking person I could to celibrate with." Jared shrugs a little as the alternate version of Anole is brought up. "Well he was invisable. I just happened to be able to tell he was there without seeing him…although it was kinda cool bouncing him around like one of those little rubber balls tied to a paddle…"

Daisuke blushes and buries his head into Jared's shoulder as he says the best looking person. He chuckles as the mention of the rubber ball tied to a ping pong paddle. Dai kisses Jared's neck lightly before looking up at him. "It was more than kind of cool, you did awesome. I'm going to see Julian though and see myself knocking him out though."

Jared nods and laughs a little when he gets kissed on the shoulder. "Oh yes, that one is going to be a high point for a long time too. Seeing you take out Julian with a scream like that was awsome. Going to remember getting tossed a good 20 feet by Strong Guy too, it was an interesitng thank you for saving his life."

"Well they were being controlled by an evil bastard so he wasn't thinking straight?" Daisuke says enjoying just cuddling up with Jared. "Addison has been helping me with my powers so I can be better with them. I think I was and having Eddie there always helps." It's always good to have your best friend give you that extra edge of power boosint.

Jared nods at Daisuke and kisses him on the chin. "There is that, and I dont think I would have caught that tongue if not for the boost. As soon as I got that I suddenly found myself running faster and hititng harder than I could before. Hmm, maybe I should see if I can get Addison to help me with my powers too."

Daisuke is playing a bit with Jared's hair as he smiles. "You should, he's helped Eddie and I and he's really smart with powers. I just find it weird cause he's not much older than I am but I feel like he's much older than me. And you taking out Anole was definately hot Jared."

Jared makes something like a purring sound as his hair gets played with, he apparently likes that a lot…something Daisuke might notice since he is straddeling Jared's lap. "Mm, I hate to say it but it felt really good to get to smack someone down that way. He is like an uber psion isnt he? Given his home world he probably has huge amounts of experiance even if he is only a few years older than us."

"I think so, I don't know too much but Addison is a really good mentalist." Daisuke continutes to run his hands through Jared's hair as he leans in to plant a kiss on his lips, a bit less than chaste. "You staying here tonight?" He asks in a tone that says he wants Jared to stay.

Jared kisses Daisuke back in a manner equally lacking in chastity and totaly forgets that they were talking about someone else. "Mmm, if your asking me that way I am deffenetly staying the night. If you ask that way a second time I may not even need to make my bed tomarrow morning…"

Daisuke gives Jared a sly smile as he leans into kiss him again. "Good." He replies as he's done with talking, he just wants to kiss Jared right now as he's completely infactuated with the healer.

Jared is glad he is not the only one that is getting to where he is compleatly infatuated. He is still not sure exactly what to call his relationship with Daisuke, but what ever it is he deffenetly likes it. As Daisuke leans in to kiss him more Jared turns his body so he can lay back on the bed with Dai still on top of him while his hands start to work thier way up the back of his room mates shirt form the inside.

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