2009-02-29: Confrontation


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Summary: Daisuke decides to confront Hilary about his 'dog' attacking his friend Eddie.

Date: February 22, 2009

Log Title Confrontation

Rating: PG

NYC - Fortune Theatre

A relatively prosperous Off-Off-Broadway theatre, it seats about five hundred. The place was originally a movie theatre, which has left it with an honest-to-goodness marquee out front, an attractive box office, several staff offices, and the auditorium. The auditorium features a large proscenium stage with a slight apron.

Daisuke has been meaning to talk to Hilary about something but he's hasn't been sure on how to bring it up. Also he was recovering from a broken arm last week that has since been healed, so he figured he'd finally just suck up his nerves and ask. He's come into the theatre for his volunteer job today and looks around for Hilary.

Hilary is standing in the hallway, giving a non-plussed look to something someone is showing him on a clipboard. "Well, that's not my problem," Hilary says, tone more lazy than irritated. "The apron is an imposition. This is going to be played out behind the proscenium. Do it over," he instructs, waving a hand vaguely at the paper. The disgruntled man to whom he is speaking turns on his heel and stalks off. Hilary smiles at his back.

Daisuke takes a deep breath and wonders if this is the best time to talk to Hilary or not, but he can't chicken out again. "Excuse, Mr. St Thomas?" He says pretending he didn't see him just chew out that guy. "Can I ask you something?"

Hilary turns and offers Daisuke a rather pointed, sunny smile. "By all means," he says, spreading his hands out to show he's open to it.

Daisuke nods and runs his hand through his hair nervously. "My friend Eddie, he told me he ran into you in the park…and that.." He pauses knowing it sounds kind of stuipd but Eddie is his best friend so he has to make sure. "you had a dog that attacked him?"

Hilary snorts softly. "That's a little excessive," Hilary says. "I don't think the boy was harmed. Albee was only playing." His eyelids have lowered somewhat and his smile has faded.

Daisuke nods slowy and moves his hand to hold onto his other arm. He's looking at Hilary to see if he can figure him out, but he's not exactly good at that type of thing. "He just said that something seemed odd, and he's my best friend so I just..wanted to make sure."

"Make sure about what?" Hilary asks cooly, fixing Daisuke with a harder look.

Daisuke tenses up a bit and bites his bottem lip. "Just that…you…weren't intentionally…umm…picking on him." That's the best way that Daisuke can think to say it. He doesn't mention the thing about the leash that Eddie mentioned though.

Hilary quirks his brows. "I /beg/ your pardon?" he replies, seeming rather offended. "And is that what your friend accused me of? Why on earth should I do that in the first place?"

Daisuke takes a deep breath, he should have just kept his mouth shut. "No…he just said you seemed, amused or something." Daisuke says. He feels like he put himself between a rock and a hard place and he's the one to blame for it. "I'm sorry Sir, I didn't mean to upset you. I don't know, that's why I asked, I'm just going by what he told me." There's actually a hint of fear in voice as he tries to avoid Hilary's gaze.

"I think your friend is overreacting," Hilary says, crossing his arms tightly over his chest. "Perhaps he doesn't like dogs."

Daisuke shakes his head. "No sir, he has a pet dog." And Eddie really isn't one to over react, over panic maybe, but not blow things out of proportion. "I'm sorry I brought it up sir." He says obviously trying to just drop it.

Hilary nods softly. "Well," he says in slow, soft tones, "Please tell your /friend/ that if he wishes to accuse me of something, he may come down to my office and do so in person, but that otherwise I will thank him not to slander me to my employees. I don't take this kind of attack on my character lightly."

Daisuke keeps his mouth shut and just nods. He should have known it's easiest when you just don't say anything, his father taught him that well. "I'm sorry sir, I don't think he ment offense to you." He knows Eddie was just worried for him and he does believe Eddie over Hilary but he won't say that out loud.

"However," Hilary says, "If your friend can produce any evidence as to injury or damages done by my dog, I shall compensate him. How about that?"

"It's okay sir, I won't bother him." Daisuke says just wanting everything to be dropped. He still can't quite look at Hilary's face. "He didn't ask me to talk to you. I was just looking out for him, I'm sorry." He wants to say in defesne of Eddie, that it was more something he did.

Hilary smiles a little. "Looking out for him, eh?" he wonders. "So if I'd laughed maniacally and twirled my moustache and admitted to siccing my vicious killer dog on your friend, you would've given me a stern talking-to or punched me in the nose?"

Daisuke shakes his head. "No sir, I just would probably have stopped working here." He admits and he's being honest about that, and that the smiel from Hilary he does relax a little bit. "And sir, I'd probably hurt myself more trying to punch someone then I'd hurt them." He is a bit on the skinny side and it doesn't look like he'd last long in a fight.

"True," Hilary agrees mildly, "I'd knock you on your arse and then have you arrested." He's smiling, though, so maybe he's kidding. "What it comes down to is: If you dislike me? Don't work for me. I want to give you an opportunity, but if what your friend thinks about my personality takes precedence? That's your decision. So you decide whether you want to continue in this position."

There's something inside Daisuke that winces at the word 'arrested'. "I don't dislike you sir, that's why I wanted to ask you about it instead of just saying 'I'm not coming back'." Though he is a bit wary of Hilary now but that also comes from his home life growing up. "I would like to stay here sir."

Hilary smiles pleasantly. "Grand," he concludes. "Anything else I can do for you?"

Daisuke shakes his head. "No sir, nothing right now. Thank you and I'm sorry if I sounded like I was accusing you, it wasn't my intention." He says and Daisuke really is one of those people that will try to do things so people aren't mad at him.

Hilary smiles again and shakes his head. "No, it sounded like your friend /Eddie/ was accusing me, and you were playing messenger. At any rate, if your friend is passing this gossip around to anybody else, tell him about my offer for compensation. It's far more generous than I should allow."

Daisuke shakes his head and he knows it was more Eddie was warning him then anything else. "No sir, he's not the type that would go around telling everyone, he just said something to me since he knows I work for you. I..I should probaby start working on the background that I've been working on." Yes, it's a bit of an excuse to leave the uncomfortable situation.

"Yes, well," Hilary says cheerfully when Daisuke mentions getting back to work. "Work hard, do well!"

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