2011-08-24: Congrats

Players: Kai and Vance

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Summary: Continued from Recruitment Effort: Vance delivers the news to Kai.

Date: August 24, 2011

Log Title: Congrats

Rating: PG

NYC - Williamsburg Apartments (Kai's Apartment)

Having discussed Kai’s admission into Barnes with his fellow Avengers and the headmaster, Sam Wilson, Vance has opted to start on this immediately. So using the address given by Kai, Vance has decided to show up unannounced. Making his way to Brooklyn and to the Williamsburg Apartments, Vance stands outside the apartment door and shakes his head and sighs. He cannot help but feel impacted by what appears to be Kai having lied. But there is always hope, it was not a lie. With a folder of paperwork in one hand, there is a sudden loud knock on the door. And while Vance does not lift his hand and uses his telekinesis to knock forcefully on the door.

While Vance has chosen to show up unannounced he won't find anything out of the ordinary in Kai's apartment, as soon as the boy gave his address during that interview he removed all evidence that it was being used for anything more than just a man and his nephew living there. Hearing the knock on the door Kai gets off his bed and heads towards the door, dressed in black shorts, a red t-shirt and dark blue socks, looking though the spyhole he spots Vance and opens the door, "Hey Vance, didn't know you were coming".

Sighing but when Kai opens the door, Vance forces a smile, “Hey.” Holding up the folder, “I bring news.” Peeking in past Kai, “Is your uncle home? I figure your family would want to hear the news. And of course, I could use something to drink. It is hot outside.” Vance tilts his head and smiles waiting for Kai to let him in.

Kai steps to one side to let Vance in but notes what he thinks is a forced smile, "Sorry he's out on a job at the moment but i can get you a drink, come in and sit down", he gestures to the couch, "What do you want to drink, i think we have juice and water but i think we're out of sodas sorry, but the juice and water are cold".

Making his way into Kai’s apartment, Vance offers a nod, “Yeah, I’ll take some juice. What kind of juice do you have? Pomegranate juice?” Odd choice. Vance sits down on the couch and peers about the apartment. “So. Where’s your room?” He holds the folder with the Barnes paper onto the sofa next to him.

Kai hmms, "Might just have some actually", he head into the kitchen to check what juices he has, he tends to try different kinds of juices so he doesn't get bored when it comes to getting all his five-a-day, "Your lucky day, we do", still in the kitchen getting the juice he shots back, "It's the door just to your left".

“Cool. I haven’t had some in so long and I had a craving.” Vance walks to the door that Kai mentioned, “Mind if I check it out?” He leans against the door as he telekinetically has the folder fly to his hand.

Kai calls back, "Yeah sure, feel free", now Kai's room is the only room in the apartment that actually tells you anything, the room is spotless, all clothing is hung up, everything on the desk is neat and his shoes a put neatly by his bed, on the white walls there are posters of the band Simple Plan and a band called Chameleon Circuit, there are dvds of the X-Files, a few Disney films and Doctor Who on the side, his schoolbooks from the previous semester are on the desk with an A paper on the Artic on top along with his ipod and laptop, it shows an odd mixture of the boy Kai was, who he's pretending to be and who he's becoming.

Looking over the room while Kai still gets him a juice. Vance yells out to Kai, “Cool thanks. And hey can you also get me a glass of water too?” Vance holds out his hand and suddenly the room is bathed in telekinetically energy as everything not pinned down is momentarily lifted including the bed, the posters move off the wall and Vance examines the room and then milliseconds later everything is put in back to its original spot not even noticeably moved.

Kai is heading back towards his room when Vance requests a glass of water aswell which has him heading back to the kitchen to get some, what Vance may see when moving stuff isn't things he's hiding from SHIELD rather it's things he's hiding from HYDRA, there are computer games, books, a large book on genetics and mutations a diary and a hidden supply of junk foods.

Noting the diary, Vance shakes his head and smirks a little bit as everything is put back in its plae and looks no different than when he entered. Turning to Kai as he returns with the drinks for him, Vane smirks, “Who are you? Seriously.” Vance telekinetically lifts the glasses from Kai and holds the water in his free hand and sips the pomegranate juice. “Seriously I have never seen anyone your age so clean.”

Kai grins when the glasses are taken and Vance comments on how tidy his room is, "I've just always been like this, i keep everything in its place, it makes sense, i can find everything quickly and i don't hurt my feet by stepping on things on the floor", he leans against the doorframe, "You said you had news?"

Finishing up the pomegranate juice in two quick gulps and returns the glass to the kitchen. “Let’s sit down.” Vance moves further along back into the living room and sits down on the couch and gesturing for Kai to join him. The folder flies telekinetically and opens itself in front of Kai The first letter is a welcome letter admitting him to Barnes.

Kai follows Vance to the couch and quickly scans the letter in the file in front of him, "I'm in?, wow i thought i failed that interview for sure", his face is slightly shocked for a second before it breaks into a smile, "Thank you so much Vance, you really don't know what this means, i owe you big time".

Caught up in the Kai’s excitement, Vance cannot help but smile, “Yeah, you are in. There was just one missing report, but you’re in. The information that was missing is also listed in the folder, so get that when you show up for orientation.” Vance then makes eye contact with Kai, “And yeah, you do owe me. Big Time.” Vance leans back on the sofa sipping the water, “Ok, go over the packet with your guardian. Show up for orientation on (date classes start) at the address listed.”

Kai nods, "Ok, i'll make sure to have it with me when i go to the orientation", he doesn't check whats missing just yet, Vance's… is it almost a warning? has Kai confused, thats seems slightly out of character for the man, "Do i still stay here?, is there a uniform i have to buy?, sorry for the questions, it's kinda exiting".

Noting Kai and watching the youth carefully, Vance nods knowingly, “There is a uniform. It’ll be provided for you. And you will be living there. You’ll have roommates, others like yourself. Powered teens. So I think ultimately it is the right choice for you to go there. You already met one, Rashmi. She is one of the college students there. But there are high schoolers too. Ms. Drew is one of the teachers but there are other powered teachers too. SHIELD agents and some of the Avengers like myself will teach or work at the school. Since I recruited you, I’ll be acting as your mentor.” Vance leans forward in a serious tone, “So you’ll always be around someone to keep an eye on you and help you out. I won’t be there all the time. I’m kinda busy with Avengers stuff, but I’ll be monitoring your grades and stuff.” Leaning back, he asks, “How do our parents feel about the whole thing?”

Kai nods in reasponce to it being confirmed that he will be given a uniform and be living at the school,
"So i'll be around people like me?", theres a glimmer of hope in the boy's eyes, "I'll do my best not to let you down", he looks down when asked how his parents feel about the situation, "Mom is trying to get time off to come here and talk properly, she's worried about me, she said having powers could put me in danger, i havn't been able to get hold of my dad yet".

Shaking his head, “Sorry to hear that about your dad. Do you even know where he is?” Vance leans back, “Well, if you want me to meet with your mother, I can. It might help seeing the campus.” Vance smiles widely “It is VERY impressive and I think you will like it a lot. And yes, you will be around people like you. Well, you don’t really know what you are, but yes. There are people with powers abilities. But I hope you’ll make friends. Barnes won’t tolerate bullies the way your old high school did.”

Kai sighs still not looking up, "Somewhere in the middle east, i'm not sure where exactly", he looks up, "Might do, i'll ask her", he smiles when Vance assures him there will be no bullying at Barnes, be interesting attending a school where he's not constantly watching his back, "I honestly can't wait".

“Well, good. Hey do you happen to have any pictures of your family? It would be interesting to see which parent you look more like?” Vance stands up after he finishes the water and telekinetically floats the glass into the kitchen.

Kai nods, "Yeah sure, i'll be back in a second", he heads into his room and comes out with a picture of him with a blond haired woman and a dark haired man in a military uniform, the biggest reseblance is with the man, "Hears one".

“Wow. That’s interesting.” Vance studies the picture and for a moment wonders if this picture is doctored or photoshopped. He knows Kai’s dad is not in the military, but the man in this picture is wearing a uniform and clearly is related to Kai. “You miss him?”

Kai nods looking at the picture, "Of course i do, wouldn't you", the boy is looking at the picture with a genuine sadness, the boy can't help but feel slightly lost at this moment, "Er, is there anything else i can get you?, something to eat or something", he puts the picture down.

Confused by all this, Vance just looks down, “I miss my dad too.” Vance looks off, “And no I am not hungry.” He stands up, “But I do think we should celebrate. Why don’t I take you out somewhere to eat?”

Kai looks away for a second before forcing a smile and nodding to Vance, "Ok, sounds good", he puts the picture back in his room, "Where did you want to go?", he moves the file Vance gave him safely on the table in the middle of the room.

“Let’s go to Mutant Town. There’s a ice-cream spot there, that is pretty good.” Vance then heads to the door and leads Kai out and towards Mutant Town.

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