2010-06-13: Connecting The Dots


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Summary: Bruce introduces Scout to Magneto. They and Jono discuss the shootings and possible suspects.

Log Title: Connecting the Dots

Rating: PG (L)

NYC - Four Arms Apartments (Roof)

The roof looks out over the city the best it can. Since it's only a few stories high and is one of the shorter buildings in the area the view isn't that great. There's an old pigeon coop up here that's long since been used and other than the door, that's the only other thing up here. There's a small railing around the edge that's just one bar with a few posts, nothing to really prevent anyone from going over the edge. Over all those it's a nice quiet spot to go and relax.


It's not the most beautiful of days out today. Though it's not terribly cold it is still overcast. It's been raining lightly on and off for the past several hours, though right now it's not. The roof of the building has a small area taped off with a "Do Not Cross" sign from where Deadpool cracked the roof last week. Apparently the landlord isn't so quick to repair such things.

Bruce opens the door to the roof and steps out, holding the door open for the girl behind him. He'd met Scout a couple of times and thought that her abilities might be useful for the trap he's been planning. After having called Magneto to discuss the information Bruce had collected on Danny the other night, the two decided to meet up on the roof today to discuss things further. Bruce looks around, not seeing anyone around just yet. "Right-o Scout. Just don't go all crazy and pull knives and you'll be just ace."

Knives? Well, Scout has become rather infamous for this type of maneuver, but lately the only lesson being learned are those in reservations. So besides the usual one kept in her front pocket, the rest have been left in their rightful place within her backpack, which for once is not being carried by the teen. "Roger that, Bruce." She says, grinning brightly as she fellows behind the other man, eyes occasionally shifting to the left and right to get a better look of where they're headed to exactly. After some of her recent run ins with two rather dangerous mutants, Scout's learned it might be best to keep herself on better guard. Getting caught by the ankle and flipped upside down by a rather large, sharp toothed and clawed man was rather unpleasant.

Magneto soars across Mutant Town and circles the roof Bruce is standing on once, checking the whole area out. The 'Town has had problems lately, and he'd really rather not be caught off-guard if more of those problems start shooting at him. Satisfied that random snipers are not on any of the nearby buildings, he comes in for a landing. Jonothon is trailing him under his own power; he can make his own way down.
"Dingo." The Mutant Master of Magnetism greets the young Australian with a nod. His attention turns then to Scout, ice-blue eyes sizing her up from within his helmet. "And who might this young lady be?"

Jonothon also stands out due to the fact that psy-fire is very obvious as he flies. Thankfully most people would just chalk him up to being the Torch, or some such. There's a bit of a frown as he lands, boots sounding on rooftop, but it's because of who is here than any other reason. The Brit lifts a hand in way of greeting, but doesn't say anything. Not yet at any rate. Fire flows around his person, a living thing in its own right. It ruffles his hair and lurks in his eyes, but really, even then he's hardly intimidating. No, that's Magneto's shtick.

Bruce tips his hat to Magneto. "Ah, thanks fer comin' out here sir." He glances behind Magneto to Jono, "Ah, and the guy who helped out at the bar. Good ta see yer still kickin." The man juts a thumb toward the girl next to him. "Sheila's named Scout. Seems to have similar mind set to us, and she's got an ability that could be useful to us if we set off our trap at night."

Scout watches as the other two mutants arrive via different forms of flight, and though he's not coming off as intimidating, the flashier style of being completely surrounding by a very life-like flame, is by far more eye catching. She licks her lips, noting how it curls around him, seemingly doing no harm to his physical self what-so-ever. "Oh, Hi." She says, peeking out from behind Bruce as she hears the man introduce her to the others. A couple steps to the left are taken, and moving forward to find herself directly next to the Australian man, arms crossed as the older of the two is momentarily sized up.

"Indeed?" Magneto looks to Bruce, then back to Scout. "And just what talentor talentsdo you command, young Miss Scout? If they can be of use in protecting the people of this gh… urban subdivision, then I welcome your assistance."
He notes her attention on Jonothon and a faint smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. "May I introduce Chamber, of the X-Men." He waves a hand, indicating Jonothon should step forward.

«Tonight was a bit of a close call.» To the still kicking line. «Hullo.» Jonothon's voice is strange, for it's not heard with the ears, but it is distinctly British. Still, he moves his lips as though he were speaking out loud, and pointedly looks to Magneto about that. Yes, he's teasing Magneto. If dryly. His attention is pulled from Scout and Bruce by that crack in the roof. Motioned to join you all, he instead lifts a finger for a moment and goes over to the tapped off area. «Excuse me.» Polite about it at least.
Tendrils of fire extend from his chest and down into the roof. Jono doesn't motion or anything, but his attention is downwards. After a moment something in the building groans. A deep, not safe kind of sound. It's not immediate, but as something pops the roof does begin to right itself. Psy-fire licks about the crack as even it gradually closes off, and a depression rises.

Bruce quirks a brow as Magneto mentions that Jono is from the X-Men. "Oh? I heard that name once before, the X-Men. They run a school similar to Barnes, don't they? Except hopefully not funded by the military." He'll let Scout describe her own ability to the men if she should wish to. He glances over at Jono as he repairs the roof. "Oh thanks a bunch. Poor Misses Lucciardi's been getting rained on all day. I packed it up with some sand but the rain must've washed it off." He looks back at Magneto and nods his head toward the crack. "Odd guy did that. Ninja in black and red. Tried to kill me and then just left."

Like when a dog hears a strange noise, Scout's head cocks to the side as her eyes narrow in on the man wrapped in flames referred to as Chamber, and then to the other in response to the voice heard not with her ears, but in her head. She shrugs it off, watching Chamber fix up the hole in the roof before turning her attention back to the question asked to her earlier. "My Talents? Why, I believe they'd fall in what is often called the field of teleportation." She lets loose a tooth filled smile, holding back the fact that shadows are necessary for her powers to work. She has no familiarity with the X-men, at least none that she knows of, but decides it might be a good term to tuck back into the recesses of her memory for later inquiry.

"Ninja in black and red? Sounds like Deadpool. He's a nuisance." But not a nuisance who is easy to be rid of, which is why Magneto makes no effort to get to know the man. Some things he recognizes as bad decision from a safe distance.

To Scout, he says, "Teleportation. Yes, that can be useful. Tell me, Miss Scout: are you limited to transporting just yourself, or may you take others with you? If you can carry others, how many? And can you apport someone—send them somewhere, without having to go there yourself?" A useful ability, teleportation, but one which typically comes with major caveats. Magneto is wondering which ones apply in this instance, before he makes any plans.

«Heh.» To Bruce, but the Brit's main attention remains on the roof. «Using the sand to bolster some spots. Thanks for putting it there.» Actually Jonothon is glad there wasn't a negative reaction from Bruce. The X-Men have fought Magneto for how many years now? Anyway, he continues working, not rushing because he could do this old building more harm than good otherwise. His efforts can be heard as well, as the building makes all kinds of noises. Fixing something like this isn't as easy as it sounds. Jono does give Magneto a glance. Watching Magneto recruit someone is something educational?

Bruce nods to Magneto. "Deadpool eh? He was a strange one. Kept talking to someone on a tele com, but he seemed confused when I asked who he was talking to. He had some pretty powerful weapons, think he's with the shooters?"
Bruce allows Magneto to further question scout and moves closer to Jono slightly. "Need a bit more sand? I keep a bit up here just in case." He holds out a hand toward some crates not too far away, streaming a bit of sand toward himself. "So tell me about your school, not something like that other one is it? I think the Avengers run school might be behind this whole mutant hunting fiasco.”

Scout hesitates in answering at first, not quite sure how much she'd like to expose of her powers. It's one thing for someone to figure out her weaknesses, but a completely other thing to voluntarily spout them out. "I can take others, but I have to be with them." Her top teeth fall down into her bottom lips, leaving little indentations once the soft flesh is released. Her attention has completely left that of the flame engulfed man and is kept steadily on Magneto. "I use another dimension though, a place where I can leave people if I wished." She promptly adds followed by a little short fit of laughter. The thought, is obviously entertaining to her, if not very comical.

Magneto nods. "Very useful. So, you could take people to your dimension to keep them safe, or you could take other people there to keep us safe here." He looks toward Bruce. "An excellent candidate, Bruce." Then, to Scout again, "Do you live here in Mutant Town, or can you arrange to be here, on the day we will be holding the pro-mutant celebratory rally? Bruce can give you any details you are unclear on. I merely need to know if you are willing to participate."
Then, to Jonothon, "That's a main structural beam, Chamber, and it has a crack in it some twelve feet to your left." The roof moans near the join of roof and wall, and another crack opens in the roofing material, running parallel to the wall. "There. Fixed. If you would do the cosmetic patches…?"

Jonothon doesn't comment about Deadpool, for all he knows a little about the other. That guy is crazy. «No thanks.» About the sand. Most everything is looking whole, but still fire tendrils are sunk into the rooftop. «There was a weak brace in one spot, that's all. Didn't need extra mass for the rest.» Explained so that it maybe makes a little sense. Asked of the school he eyes the other. «Not sure how you learned about that, mate, but they aren't at all tied to Barnes, much less the government.» He pauses and glances to Scout for that laugh, «The attacks aren't from Barnes. More likely one of the secret government agencies. There are several.» Flame filled eyes return to Bruce.
At least until Magneto speaks his name. The Brit nods and fire snakes across the roof to another spot. «We could spend the whole night fixing the building, so I didn't attempt more than the crack.» He's smirking though, amused. As bits here and there seemingly correct themselves, Jono pulls in his psy-fire. It flows around him briefly before dispersing.

Bruce half listens to Magneto & Scout's conversation, nodding to the two to show that he will indeed fill the girl in later on their plan. The sand from the crates seems to stop and return back into the crate. "Alrighty, if you don't need it. And I hear a lot of things. I do work at a bar after all." He smirks, though it was Kage who had mentioned the school's existence. They had at one point planned to go there to try and bolster up a militia of sorts.
He shakes his head at Jono's dismissal of the school. "Oh I don't know. I heard from some student at Barnes that they study their students' weaknesses and use them against them if they misbehave." He shrugs. "Also someone who works at the bar goes there. He left minutes before the shooting. Could be the one who's been giving them intel." He shakes his head, "And the points thing to get into an elite organization? Apparently Barnes is run by "SHIELD", which is an elite military group specializing in fighting mutants." Then as an afterthought, "Thanks for fixing the roof by the way. You too Magneto."

"Exactly." Scout says to Magneto as her attention slowly shifts over towards the man engulfed, watching as the flames suddenly disappear. She laughs again, though only a single little chuckle happens to escape her barely parted lips. Very useful for keeping people… out of harms way if you will. Those that may be too dangerous for the common good. Her smile, about to wane, has come back with full gusto now as the near imprisonment qualities of her powers are mentioned. "No, I do not live here." she answers, eyes falling back over towards the man asking her all the questions. "But I'd have no problem in getting myself here when needed." Sounds like an acceptance to whatever their plan might be without actually asking what it is.

"SHIELD has turned its attention on fighting mutants? Chamber. What have you heard about this?" Magneto takes this news seriously. Having SHIELD against them in the anti-mutant policing argument would be extremely unpleasant for all concerned—and most especially for SHIELD, given what Magneto could do to them all by himself. He considers those things even as Scout answers his most recent questions. "Yes… that is very good. Welcome to the fold, Miss Scout. In case we should need you…" He raises a hand and a tiny metal whirlwind forms within his fingers, as metallic scraps fly in to it and form themselves into a cell phone-like device. He offers it to Scout. "You may contact me or one of the other people on this link, if you should need to do so."

Jonothon shakes his head. «You're connecting the wrong dots I think.» To Bruce about all that. «Not that I think SHIELD is all that trust worthy, it's that I know a few things you don't.» Of course the Brit doesn't explain those things as he looks to Scout again. You know, he's not too sure he's comfortable with watching this. «And you're welcome.» For fixing the roof. Jono likes now having a power that does more than only destroy.
«That's bollocks.» That SHIELD is fighting mutants. «Really don't know where this bloke is pulling his information from.» Motions a thumb at Bruce. «Everything I hear about the school is Legit, and Hank did the checking. No, I really think we're dealing with one of the Departments. They have always been the ones with the goals against mutants. Not SHIELD.» And they were the ones running the camp he was in. He eyes the new device, but keeps his opinion to himself.

Bruce offers Scout a quick nod and smile as she is made a phone of her own. Glancing back to Magneto the Aussie scratches the back of his head. "Well I have no proof they're actually behind anything, but from what I've heard from that Ghost Kid they don't want their students running out on them. He tried to leave and a task force came after him and used methods to capture him. And trust me, that kid has a very specific weakness."
Bruce seems very interested in what Chamber has to say. "Well if you have reason to really believe SHIELD's NOT the ones behind it…Well it'd make me happy to not have to worry about an entire school full of mutants that're being controlled by them." He shakes his head, "But SHIELD's a government agency, isn't it? It's not like the different factions of the government work directly against each other. That wouldn't make sense. If nothing else, SHILED probably knows something about these shootings."

The device is eagerly taken and observed very briefly before being placed safely inside her front left pocket. "Thank you…" She pauses, having realized she's not exactly sure on how to address the man. "…Sir." She catches the glance aimed towards her from the man previously aflame and returns his look with that of a shit-eating grin. Not hard to tell the little exchange going down between her and Magneto is making him uncomfortable, but it's also not hard to tell she's eating it up. The mentioning of the ghost kid is quick to steal her attention, having dealt with him a couple times before. "Is that the kid that sometimes hangs out with the girl that has a body with the consistency of taffy?" She asks towards Bruce, trying to piece a little together what is mostly going straight over her head.

Magneto regards Bruce with a rather sardonic twist to his mouth. "'It's not like the different factions of government work directly against each other'? You have a very rosy opinion of government, Dingo. One which I cannot claim to have observed evidence for, over the years."
He pauses as Scout speaks, and nods in reply to her 'Sir'. The questions about the 'ghost kid' and 'taffy girl' are noted, and he looks to Bruce. Enlightment, Dingo? But as to the other topic under consideration… "I don't doubt that SHIELD does know something about the shootings. They're the sort of thing SHIELD investigates. Whether they will share that intelligence… and whether it is at all useful to us…"

Jonothon gives Bruce a look like he can't decide whether to laugh or cry. All he does do is rub at his face. «That's the problem, mate. There /are/ conflicting factions. SHIELD has quite often been working to save mutants, if only because they don't want everyone getting killed in the process.» He motions a sigh he can't actually make. «There are governmental groups started decades ago that are so secret most of the 'legit' government people have no idea they are even there.» Totally motions the quotes. «Not that I'm saying anyone is innocent here, but you are connecting only the obvious.» And what Magneto said. «The people killing mutants don't give a damn about anyone. They're all quite insane.» Which he's sure everyone here can agree on. The taffy girl comment has him quiet.

Bruce gives Scout a shrug, "Can't say. He's got white hair, purple eyes, and doesn't like salt." He doesn't tend to give away the weaknesses of others, but that kid has caused him some trouble in the past and he trusts these three to use it only if needed. "I have seen him with girls before, but none of them have used abilities while I was around."
Bruce looks a little embarrassed as Jono and Magneto seem to think that perhaps there are conflicting parts of the government. "Alright, alright. I guess that's possible. They tried making me a weapon in Oz after all." He shrugs, "So then the SHIELD folk are supposed to be on our side? Why'd they go after the Ghost Boy like that? Unless he did something particularly bad…" He shakes his head, "But that kid's got a hero complex. He was there annoying the hell out of me when I…" He glances at Jono and Scout. "That day I met your son."
Scout nods, digesting the description Bruce gave of the Ghost Kid. "Yeah, that sounds about right. Both of them are a real pain from my experiences; him and the girl that can stretch. She even got me thrown in prison a couple weeks ago, but lucky for me, once the lights went out, it was easy just as easy to leave as it was being dragged in." She laughs, rubbing at the back of her head where some other unknown person bashed her into unconsciousness.
The salt information is deemed extremely useful as the teen tries to make a mental note to snatch a salt shaker the next time she finds herself in a restaurant and always keep it on her. "We will consider ourselves on call then until need." She gestures to the phone she was given with two soft taps with a finger at the object inside her pocket. "Shall I consider myself excused for now, Sir, unless I'm still needed?" The last question is aimed towards Magneto.

Magneto raises an eyebrow at Bruce. "Perhaps the ghost boy was tracked by his handlers for reasons related more to his behavior than to his genetics… and perhaps his proximity to you during the incident with my son confused them further." Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. "I have little trust in that the government is capable of understanding simple things, and none at all if there is any complexity to the issue." And there's lots of complexities involved in dealing with mutants.
"As for SHIELD being on our side… no. It is not. But as such agencies go, it isn't not on our side, and that's the best that we can say about it."
Then Scout speaks, and he shakes his head. "If you have someplace to be, young lady, you may go. We now have a means of contacting each other, so all is good. I do not think there will be movement on our plan for some days, perhaps weeks—do have fun, in the meantime."

Jonothon spreads his hands when asked of SHIELD being on their side. «More like SHIELD is on their own side, but we over lap a good deal. When dealing with SHIELD it's best to hold fire until they prove hostile. They might just lend you a hand.» Even the X-man advises not to trust. Just use. He smirks at Magneto after that. «Hank researched Barnes because of another of their kids. We've had a couple shift there. From every account it's legit, so if this ghost boy is having trouble he's either making such a mess they are smacking him hard, or he's not actually dealing with SHIELD.» So doesn't ask about Magneto's son, but the Brit doesn't look much puzzled over it. No, he's smart enough to do some math here, even if he doesn't know about the robbery. «You know how bollocked the government shit gets.»

Bruce sighs and rubs the back of his head again. "Allright. Well on one hand at least it seems like the kids at Barnes aren't in immediate danger, on the other hand…Well that was my only lead. We're back to square one. Unless you think that Deathpool guy is involved somehow."
Bruce glances over to Scout and gives her a nod. Come track me down later and I'll explain the Festival." He shoots a glance to Magneto, "Yeah might be a few more weeks, maybe even a month before that'll actually take place. Such a big event takes a bit of time, and I have to rent out the park from the city to host it. Got Lil to be our spokes person, though. She's pretty pissed about the bar still." The man shakes his head. "Ok, so no where as far as leads for the shooters. We know anything about that bomb at the Friends of Humanity thing?"

"Thank you Sir." Scout is quick to speak, giving Bruce a brief acknowledgment with a smile and a nod. Consider it done. It'll be at least a day before she begins seeking him out, should things remain relatively calm for her. "You can guarantee I'll be enjoying myself during the mean time." Her eyes train onto a spot being over run by shadows cast down from one of the several taller buildings in the surrounding area. Immediately, her footsteps begin to take her in the direction, sinking down into the darkness once both feet have found their way inside the little dark haven. Within seconds, she has completely disappeared.

"We know several things about the shooters, Dingo. We know they're well-organized, well-trained, well-armed, and they have good intelligence on Mutant Town—at least in terms of what is physically here. All of that says that they have money, and quite a bit of it. There are only so many groups of people who control those sorts of monies, and I am examining several prospects." His smile is chilly. He looks toward the shadow that Scout disappeared into and nods. "You are doing well, gathering help for our counterstrike. Now, to find the proper target."
His attention crosses to Jonothon. "Chamber. I know you do not approve of my methods, but even you must agree that these shootings cannot be allowed to continue. Also, ill-founded reprisals should not be encouraged. I heard about the bomb at the FoH rally, but know no more about it. Do you know something…?"

Jonothon gives Magneto a look in return, «I wouldn't still be here if I didn't agree about that the shootings need to be stopped.» The man is firm on that. «Nor would I be sharing information.» Not that people at the school don't already think he's insane for training with Magneto. «Of the bombing, no.» Almost apologetic that. «Nothing more than the media has offered, and I don't trust that.» Sorry, but that's not something he knows about.
«I did learn that the shooting in Salem wasn't directly related. Or at least those doing the shooting weren't aware of a connection. Who ever funded the northern attack could have also done the Mutant Town ones. Of this I know very little however. Hank got the info through another source I've not met.»

Bruce frowns, "Well yes, we know a bit about the shooters themselves, just not where to find them, but I'll keep looking for possible leads." He nods in the direction Scout disappeared to, "She's been using her abilities to stir up trouble, I thought we could direct her toward doing something useful. I'll keep an eye out for others, too."
"And no, nothing about the bombing aside from the news report. I was hoping one of you knew something I didn't." Bruce shrugs, "So the shooters were from different groups? Even if they didn't know about the point system or anything we can't rule out that they may have still been hired by the same organization…Unless you found a definite motive that contradicts that."

"Hired? These… persons… seem to have volunteered for the positions. Certainly, it is doubtful that anyone 'hired' would consider a point system for kills to be an adequate motivator, but for a bunch of volunteers? Points would be the icing on the metaphorical cake." Magneto looks between Bruce and Jono. "Now, that does bring up the related questions of funding and supplies. Who has the wherewithal to supply these people with the weapons and other gear they use? And where is the benefit to them?"

Jonothon can only shake his head. «I simply don't know. I'm sorry. All I know is that the Salem group were fairly incompetent, yet had some unique technology. The Mutant Town groups had better weaponry. And I should know.» A wrinkled nose at that, and he rolls his eyes. Magneto should remember that night. Jono appeared on Magneto's doorstep, bloody and very confused. «I've been hanging out in Mutant Town hoping to catch another shooting. See if I can't trace people back. There's someone calling the shots on the first group.»

Bruce nods, "Yeah I suppose it would be a volunteer thing, though perhaps this elite group pays fairly well?" He frowns, "Actually I suppose it'd be more a prestige thing." Bruce ponders for a moment. "Well does this mean we have two groups attacking mutants now? Or did the one seem like an isolated incident?" He nods to Jono, "Yeah I've been doing the same, patrolling the streets and rooftops. Let me know next time you're out and I'll tag along. That ninja was a bit of trouble the other night."

"There is never a shortage of fools who think mutants are another form of huntable wildlife," Magneto snarls. "Humanity is nothing if not xenophobically consistent in their treatment of 'the other'. Doubtless, some third group supplies all comers with the means to attack us. Such sales would be lucrative and may be deniable, as well, depending on several factors." He looks between the two men. "The problem may stretch further than the people taking part in the shootings. It may reach to others who encourage the shootings, but who do not take part themselves, on some weasel-minded fiction that separation means a lack of guilt."

Quiet for a bit, Jonothon frowns as he thinks of something, and he looks to Magneto. «What if this is a distraction?» He shrugs after asking that. «I have no proof, no idea what could be going on, but wouldn't that be the kind of thing you did if you wanted our attention focused somewhere away from what you were doing?» The Brit scratches idly at his temple, «I could be seeing too much in this, and it really could be some wankers wanting to upgrade to a new game, but I dunno. Why give people this tech to earn points?»

Bruce frowns at Magneto when he mentions all of this. "So in other words it could be a while before we find who's behind it all. And even then it could branch out further." He ponders for a moment over Jono's words. "Well if it's a distraction it's a pretty big one. If they're hunting down mutants to distract us from something bigger then it would benefit whoever it is double if they managed to take out the more powerful among us as well."

Magneto looks at Jono and frowns. "There could be more than one motivation. Sewing of dissension, intimidation of mutants, setting the stage for further actions…" He looks around at Bruce and shakes his head. "These sorts of attacks are unlikely to take out the most powerful of us… but they might take out the most powerful of the next generation, depriving us of their assistance later on." He bares his teeth and glares out across the city skyline. "Of primary importance: who is giving points? And what is bought with them? Take that away, and a major source of motivation for this round of murderous maniacs goes away."

Jonothon nods, «I could be paranoid. Just having seen a little of how the Departments work, and how twisted it all gets, I really have to wonder.» All he can do is shrug. «For now I'm going to lurk when I can and see if I can't get a lead on who is giving points. Until then you know everything I do about this already.» Since this isn't the first time you all have spoken. «That kid from Barnes though, not the ghost boy, but another who came to the school. He knew a good deal more. Mike or something. Hank never said his name, but some of the other kids were unsettled by the situation.»

Bruce nods to the two of them. "Yeah, I'll keep an ear out at the pub. If I run into anyone suspicious I'll keep them alive next time." He sighs. "But yes, we need to solve this as fast as we can. The longer it takes us the more of our people are killed." He blinks at Jono. "Kid from Barnes? He goes to your school now? Maybe you could question him. I'll see if Casper's heard of a "Mike"."

Magneto crosses his arms. "I do not have current contacts at Barnes that I know of; the two of you will need to concentrate on the ones you have to get the information we require. Barnes may not know what is going on, but they have contacts in SHIELD and those contacts may give us what we need." He looks out across the city again. "There are other paths to information… I will endeavor to make them give us what we need."

A spread of hands to show he's at a loss. «There's this kid from Barnes who came to the school I'm with and talked to Hank about these attacks. I don't know him, or even what he looks like.» Jonothon is relaying second hand information and knows it. He lets his hands fall to his sides and nods to Magneto. «I'm going to head home then. You know how to reach me.» Doesn't offer Bruce a means to contact him, but he does lift a hand in farewell. «If I'm around and poke in the bar, or check here. Cheers.» Never one for long good-byes, the Brit wraps himself in flames and lifts off the roof. Flies northwards.

"Alright, I saw the Ghost Kid earlier. I think he's still around the town someplace. I'll track him down and tell him to keep an ear out." Bruce nods to Jono, "Yes, see if maybe this 'Hank' person can get more info, or maybe you can meet the boy yourself?" He offers a nod as Jono departs. "Yeah I'm at the bar often. If I'm not one of the tenders should know where I am."

Magneto watches Jono leave. "The X-Men may be able to get into places we cannot. On the other hand…" He looks to Bruce. "Keep your ear to the ground, Dingo. I will be in touch." And with that, he, too, takes to the air.

Bruce nods to magneto as he speaks. "Right. I'll contact you if I see or hear anything." He waves the man off as he departs and heads downstairs. He'll hunt down Caleb first and then try to find Scout to fill her in on the plan so far.

~ Fin ~

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