2010-07-12: Consideration



Summary: Jordan gets an offer.

Date: July 12, 2010

Log Title: Consideration

Rating: PG

Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

Everything has been going crazy off and on for a while. So, Jordan does what he tends to do when he needs to think. He heads to the reservoir. It's far enough away from campus that others won't often be there, but it's close enough that he doesn't have to get permission to be gone too long.

He sits on the ground, just staring out at the water. Thinking. He's not happy. Xavier's has become a second home to him, but there's so much there. Back in Florida, he never had a problem with being kidnapped. He never got possessed. Down there, he was cock of the walk. He was going to be the youngest Quarterback they had seen at his school in years. And then, mutation settled down. He didn't have a problem with the powers in his body, just controlling them. But now…

Now things are different. He's spent half the year confused or controlled. It's not how he wants to live. So, decisions are being made in his mind. Or at least, they're being made until he's interrupted. A flash of light heralds a teleportation nearby. Instinctively, Jordan shrinks down to his minimum height.

A female voice calls out. "It doesn't always have to be like that. That place… it draws trouble. It draws pain. It draws problems. Why? Because they sit on their butts and wait for things to happen before they take action." The woman is clad in a golden outfit, with a bucket-style helmet over her head, hiding her features.

Jordan, being the cape-nut that he is, recognizes her. He grows back to his normal size. "Tempo." He says with a nod. "Why are you here?" He asks. He knows who the MLF are, and the members, though he's never actually met one nor known their actual birth names. Primarily, because it's not public knowledge.

"To make you an offer, Jordan. You're not happy here. They keep hurting you. They keep letting you get captured. They keep hurting the ones you love. And you… you HATE sitting on the sidelines. You want to be out there. you want to be active. We… can give you that offer. It won't be fun all the time. There'll be plenty of pain and plenty of fighting. But sometimes, in a war…" Tempo doesn't finish the sentence. "Sometimes, they go for things that you don't want them to. I can attest to that. And at those moments, you make a decision to stand aside. Or… to find a way around it."

Jordan looks up, thoughtful. "The MLF is back?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. "Under whose command?" He asks, before pausing. "And why me? I'm just a bullet. Nothing more. Point me, and I go. I'm not a thinker."

Tempo laughs softly. "They've been watching how you've been abused. They want you for your power. -I- want you because you're not like some of them. You're not bloodthirsty. You CAN weigh good against bad. As for who's leading now? Pretty much leading ourselves, though we do have an anonymous benefactor helping us out. Some attacks, I'm in favor of, some I'm not." She explains, looking at the young man. "You don't have to decide now. Just think on it. You have plenty of time. If you choose to come to us, call this number." She says, offering him a card.

"I don't know if I can leave. I've got Robyn." Jordan says.

"If he's willing, he can come too." Tempo nods before moving to the portal again. "Please, consider it. Yes, we're considered terrorists, and I won't deny it. But… we're actually fighting to make a difference for mutants everywhere."

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