2011-01-09: Conversation About Dances And Killers

Players: Drew Daniels and Jeremy

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Summary: Drew and Jeremy have a conversation about the upcoming school dance and about a potential killer.

Date: January 9, 2011

Log Title: Conversation About Dances And Killers

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - HoloQuad

Stepping into the HoloQuad one would almost forget that they were in an underwater school. The sky changes to reflect the time of day, sunny with clouds during the day to night time reflecting what the Northern Hemisphere would look like without light pollution. Sunsets and Sunrises are even reflected in the room. It's impossible to tell there is a ceiling up there. Plant life, benches, fountains and pathways make the room look like a luxurious park and unlike the sky, the rest of the room is real. Sometimes a breeze passes buy and the room is always a comfortable temperature giving the students a way to feel like they're outside enjoying the fresh air.

It's his first time finally going to the holoquad and Jeremy finds it relaxing in the psudeo-park. He's been in the city most of the day and now is relaxing among the trees. He's sitting on the grass with his back against a tree and his laptop resting on his legs as he works on his homework. He's dressed a pair of jeans and a plain Barnes issued long sleeve t-shirt and his usual gloves. He looks exhausted though, and has dark circles under his eyes.

Making his way into the Holoquad, Drew Daniels is dressed in his SHIELD-issued sweats and his white cowboy hat. He takes n a deep breath and then exhales. He is also carrying a rolled-up mat under his arm. He makes his way in further, but stops as he looks at the young student, "Jeremy? Are you ok?"

Looking up at the teacher Jeremy gives him a small smile as a hello. "Hello Mr. Daniels. I'm fine, why do you ask?" He says as he types a few last things on his laptop and hits the save button. Some of the programming and networking they have a Barnes is unbelievable, making it so easy to turn in your homework.

Drew looks over the boy and studies him for some time before he shrugs, "Well, you have dark circles under your eyes. How've you been sleeping?" Drew sits down on the bench next to Jeremy and places the mat next to him.

Jeremy shrugs his shoulders. "Okay I guess. I mean..Caleb doesn't keep me up or anything. Just kind of busy with this whole dance committee." He says as it's been on his mind but there has been a lot of other things on it as well. "How are you doing sir?"

Drew nods, "I'm doing well. Had a good holiday and am looking forward to this new year." He pauses a moment, "So this is the Xavier's/Barnes dance. I remember being told about it. All of it is up to the students, so it should be fun. Who knows maybe I'll chaperone, but it's great to hear you on the committee. Who else is?"

Jeremy is kind of relieved he was able to change the subject to the dance and happily jumps on the topic. "Well it's me, my roommate Caleb, but he wasn't able to make the first meeting. Rashmi and from Xavier's two kids Robin and Mason. And yeah, it's up to us to do fund raisers and decide everything. It's weird cause I've never been to a school dance."

Drew nods, "I'm happy to see that you are excited. What are some of your ideas?" when Drew hears the part about Jeremy never having been to a school dance, he smiles, "Well, then you are very lucky. Your very first dance and you get to plan it all. That's very neat. Are you worried or anything about it?"

Jeremy shrugs. "Honestly I don't know. I don't know how any of this works." He admits as it's a bit overwhelming for him. "I was told I need to be more social and the school kind of volunteered me. And worried…I guess just cause I don't know what to expect. And first dance…I don't think that's going to happen."

Tex chuckles, "Well,forced volunteerism." He hmmmmmns, "Well I'm sure Caleb, Rashmi, and the Xavier students will be very helpful. My understanding is Jessica and Emma Frost are doing the staff part. I'm sure it will go over very well, but why wouldn't you go to the dance, especially if you are planning it. Don't you want to see the fruits of your labor?"

"I've actually met Robin before..she's nice." Jeremy says but one might sense there's a bit of a but there. "And I didn't say I wouldn't go, I just thought you meant first dance as in..first time dancing..with a girl. That is probably not going to happen." He admits as he's a bit afraid and doesn't want to deal with his powers at an event like that.

Tex blinks a moment, "You've never danced with a girl?" He hmmmmns, "You know. the way students dance now-a-days, you don't actually have to make contact with your dance partner. I've seen people just kinda moving about on their own. Don't think about it as a date, persay think of it as more about getting together with friends. And if there is a slow dance, then just be careful. You'll be dressed I presume, so you'll have to wear your gloves. Just make the most of it."

"I've never even had a girlfriend sir." Jeremy says with a shrug. "I ran away from home at fifteen so I never really got to experience that kinda thing. That's why I'm eighteen and finishing up my sophomore year." He admits as he really is behind in school. "It's a 20's theme so I'll be dressed up probably for that. Mason first suggested a beach party theme but the idea of a dance in bathing suits was kind of terrifying."

"Oh goodness. A beach theme? That might be a bit revealing for some students. 1920s sounds sounds like a great idea. Probably see alot of flappers." He ponders, "If I chaperone, I may need to do some shopping." Drew ponders and then responds to Jeremy, "Well, son, not having a girlfriend is tough. But don't rush it. The idea of wanting a girlfriend sometimes make people rush into some mistakes. As cliche as this sounds, when you meet the right girl, you'll know. And I understand you being reticent because of your powers. But we'll work on that too." He thinks a moment, "I believe there is an X-Man whose powers are skin-to-skin contact. It may help speaking to her. Rogue, I think."

"Well…sir…if I'm ever…with someone. There's no such things as secrets with me." Jeremy admits which is one aspect of his powers that he really hates. "I see everything. Things you would have even forgotten. Every great, horrible, embarrassing moment. I met this one guy recently, and foolishly I forgot to put my glove on after lighting my cigarette and…we touched. I saw everything. I saw that he was a killer, and..how do you deal with knowing that? Not only knowing but seeing exactly what they did. I think I'd be better off just..by myself.

"It is a tough burden to bear, Jeremy. To be able to see everyone's secrets, but." Drew pauses, "Some say, with love anyway, that you know the person fully. No secrets kept from each other. So realistically, whoever you love, you would or should know everything about her anyway." He smirks, "Just put yourself through a lonely life because you are afraid. You may give up on someone and that would be tragic, son."

"Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. But I, and I'm sure the other staff here, promise to try and change that. In fact, Agent Quetzal suggested something to me that I'm seeing if it will work to at least help out how you think or view your powers. But I won't go into that for now." Drew changes the focus of the conversation from Jeremy to the killer he mentioned, "Who was the person you saw as a killer?"

Jeremy does have one thing that's helping him but damned if he's going to tell Drew that. He's needed something to help since Hosea's past has been stuck in his head. "It was some guy…from that other school. Xavier's. I don't know, I don't think he's that person anymore but when he was in Nigeria he was a soldier…as a kid. He brutally killed people. Will he get in trouble if I tell you who he is?"

"A child soldier in Nigeria. I guess the only real way to know is to find out why he killed. If he was a child solidier he wouldn't have known better. He may have been forced. It's one thing to kill as a soldier. It's another to enjoy it." Drew frowns, "He won't get in trouble yet, if you tell me who he is. But we should at the very least investigate. If he's a student at Xavier's, then he is a mutant too." Drew looks to be pondering a thought.

Jeremy hesitates for a bit before shaking his head. "Sorry..I can't tell you." He just doesn't feel right about it and at the same time he's quite scared of Hosea from what he saw. "He's at Xavier's, they should deal with him right? Not us?"

"Well what if Xavier's doesn't know? Though they probably do, but we can;t take that risk. I won't force you to tell me." Drew isn't sure if he could. "But be sure you're really thinking it through. If this person is dangerous, then it is potentially on you for not telling us. But if you have some kind of faith in him, well. you have to risk that against potential harm." Drew suggests, "You could always explore without the staff knowing. If you have friends at Xavier's, then ask about him. Find out what you can. If you don't find anything or you still feel he is dangerous than let us know." Drew also thinks of ways he can find out without forcing Jeremy's hand.

"I can only imagine what you saw and I wouldn't want to." Drew sighs, "But let me see what I can come up with to help deal with those nasty thoughts." Drew pats Jeremy's shoulder, "Have hope, son. We'll figure out how to deal with your powers through training. As for the mystery potential killer, I'll leave that in your hands for now. But follow-up with me on, Jeremy ok?" Drew smiles as he stands up and takes the mat from the bench and tucks it under his arm.

Jeremy does tense a bit as Drew pats his shoulder, reflex, but he does give him a nod to his final question. "Have a good night sir, I still have a little bit of homework to finish." He says as he watches Drew leave before bringing his knees to his chest and sighing.

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