2011-06-21: Conversation At The Cold Stone Creamery

Players: Cloud and Jordan Mayfair

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Summary: Cloud and Jordan are both at Cold Stone Creamery and strike up a conversation.

Date: June 21, 2011

Log Title: Conversation At The Cold Stone Creamery

Rating: PG

Westchester - Cold Stone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery is always chilly inside, even in the winter months, to accommodate for the variety of ice creams they offer. A big sign with all there ice cream specials sit on the wall, and all the different ice creams and toping can be seen in the counter windows. This Coldstone is unlike the rest with its red color scheme. A few tables sit inside the Creamery for customers to sit and enjoy their cold treats.

Out for a late night ice cream during the hot summer days and evenings, Jordan Mayfair, dressed casually in jeans and a blue/black stripped polo shirt. He enters into the Cold Stone Creamery and heads to the counter and peruses the menu. A woman at the counter asks what he would like and he just scowls at her. She blinks and goes back to whatever business she was doing prior.

Trying to organise his thoughts Cloud found himself walking from the mansion into Westchester finally finding himself standing outside the ice-cream place, he's dressed in blue jeans, a pair of red sneakers and a black t-shirt, "I guess ice-cream sounds good", wandering in Cloud does pretty much the same as Mayfair except he give the waitress a smile instead of a glare.

Shaking his head, “I heard good things about this place, but there is nothing that makes me yearn any particular flavor.” Jordan says that to no one in particular but he then points, “I’ll just go with vanilla.” As he then leans against the counter to wait as she prepares his icecream, he spots Cloud and recognizes him from the mall. “I’ve met you before, right?”

Cloud is still choosing when Mayfair speaks to him, "Dunno man, possibly i live not to far from here", he doesn't really remember Mayfair as their meeting was only a brief one and he was kinda distracted at the time, "Errm, you got mint?"

“Yeah, you do. You go to school with Kieran and Kevin.” Jordan smirks as he gets the vanilla in a bowl with a spoon. He looks to the waitress, “Um, you know I’ll have jimmies with it.” She looks at him awkward, “Really? Oh let me guess you call them sprinkles. I’ll have sprinkles with them.” He shakes his head as he looks to Cloud, “You were also at the mall that time the guy fell from the sky. You and your hot-tempered girlfriend were yelling at the religious nut”

Cloud nods, "Not any more, graduated", he waits for the waitress to serve him while wondering who exactly calles sprinkles jimmies, "Also she's a friend not my girlfriend", oh yeah, he vaguely remembers the incedent with the wackjob.

“Oh congratulations, then.” Jordan extends his hand to shake, “And sorry. She jumped on your back and rode you through the mall, so I presumed she was your girlfriend.” He takes his bowl of ice cream with colored sprinkles and then asks Cloud, “So what now?” The waitress takes Cloud’s order.

Cloud shakes Mayfair's offered hand, "Thanks", he shrugs, "Yeah thats just how Jem is i think, havn't known her for very long", he smiles at the waitress as she takes his order, "What do you mean what now?"

The waitress goes back and prepares Cloud’s ice cream. “Well I meant what are you doing now that you have graduated? It’s the real world now. Work or college?” Jordan starts to eat some of his ice cream.

"Oh right, i'm gonna be looking for work in the city, enough to pay for an apartment i guess", Cloud figures working with mutants probably doesn't pay all that much, he pull his wallet out to pay for his ice-cream, "Collage isn't really my thing".

The waitress brings Cloud his ice cream an takes the money to pay for his ice cream. Mayfair smiles a bit as he psilinks with Cloud “Well, some people say you need college to make it nowadays. And sometimes a Bachelors isn’t enough. I had to go for a secondary degree.”

Cloud takes a bite of his ice-cream, "Well what i'm planning on doing i don't think i need a degree for at the moment, either way i'm young i can go back to school later", he is irritatingly easy to read by telepaths, seems his brain just absorbs psychic energy.

Nodding his head as Cloud speaks, “So what is it that you are planning on doing?” Jordan goes to sit at a booth as he chats with Cloud, “There isn’t that much you can do without a degree either. Unless you are lucky or some kind of nice person.”

Cloud follows Mayfair as apparently they're talking now, "I'm gonna work towards getting mutants excepted by human society", yep definatly decided on doing that, "Well thats good then cos i am a nice guy, not sure about the luck aspect though".

Smiling, Jordan nods his head as Cloud speaks, “Well, maybe you are lucky. Being at the school I figured you for a mutant and I am one as well. So I guess it is good that you will be helping out kind.” He shrugs as he is genuine, but ultimately he doesn’t really care. For Mayfair it is more about himself than mutants.

Cloud shrugs, "People need to learn that while we do have some dangerous abilities we're aren't all a threat", he himself is a good exaple of a mutant with possibly deadly abilities but not a threat to humanity

Finishing his ice-cream, Jordan grows curious when Cloud think about his powers. Jordan responds, “Well true. Not all of us are dangerous.” He smiles, “And sometimes you don’t necessarily need dangerous abilities to still be dangerous. What are your abilities?”

Cloud raises an eyebrow as something Mayfair just said sits as kinda worrying with him, "I can absorb and replicate energy and matter, and the worrying part of that is i can kill you by touching you, like i said, dangerous but not an active threat".

“Wow that is an interesting power. Just killing someone with a touch.” Jordan ponders if that could be useful to him. A power like that along with this boy’s sensitivity to telepathy may make him a more ideal person for him to use than Kai. “So I’m Jordan. My nephew, Kevin, attends your school. What’s your name?”

Cloud nods, "I know Kevin, seems like a nice enough kid, and i'm Cloud Rosen", Mayfair's interest in that side of his powers is worrying, he only met one other person with that kind of interest, Mayfair may be in the same line of work.

“Well, Cloud Rosen. Nice to meet you. I’ll be sure to ask about you when I talk to Kevin again.” Jordan stands up, “But if things don’t work out or you need assistance with look for work. I’m an attorney in the city. And some of my cases involve mutants, so maybe I could use you.” He hands a card to Cloud “Well, I gotta head out. But nice to meet you.”

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