2009-03-13: Cookies and Conversation


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Summary: Christopher talks about the possible addition to the family with Eddie.

Date: March 13, 2009

Log Title Cookies and Conversation

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Kitchen

A kitchen. Undecorated, but with all the necessities.

Cookies, that's what the kitchen smells of today, cookies. What kind, well Christopher's decided to make three different kinds, peanut butter, chocolate chip and craisin oatmeal cookies. He's dressed in a nice, but casual, green t-shirt over a nice pair of jeans. With the sudden bit of news that dropped in their laps last night, Christopher's decided to make the best of it and look on the bright side of things. He is going to have to talk to Jeri about things but for now, he's rolling with it.

Eddie wanders his way into the kitchen dressed in jeans and a 'Nightcrawler' t-shirt. He's still shocked over the news he got over the phone and recovering from his talk with Scott as well. Drawn by the scent of cookies and with Nova trotting along behind him, Eddie moves to a chair. "Hey, Dad…" he trails off, blinking a few times.

Walking over to give Eddie a big kiss on the top of his head and a hug. "Hey kiddo how's it going? Want some cookies, Nova can have the doggie treats." He says knowing chocolate is bad for dogs and doesn't want to risk it. "So how are you handing things honey?" He asks knowing Eddie heard the news last night.

Nova barks a few times, tail wagging as 'doggie treats' registers with him. Eddie leans into the hug and nods. "Cookies…cookies sound good," he says. "I um, I don't know," he admits.

Christopher gets a treat for Nova and gives it to him before getting a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Eddie. Dog first so Nova doesn't jump on him for cookies. "Jeri took a page from your book last night and fainted when he found out, I heard you did too kiddo." He says reaching over to ruffle Eddie's hair. "I'm sure things will work out."

Nova rather happily gets his treats, moving over the the water bowl for a drink. Eddie blinks and looks up at Chris. "Dad fainted? He's okay, right?" he asks, worried. He then makes a face. "I didn't faint. I just tripped…"

Christopher nods. "Yes, he's alright, just stressed and combined with realizing that he has a son just kind of hit him." Christopher says getting a cookie for himself as he goes to sit down next to Eddie. "Jared seems like a good kid so far though, he's a mutant as well. So technically Eddie, you have a brother."

Eddie starts to nibble a cookie, blinking still. "Jared?" he says the name aloud, still wondering about this guy. He's worried still but hasn't said about what. "I already had a brother…"

"Yes but, sorry, your former brother was a jerk who didn't deserve a little brother like you." Christopher says to Eddie as he goes to sit down. "Eddie, I know this is weird and unexpected, but Jeri and I are not going to love you any less. You're our son and not just because the paper says so. We'll have to all sit down and talk about this since nothing is set in stone yet." Meaning, Jared might not even be staying with them. "And Jeri and I are still going to spoil you rotten! Oh! Speaking of spoiling you rotten, let me know what you lost in your room other than clothes."

Eddie reaches up to rub the scar above his eye as Kevin is brought up. He still has a few nightmares sometimes and that one time he saw him in the city still makes him a little paranoid. When Chris hits the nail on the head for what Eddie was worried about, the scarred teen looks up at him. "But Dad said he was having another room built…" he trails off. He blushes at 'spoil you rotten' though. "I lost a lot of stuff..was gonna go see what survived later today before I look for Ms. Pryde…"

"I'll go with you okay, just so we can take notes and try to see what's salvagable." Christopher says. "That's if Jared decides to stay which I have a feeling he probably is since Jeri's the only family he has left. Jeri can't deny that he does have a son, and he's pretty sure Jared's not lying, I don't think he is either. But you are Jeri and I's son, your not going to get pushed aside for his biological son, you got that kiddo?"

Eddie nods, moving out of his chair to try and sit on Chris' lap and hug him. "Yeah, Dad…" he trails off, just holding on for awhile. "What if he doesn't like me?" he eventually asks.

Christopher hugs Eddie back and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "What's there not to love honey?" He asks with a chuckle. It's the fact that Eddie's sixteen and sitting on his lap, he finds it adorable. "Just try to stay positive, be yourself and be the best brother that you can be okay?" Christopher says. "He seems a bit nervous and I don't blame Jared, finding out that your father's married, to a man, and has a family of his own, he's probably going to feel a bit like an outsider."

Eddie blushes from the kiss on the cheek. He may be sixteen but he's still a small kid. He nods slightly and squirms a moment. "He's not gonna…freak out if he sees me and Ricky together, right?"

"He didn't meet Ricky last night but he knows you two are a couple." Christopher says. "You have to be open minded to be in this family." He says with a chuckle as he brushes back Eddie's hair. "The lighter hair looks good on you, but anyway, we'll have to go out to dinner together and just talk and see how things go. I think the two of you are about the same age."

Eddie nods. "Okay…just don't…want any trouble," he murmurs. He blushes again as his hair is mentioned. "I like it like this too," he admits. "Might…try a different style next time," he adds. "We are?"

"Well I don't know how old he is but you're not too far apart in age. He's not a little kid, he's a teenager." Christopher says ruffling Eddie's hair. "And you don't have to worry about any possible kids of mine showing up, I've never been with a woman before." He says chuckling.

Eddie squeaks when his hair is ruffled, blushing. The blush just gets worse when Chris says what he does. "Daaaaaad…" he trails off, embarassed.

"What, it's the truth." Christopher says chuckling. "What, do you want to hear about all the different guys I've been with?" He says joking knowing Eddie will turn even redder. "Don't worry Eddie, I'll always be your father no matter what. Okay?"
Eddie squeaks, whimpers, and turns about as red as Daredevil's costume. "Daaaaaaad!" he yelps. After a moment, he nods. "Okay, Dad."

Christopher can't help but laugh. "How about you copy some of my powers, we can fly to the school and go check out what's salvagable in your room, then come up with a list to see what you need and go shopping? And from now on, I vote, any of your hero statues, stay here at home."

Eddie nods. "Yeah…sounds good, Dad," he says. Getting up, he closes his eyes and his scars light up blue. As Chris' powers get boosted to three times their normal levels, Eddie starts to glow and his clothes change into a white and light-blue version of what Chris is wearing right now. "Okay."

Christopher smiles at Eddie and grabs his jacket before walking outside to wait for Eddie to join him. Once Eddie joins him, he grins and flys up into the sky, actually feeling a bit giddly that his son can fly along next to him.

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