2011-06-23: Cookies And Gifts


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Summary: Tyler and Kieran arrive at the Parker-Mayfair home after having been invited over to hang out by Kevin.

Date: June 23, 2011

Log Title: Cookies and Gifts

Rating: PG

Westchester Parker-Mayfair Home

Kevin's Room.

Knock, knock, knock, Paragons calling! THat's what Kevin can translate from the banging on the front door of the Parker-Mayfair home. Those on the other side of the door are expected however so it's not as if it's a guy selling encyclopedias!

The knocking at the door has Kevin scrambling from his room, the door bouncing against the wall as he shouts to his friends on the other side of the door, "Coming! Hang on a minute." He throws open the front door, panicking and making a grab for it a moment later for fear of one of his friends standing too close and getting clobbered. He's dressed a little more casually than he has been while at Xavier's in a black Metalica t-shirt that's a little too big, gray sweat pants, and bare feet, "I didn't hit ya did I?"

Thankfully Kieran wasn't standing right in front of the door and is dressed in a tight fitted black t-shirt, skinny fit black jeans and sandals currently,"Not disturbing you are we Kev?" He asks grinning as he stands there next to his boyfriend and looking rather relaxed. "Nice t-shirt." he says casually and wonders if Kevin really even knows who Metallica is, or if that's one of his adopted siblings/dads' t-shirts.

Accompanying Kieran is of course Tyler the door knocker extraordinaire who is wearing a dark blue t-shirt, dark jeans with white accents and a hole at one knee with thick black boots. "Erm nope. Can we come in? We're prettying up the doorstep an'all but we came to see you, and currently you're being seen, and nice shirt!"

"Not bothering me a bit!" Kevin grins, looking relieved when he didn't hit either of his friends with the swinging door. He glances down at his shirt, looking a little surprised when both other boys comment on it and shrugging a little as he steps back to let them into the house, "Um… Thanks, I think. I think it used to belong to Eddie…" Maybe? "I was told I could wear it when I'm working, so…" Here he is! Wearing a t-shirt for a band he's never listened to before, "Come on in, though! Make yourself at home. There's snacks in the kitchen that Dad-two said we could have."

"Ok. Kitchen it is first!" Kieran says grinning broadly at Kevin. He has no doubt that the idea of eating some of Kevin's Dad-two's snacks would be high on the list of things for the pair to be doing first. "Glad that it's not. So are you enjoying your vacation so far?" He asks curiously to Kevin. Entering the house calmly he grins a bit,"You should listen to some of their stuff. Some it is quite good."

Tyler steps into the house peering around the living room while slowly rocking on the balls of his feet. Before he can comment about the house being lovely the trio are heading towards the kitchen for snacks. There's not a teenage boy on Earth that would turn down food let alone snack items made by Mr. Parker-Mayfair. "The old stuff, Kev. The 80s songs. The newer stuff is absolute crap save that no leaf clover track. Thanks for having us over."

"Um… Okay…" Kevin's kind of confused by all the talk about music, but he is trying to expand his horizons, so he'll take their suggestion of what to listen to. Eventually… He leads the way to the kitchen, nodding at Kieran's question, "Oh, yeah! I've been working on a bunch of new jewelery and hanging out in Dad-two's salon some." Two things he would never have neen able to do before he came to live with his dads. On the counter is a plate full of cookies and a bowl of trail mix, "Oh yeah! Like I told Ty the other day: You're both welcome to come over anytime I'm not at school." He grins at his friends, popping a couple of pieces of dried fruit and a few nuts in his mouth, "So whatcha wanna do? We've got pretty much any channel you would think of on TV and movies. Or we could just hang out or something, if you'd both rather." He hasn't really had anyone over to his dads' house before, and most activities were scheduled at his Father's.

"Ummm… I don't watch a whole lot of TV, so if there's something worth watching let me know." Kieran says smiling a little bit,"And that's cool. So you're going to learn Dad-two's trade?" He asks curiously as he sneaks a cookie and takes a bite, swallowing, he says,"Oh god. So good. Brian would be so jealous if he got to try these." He says laughing a bit,"Well, we're going to be going home in not too long for a bit. Shame you can't join us."

"You make jewelry? Didn't know that." Tyler comments as he heads towards the bowl of trail mix to give some a try. Never really ate the stuff before so it was something new to give a go. With a small handful he pops it into his mouth chewing thoughtfully. "Doesn't matter to me really. Find something to watch, play something, gossip." Munches another handful of the trail mix as he finds it quite good. "What're you doing this summer, yeah? Too bad you can't go out of town or we'd shown you around our hometown."

Kevin laughs a little and shrugs, "I don't watch all that much TV, actually. It's a lot more fun to work on my jewelery." He shakes his head at the thought of having chosen a trade already, "No, but it's pretty fun to watch sometimes, you know? Dad-two is really good at what he does." Both cooking and being a hair dresser! He can't help but giggle at someone else being jealous of them getting his dad's cookies all to them selves, a huge grin on his face, "I don't know very many that wouldn't be jealous of getting to try Dad-two's cookies." Tyler gets a slightly surprised look at his question and he nods, "Oh, yeah! I started doing it when I moved in here." He gives them a faintly sly little look, "I've kinda been working on something special lately if you both want to see…"
He makes a face at the question about what he's doing and gives them a jealous look, "I'm not doing anything that I know of… Just hanging around town and maybe going to a musical at some point." He pauses for a moment, "Dad-two was saying that he wants us all to go to the animal shelter and maybe pick out a pair of kittens soon." He's of mixed emotions about that…

"Kittens are great. Tyler'll eventually get to meet my kitten." Kieran says grinning a bit,"Provided he doesn't hide." He says laughing softly,"And Brian loves cookies. Actually as you may have noticed during the trip to Coney Island, the boy has a major sweet tooth." He says smiling at Kevin,"Go see Wicked. It's /really/ good. Ty and I went to see it the day classes let out and it was really /really/ good."

Tyler nods that he wants to see something special as he doesn't want to talk with his mouth full with granola and cranberry. "I recommend Wicked. It's amazing that's all I'll say," waving a hand dismissively. Talk of cats however has him interested as he has one of his own back home or more like the cat has it's humans. "I've got a big fat tabby something or other than pretty much rules my apartment back home. I like coaxing out kittens and cuddling them so I might just get Ki's to get out from under the bed or wherever."

There's a faintly sad nod at the thought of kittens, "Yeah. I used to have one a couple of years ago…" Kevin shrugs one shouder at that, walking over to open the fridge and pulling out the carton of milk, "Want something to drink? We've got milk, water, and tea." He fetches three glasses out of the cabinet, pouring himself a large glass of milk and waiting for their answers. He grins at Brian liking sweets and nods, "You can take a couple for him before you leave, if you want." If there are any left, that is. He grins and nods at the mention of Wicked, "If you say it's good…" There's a little giggle at that, "And I'm glad you both had fun!" He wants his friends to enjoy themselves, after all.

"Water's good for me." Kieran says smiling a little bit,"Sure. He'll love that." He says with a soft laugh,"We'd have to find him. He's a big black cat that is remarkably good at vanishing without a trace without even while you're watching him." He says sounding quite amused by the whole thing. "Getting another cat would be good. Maybe you can name it after you old one as a way of honoring her?" He suggests carefully.

"Waters fine, thanks." Tyler leaves the trail mix alone before he continues to eat it without paying any mind to what he's doing. "That's all Brian needs, sugar. He'd like them though that's for certain. As for the kitty thing Ki's got the right idea. Maybe you could get a fuzzy and name it after your other cat. Maybe a middle name or something?"

Kevin nods and pours water for both of his friends, presenting them with the glasses and picking up hs own along with the bowl of trail mix, "Well, come on. My room is this way." And that's where what he was wanting to show them is. The thought of naming another kitten after the one he killed has him cringing a little, "I don't think I could name another kitten after him… He was special and deserved better than he got." He sighs, "Shadow and Mr. James both." The door to his room is still open and he waves for them to go inside the still sparsely decorated room. A desk is shoved up against the wall by the window with all the tools that he uses for jewelery making neatly arranged on the surface and one of the drawers half open with parts neatly organized within.

Taking the glass of water and picking up a cookie to go, Kieran smiles a little bit,"Well you know how you feel better than I do." He says casually as he looks at Kevin,"Yeah. Brian does get really hyper if he gets too much sugar. You do not want to see Sugar High Brian." He says wincing a little bit at the memory of it. "So why don't you go for a kitten and then just name him whatever comes to mind?"

Thanks is given for the glass of water then Tyler follows the other boys towards and into Kevin's room. "Totally understandable about your cats. I don't think I could name another the same as the Diva." Taking a look around the room he notices the spartan nature without comment though the desk with open drawer have him going over to peer at the various bits and pieces as well as the tools.

Another drawer gets opened and a pair of little black velvet jewelery boxes get pulled out and quickly cracked open before they're closed again and one is handed to each of the other boys, "I don't know if you wear necklaces or not, but I thought you would both like these…" Inside Kieran's is a gold necklace with a little lightening bolt charm hanging from it. Tyler's is a silver chain with an eight pointed star hanging from it. Kevin bounces a little on the balls of his feet, "I hope you like them. I just wanted to give you both something for being such great friends the last few weeks, you know?" He never had friends that weren't approved by his father before. He spent most of the last year after coming to live with his dads just getting settled in and accustomed to his new powers and didn't take the time to try to make friends before going to school.

Tyler takes a hold of the small box turning it over in his hand while Kevin explains about the necklaces that were made. The box is opened to reveal the necklace inside, "These are sweet." As he looks at his he glances over at Kieran's and chuckles, "Erm…if you're in the mood for cheesy we could swap the awesome. I wear the bolt and Ki you wear the star. See? Cheesy no? Either way they're amazing Kevin. Thank you so much!"

"They really are." Kieran says smiling at Kevin,"Tyler and I could indeed do the super cheezy and switch." He smiles as he lifts the silver necklace that he has around his neck,"I guess I am not opposed to wearing necklaces." He says giving a soft laugh,"You really are gifted at this kind of thing, examining the necklace and admiring the craftsmanship that went into making the necklace." He glances around the room,"Wow… You /really/ need to get some stuff to decorate this place and make it reflect you."

Kevin positively beams when his two best friends like the gifts he made for them, "That'd be cool, too! I was really hoping it wouldn't be too weird to make you necklaces that matched your powers." He blushes very faintly, "They're yours, though, so you can do whatever you want with them." When shown the silver necklace that Kieran is already wearing, he wrinkles his nose a little and sighs, "I guess I should have made them both silver so yours wouldn't clash…" He shrugs, blushing a little brighter at the complement to his crafting skills, "They're really not that great. I'm sure you could get something better from a jewelery store." But not something with as much meaning or care put into its creation, probably. "And you're both very welcome!" He looks around at the mostly bare room and frowns a little, "What's wrong with my room? It doesn't look that much different than my old room…" Beat, "There's not as much religious stuff…"
Which might be why it's not really decorated. His father's religion was all he knew before.

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