2012-07-29: Cookies, Brats And Other Late Night Foods


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Summary: Grumbly Tumblies lead to a gathering in the kitchen.

Date: July 29, 2012

Log Title:Cookies, Brats and Other Late Night Foods

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Amy wanders about in the kitchen, a couple of breakfast sausages sizzling in a pan that she has on the stove. She is a mediocre chef, but breakfast sausages don't require too much expertise. Next to her is a white sippy cup, which she picks up every once in awhile and takes a sip from. "Come oooon," she urges those sausages, which resist her encouragement by laying there and continuing to be not cooked to satisfaction. "Hurry up!" She prods them with a fork. Still nothing. She makes an angry face, leaning back against the counter and looking outside at the somewhat darkened sky, as evening has hit, picking up her cup and taking another angry sip. Stupid sausages. Stupid nosebleeds. Hey, wait a second. She walks over a few paces to pick up a paper towel to absorb the results of her nose bleed, glaring at the sausages as if it is their fault. They sizzle innocently.

Having just finished watching a movie in the rec room, Nicholas has decided that it's time for dinner, well second dinner as this is more of a late night meal. His cooking skills consist of following the directions on the back of the box so when he enters the kitchen he goes straight to the freezer. Pulling out a box of Honey Battered Chicken Tenders he looks over at Amy. "Hey Amy, nice to see you again, you okay?" He asks seeing the paper towel. "Having a bit of a late night breakfast?" Nick asks looking over a the cooking sasuages.

Miwa was out flying she normally keeps her flights to after dark since it harder to see her in the sky. She had place her long red coat back on and she still wears her 80's style sunglasses. She had gotten hungry and thrusty from the flight and makes her way to the kitchen. She blinks see both of them she gives a shy smile, "konnichiha" She then walks to the cabonet and takes out a cup of instant noodles. She walks to the sink and starts to fill the cup, "blood no good" She points at Amy, "Need help?"

Having resently got a subscription to Netflix Lock was up all of last night catching up with tv shows he's been meaning to watch for ages and as a result of that has been asleep pretty much all day, well he was until he was woken up by rolling over and falling from a couple of feet above his bed to the floor. Edged on by the sound of his stomach Lock's made his way down to the kitchen for foods, "Stupid powers making me…", he shuts up as he spots the others, "Hey, good evening".

"Oh yeah, you know, my nose has just decided to be a blood faucet," says Amy to Nick, in a bit of a nasal voice, in response to Miwa she responds, "Nah, blood is fine. So long as it's in your veins, minding its own business. Less when you are bleeding it. But that's my powers. Anemiamy Black, that's me. If you don't get it, don't worry about it, just pay more attention in biology classes." She approaches the sausages to flip them, keeping a hand on the paper towel, and then nodding towards Warlock politely, "Yeah, I love these sausages… I figure they're a fine suppertime food, right? I mean, it's just meat. What's the difference between breakfast sausages and dinner sausages anyways? It's society, trying to tell us what to do. Well, screw the man!" In reality, they're just the first things she grabbed.

"Dinner sausages are things like Brats, and Brats are amazing. They're bigger and just better than breakfast sausages. Also with mustard and 'kraut, man I miss my Mom's cooking." Nicholas says with sigh as he goes over to get a baking sheet and line it with aluminum foil. "I hope you don't mind me using the stove, I'm gonna try not to burn these little guys, I'm horrible at cooking." It's more that Nick is too impatient at times to follow the directions. "I'm not ashamed to admit I don't get it, Bio class was never my thing. Hey Miwa, Warlock, how's it going?"

Miwa nods her head, "A okay then?" She does not get the name and she chalks it up to the little English she knows. She takes the cup to the micro wave and punch in the numbers and hits start. She then turns to the others, "I Am Miwa Itou" She gives a respectful bow since she does not know Amy or Warlock she wants to be proper in intruducing her self.

Warlock frowns, "Anemic Amy?", he looks around the room, "What man are we screwing? the only rule i know is no ice-cream for breakfast, thats just anarchy". He shrugs at Nick, "It goes, though i think i just broke my bedside cabnet, might need to find some super glue". When Miwa bows he returns the gesture awkwardly, "Er hi, I'm Lock Corvus".

"Whoa whoa whoa," says Amy, raising her free hand in a stop gesture to Warlock, "I'm not screwing any man! You're getting a bit ahead of yourself. And. Yes, anemic, combined with Amy." To Nicholas, she nods once and notes, "Anemia is when you've got, like, not enough blood. It's a joke about how I keep bleeding all the time. And… I guess I've never had much in the way of Brats? And Sauerkraut is weird." To Warlock and Miwa she says, "I'm actually named Amy. Amy Black."

Nicholas looks at Warlock with a complete 'what the hell' face. "Dude, you don't say that to a girl, that's just rude." He's kind of shocked by the bluntness of Warlock's statement to her. "Brats, or Bratwurst, they're great. Maybe we'll have to ask Mr. Parker-Mayfair to make some sometime, I usually have a weakness for home cooked German food cause of….well, I just like it." He says turning on the oven and throwing in his chicken fingers before it preheats.

Miwa shakes her head, "no screwing" She points at Lock, "rude." She frowns at the boy until the micowave beeps then she turns and takes out the cup of noodle and takes the lid off all the way. She then looks around the kitchen and frowns, "Forks?" She then looks at Amy follow what she saying the best she can, "you power blood? Like Deadman Wonderland?"

Warlock raises his hands, "Amy's the one who brought it up, if we're gonna be screwing someone it's only polite to find out who first", he lowers his hands and nods at Amy, "Sorry if i offended you", he leans against the counter, "Wait did you just say your power is blood?"

Nicholas looks at Warlock like he's said the most confusing things. "How…what…I don't…nevermind." He just doesn't see how it was brought up earlier. He just shakes his head and goes to sit down at the counter as he waits for his food to cook. "Forks are in that drawer." He says to Miwa pointing out the drawer. "So any of you watching the Olympics, I can't wait for the equestrian stuff to start."

"Yeah? I guess? I don't know who Deadman Wonderland is, but it sounds like the name of some kind of badass, so yeah. I'm gonna take my chances and say, like that. Just like that," says Amy to Miwa, with a tilted head. "And yeah, my power is blood. Really, it's pretty much… bleeding. It's more of a medical disorder than a mutation, come to think of it. Well. Except that I can apparently sort of heal people. Otherwise Cale… eeee, would be dead by now." She then nods to Nicholas, "Yeah. Yeah, I wouldn't mind giving it a try. And I can get missing home cooking…" There's just a moment of seriousness and pain on Amy's face before she shakes her head and takes a sip from her sippy cup. "I've been sort of giving Olympics a look. Synchronized diving is the bomb."

Miwa nods and gets a fork and starts to eat her noodles with loud slurps. The then looks at Amy, "you heal? Good Power" She smiles at the woman and then nods at nick, "Like winter ones better but like Gymnatics and Judo" She grins as she able to say that whole thing clearly. She been taken english classes since she got to the school but it is still slow going. She then looks at Lock, "What you power?"

Warlock shrugs, "Fair enough, not minding", he looks in one of the cupboards and pulls out a box of cookies, "Might watch the diving and the swimming but not really interested". He shrugs to Miwa, "Apparently my power is tactile telekinesis, though not really sure of the limits there".

"Don't worry, I have no clue who Deadman Wonderland is, but then your brother is like that, knows a lot about weird stuff that noone else knows about." Nicholas says as he goes over to the oven to see how his chicken is cooking. "I'm glad, Cale's a good kid, I like him a lot. Even if I don't understand him, I like him. Or her, or…it's too confusing." He then looks over at Miwa as she gets a fork. "Your welcome Miwa." He says in regards to the lack of thank you. "I like most sports stuff, the gymnastics is fun to watch, same with woman's volleyball." He can't help but grin at that.

Miwa looks at Nick and her face going red, "Excuse me Nick-san. Thank you." She then slurps some more noodles, "Deadman wonderland um anime." She smiles, "blood powers, make sword, bullet, armor, and other stuff." She grins, "Anime good"

"Oh, yeah, I guess I've never tried to make bullets out of blood. I bet I could shoot them right out of my arteries. Peoo peoo!" says Amy, nodding towards Miwa. The young woman then nods towards Nicholas and says, "Yeah, I get that. I mean, if anyone makes fun of Kaylee or makes her cry, I'll rip their friggin' head off, but I don't get it either. I'll be a good sister though."

Warlock sits himself down on the floor with his cookies to watch the others discuss powers, siblings, anime, olimpics and dismemberment while he works on shutting up his somach.

"I've watched a bit of that Anime stuff, my friend Shane's really into it, so she shows me stuff." Nicholas says before looking at Amy. "She's like your brother when it comes to that stuff Amy. He's a good kid, and I won't stop being his friend but I won't pretend that it doesn't make a lot of sense to me." He says with a shrug "So..I know your brother pretty well but I don't know much about you. You into all that nerd stuff like he is?" Nicholas doesn't mean it as an insult but it might come off as one accidentally. "And that's really weird, blood bullets?"

Miwa nods, "bullets no good. Lose blood." She slurps some more noodles, "It easy. Boy in pants, girl in skirt" She smiles, "nice person" She nods, "anime good. Cartoons weird. No follow Cartoon plot." She shakes her head and sighs, "confusing."

"I dunno, it's possible, I don't really do blood bullets. So far, I've only done healing… staunch bleeding and restore bloodflow and stuff," says Amy, "Like being a super doctor." She frowns for a few moments at that, looking off and crossing her arms, jaw setting. She then looks towards Miwa and says, "Wow, that's a gross generalization. You're like animation racist, girl! And yeah, I know, Shane's all into that kind of stuff. I room with her. I've just… seen the signs of anime addiction. But no, I'm not into that nerd stuff. I've got other hobbies. Like. Volleyball, actually. So that grin of yours hit a bit close to home!" She grins, though, showing she means nothing by it.

"Oh cool, that your Shane's roommate. She's probably my best friend here." Nicholas says before going to the oven and taking out his chicken tenders, which seem to be a bit on the dark and crunch side but not quite burnt. "Animation racist? I'm not going to ask. I'm gonna head into the rec room though and eat my dinner, just need some television to distract me. I'll catch you both later." Nicholas says and once he's done moving his chicken to a plate, he's out of the room with a wave.

Miwa frowns, "no I mot. Don't understand Cartoons." She frowns, "like one with sponge." She finish up her noodles and discards the the cup before watching Nick walk off to watch TV." She looks at Amy and smiles, "I like be your friend."

Amy shrugs and then says, "Anime is just cartoons. Japanese cartoons. Otherwise, what's the difference?" The young woman takes a bite of one of the breakfast sausages, "Nothing but style, from what I've seen. And of course you'd like to be my friend. Who wouldn't?" She grins.

Miwa pushes her self on the counter and sits there, "Cartoon art fine. Story confusing." She frowns some, "I from Japan maybe that's why." She then giggles, "but have trouble understand the sponge one or the one with the floating freach fries." She smiles, "don't know."
She then smiles at you, "you have lot friends?" She swings her legs back and forth, "Nick-San only friend here."

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