2010-02-07: Cordon Bleu


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Summary: Cam's first day, he spends time in the kitchen. Nerves.

Date: February 07, 2010

Cordon Bleu?

Rating: PG


He's nervous. It shows. Cam's first day at this new school, and he can't stop fidgeting. The instructor told him that students can use the kitchen if they want, and he's taking the instructor up on that. Why? That's what he does. The smells pouring out are quite good. He's got something in the oven, a pot on the stove, and an apron around his waist. Cam has only gotten to see one or two people, and is trying not to be where everyone is just yet. He hasn't even met his own roommate. That'll wait until tonight, he guesses.

Dallas wanders in, following the scent of food. He's dressed in jeans that are damp halfway up the leg, muddy boots and a warm-up jacket over a hoodie, both different shades of green. He stops at the sight of the strange student, he is a student? Probably. And cooking. Hm. After a moment, he crosses the kitchen to get a class of water from the dispenser in the fridge door and gives the stranger a "Hey." Coupled with a curt nod, it's modern 'guy' for 'Hi! Welcome!'

The smell does draw Robyn into the kitchen, after all he's been traveling back to the school most the afternoon and is hungry. "Wow Mr. Parker-May…oh sorry. I just assumed you were Mr. Parker-Mayfair, the cooking teacher. He usually has something cooking in here that smells just as good." He has his duffel back over his shoulder and a plastic bag in his hand with an almost finished sculpture in it. "Hi, I'm Robyn." He says feeling bad he got the wrong person. "Hey Dallas!" He says spotting the friend he 'spent the weekend with'.

I's not the smell that draws Richard to the kitchen. Though it does smell pretty good. From the hallway, dressed in basketball shorts and a light tee shirt, Richard enters the kitchen. He's looking for something, but he stops as he sees Robyn and Dallas. "Oh hey guys." He says, not sounding down. "What's that smell?" He says, not a bad smell mind you. He's just interested now.

"Cam" The new guy says, a little softly. "There's… going to be plenty if anyone's hungry." He says, looking between the faces. "Just got here tonight. Really nervous. And when I'm nervous, I cook." He looks as the place begins to get crowded and seems to draw in just a little on himself. "Chicken Cordon Bleu. Well, not the real thing, but a reasonable imitation. Cheddar Garlic biscuits. New potatoes." he explains as to the meal. A very filling type of meal. "You're all more than welcome…" He says. He's used to cooking for a large family, so it's the only way he knows how.

Dallas grins at Robyn. "Hey! I found all the building stuff we are going to need and took it out to the boathouse. Logs, boards, buckets of tar and weather sealant, paint, nails, all that stuff. And I organized the tools we're going to need and put them aside in a tool box. Also, I cleared away the brush near the boathouse and carried in a dumpster for the trash. So we're set. Did have to figure out what to do /after/ lunch, though." He gives Richard a nod and 'Yo' and then then turns back to the new guy. He blinks at the menu and grins. "Wow. Dallas. And, uh, you /do/ know they feed us, right? I mean, you know, meals. Lunch ladies. Hairnets. Something that or may not be tuna but is always surprising. Especially the second time you taste it?" He seems … bubbly. Chatty even.

Robyn smiles at Dallas and nods. "Thanks and I'm /really/ not looking forward to working with Lucas. He's the only person that makes me want to punch him, like I did before." Robyn says shaking his head before looking at Cam. "You don't have to be nervous, but then we are all when we start. Welcome, and what you're cooking smells really good. I mostly stick with the cookies but I could go for dinner." He waves as Richard comes in. "Hey Richard! I didn't know you knew Dr. Parker-Mayfair." He says to his twin.

"Oh dang." Richard offers up. The young student is more than surprised at the menu. "Wow, if I wasn't about to go workout, I'd be all over that." And then the Doc is brought up. The young man gets red and his eyes widen. "What?" He says, before grimacing. "Umm…" As if suddenly, the mention of the doctor just stops him in his tracks.

The oven dings, and Cam turns away, putting on a mitt to pull things out of the oven. "I know." He says to Dallas. "A school's a school. But… I'm comfortable cooking. I don't feel like I have to be nervous. I don't feel out of place in the kitchen." He says, placing the tray of rolled chicken entrees… handmade by the by… on the counter on a trivet. He places two others out, one for the biscuits and one for the potatoes. He leaves them on their trays and in their pans as he goes to get a plate for himself.

Dallas shrugs and his grin turns a bit mean as he says, "Hey, we'll take a jar of peanut butter and tell Dallas to open it. While he's figuring out how to that in those oven mitts he wears, we can get the repairs done in two or three days tops, if I'm shadowed up." He glances aside to Richard. "The Doctor's a cool guy. Easy to talk to." And he leaves it at that. His eyebrows lift and the sight and smell of the food and it's obvious that common sense is warring with gluttony, given that he ate a couple of hours ago. "Well, it looks good. And hey, I get that. It's the weight room for me." With a final regretful sigh he shakes his head and looks back towards the other two.

"I've never built anything like a shed, or anything like that." Robyn says brushing his hair out of his face, but of course, it just flops back there. "But yeah, the peanut butter is a good idea. And yeah, he is. I just asked because him and I had a long conversation and he's gonna be helping me with something." He looks at the food and is gonna be getting some in a bit. "Thanks for cooking it Cam. It's a good way to make friends here easy, just make food?"

Richard is still a bit reserved in saying anything. Though most of the people in here seem to be comfy with the Doc. "Yeah…he is." He admits before dodging any glances. The young mutant is definitely glad that Cam and his food is the one being focused on the most here. Thoughts of quietly slipping away start to fill his mind.

"Eat. You're all too thin." Cam says, repeating one of the things his mother says a lot. But then, he's thin compared to them. He places one of the cordon bleu rolls on his plate, along with two biscuits and some potatoes. He does, however, drink water. After all, he wants to taste his food. "Dr. Parker-Mayfair? Did she hyphenate when she married?" He asks, innocently. Hey, some women do that.

Dallas grins at Cam. "Ah, let's just say that I /think/ you might be ahead of the curve on most of us on the weight thing." Somebody didn't get the mutant metabolism apparently. That would suck. And he corrects absently, "He. He and Mr. Mayfair-Parker hyphenated." He blinks at how that sounds and blushes faintly, waving it away. And then his cell buzzes with a text message. He reads it, blinks and his eyebrows lift a bit. He clears his throat and says, "Ah, I need to go. Nice to meet you, Cam. See you guys later." It isn't until he's already gone that he realizes he forgot to ask the 'what do you do' question. Then again, there's that text message to deal with.

Robyn waves to Dallas. "See ya tomorrow to start building, and I wanna talk to ya later!" He says before getting some food of his own. "I know I'm too skinny, my Mom teases me for it." He says showing the tattoo on his wrist 'Thin as a Dime'. "I think you'd get along with Mr., not Dr, Mr. Parker-Mayfair. He's the cooking teacher here. I don't cook, I mostly stick with art classes." He looks at his twin and nods. "You and I should hang out sometime too, get to know each other. I mean, I kinda wanna know what my tw….I mean the guy who looks like me is like." He wants to get to know his brother, it's weird knowing you have one and knowing nothing about him.

"Yeah…I've always been real skinny even when I was in sports." Richard admits, something he's tried to fix for a long time. And then Robyn continues on asking about hanging out with him. "Sure thing. Sounds cool, what do you want to do?"

"Oh. Wow. Married Men." Cam says, having come from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down in the deep south. He doesn't say it with any animosity. He nods slightly as he pulls out silverware and begins to eat. "Uhm… is this place alright? I mean… really." He asks. "I don't really know what I'm in for up here. I mean, I know we're all mutants or we wouldn't be here. At least, that's what the recruiter told me."

Robyn takes a bite of Cam's food and nods. "Wow, this is really good, thanks for cooking. And yeah, this place is pretty good. I've made more friends here than I did at my old school and people don't really..care as much. The question is, how much of the truth do you want to know cause things can get kind of….intense." Robyn says not wanting to lie but at the same time not wanting to scare him. "Whatever Richard, we can go out to a movie or hit the Grind house sometime?"

Richard gives a nod definitely, even if he's sure that he's an alien, Robyn is an interesting fellow. "Sure, how about this week or next weekend?" He asks. "Nice to meet you Cam." He says, realizing he never even acknowledged Cam. "I'll see you guys later. Gotta head to the gym." He'll do a little cardio, and some heavy lifting, very heavy lifting. The other twin starts to slip out, headed towards the elevator.

Biting his lip, Cam nods. "Might as well give it to me straight. I don't know what's going on here. They just said they could help me get my headaches under control." He explains offering a half-wave to the leaving one.

"That they can do, the headaches. They got mine under control, and they've helped me control my powers. They're all mental based. But at the same time, we are at a school for mutants so…it can be a bit of a target at times." Robyn says eating a bit before continuing. "I mean, I got turned into a frog for a while and my boyfriend became a demon. But, at the same time, the school is good. There are some great people, some assholes too. I mean, for all the bad that's happened, it's been worth it." Robyn says smiling to Richard. "Yeah, how about this upcoming weekend."

The super kid turns around and gives a bit of a smile, before nodding. "Sure, let's do it." He says, before heading out of sight. Richard's got confidence, just doesn't have it all the time.

"Frog? Demon?" Cam asks, taking it all in. "Maybe I should have stayed at home. Sounds rough and I'm hardly… uhm… front lines material." He says, wincing a little at the idea of it all.

Robyn watches Richard go and looks at him for a bit with an odd sort of expression, a mix of sadness and curiosity. "It's really not that bad, but I didn't want to lie and say things here are great and wonderful all the time. But that being said, it's a great place. I'm not front line material either. Bullets, they would hurt, a lot." He's actually never been shot. "I can posses people and I have psychic weaponry and protect and Astral Form of myself. What about you?"

"Uhm… I find things." Cam says with a shrug. "If I know it or if I've seen a picture of it, I know where it is." He explains. It's not much, but hey. It's all he knows. He finishes his plate and goes to put it in the dishwasher. Along with that, he gets a piece of paper. He writes, "Eat me." And places it atop the remaining food.

Robyn finishes up his dinner and follows suit with putting his plate in the dishwasher. "I gotta go put my stuff away, I went to visit my parents this weekend. It was nice meeting you Cam and really, I think I'd eat more if you were doing the cooking." He says with a chuckle as Robyn doesn't always eat that healthy but yet for some reason he doesn't gain any weight. "Really, over all this place is great. Just be yourself and you'll be fine." He says before picking up his stuff and heading towards the dorms.

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