Michael Corrin "Sundowner" Kelly
Portrayed By Michael Biehn
Gender Male
Date of Birth 30+ years ago
Age 30's
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Sundowner
Place of Birth New York City
Current Location New York City
Occupation Whatever comes up
Known Relatives Vincent Kelly (father), Margot 'Peg' Kelly (mother), Maia Kelly Vaux (sister), Thomas Vaux (brother-in-law, deceased), Christian Vaux (nephew)
Significant Other None
Identity Michael Corrin Kelly
Known Abilities Projection of solid energy forms and force fields, drawn from his personal life energy. Can also 'see' life energy if he chooses to do so.
First Appearance March 14, 2010

He's quiet, friendly, helpful, and amnesiac. Not the best combination of personal traits going…


Michael Corrin Kelly was born the youngest child to a cop and an author, and spent most of his growing up time being bullied by his older sister and doing every sport he could shoehorn into his day. He especially loved figure skating, and took a third at the State Finals the year he was seventeen.

A lack of funds (skating is an expensive sport) meant he went to college instead of continuing his skating career. After college, he joined SHIELD. This was *fun*, and he re-upped once his first four-year term was complete. He was chosen for an undercover assignment against AIM's Irish operation based on his ability to speak Irish, and piped information out for several months before his cover was blown. AIM grabbed him, interrogated him, and tried to ambush the guys sent to rescue him; the eventual outcome was a spectacular firefight that severely damaged AIM's base and temporarily ended their operations in Ireland. However, Corrin was not rescued, and bloody evidence recovered from the site where AIM initially held him has had SHIELD list him as missing, presumed dead.

Corrin escaped, but he was severely injured and the trauma has rendered him amnesiac. Also, he's a late-blooming mutant: his powers manifested for the first time during his escape, and they interfere with his long-term memory. What little he does get through this interference tends to take the form of vicious flashbacks; he avoids them wherever possible.

This doesn't mean he isn't searching for himself. Ireland didn't feel like home to him, and neither did Britain, when he forayed there. He got a job on a boat and managed to get to the States, and it's feeling a little more familiar to him…


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "How do you know that?"


  • His powers glow gold when in use, both the sword and the force fields. He cannot disguise this.
  • He speaks Irish Gaelic with an old country accent.
  • His mother is an author of children's books, and she used her own children as characters in them.
  • He used to be a competition figure skater.


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