2010-02-20: Corrupting Of A Roommate


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Summary: Danny prepares to drag Troy to work with him.

Date: February 20, 2010

Log Title Corrupting of a Roommate

Rating: PG-13

Barnes Academy - Danny and Troy's Suite

The room is a living room and kitchen combined, separated by a counter which also serves as the table since it's a small kitchen area on the left with all the necessities. For the most part the dimly lit kitchen area is fairly clean.As for the living room area, everything thing seems to be shoved in the area. A large 'L couch wraps around the back wall and underneath the windows. On the wall above the couch is are two Halo posters tacked on the all without frames along with a Star Wars Empire Strikes Back poster. On the other wall an entertainment center housing a TV, DVD player an various videogame systems. There are dvd's and magazines and cd's sitting on top of the entertainment center and on the coffee table in-between the TV and couch. In one corner of the living room two guitar hero guitars and Rock Band equipment sits. Next to the Entertainment center is a Piano with various piano books and sheet music on top.

It's a Saturday night and Danny usually works. It's not quite 'prime' club time yet so he's still getting ready. He's walking around the suite in a pair of jeans, button down shirt and there's a cowboy hat on the counter. He's looking through the cabinet while the orange tabby, Mr. Cat, weaves around his ankles. "Alrigh' alrigh' Ah'm gettin' yer food Mr. Cat. Ah know your hungry."

Troy comes in from his room, showered and refreshed as he sees Danny all dressed in something… absolutely country. His image induced eyebrow raises as he looks over the outfit. "Uhm… ok." He laughs a little. He can't help it, considering his background. "That's an unexpected look." He looks at his image inducer. "But then, I don't know what all outfits they programmed into mine. Or what I can alter it to."

Danny laughs as he puts down a bowl of food for the cat. "Sorry, it's Ah…kinda a gimmick at times. When Ah work at the bar. Ah usually unbutton the shirt when Ah'm there and put the tha hat, with the accent it kind of is a sellin' point. Since Ah make most of mah money off of tips, Ah gotta milk that Southern Charm." He says stretching a bit. "Though Ah'm gonna be glad tah get outta here for a couplea hours."

"I can understand that. I'm not used to being cooped up inside so often." Troy says, rubbing his arms over his sides. "I'm used to having pretty much free reign to come and go as I please." Though, being an Adult, Trey DOES have that, but it's just still awkward to him. He looks up. "Well, the look DOES work for you."

"It's the surprise, not many people are expectin' me tah have a Southern Accent. And trust me, Ah tried /hard/ tah git rid of it. Ah just couldn't." Danny's accent dulled a bit but he's never been able to loose it. After a while though, he just gave up. "Well what are ya doin' tahnight Troy? Just sittin' round here doin' nothin'? It's a Saturday night."

"What else would I do? I JUST turned 18. I'm not old enough to go to most bars and enjoy myself. At least… not the way you had me laughing the other day." He admits. After all, Troy's not used to drinking. "And, I wouldn't know where to go, anyway." He says with a bit of a shrug. "So, yeah… just sitting on my ass. Probably feeling sorry for myself, but I can't bring myself to do it."

"There's a lotta clubs that are 18 and older Troy." Danny says, but it might be a few bucks more if you're under 21, still still let people in. "Or if ya want, Ah I can get ya intah the bar Ah work at, get ya a bracelet and ya'll be able tah drink if ya wanted. Ya don't hafta, but it might be fun, get out, go dancin', flirt a bit." Danny says as he feels the most relaxed in the bar/club scene. It's just such a fun atmosphere.

"I… I don't know how to flirt anymore." Troy says, looking down slightly bashfully. "After… after everything happened, I don't know how to talk to people right." He shrugs. "Though, it might be fun to get out. Lemme see what suits this thing has programmed." He says, biting his lip a little bit. "Any uhm… suggestions?"

"Can ya only wear what that things got programmed intah it?" Cause that will determine what Danny suggests. "And who cares, ya gotta get out there and just have some fun. Ah think ya need it Troy. Ya can be that guy that dances by himself and ignores everyone. Mr. Mystery." He says determined to drag Troy out later. "And if ya get sick from drinkin' too much, Ah'll help ya get back here safe."

"I haven't learned how to program anything into it yet." Troy says with a smirk. "They're supposed to teach me this week. Hopefully soon." He says. He toys with the buttons and suddenly appears in a preppy looking outfit. Again, and he's in something similar to what Danny's wearing. Again and surfer gear. "Hmm."

"Can ya get like…Ah hate tah say this cause really, Ah ain't trying tah go perv on ya, but like basic underwear? Then Ah can dig through what I got and see what fits ya?" Danny says, and since Troy has the dark hair like him, even if the skin tone is different, he might have a few things that will compliment Tory.

"Uhm… Well…" Troy says, biting his lip. "I can take off the suit. Except for the headpiece. The headpiece is what I can't live without." He explains, considering things. "Then, I could just induce my head."

"If that don't hinder much, we can see what Ah got in mah room?" Danny says as he reaches down to scritch his cat before going into his room and seeing what he has that might fit Troy as Danny's a bit taller. "So, ya have any clothes of your own or just what they give ya here? Cause Ah don't the uniform's gonna fly to hot in Mutant Town. If it was a superhero uniform like Mah Freedom Force one…hey, ya got a superhero costume that ain't what they give ya here?"

"No… Everything I had got destroyed." Troy admits. "And they only gave me my uniform and costume/powersuit." He winces a little as he starts to unzip the back of his suit. His arms are limber enough to reach back and do so without help. He's got the image inducer turned off for now. But, he's not taking it off just yet. It's obvious, if one looks from behind, that there's nothing under it.

Danny does notice that Troy's not wearing anything under his suit and turns around. It's not that he's embarassed it's just that he's quite a bit older, well in his opinion. "All right, first we gotta get ya set up with some underwear. Here…" He says digging a pair of pants and underwear out of his dresser. Couldn't the school at least set him up with that? "Those pants shrunk in the wash and are a bit small on me." They're just a pair of light blue jeans.

"Honestly, I told them not to bother. It's a waste." Troy shrugs slightly, but accepts it. He holds onto it and the pants passed to him and nods. "I should be able to fit these." He agrees, looking at them.

"Now for a shirt." Danny says trying to look at the jeans and Troy and seeing what he has that fits. "How much do ya wanna show off, your build that is." He's not even sure what kind of build Tory has but Danny knows he likes to show off his. "What colours do ya like?"

Turning around to be polite, Troy strips off the suit. He pulls the pants on as they are and turns around. Yep. His body is quite nice beneath the suit. Lithe, wiry muscle, rather than thick heavy types. "I dunno. I don't know what colors go with me. As for how much do I want to show off… what do you think I should?" Yup. He's giving full creative control to the bartender.

Danny looks through his clothes and eventually comes out with a dark red t-shirt. "Try this, then we can put a jacket over it. That way if ya wanna take it off and show off, ya can. If you're uncomfortable it's like a shield. And earlier, about the lack of costume, Ah'll take ya tah see this guy Jesse. He's great and will get ya hooked up.

"Oh, for costume, I've got my suit." Troy says, pointing to it. "And, it's gotta all be incorporated." He says with a shrug, pulling the red shirt on with a nod. He's obviously quite comfortable with things being seen. He doesn't seem to mind at all. "I don't know how cold it'll get out there, though."

"Well ya don't have to worry about a coat check, Ah work there so ya don't have tah pay to have someone keep it on a hanger all night." Danny knows that New York clubs will charge you out the ass for anything they can. "Ah'll try not tah bring ya home too messed up or anything." He says teasing Troy. "Ya go look in a mirror and see what ya think 'bout it."

"Well, if ya do, just get me out of my clothes and into a bed." Troy says with a nod as he moves over. He takes a look in the mirror and blinks. Sometimes, he forgets what he looks like. He nods gently. "I… I think this will work." He nods. And who knows. It might let him get some other things out of his system.

"I'll do that for ya." Danny says to Troy and if they were closer in age, Danny might take that opportunity to flirt. Also he doesn't want to scare his new roommate yet. "I think it'll work too, the colours go nice with your eyes. Ah'm sure even if you're not doin' the flirtin' there'll be a few guys and girls doin' the flirtin' with ya."

Troy doesn't care about age at all, but that can wait until some other time. "Yeah, don't really care about most of them. For me to accept someone flirting… I'd have to know them." He's not doing what he did before. He's never just jumping into love again. "And I really haven't gotten to know anyone."

Danny nods. "Ya don't have tah do anything but have a good time. Ya don't have tah pick up anyone, ya don't have tah flirt, ya just have tah make sure ya have, okay?" He says almost feeling like he's mentoring Troy on how to have fun. "How about we pregame a bit here and then go out? That way ya can relax a bit and ya don't have to drink anything there. Just help take the edge off a bit."

Troy shrugs a little. "I'm just… I used to go to a boarding school. Everything was so different there." He admits. "I haven't been around real people in a while. I'm… sorry I'm like this." He isn't meaning to look to Danny as a mentor, he just doesn't know people.

Danny puts an arm around Troy's shoulder and leads him to the kitchen. "Here, we're gonna do a shot or two each and then head out, sound okay?" He says taking down two shot glasses, a bottle of tequilla and some salt. "Ah'll cut up some lemons, we'll each do a shot and then go out. And you're gonna have a good time. Ah think this is gonna be good for ya." He says going to the fridge and cutting up a few slices of lemon.

"Alright." Troy nods. "We'll do that. But I can't be sure I won't hit on people if I drink." He admits with a shrug. "I… got a little bit uninhibited last time." After all, Danny was there for that.

Danny shrugs. "It'll be the one shot." He just doesn't know how much of a lightweight Troy. He pours the two glasses and and smiles. "Alright, on the count of three, we drink and then head out." Danny's gonna get Danny out to have a good time, but he knows he's also gonna have to keep an eye on his young friends as well, but, that's okay.

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