2010-08-09: Corsairs Business Meeting


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Summary: Four of the Corsairs get together and discuss their business strategy for maximizing profit margins and enhancing synergy. … Nah, they just hang around and are bored.

Date: August 9, 2010

Log Title: Corsairs Business Meeting

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

"Boring….boring…boring.." Max repeats to himself as he browses through the channels, after repeating the word at least twenty eight times he finds somthing that makes him smile. "Ooo, Silent Library." He says grinning as his eyes are glued to the television. Currently on the screen are a group of six guys, one of them in a pair of underwear hooked to a contraption that when a handle is cranked giving him the ultimate weggie. "Hehehee." Quill laughs as he watches. "I wonder if it's possible to make something like that…" It's perfect for younger…and older siblings!

Humming to herself, Jill slides into the rec room. Really slides! Athletic socks on the polished wood floor of the hallway outside make for perfect impromptu skates but this is over as soon as she hits the carpet, stumbling a little over the transition. "Oh," she squeaks on seeing the TV, averting her eyes and putting up a hand to shield herself. "That's gross," she observes, but is actually laughing at the same time. She leans her elbows against the back of the couch to watch anyway, cradling her chin in translucent blue palms. "What is this? Jackass?"

Having raided the kitchen for a sandwich so big it isn't just the mother of all sandwiches it's potentially an entire extended family tree worth of sandwich Chloe wanders into the Rec Room with (what is for her) unusual slowness. Of course that still means she's pushing a good ten miles an hour as she coasts in, completes a circuit of the room, before finally dropping onto an empty chair. "A wedgie? Lame," she proclaims between unladylike mouthfuls.

The porcupine kid looks up and grins at the girls. "Nope! It's Silent Library. They have to be quite while they do hilarious stuff to their friends." The kid on the TV getting the weggie just dangles there by his undies while waiting for the band to break, feet no longer touching the ground. "Jackass is pretty funny too though. So who are you lovely ladies? I'm Max, also know around here as Quill." He says offering a fuzzy hand.

Jill leans over the back of the couch and puts blue her hand in Max's fuzzy (pointy?) one, somewhere between a lazy shake and an even lazier high-five. "Jill. Nice to make your acquaintance," she offers, eyes fixed on the TV screen. Sometimes you just can't look away. "You new here? I am. Couple of weeks anyway." The light from the broad windows backlights her in just the right way to make her head look like it's faintly glowing from within.

Chloe glances down at her sandwich. "I'm Chloe, from Corsairs. I'd shake your hand but.." she greets, then shrugs apologetically. "I can't see how /anyone/ could find Jackass funny. It's just the same lame things done over and over again. People getting hit in the nuts is about the high point of the show and that's boring for anyone old enough to buy shoes without velcro on them."

"Nah, I'm not new. I had a to leave for a bit but I'm back now so all is awsome." Max says as he stands up and he is short. He's just about the same height as Chloe. "I'm on the Corsairs too with good old Goofy Goggles. And you don't find Jackass funny cause you're a girl." It's simple logic for a teenager. "And if you won't shake my hand cause you're afraid of the quills, don't worry about it, I'm not as stabby as I look."

"Well that's good. 'Cause I don't know how good of a tour I'd be able to give." The blue girl straightens from her lean against the couch, revealing that she's marginally taller than Max. An unusual feeling! "And me too! I'm on the Corsairs too," Jill chimes in eagerly, like she's afraid of being left behind.

"No. I won't shake your hand because then my sandwich would collapse," Chloe says with a deliberately slow eyeroll. "And I'm not cleaning six different kinds of condiment off the couch. It would take forever and I just don't have the patience for it." She eyes her meal for a moment before taking a few more rapid unladylike mouthfuls. "Had you been here long before you left?"

"The Corsairs are gonna rock this year. Do they still do team competitions and stuff here?" It's been a bit since Quill left so things might have changed a bit. "Yeeah…all that cleaning would suck royally. And unlike home, you can blame it on your brothers and sisters here." And then on how long he's been here before he left, Quill ponders it. "A few months, I heard that Julian's no longer a Hellion but a big wig now. No surprise, he always was one of Emma's favourites."

"I don't really know," Jill mumbles uncertainly, lacing her fingers and squeezing them together just to give herself something to do. She shifts to sit on the back of the couch. "The semester hasn't started so our group hasn't really done anything. I haven't met everybody yet, but they're probably still home for the summer." Her crystal blue eyes narrow over at Chloe and she mimes a wiping gesture at her chin. "You've got a little something… right there…"

Chloe blinks so fast her eyes flutter, then grins and wipes her chin on the bread. "Thanks. I don't think I've met him, but isn't he like /old/ and besides for most of the time since I got here the big F wasn't around. So I doubt it was her doing. Can't say I remember any team competitions though? They used to do a lot of those back when you first came here?"

"Well I was around for one of them, Hellions won." Quill stays making a face complete with tongue sticking out. "So who else is on the Corsairs here? I heard there's like six of us so I guess I know half the team. The only person I've really met is James, he's my roommate." There's a bit of a mischevious grin as he says that. "I don't know how old Julian is…he was always older than me I know that."

"Well," Jill begins, rolling her eyes toward the ceiling and counting on her fingers. "There's me, there's Chloe, there's you… I've also met Mikhail, and there's two other boys I don't know. Theo and… somebody." She does all this without having to change hands, counting all the way to… six? Racking her brain is causing her a bit of consternation. "I saved the email on my computer." She shrugs and pulls a knee up under her chin. "I'm looking forward to it, though, even if we have to compete. Like 'ten points for Gryffindor' and stuff!"

"You forgot Kael," Chloe adds helpfully. "And you're sharing with James? Brave man. Personally I can't see the point in squad training, let alone making us compete, because it's /never/ going to be useful for anything." She sighs, then chomps her sandwich some more. "And now Heather is on another squad I won't even have anyone to talk to while we're suffering through old one eyes latest torment."

Quill looks at Jill and grins. "Aaawwwww, it's nice to know our teammate thinks we're chopped liver." He says joking around in regards to the not having anyone to talk to. "So I have yet to meet Kael, Theo and Mikhail…right." He then raises his fuzzy brow at Chloe. "Wow, you're just a bundle of joy today aren't you? Are you always this happy, and there's nothing wrong with James. He tried the 'this is your room' (said in a fake gruff voice) bit but it didn't work. HA!" Quill says triumphantly. "Gryffindor…ugh, I'd put the New Mutants as Gryffindor and the Hellions as Sytherin. We're like…Ravenclaw or Hufflepuffs or something but with Goofy Googles I'd more say we're team Stiffass."

Jill heaves an extremely overdramatic sigh and puts the back of one hand to her forehead. Woe! "I guess we're just not good enough to keep her company." She leans forward to rest her chin on her upraised knee. "Just as well. Red and gold with blue? Shyeah. And come on, he can't be that bad of a teacher. He's the headmaster after all. I mean," she admits hesitantly. "I only met him for like five minutes. Or not even that. But he seemed nice enough!"

Chloe glances between Jill and Quill, then shakes her head and begins talking. Of course she's talking in fast world six, so at best a few random letters can be understood every now and again. With the rest sounding just like garbled nonsense.

"Red and Gold? Are those our team colorus? Laaaaaaaaaame." Max says with a shake of his head as he liked his old uniform. Looks like he'll have to get a new one. "Nah, Mr. Summer's isn't that bad but he's just very…stiff. He doesn't find my jokes funny." He says crossing his arms over his chest and giving a fake pout. "And Chloe….did you just switch to some secret language of the mouse peoples?"

Jill's mouth hangs open at the speed freak speak. "What?" She's still trying to process the noise, without much success. She shakes her head as if to dislodge the sound. "Umm, no, actually it's white and yellow. Or the suit hanging in my closet is. I'm nowhere near brave enough to put it on. It looks so…" Jill waffles, searching for the right word to describe a full body, skin-tight suit of white and yellow. "Yeah," she finishes with marked reservation. "He just seemed busy to me, like he couldn't spare much time for anything."

"Honestly, I find Red and Gold to be a massive improvement over Lemon Yellow and White which is what they were last year." That comes from the hallway as Kael walks into the room, the resident aerokinetic with the white hair. Most likely dyed. He looks over at the others and offers a wave before he glances over at Quill. "I'm guessing that you're one of the new Corsairs?" He tilts his head with a smile, thankfully having missed Chloe's speed speak.

Chloe adds a few more comments in fast world, then wolfs the rest of her sandwich down. "See what I mean? No-one to talk to. They're /both/ new Corsairs Kael-tron," she remarks with a sweeping wave of her hand. "I think those colours might be Gryffindor colours rather than ours? But for the record I'm usually in a much better mood, but last night I kept having these visions of myself all grown up and eating pencils."

"Lead, good for the heart and soul!" Quill coments as he offers Kael a fuzzy hand. "Heya! I'm Max, also known as Quill. I'm not a New Corsair, I'm an -old- Corsair on a new team! I just had to leave Xavier's for a bit but now I'm back!" And as the short porucpine says that he powerposes. "Well Chloe, shall we go out and do something to get you in a better mood. There's that coffee shop Nori used to work at…it sucks that Nori's not here anymore. She was hot."

The see-through blue girl seated on the back of the couch lets her raised leg drop to the floor. She raises a hand (also translucent and blue) to Kael, smiling widely. "Hello. I'm Jill, also known as… Jill! And I *am* a new Corsair. Still shiny and new." Raising a forefinger like a pedagogue, she points out temptingly, "There's also an ice cream place!" She knows this for a fact.

Kael smirks a bit. "I've seen Jill around, just haven't had time to say Hi." He glances down at the girl with a smile before he looks back over at Quill. "Another Max. Hopefully, you aren't as hyperactive as the other one." He chuckles as he takes that hand and he looks over at Chloe for a second, "I'm sure you've both heard about me from Chloe, hm?" Fast world means motor mouth at times. Or so Kael's noticed.

"I don't think so? I mentioned you were one of us and that's about it," Chloe replies, sticking her tongue out at Kael. "Whatever we do should be pirate themed somehow. After all we /are/ all corsairs and it's only fitting."

"I get dibs on the eyepatch!" Max says as he doesn't think he'd look good with the pirate hat, it'd crush his quills! "Weeeeeell….we can go to the cafeteria and raid it and then demand that the other students give us homage to be allowed to enter our waters, aka the Cafeteria. For all those delicous ice cream bars can be our prized booty." He then looks at Kael and sighs overdramatically. "There's another Max here…well I guess I'll just have to challenge him…after all there can be only one."

"But…" Jill starts to speak up in a uncertain voice. "Real corsairs had, like, legal authority from the king. They were more like hired soldiers than pirates and could only go attack ships from certain countries, and…" She opens her mouth to go on, but looks self-conscious and closes it again. She was doing it again.

Kael looks over at Chloe and smirks, "Just messin' with ya." He looks down at Quill and laughs, "How well do quills stand up to ice? And, I'm Kael. Aerokinetic is my fun." He looks over at Jill with a smile, "And Xavier corsairs don't need authority from teachers." He snickers a bit before he glances over at Quill. "So, other than being fuzzy. What can you do?"

"We have official uniforms! How much more do we need in the way of authority?" Chloe wonders with a mischievous grin, shifting to sprawl out on her chair. "What /would/ be cool is if we could get our hands on some swords. I mean what sane person /doesn't/ wanna learn swordfighting? And before anyone suggests it I don't mean lame fencing."

Quill looks at Jill and grins at her, it's a really big untrustworthy grin. "Soooooo…Jiiill, teammate….if I ever need…'help' in a test, I can come to you? You can…'help' me? I mean, Ms. Pryde isn't to happy when I steal test answers." Then Max looks over at Kael and ponders something. "Hrm…Kael…whose Max's roommate and what kind of person are they?" And honest question that should hopefully get an honest answer. "I can shoot my Quills at people and I can hear and smell things better such as.." And then he continues to list out ever ingredient he can smell in Chloe's giant sandwich. "Nah…I'm just gonna be a theif when I grow up, Gambit doesn't sword fight and he's awesome."

Jill recoils slightly from Max's grin. It's just a reflex. "I.. um… I guess so? If I can help, I mean," she replies, sounding as if she doubts her own answer. Since it seems like the thing to do, she chimes in again. "And I'm just like *this*, as far as mutations go. A bunch of… goo stuff that can walk and talk." A translucent blue arm raises and waves just to draw attention to her. "I don't know how helpful I'll be in training and competitions and stuff, but I'll try my best."

Kael lets out a soft hm, and thinks for a moment. "I… think it's John. And I really don't know what kind of person he is. He was a Corsair for a while, forgot what team he's on now." He shrugs a bit, and then blinks as he lifts a brow; listening to the list of ingredients in Chloe's sandwich. "That's… interesting." He looks back at the speedster and smirks. "That would be kinda cool actually. Anyone know any swordsmen here?" His gaze switches to Jill and he smiles. "Who knows, maybe you'll be able to like… mold yourself into something."

Chloe nods in agreement. "Of course it'd be cool. I wouldn't have suggested anything which wasn't! I'm sure we can find /someone/ who can teach us," she adds. "Whoever 'Gambit' is he's obviously not as cool as he could be. No sword means no awesome."

Quill looks at Chloe, mouth gaping open. "Gambit?! You don't know who the X-Men Gambit is? Remy? Dates that really -hot- chick Rogue?" He's not aware that the date is now dated. "You'll be useful enough Jill, anyone's useful, I mean, I just shoot my Quills but I still kick ass. And any swordsmen here, sorry Kael." And hrm…John…he'll have to find out about this John fellow. "Gambit uses a bostaff and is the coolest theif ever! He taught me the best way to shield your mind mentally from telepaths."

Looking blank, Jill shakes her head at Quill. "I've never heard of him either." This isn't as surprising, given how new she is, but it's still probably an unforgivable sin. "I can sorta shapeshift already, I guess. If you count a puddle on the floor? I thought we were supposed to learn self-defense, though, not sword fighting. Unless you plan on carrying one around wherever you go."

Kael sighs a bit. "Darn." He shrugs, he's used to that happening anyway before he looks down at Jill with a smirk. "Yeah, we are supposed to be learning self-defense. But, there're times where you just gotta fight back." He glances back at Quill with a hm, "A bostaff, hm?" Now that has the aerokinetic thinking…

Chloe rolls her eyes at Quill. "Never heard of him. Which, if he's a hot shot thief like you said, you'd kinda expect," she points out wryly. "Enough supervillians carry things like swords for it to be worth learning. Especially for those of us who have had plenty of self defense lessons already." She smiles at Jill. "A puddle could be a valuble weapon. I bet more people end up in hospital because they slipped in puddles compared with people hurt by jerks in spandex."

"Jill, comeone, loosen up, we've got superpowers! Self defense is fine but we also gotta fight stuff sometimes. The Danger Room isn't all just self defense." Quill leaves off the team work and better use of your powers crap cause…well that doesn't sound fun. "Seriously, go to the X-Men database and look up Gambit. Remy taught me some awesome tricks. I wanna be like him when I'm older." He says and Gambit's a bit of a role model to the teen though Remy isn't the best of role models. "Just as long as they don't sue Jill for not having a 'caution wet floor' sign with her."

"I am loosened up!" Jill protests. As a sort of visual pun, she twists her left hand around at the wrist. Around and around and around, like she's winding a watch. "See? I'm just not as gung-ho as some people, that's all. I don't like fighting." She frowns and shrugs helplessly. "But… I'll admit, it's probably a really useful skill to have."

Kael is about to say something when his pocket vibrates before a muffled jingle starts to play. "Sorry, guys. I gotta jet." With that, the aerokinetic says his goodbyes and heads out of the room; pulling the phone out of his pocket as the only words they'd hear if they were listening would be 'Hey, Mom!'.

Chloe winces at the hand twisting display. "That's… really disturbing. Although I can match you on the left," she says, twisting her left forearm so the fingers are pointing backwards and then waving at Kael. "See! The perks of getting maimed on school property."

"I'm not big on fighting either Jill, unless it's in video games. Like Eternal Death Slayer Four or something." Quill says as he waves at Kael. "Later dude!" He says before looking at Chloe and raising his brow. "See you say her arm is distrubing, I look like a porcupine /and/ you have a maimed hand that can do the same thing. What I think is disturbing..is that there doesn't seem to be much fun around here yet."

"Nice to meet you Kael!" Jill calls, wincing a little when her voice overlaps his saying hello to his mother. "That was *more* disturbing, Chloe, 'cause I don't think you're supposed to be able to do that." With a soft groan of relaxation, she simply slides off the back of the couch and onto its cushions, landing on her back and looking at the television upside down. Her legs dangle off the back of the couch, kicking gently. "There's plenty of stuff to do. The pool's almost always empty, you've got more cable channels than I can count, and we're like… what, an hour away from the biggest city in the entire country? Half an hour?"

Chloe grins, then suddenly her left forearm comes off. "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ouch oh god it hurts!"

"There's a difference between stuff to do and having fun and ….ewwwww..please tell me you're just jerking our chain." Quill says as Chloe pulls her arm off and his face goes to one expression of 'oh god that's gross'. "I suck with first aid…Jill?" He says hoping that it's nothign serious and her joking around after all….there is no blood?

"Aaah!" Jill squawks by reflex at the outburst, kicking her legs in a spasm that sends her rolling off the couch and landing on her head with a dull thump. She pops up again like a slimy blue Whack-a-Mole. Her hair is oozing slowly to fill in a flattened dent. "What is it? What happened?! Is it supposed to do that?!"

Chloe practically falls off the couch giggling. "I can't believe that actually worked," she remarks, still rolling around laughing. "It's not attached at all. It has the cup type thing which clamps around the stump and my forearm." She holds up the cybernetic arm, waves her handless arm and then pops the arm back on and wriggles her fingers.

Quill grins at Chloe and puts a hand on her shoulder. "I like you. You've got a good sense of humour." He says as he stands up and stretches. "Well I gotta head off, I gotta a meeting with Goofy Goggles about the Corsairs and my classes for the new year. Blah I gotta restart my Sophomore year again." He says making a face but that's what happens when you leave half way durning the school year. "I'll see you gals later!" He says as he heads out of the room.

"That was mean," Jill grouses, rubbing at the flat spot near the top of her head. It's almost filled now, but the oozing blue stuff clings to her fingers and comes away in fine strings. "Ow," she says, almost as an afterthought. Heaving herself back up onto the couch, she folds her arms but restrains her tone of voice when she says, "Alright, Max. Nice to meet you, and I'll see you around. Or in practice or something!"

"Really? I thought it was a /way/ better way of bringing up my having a cybernetic arm than just telling you what happened. Then enduring the awkward looks afterwards," Chloe points out while rolling back into her comfortable sprawling position. "Don't think of it as restarting a year of school. Think of it as postponing the point when you'll have to get a job."

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