2011-01-09: Cos You Gotta Have Faith

Players: Cloud, David, and Hosea

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Summary: Hosea is feeling guilty over a previous encounter where he fought his friends

Date: January 9, 2011

Log Title: Cos You Gotta Have Faith

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Attic

Every wall is made of glass up to the domed ceiling. Storm has really done her work up here over time and turned it into quite the indoor garden. The room is separated into different parts for the different plants that are in there. There are flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, small trees and much more. There are plants that shouldn't even be able to be found in this northern climate but they thrive up here. Anyone wanting to come up here for fresh herbs, fruit or vegetables are welcome to steal from the indoor garden. Depending on the time of year, various different species of flowers and different fruits and vegetables grow. In one area there are a few small fountains and a bench with some fresh dirt on the the ground with trees and plants all around. It seems like a good spot for meditation.

Two days ago, Hosea did something he promised to never do again. He lost it. Yesterday, he spent the whole day isolating himself in the chapel. Today, he has just started to do the same. The pieced together Bible which he keeps is at his side, but he's not reading it. He wears nothing fancy, as usual. A pair of blue jeans covers his lower half, and a long sleeved play white t-shirt on his upper. He sits at one of the benches, staring out over the school grounds. His elbows rest on his knees, and his hands are folded in front of his face. His usual smile is not present, rather an intense stare at the students wandering about the grounds. Currently he's watching a group of the younger ones wander about the hedge maze, trying to find their way to the center.

Purposefully searching the institute for Hosea, David has found him in the Attic. Dressed casually as well. He wears a dark blue sweater and grey khakis and red cybershades. Stopping by the entrance of the attic, David pauses and seems to stare at Hosea as if examining him. He exhales and then approaches saying in an African languages, <The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace. (Psalm 29:11)> He offers a smile as he walks closer towards Hosea.

Cloud has a biology paper due on plant cells and was told to head up to the attic for a couple of specimins, he wants to get all his papers outta the way because Star's supposed to be returning this week, he's dressed in blue jeans, a pair of red sneakers, a black t-shirt and his blond and blue hair is casualy spiked, as he comes up the stairs and spots David talking to Hosea, he turns to go again, he can come back later.

Hosea's eyes shift away from the children below, and toward David, followed by a turn of his head. "He has not given me peace, lately," he answers David in English. His eyes glance behind David to see Cloud coming up the steps, perhaps also indicating to David that they aren't alone anymore. Hosea looks away, afraid to greet Cloud as he normally would, and he doesn't smile in response to David.

Without looking back at Cloud, David says, "Hey, Cloud. You don't have to leave because I'm here." The entire time looking at Hosea, "It's always there. Perhaps you're not looking in the right place or perhaps you are distracted?" He walks over to and then past the Nigerian student staring at the students in the hedge maze, "That maze is a great example for life. You turn this way and that. The students are looking all over for the exit. But if I communicated to them and guided them out, they would learn the way. So like students in a maze, sometimes it helps to have a guide to walk us through."

Cloud turns back round, "I wasn't leaving cos you're here David", he turns round and walks over to the plants he's looking for and mutters, "Just thought Hosea might decide we're evil", he starts looking for a good specimen.

Hosea's gaze drops at Cloud's comment. "I am sorry," he tells Cloud and David. "I did not think dat I would ever behave dat way again." He shakes his head slowly. "What I did was wrong, and I apologize. I acted against what I know to be true." That doesn't give an explanation of why he did it, but he is penitent.

Smiling, David goes to pat Hosea's shoulder, "It's ok. And you were correct the girl is connected to a demon. I don't believe she is a demon herself, but maybe she is. I have only ever met one other demon before this encounter and well. That wasn't fun." He offers, "So your instincts were right. I guess it was just how you went about it. But lesson learned. Everything is ok Right, Hosea?"

Cloud finds the plant he's looking for, "You might want to apologies to Robyn as he's the one who's head you tried to crack open on the street", or possibly the other two guys who needed an ambulance.

Hosea quietly shakes his head. "No. Everything is not all right." He looks back at Cloud, "I should talk to Robyn. I do not know dat he will want to speak to me." Hosea might've killed him with a move like that, and he knows it. "You do not understand," he tells David. "Dis is not some simple thing. Like I knocked over a plant or forgot to turn off da water."

Nodding, "No of course it's not a simple thing. You lost control of yourself. And nearly hurt Robyn, Cloud, and myself. As well as the two guards, who were human and most likely enthralled by the demon. but at least with regard to Robyn and us." When David says 'us' he gestures to Cloud and himself, "We are your friends and have been or will be in situations like that again." He smiles as he continues speaking to Hosea, "You are a deeply devout soul, Hosea. You saw a demon. Demons are against your beliefs. They are evil vile creatures who pollute the message of beliefs. Being a devout soul, your instinct is combat against them. However, society demands prudence. Now you are aware. Should something happen like this, you will be more careful." He sighs, "Plus when I first encountered that girl. She assisted in fighting a villain who was wreaking havoc on New York."

Cloud rolls his eyes, "David, why are you trying so hard to make it seem ok, trying to kill someone is wrong beleifs or not, he didn't even make a distinction of who he was attacking, Hosea might feel badly about it but it still happened"

"Cloud speaks right," Hosea says. "Though, dere is time to kill. Dis was not dat time. I would have killed her if Robyn had not stopped me." He stands to his feet, walking away from the window and putting his hands on his waist. "Do you know what it is like to kill a person?" Hosea asks. He doesn't specify either person, but it seems that such is a concept that has been haunting him lately, given his lapse.

David does not answer the question, but instead, "I understand what you're both are saying, but I can also tell Hosea is sorry for the attack.You understand what you did was wrong. There could have been fatal consequences. But death was prevented. Instead of punishing Hosea, we need to learn what happened. What was going on in your head? It may have been the demon's influence or it may have been something else. The next stop is not to sulk and be depressed. The next step is exploration and prevention. Explores why you did what you did and prevent it from happening again." He shrugs and offers, "I will say of the Lord. He is my refuge and my fortress: In Him will I trust. Psalm 91:2 I don't know if you confide in a priest or a pastor, but that might help. Maybe contact Nightcrawler, who is one of the most devout and faithful people I know and yet holds the appearance of a demon. If I remember correctly, he was a priest at one point." The cybershades flicker as information on Nightcrawler appears to David.

Cloud shakes his head, "No i don't know what it's like to kill someone, i've nearly put a couple of people into comas but not killed, i do however know what it's like to have the means to kill at my disposal", to demonstrate he touches a plant and it begins to wither and die as he absorbs, he gains the usual side effects, his eyes and nails turn black, the blood vessles in his face become more prominent.

Hosea doesn't seem impressed with Cloud's assessment. "My problem comes from da fact dat I have killed hundreds of people," he comments. "You would not undahstand." The Nigerian grabs up a flower off of one of one of the plants, and examines it in his fingers. "Anyone has da ability to kill. It is not da strength of muscle dat makes a killah." He looks back at David. "I have come a long way from what I was. My pastor, Avraham, he has taught me much. But America has made me lazy. I have not been careful in my thoughts and deeds." An odd statement, considering how cheerful he is outside of the incident Friday.

Looking over at the flower and Cloud's new look, "It's too goth for you." He smirks and then returns to Hosea, "Well, you haven't been in contact with Avraham in some time. Why not pay him a visit? What's become of him?" David attempts to do a search through his cybershades on a Nigerian pastor known as Avraham to see if there is anything available.

Cloud shrugs, "It's not a chosen look, blame my mutantion, oddly having extra life force makes me look kinda dead", he goes back to what he was doing when they start talking pastors, doesn't wanna get involved in a religon talk..

"He lives in Africa," Hosea answers. "He has no phone. Dey sometimes have electricity dere." He waves at the room around. "You see, you do not understand. You talk about killing as if you knew someting about it. But you do not. Neither of you know. It is not a thought that just crosses you head!" He huffs, looking back out the window. "Where I come from, what you saw in Mutant Town? Happens every week." Beat. "You say oh, it is wrong to kill, whatever da reason. It is just a thought in your head. It is not something you really understand."

David grins at Cloud's comment and then he gives his attention to Hosea, "Goodness nothing on Avraham other than what is in your file? When was the last time you contacted him? Do you know if he is around?" David ponders, "Maybe a trip back home, Hosea? what do you think?" Upon hearing Hosea talk about killing, "It's not that easy, Hosea. Killing is not so black and white. Admittedly, I haven't killed and I didn't grow up in your environment, but still. There may be a situation when one has to kill. Some of the X-Men have killed. Like Wolverine. Maybe talk to him or." David shrugs, "Maybe talk to Jericho. He's the school counselor, but he's also you squad leader right."

"Silly counselors," Hosea scoffs. "Dey tink everything in da head. Dey do not understand real things." He waves his hand dismissively. "I do not have money to fly back and forth do Africa. I do not have dat money, and it would be wasteful to spend money on dat when I could give da money to my people who need it. I have a pastor here. He is a man who fears God. I will talk to him." He walks back to the bench, sitting back down. "I am sorry dat I hurt Robyn. Cloud, I am sorry for you hitting your head, David, I am sorry dat you had to deal with dis. I did not desiah for dis to happen."

"Silly counselors," Hosea scoffs. "Dey tink everything in da head. Dey do not understand real things." He waves his hand dismissively. "I do not have money to fly back and forth do Africa. I do not have dat money, and it would be wasteful to spend money on dat when I could give da money to my people who need it. I have a pastor here. He is a man who fears God. I will talk to him." He walks back to the bench, sitting back down. "I am sorry dat I hurt Robyn. Cloud, I am sorry for you hitting your head, David, I am sorry dat you had to deal with dis. I did not desiah for dis to happen."

"Silly students."" David retorts, "Hosea, ultimately, this is your burden to bear, but mayhaps the staff are here to help." He looks to the window, "With all that we have here, we could take you to Africa ourselves. One of the X-Men is an African. I am sure we could get you there. But again, we can only help if you want us too."

"I would not be against seeing Avraham," he says. "I would like seeing him again. He is a man who is vedy wise." Hosea starts back toward the exit from the attic, picking his Bible up from the benches. "I appreciate your concern," he says. "I am sorry dat I am so negative."

"Let me see what I can arrange. I've been wanting to go to Africa for some time now." David grins and pats Hosea's shoulder, "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, "Move from here to there" and it will move. Matthew 17:20. Your faith will see you through this, Hosea. Whatever 'this' is."

Cloud graps a pair of sissors and cuts off a few snippets of his chosen plant, he's not looking forward to writing this up, why bother learning about plants, whens he ever gonna use that knowledge, he doesn't comment on the bible quotes, no point putting down Hosea's faith when he's feeling down already.

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