2011-10-12: Cosplay 101


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Summary: Shane is working on her costume for New York Comic Con when Sage and Tabitha appear.

Date: October 12, 2011

Log Title: Cosplay 101

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Garage

Home to various cars of teachers and X-men, the garage can house at least twenty vehicles. There is also an area that has a auto body shop set up so students and teachers and work on their cars. Almost any tool a mechanic needs can be found in this garage.

Early evening, and the garage is empty… except for the sound of shattering, heavy-metal guitars, drums, and yelling vocals, drowning out whatever activity might be going on inside. THe lights are on, and there *is* movement, but, beyond that one would have to brave the storm of noise coming from the iPod dock set up on one of the workbenches in the corner.

Even though Sage is oblivious about many things, he does know about tools and how to use them. He's come to the garage to borrow the hammer and grab a few nails but when the music hits his ears, Sage winces. He covers his ears with his hands and looks around for the source. "Bloody hell, what is that noise?"

Cause we HUNT YOU DOWN WITHOUT MERCY! HUNT YOU DOWN ALL NIGHTMARE LONG! FEEL US BREATHE UPON YOUR FACE! FEEL US SHIFT, EVERY MOVE WE TRACE!! Beyond the noise, a girl in slightly ratty clothes is perched on a stool, taking a knife to a chunk of pale-blue polyurethane foam… with a *great* deal of frustration, apparently. As the knife breaks a chunk away that *clearly* was not supposed to go, she hurls the foam piece into a corner, launching into a roaring stream of invective the likes of which not often seen in company with each other, much less all from one mouth. Storming over to the iPod dock, she stabs the pause button, still swearing, and when the 'music' shuts off, it's replaced with "— EARWAX FLAVORED COCK GOBBLING TRUNK JUNKING PUPPY KICKING PISS MARTINI SWILLING —" She trails off, noticing someone else in the room, and straightens, clearing her throat. "…I mean… what?"

Sage happy when Shane turns off the mp3 player. "Oh tha-" He stops as soon as she goes into her rant and Sage almost pales. "It doesn't matter, I'll be on my way. I won't bother or what you're doing." He says as he starts go to towards the door kind of scared about the outburst. "Sorry to bother you."

"Hello?" A rat girl clad in a set of biking leathers, with a teddy-bear backpack, makes an appearance in the garage from the side entrance. She's got her hands thrust deep in her pockets, and hasn't quite managed to reach a position where she can actually see anyone yet. "Shane? You in here? It's, uhm, me. Patches. Or, Tabitha, if you prefer." She comes to a stop next to Scott Summer's motorcyle, and stops to gaze at the vehicle for a moment. "I uhh… got your e-mail, but… figured I'd rather come find you in person."

"…Sorry," Shane says lamely, as Sage is driven out of the garage by her frustration. "…Just something giving me problems. Seriously, chi—" And as if she couldn't be embarrassed enough, now comes a new voice, and she closes her eyes, scrubbing her hands over her face. "Back here, Patches," she calls, looking slightly miserable, as she turns back to her stool.

Sage turns at the second voice and he blinks. He's never seen a mutant look like that before so it's quite different to him. "Wow, I didn't know the dunlalaps could do that." He mutters loud enough for people to hear. He starts to nervously fiddle with one of his dreadlocks before looking at Shane. "Um sorry, you're expression just startled me. I had never heard anyone say those things." He says in his thick Northern British accent. "Do you happen to know where the hammer and nails are, thank you?"

"Dunlala-what?" Tabitha pauses, turning to level a cool gaze at Sage. "Something wrong, gov'ner? Or are you just gum-flapping at my appearance?" The rat girl cocks an eyebrow, before turning to follow the sound of the voice of Shane; the source of which proves not to be far off. She steps around the corner, brushing her fingers through her hair as she steps into view. "Uhh, hi," she says, adopting a more subdued tone of voice. "How you doing, Shane? I've missed you."

"Back off, Patches," Shane says of the rat girl's reaction to Sage, "Sage wouldn't know how to have a problem with someone if they set his shorts on fire, okay? 'S over there," she says to the be-dreadlocked boy, gesturing vaguely toward a wall of tools and a small-parts cabinet next to it. "…Anyway. Just workin' on somethin' for this weekend. Gettin' pissed 'cos it keeps breaking."

"Thank you Shane." Sage says before tilting his head at her. "Why would anyone want to set my shorts on fire?" He asks confused by the comment. The hippie looking teen heads over and picks up the hammer and starts looking for nails before he turns to Tabitha. "Ummm, not really. I was just a bit surprised is all. I knew the dunlalaps gave people their special abilities but I didn't know they could change appearances. They have access to magic than I thought. It's quite fascinating actually." He then looks at Shane's project. "What is it that you're making Shane?"

Tabitha glances back and forth between Shane and Sage, and sighs softly. "Sorry Sage," she replies. "I uhh, might've gotten a bit carried away. I tend to assume the worst sometimes, I've had to put up with enough bullshit as is." She shrugs her shoulders, and manages a smile. "So, anyway. Pleased to meet you, I'm Patches… or Tabitha, whichever you'd prefer to call me." She turns, and moves to the edge of Shane's table. "Yeah, what're you making? Is this one of your awesome cosplay costumes you were telling me about, while we were both… y'know."

Shane nods to a row of carved foam pieces, more or less looking like they look like they should; some covered in some sort of incredibly thick, tacky goop, propped up on thin wooden dowels to dry on all sides. "…Yeah. Comic-Con's Friday, so tryin' to get ready… but I ain't so good at cuttin' foam, an' it's starting to get to me. Still gotta wait for allis t'dry, sand it down, paint it, tie on th'straps… 'S startin' t'get to me."

"It's quite alright Tabitha, or Patches. Whichever you prefer to be called." Sage says as it's not up to him to determine her name. "It's a pleasure to meet you." He says as he looks at it and very confused. "Comic, con?" He asks sounding unsure. "And cosplay? I don't know know what either of those are."

"Cosplay is apparently when you dress up like characters from comic books or TV Shows. Except for My Little Poines — that's fursuiting." Tabitha's lips quirk upwards, as she proves that she has, indeed, been paying attention. "I still think I'd make a cute pony. But anyway. Either is fine, Sage, I respond to either one." The rat girl finds herself a stool and pulls it up at the table to take a seat. "So uhm… can I help? I'm not really all that good at cutting styrafoam either, though."

"'S not styrofoam," Shane says, shrugging. "'S polyurethane. Kinda stuff they use for mascot heads'n junk. Coverin' it in resin so it'll hold shape 'n take paint." Lifting a shoulder, she looks to Sage, raising an eyebrow. "Comic Con. Every year a whole buncha comic 'n game people come to New York, put on a huge thing. People all over th' world fly in to check it out. Me, 'm thinkin' a' signin' up for onea th'costume contests… 'F I can ever get this fucking thing *done…*"

Almost everything said goes right over Sage's head, especially what Tabitha is talking about. "Why would anyone want to be a pony? Sure they're beautiful creatures but they tend to be beasts of burden." He says as he knows that a horse or pony is usually used on the farm to help with work. "I'd offer to help but I'm afraid I'm terribly lost in regards to what you are doing.

Tabitha ahhhs softly. "Right. Polyurethane. …Which I'm even less good with." She sighs softly. "It's a pity I can't copy someone who has powers that are like… manipulate costuming materials. That would've helped right about now." The rat girl tilts her head towards Sage. "No offense or anything, but like… they don't have TV where you're from? My Little Ponies. It's a little girl's TV show, and toys and stuff. And I collect them." She pauses for a moment. "I don't play with them, just to note. Not anymore. I just collect 'em."

Shane rolls her eyes. "Powers. Pf. More trouble than they're worth." Shaking her head, she looks from Tabitha to Sage, raising an eyebrow. "'S a good show. Too fluffy f'r me, but. Anyway." Slipping off the stool, she picks up a toothpick, prodding the bit of foam to the farthest left. "…Kay, s'dry. …Um. Masks." Moving to a nearby pile, she picks up a trio of painter's masks, fitting one over her face and handing the other two over. "Don' wanna get bitched at 'cos people get sick breathin' paint. Here."

"I'm sorry I should be going, I have classes in the morning." Sage says before looking at Tabitha. "To answer your question we just had on telly back home on the farm. We didn't really watch much televison. Well it was pleasure meeting you Tabitha. Shane, best of luck with your project. Cheers." Sage says to both of them before heading back to his room.

Tabitha accepts the mask, and turns it over; it becomes painfully obvious that she's trying to figure out how to affix a mask designed for humans over a rodent muzzle. "I uhh…" she stands up, and backs off a few steps. "I'll just stand back a bit, over here." she scrunches the mask down around her nose as best she can and holds it there. "I'm such a girl," she mumbles through the mask. "I know I don't give that impression much. …Take care of yourself, Sage. I've got class too, but firearms isn't until the afternoon, so I'll be fine."

Shane lifts her chin in Sage's direction, waving a hand briefly as the boy makes his way out. Then, shaking up the can of spraypaint, she turns to her work and presses the button, loosing a high-powered cloud of primer at the piece of resin-coated foam. "…You got an ID?" she says, over the hissing of propellant. "Maybe a hundred bucks or so?"

Tabitha uhms, and humms softly. "I got ID, yeah. Barnes fixed me up with that… required for studying there, I guess." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I could come up with a hundred bucks, too. Why? You want me to come to the con with you?" She grins, invisible as it is behind the mask. "Think everyone would think I'm fursuiting?"

Shane pauses, looking up at Tabitha, brows drawn down. "….No? The hell would you want people t'think that anyway? Cripes, furries're almost as bad as mutants, some places. 'Sides. Head's too normal-sized, hands'n feet too skinny, 'n tail actually moves. So no."

Tabitha ohs softly. "Err, well, nevermind then. I mean I don't know these things. Except the part about furries being hated on, that part I've got figured." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Doesn't matter. But, do you want me to come? I'd vote for you in your costume contest." She manages to giggle softly through the mask. "What are you dressing up as?"

Shane grunts. "Tried t'make a Lulu costume. But I just ain't got the rack f'r it, y'know? So just tryin' t'throw on some armor on top… 's what these things is for. 'F I c'n get it right, gonna be chest, one arm… gotta have a hand free, just in case… 'N somethin' t'go over headphones. Figure *should* be enough." Blowing on the piece in her hand, she sets it back down, picking up another and applying a coat of primer to it. "…'N yeah. 'F you wanna come, sure. Jus'… y'know. Sayin'."

Tabitha giggles softly. "So you're making polyurethane boobies," she observes. "Well, I could see how that might be entertaining. This I will have to see." She chuckles, and her hand follows her muzzle as she shakes her head slowly. "Yeah, I'd love to come, Shane. I've got ID and I can make the money happen… I'll just put off fixing the bodywork on my bike until later. I got it back… and I got the really important damage fixed, so it's all good."

"…Wait what? *No,* what?" Shaking her head, she holds up one of the pieces, sized and curved to fit over an arm. "This look *anythin'* like a tit t'you? Jesus, you'd think you'd at least lookit y'rack inna mirror after shower 'r somethin'…"

Tabitha sputters, and shakes her head, "No no, of course it doesn't, you just said you were throwing armor on the top, and like… I thought you weren't done yet… so I figured… I…" She blushes, ears turning a heated red. "Yeah, well, alright then, we'll just pretend that didn't happen. Next!"

Shane peers at Tabitha for a moment, then shakes her head. "…Yeah. Anyway. Jus' since I ain't got the build f'r it, figgered I'd just do somethin' else. So it ain't *as* anyone, 'cept you call 'Any given JRPG character' a character on its own."

Tabitha ah-hunhs. "I… don't entirely get it, but I guess that's okay." She pauses, and pulls the mask away from her nose. "I— Oh GAWD." She covers her nose with her hand, swiftly pinching her nostrils shut and distorting her voice in so doing. "Superhuman sense of smell… and nasty paint… don't mix. Anyway, what's a JRPG?"

"Final Fantasy," Shane grunts, putting the can of paint down at Tabitha's evident displeasure. "Resonance of Fate. Star Ocean. Th' games with all the belts'n'zippers'n'shit, y'know? 'S where I get half my costumes. Pain in the ass sometimes, but it's fun. Like the Vincent thing I showed you… took a lotta thinkin' t'get the glove'n boots right."

Tabitha ohs! "Right, now I remember. I think I've played some of those. Been a while since I've gotten to touch any video games though." She stretches lightly, and drops her hand down to her sides. "And, uhm, sorry. I didn't mean to make you stop, that just…kinda caught me off guard, is all. When you can figure out what kind of coffee someone across the room is drinking just by what it smells like, powerful stuff like that is just… well, powerful, sometimes."

Shane lifts a shoulder. "S'fine. Needs t'dry anyway, 'n none'a the rest of'm're ready for a coat yet." (re)

Tabitha ahhs. "Alrighty," she replies. "So uhm, what time is this con starting? Or what time are you going?" She pauses, and scratches the back of her head. "Want a ride there on my motorbike? We'd have to find you a helmet… as long as you're okay with that, some people think motorcycles are way too unsafe, and I wouldn't think less of you if you're not keen on it."

Shane grunts. "'M goin' after school Friday. An' s'fine. Don't wanna get th' costume ruined. Too much f'r wind t'drag on, 'n a skirt made outta belts ain't the best f'r cycle gear. Might get a ride with Daisuke, he's interested'n goin'. … …He's a *teacher,*" she notes, as if to forestall any further questioning. "Just bein' nice t'me and all. Anyway. Gimme an email t'morrow, 'n I'll give you my number so you don't get lost. Which… well there's gonna be like a few thousand people there, so, gonna be pretty easy to lose anyone."

"I will," replies the rat, as she takes a step back. "I better get going… I really do have class tomorrow, and I probably should be awake, even if firearms really isn't until the afternoon. I've still got catching up to do, since I uhh… didn't over the summer." She manages a grin. "Mind you, a summer spent studying sucks anyway, right?" Tabitha giggles softly. "See you on Friday, then!"

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