2009-03-26: Costume Discomforts


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Summary: Misha and Danny talk about the Superhero Life.

Date: March 26, 2010

Log Title Costume Discomforts

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Danny, Misha, and Troy's Suite

The room is a living room and kitchen combined, separated by a counter which also serves as the table since it's a small kitchen area on the left with all the necessities. For the most part the dimly lit kitchen area is fairly clean.As for the living room area, everything thing seems to be shoved in the area. A large 'L couch wraps around the back wall and underneath the windows. On the wall above the couch is are two Halo posters tacked on the all without frames along with a Star Wars Empire Strikes Back poster. On the other wall an entertainment center housing a TV, DVD player an various videogame systems. There are dvd's and magazines and cd's sitting on top of the entertainment center and on the coffee table in-between the TV and couch. In one corner of the living room two guitar hero guitars and Rock Band equipment sits. Next to the Entertainment center is a Piano with various piano books and sheet music on top.

One thing Danny definately moved in with him was his piano. He's always just loved to play so this morning he's sitting on the bench in front of his stand up piano and just playing. It's not anything classic that he's playing as it might have more of a soft rock feel in the vein of Elton John or Billy Joel. There's a cup of coffee on top of the piano and a fresh pot on the counter. The one advantage of having Danny here is he was able to bring the furnishings from his last apartment here.

That furniture has certainly made the room feel comfortable. Not the sterile dorm he was expecting. Having been run around most of the early morning hours, Mikhail returns here in hopes of some of that coffee. Mostly though, he wants breakfast. Hasn't been able to snag more than a bagel. Stupid SHIELD people wanting him to jump through hoops. Pausing in the doorway at the music, the young man steps in enough to let the door close behind him, but he doesn't move much before that. Merely watches a time. Nice music. Not saying anything until after the piece is done, Misha heads for the kitchen. Food. "Nice." Complimented when there's a chance, and as he's pouring coffee.

Danny turns as the voice ans smiles. He's dressed in the typical navy blue cargo pants and a grey t-shirt with S.H.I.E.L.D. over the chest, almost like those NAVY or ARMY shirts. "Mornin'" Danny says as he's made coffee but nothing for breakfast. "So what's this crazy place got ya doin' this mornin'?" He asks grabing his cup of coffee as he walks over to the kitchnette area and leans on the counter. "Ah got combat trainin' this afternoon and history classes this mornin'."

As opposite, Mikhail is wearing his practice suit. Still not entirely comfortable in how tight it is. Unlike most students he's wearing a holster and firearm under an arm. Placing coffee to one side to let it cool, he pulls off gloves and gets to work making something to eat. "Eggs?" He'll make some scrambled eggs with sausage and toast if Danny wants. "Powers." That's what they've had him doing. "Mine confuses them I am thinking. Either that, or they are testing limits. I am getting a lot of hand to hand while using powers. Much strange." To him anyway. "Math in afternoon. Light day mostly." And yet he's frowning. Mostly to himself, but it can't help but show. A pause and he barks a harsh laugh, "Maybe I am training agents."

Danny smiles and takes a sip of his cup of coffee. "Maybe ya are, who knows here. Ah know the want me tah train some people in hand tah hand, but Ah don't know Mikhail. Ya might be confusin' 'em. Everyone here has one crazy ability or another." Danny says with a shrug. "But hand tah hand is good, Ah've been trainin' in Tae Kwon Do since Ah was little. Ah still compete when Ah can." After all when Danny's like he is right how, he has no powers. "And eggs sound good. Ah ain't too picky."

"I am doubting that." Training agents. Psh. Amused at the idea none the less, Mikhail sets about breakfast. Sausage first, mixing eggs, getting everything cooked. Not a fancy chef by any means, the kid can none the less feed himself. Then again he's had to since he was small. "I.. uh.." Uncomfortable there again, a glance to Danny, "am having no name for my style." Sheepish there. Crazy Aunt Elzi teaches you how to kill people with your bare hands? Yeah, that would go over well. "Been learning since little too. No compete though." A shake of the head for that one. Then something occurs, "Danny? Is being superhero normal here?"

Danny is in the same boat, he can cook decent enough but nothing fancy. There are a few asian recipes and southern styles he learned growing up but those are like his very few 'I can impress you with this meal' recieps. "Ya mean in the United States or at this school. Ah think at this school everyone here has super powers. In the United States, nah it ain' normal. Just for some reason New York City seems tah be a magnet for it. Down in Virgina we ain't got crazy super hero stuffs, which is what it was such a bit deal when that meteor landed."

Eyes on his cooking, the teen nods as he listens. "Other night I was in city. Seeing sights.. there was being a robbery." Mikhail glances back. "Plate, please?" He'll take it if offered, and load one up with eggs and sausage. There, eat. As he continues on he starts filling the skillet again. "Someone was being shot because I was screwing up.." Lips thin for that and he's not at all comfortable with either memory or the telling of it. "I was having help by other guy, but we stopped gunman. Told people here, sure that I'd be having trouble.. but nothing. Got told to wear costume next time?" Yes, he's baffled.

"Ah ain't even think 'bout bein' a Superhero until someone approched me 'bout it Mikhail, Ah had powers and Ah helped when Ah saw something happenin' but Ah ain't ever called mahself a hero. Ah still have trouble with that word. Ya don't need a costume but it helps." Danny says walking over to put a hand on Mikhail's shoulder. "Was it that you were screwin' up or was it that it was your first time doin' somethin' like that, and did they get killed or just shot?" There is a difference to Danny. "And we'll get tah the costume stuff later, but, we've got powers, yes, but we ain' gods. We can't stop every wrong thing from happenin', but we can help from it gittin' worse."

He doesn't look up at the hand on his shoulder, and yet it's obvious he's so very aware of the touch. "I.. made mistakes. Not knowing right words." Mikhail gives Danny a terse look, a somewhat apologetic one. He knows his English isn't what it could be. "Never fighting person like that before. Only fight with um.. what is word? Person who does for living?" There's the shake of a head and he turns food over to cook evenly. "Gunman was scared. Wasn't doing right things in fighting and shot another by mistake." A pause as he finally looks to Danny. "No, no one was dying. I could have been stopping that shot though. Wasn't thinking of it." He'll get to costumes later. Doesn't actually want one.

"So it wasn't like a typical 'super villain' y'all was fightin'. It was just some guy down on his luck and tryin' tah rob a place?" That's what it sounds like to Danny, mainly from the 'gunman scared' line. "There are no right things or wrong things in fightin' unless ya are face tah face in someone in a competion. Out there on the streets there ain't any rules."

Misha nods about the gunman being a normal guy. "He is even in worse luck now." Breakfast done, he none the less looks to Danny and pauses a moment. Hand still there? Kind of needs to move. If so, the teen gently removes it. "Am learning that hard way." A sigh about there being no rules on the street. "Thought I was bei.. *sigh* I was knowing, but it seems I am not." Next time he'll be more aware of this possibility, but for now he worries at it. "Eat." Taking coffee, plate, and a fork, to the table, Mikhail pulls out a chair for himself and does just that. "Never fought super villain. Would not be sure of what to be doing. Power isn't good for doing duke-fests. Not wanting to wear costume, only wanted to help with bank. Was like for you?"

"What it's like for me? Well…." Danny grabs some breakfast and sits down at the table with Mikhail. "Differnt, mah powers allow for me tah be a bit more…wreckless with bein' bullet proof in mah rock form an' all. One of the first things Ah remember doin'…well.." He says taking a bite of breakfast. He'll have to make some busicuts and gravy some morning. "It was small stuff, Ah helped with a car accident, gittin' people tah safty and another time was tryin' tah stop someone from robbin' a liquor store. That didn't work out so well. Ah got the guy out, but…the place ended up gettin' set on fire."

Eating his breakfast as Danny speaks, Mikhail pretty much wolfs it all down. He's starving. Doesn't stop him from replying, but kids will be kids, and teen-age boys eat a lot. "So you were having trouble first time too?" Asking for a little assurance there. No one wants to feel like they are the only screw up out there. "Am sure I am not wanting to be super hero, but can't not help." He shrugs, having no doubt Danny will understand that. "Idiot gunman was so nervous I am being sure he would have shot more if had chance."

"Oh yeah, Ah still do at times Mikhail. Ah ain't ever figure Ah'd be a superhero, Ah don't even call mahself one. Ah call mahself a bartender." That's what Danny will define his profession as, never superhero. "That's pretty much how Ah aim, Ah ain't sure about the whole Superhero though, but Ah got these powers and Ah wanna help. That's the real reason Ah joined Freedom Force and then here. It ain't cause Ah wanna be some glorified hero. Ah honestly don't care if anyone knows who Sandstone is." And speaking about costume earlier, Danny goes to his room and comes back a few moments later with the costume he wore in Freedom Force. The blue and white suit with three stars on each leg. It definately looks like a tight fight. "Ah wear this cause it's better tah have it then tah be caught in a situation an fight in street clothes."

Clearing off his plate as Danny calls himself a bartender, the teen smirks and takes his dishes to the sink. "I am not having title." There Mikhail rinses off his plate. While Danny gets his costume no less. He eyes the thing as though wary, leaning a hip against the counter. "This is being bad enough." A motion to the skin tight affair he's currently wearing. "I am not buff." Even jokingly flexes muscles. Sure Misha has good definition, for he's in shape, but mass.. no, that he's lacking. "You are at least looking good in that." Can't say the same for him. Another shake of the head and he loads the dishwasher. A pause as he peels out of the holster. It joins his gloves on the counter. Don't need that here.

Danny doesn't blush at the compliment, he more just shrugs. "Eh, it's mainly cause Ah've always taken mah Martial Arts seriously. Not cause Ah like fightin' but Ah like trainin'. The competition is fun, but that's why Ah'm in shape. And it ain't like ya are fat or anything, ya ain't bad lookin' Mikhail." Danny says with a grin. "But the guy Ah got the costume from, Jesse…the fittin' is quite the….experience." Danny says with a bit of a michevious grin.

Give him six months and he'll have the weight he needs, but that takes time to build up. The last two months have stripped him not only of home and family. "I know what I am looking." A snort back at Danny. Mikhail is plain, and he knows it. Add scars to that and he's so not going to be admired. There's not too much trouble with this emotionally, but everyone is wistful of the things they don't have. "Jesse?" Asked, for he hadn't heard of that. "Fitting I will not be getting." Isn't quite sure who Jesse is, as he missed those adds, but the rest he can figure out.

"Jesse, he runs some shop called Capes and Cowls, Ah had heard about it from Cole." Danny says the ex-boyfriend who became an ex because of a disagreement over this school. Foolish stuff. "Then if you know what you are lookin' than you know you ain't now slouch as that Doc guy would prob'ly say. Mr. Buff and Stuff Lon-Gailand." He says with a grin not sure if Danny's met Angelo or not. "The fittin' is the fun part…well…for me it was." He says with a laugh.

Misha has no idea who anyone's ex is, so the name means nothing to him. He only motions with a hand for Danny to get over it and closes the dishwasher. Not enough to start it now. "I could be using about twenty pounds. Lost too much after shooting." A shrug and he leaves it there. Doesn't mention that his aunt always used to say his appearance was to his advantage. If he didn't have the scars anyway. Could blend in well. "That man is.. being too open." A strange look for that. "Hello, here is being my sexual experience in life. I am Angelo." Yes, it was that strange. "I am not having issue with anyone's sexuality, but that is not my business. No wanting to be hearing it. Was much strange… And I am not asking of the fitting, thank you."

Danny can't help but laugh, it's just the way Danny is, over all he's fairly carefree but then he also has his grumpy moments too. "Angelo, he's just..Ah don't know, it's like he's been doin' too many steriods. Ah'm just waitin' for him tah get a fit of roid rage and just start smashin' down the med lab." He's joking obviously but he didn't really have that kind of conversation with Angelo. "Ah dun know, he didn't really go on that much 'bout it with me, but anyway, Ah won't say anythin' ya don't wanna hear. If Ah start, just say, Danny, shut up now or you're call will find his way intah some Chinese food." And he looks over were Mr. Cat is sleeping on the couch. "Ah'm jokin' Mr. Cat."

There's the shake of the head for telling Danny to stop. "Is not as I am being too bothered by topic, but was very strange time for such." Poor Mr Cat. Mikhail brings his holster and gloves with him as he comes out of the kitchen to look at the same feline. "I was asking of his power, which was leading to explain of his sexuality. I would not be thinking most would have tie between two." Yes, it was a very strange topic indeed. "I can not be picturing him rage, but the steriods, yes. He is much large." Something Misha will never achieve, nor does he want to. "This is being enough costume for me. More than enough." The Barnes powers costume he means. Looks down at it reproachfully.

"Excuse me Angelo? Can Ah ask what your power is? Oh, it's bein' a sex addicted Mr. Buff and Stuff?" Danny jokes before shaking his head. "Ah have no clue how that topic would come from powers. Honestly, Ah don't." Danny shakes his head and goes over the fridge to fetch out a bottle of water. "Ah still gotta git showered and stuff before class in a little bit. Ah'm so not used tah goin' tah school again."

"Yes!" Misha agrees about the sex addict, and his expression tells that it's so very wrong. "It was making sense, but the whole sex part was being entirely unnecessary." A shudder and he carries his things to his room. Gone only a moment he's soon back minus his boots and belt. Will change later. Wearing it in an effort to become more comfortable. "I leave you to it then. Was good seeing you, Danny." Assuming that the man is going to leave.

Danny smiles and nods. "It was good seein' ya too Mikhail. If ya ain't doin' anythign this weekend, your welcome tah come tah the bar where Ah work. Ah'm gonna try to drag Troy out too, it can be kinda a roomate thing." Danny says as he likes to go out and party. He's young, in his twenties and in New York City, he lives that too the fullest. "Take care with that math of yours." Danny says as he goes into the bathroom.

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