2009-06-26: Costume Time


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Summary: Danny goes to visit Jesse for a costume.

Date: 6/26/2009

Log Title Costume Time

Rating: R (nudity)

NYC - Hell's Kitchen - Capes and Cowls

The business is not fancy. However, right next to the door is a large sign that says "Privacy Guaranteed and Certified." There are quite a few costumes hanging from racks around the place, all of the 'for fun' variety. The costumes that are similar to those of the heroes of the world. There is a fitting room to the right, and a register near the door.
There is a door leading to a back room, however, with a sign above it. 'Protective Wear'. On the door is an additional sign about guaranteed, certified privacy. For those that DO go into the backroom, there are samples of materials as well as a few designs of actual heroic costumes, with a stack of business cards. "For more information on actual protective, fashionable costumes, please contact Jesse Hartley" His number is listed below.

Slow days come but those are when Jesse has time to actually work on some of the costumes that he has for people. Sitting at a specialized sewing machine, he taps his foot against the pedal, moving things along. There are a collection of straight pins in his mouth. The setting, along with the sheer buffness of his body, to many would appear comical. He nods in time with some music in his head.

After hearing about this place from Cole, Danny decided to check it out. He feels a bit bad about not asking Cole to come along but hell, he'll suprise him. After all, he doesn't know what their 'offical' title is yet. He comes into the shop and looks around, spotting Jesse. "Hello?" He asks or greets awkwardly wondering if he came at a bad time.

Looking up, Jesse smiles brightly around the pins. "Wecmm to Cpff um Cowffs." He says, eyes beaming happily as he stops the machine and makes a notation on the outfit where he had gotten to before taking the pins out of his mouth. "Sorry. Just working away. Slow day." He says, standing and extending a hand. "Welcome to Capes and Cowls. Can I help you with something?"

Danny takes the hand and smiles. "Howdy, yeah, Ah was lookin' for a costume, a good friend of mine recommend ya. He got his costume from ya." Danny says not really sure about how to say 'I need a superhero costume', he's never had one before. "Ah figured it'd be something that'd be good tah have now."

"Real costume or Fun costume. One that actually has protective capabilities, or one that is just for parties and such?" Jesse asks, grinning. "And who sent ya?" He says, grin broadening. "Just so I know who to give a referral gift to." He winks slightly.

"Real costume, and Ah dun know how much protective capabilities Ah need." Danny says knowing his alter ego is pretty damn resistant. "Ah guess, some might be nice for when Ah'm not in mah rock form. And Cole, he referred me tah ya. He's one of mah teamates."

"Ah, Cole. One HELL of a kisser. And then some." Jesse says with a laugh and a wink. Jesse is NOT one to hide anything about himself, but he doesn't know what Danny knows about Cole, so will leave it at that. "Come on back." He says, pointing to the back room. "That's where we do the REAL costume making. And, then we'll discuss other important things, like powers and whatnot, because it all comes into play with costumes. You have to have the right features to go with your powers, after all."

Danny blushes a bit as Jesse says Cole is one hell of a kisser. "Ah do know that about him." He says with a chuckle as he follows Jesse to the back room. "Yeah Cole and Ah are kinda…close." He says and he puts it that way cause he doesn't know any other way to describe the two of them. "Well mah powers, Ah think it'd be better tah show ya since it's kinda physical." Danny says as he shifts his form into his red-rocklike form. Even his hair is rock. It does add some bulk to him but not much, nothing like how The Thing looks.

"So are we, but don't worry, if you're going for something REAL from him, I won't get in the way. We've just had a few fun times." Jesse says with a chuckle as he heads into the backroom, closing the door behind them both. "So definitely something with a little room for movement. He says, looking Danny over before nodding. "Ok. Strip. I have to get full measurements of your body, because a costume has to be form-fitting, yet comfortable for ALL areas of the body." He emphasizes, going into business mode. "And I'll need measurements in and out of that form. Though, most likely the best bet will be Unstable Molecules, now that I have a contract to get them."

"Alright." Danny stays as he starts to strip down, staying in rock form as he gets out of his t-shirt and jeans and boxer briefs, his entire body seems to be in that rock like form. "Ah ain't never been measured for anything before so sorry if Ah seem really green tah all this, an gettin' a superhero costume. Ah might even have tah ask ya for costume ideas." He just knows he probaby wants somethign blue and white with Freedom Force and all.

"It's fine. A lot of people don't have any idea what they want. For example, Cole wanted a big D on his costume." Jesse makes a gagging motion. "Don't use letters. It's stupid looking. Use symbols. That's why, when I gave him the costume, I replaced the D with a big shield. Makes more sense." He nods as he looks over Danny's body. He grins softly. "Very nice." He says, nodding as he goes to get the tape measure. "Now, I'll try not to touch too much in sensitive areas, but I have to touch SOME in order to get proper measurements." He explains.

Danny can't help but laugh at Jesse making fun of the 'D'. "Nah, I don't really want a bit 'S' on mine, Ah ain't superman. Ah'm just a guy who can turn intah stone." Danny's still kind of humble about being a superhero. He smiles and lucky you can't see him blush in rock form as Jesse says very nice. "Ah try tah keep in shape also with mah Tae Kwon Do Ah need tah be in shape tah compete." He doesn't use his powers to compete, obviously. "The shield does make sense for Cole. Ah dunno havin' a D on your chest leaves it too open for people tah call ya stuff like Dumbass or something."

"Lord knows he's got the fashion sense of… ok. Shutting up." Jesse says, zipping his lip with an imaginary zipper. As he does so, the actual over-exaggerated sound of a zipper comes from nowhere as Jesse winks. "Ok. Arms out to your sides. Legs slightly spread. Stand up straight." He says, pulling the tapemeasure out and beginning to make his measurements. "Talk about being rock-hard without even being aroused." He waggles his eyebrows, unable to resist.

"Ah ain't too much in the fashion sense area mahself." Danny says with a chuckle as he's mainly a jeans and tight fitting t-shirt guy, but his fashion sense isn't bad. He goes to look where the zipper sound came from when Jesse starts telling him how to stand and straightens up, following his instructions. "Ah've heard that but not much, since most people don't know about mah powers. Rock hard body is another one." Danny says with a laugh.

"Believe me, I can understand." He says, shrugging. "But then, I know how to work out, myself." He chuckles, as he makes measurements along the arm-length, body length, etc, taking everything he can before he starts following specific area contours. Rear first, then coming around front. "Ok, touching coming." He says, softly as he takes the measuring tape and holding it along Danny, pushing him slightly back as if in a cupped position before he pops his neck and stands up. "Ok. Power down." He says with a chuckle, moving to make notes on the sketchpad he keeps by his work-desk in here at all times.

Danny tries to keep his mind a bit occupied as he's touched, even in a nonsensual way, but a good looking guy. At least the warning helped. As he turns his powers off he's back to his normal self, not too much smaller but there is a noticable difference even if slight. "So how do ya get inta a profession such as a costume designer for Superheroes?"

"It's what I've always wanted. I grew up on Superheroes and their abilities. I noticed some had amazing costumes. Look at Wasp's collection. That woman can dress." Jesse says with a grin as he moves around to start the re-measuring of Danny, moving the exact same way as before. "And some… have horrible taste. If there are gods among men, Superheroes are they. They need to dress as they should, in order to get the respect they deserve. So, I plotted and planned until I could get where I am now. And with my parents…" he shakes his head softly. "I had the money to open a store, right as I was graduating with my degree in design."

Danny laughs and since being now with Freedom Force he's definately learned more about the various superheros. "Ah think almost every article Ah read with Wasp in it, she was in a different costume. Ah don't think of mahself as a god, Ah just ended up getting super powers in a weird luck sorta way." Danny says as a space rock giving you your powers somehow definately isn't normal. "Ah don't think mah parents would support me if Ah told them Ah was a super hero, they pretty much hate every decision Ah make in life." He says with a shrug not too bend out of shape about it.

"That's what parents do. You don't miss them until they're gone." Jesse says with a shake of his head. "Mine have only been gone for a couple of months, but I miss them calling up to badger me about why I don't settle down with a nice person. They don't even care the gender." He laughs softly.

"Mine do, but Ah ain't told them that Ah don't like women." Danny says already feeling comfortable enough with Jesee to tell them this. "Ah ran away from home at eighteen, Ah couldn't take it anymore. Ah came back after a few years but the hate that Ah never went tah college, hate that Ah'm a bartender even though Ah love it and it makes me happy, anyway, Ah do love mah folks, don't get me wrong. They're good people." He says trying not to make his parents sound horrible cause they really aren't. "And Ah'm sorry tah hear about your folks."

"Oh, they're alive out there somewhere. I know it." Jesse says with a nod. "You should tell them your OTHER job." Jesse says with a nod. He hasn't told Danny to get dressed yet. No need. He's hot. He starts sketching something onto the pad gently. "Since you're fairly durable, I'm assuming, in your rock form, I'm thinking just something to give a look, but able to move as you do and not rip and tear because of the friction. Unstable Molecules would be best, but will be more expensive. Quite a bit more, honestly. I just got my contract for it, so…" He says with a bit of a chuckle.

"Well Ah have a bit of backin' from bein' on Freedom Force and Ah do have quite a bit saved up." Then Danny raises an eyebrow as he still stands there, he's not sure if he should get dressed again or if Jesse's gonna need more measurements. "Other job? Like what, bein' a superhero…Ah don't know. Ah really don't know how they'll react." Maybe he'll try. "It'll be easier than tellin' 'em Ah'm gay." He says with a chuckle.

"It usually is. After all, if you're working for Freedom Force, that means you're working for the government to protect our country from problems." Jesse says with a nod. He sighs softly. "Alright. You can get dressed." He rolls his eyes, and sighs an exaggerated sigh. "Can't say I'll miss the eye candy though." He snickers, going back to sketching. "Maybe Something more streamlined to just cover the necessities, and leave patches of stony skin visible."

"Alright." Danny says chuckling as he puts his pants back on but leaves the shirt off for now, he'll give Jesse that bit of eyecandy for a while. "Ah was thinkin' like blue and white for colours, since it's the whole Freedom Force thing and Ah'm already red in stone form? And Ah like that, leave some of the stone visible. Just as long as it ain't a pair of trunks like The Thing cause Ah think that'd be weird." Danny says with a chuckle.

"Nah, not at all. That's his and Beast's schtick." Jesse says, shaking his head. He ponders for a moment before beginning to hum. As he hums, a solid sound construct appears, matching his mental design. It's a basic leotard-style outfit, with diamond-shaped holes running down the arms, sides, and legs. He spins it in air. "Though you can, of course, edit it as you see fit. I want your input as well, of course."

Danny looks at the design a bit before nodding. "Ah like the legs, with the diamond style but maybe something with shorter sleeves or sleevless?" He sugguests to see what it looks like. "So what is your power?" He asks as he figures it's something with sound and he's quite curious as sees Jesse's powers at work.

"My racial power or my mutant power?" Jesse asks, as he makes the adjustments to sleeveless, while letting the legs and sides contain the diamond. "I figure edging in white, while the bulk is in blue. Maybe a rocky belt? I dunno. Might be a bit too much. Just a plain belt."

"Plain belt." Danny says agreeing with a nod. He's not one for 'too much'. "Ah really like that idea and how it's comin' out. You're awesome." Danny says with a smile. "And racial power and mutant power? Ah didn't know ya had more than one type. How about both?"

Shrugging a bit, Jesse chuckles. "I'm not human. Which I only found out a few months ago." He grins. "I'm apparently from an alien race called Kahn'Tah'Te. But, we are a chameleon race. We blend in with the dominant race of the planets we live in." He says with a shrug. "And apparently, that includes developing an X-Gene like those of humans. Racially, we can embed memories into sonic crystals and turn ourselves into sound. PERSONALLY, I can create objects out of sound and fly." He's not hiding anything about that.

"That's pretty crazy, in a good way Ah mean." Danny says with a smile. "Ah'm not a mutant, Ah got my powers from a space rock, as crazy as that sounds." Danny says with a shrug, still not bothering to put his shirt. "Oh, Ah'm Danny by the way. Ah figure since you're designin' this for me and ya already saw me in tha buff Ah'd finally introduce mahself."

"And I'd be more than happy to see you in the buff ANYtime you wanna show it." Jesse says with a waggle of his eyebrows. "If you hadn't figured it out from the privacy policies out there, I'm Jesse." he says with a chuckle, tossing a wink to Danny. "So, material? Leather or do you want UM? Speaking of, I need to surprise Cole with a UM version of his current costume."

"Unstable Molecules, sounds like it's be easier to shift in that and leather…" Danny gives a look that say 'doesn't sound like a good idea'. "Leather can be stiff and gets hot. Ah'll wear it workin' at the bar but Ah ain't about to go fighting in that. Also what's good to wear under that so..mah…stuff don't show?" Danny asks as he's never worn somethign like spanex or unstable molecules. At Jesse's statement, Danny grins. "So ya wanna get me naked for me than just mesaurements?" He jokes.

"Oh, that's why I measured. I provide special support garments for men AND for women." Jesse explains, grinning. "Kinda like an athletic supporter. Jock strap for the untrained." He says haughtily with a chuckle. "Or like a sportsbra for women. But mine are a lot more comfortable than the kind you can buy over the counter." He grins, standing up and winking. "You better believe it. You're sexy. Why wouldn't I want in there?"

"Wow, if they're really that comfortable Ah might have tah come for ya for when I need stuff just tah work out in too." Danny says with a chuckle. "Ah have a few for when Ah practice or compete in Tae Kwon Do." Danny says as he can't help but postion his arms so he's showing off his chest a bit. "You're about as forward as some of the guys Ah serve at the bar." Danny says with a wink.

"The difference is, I mean it. I'm not doing it because I'm drunk and horny. I actually appreciate heroes and who they really are." Jesse says with a grin. "That, and I'm an undeniable hornball. Just ask my roommate." he laughs, taking a moment to turn the tease around from his own end, pulling off his own shirt and posing in the same position Danny's in. Of course, with his musculature, it definitely stands out. "I don't have any trained fighting skill, so, I can't do any of that."

Danny can be a bit of a flirt himself too and even when he's trying to be good it's sometimes hard when there's an attractive man infront of you. "Well you're just horny, not drunk, but…" Danny smiles at Jesse as he takes his shirt off. "You're definately an attractive man your self. Ah think Ah'd be willin' tah stand 'round naked for ya again." He says with a wink. "And what about yourself, do you consider yourself a hero too?"

"The first real battle I got involved in, I ended up losing my powers and stuck with Wind powers for a few weeks after." Jesse says with a sigh. "I'm more of a behind the scenes hero. I TRY, but I'm just not that good at things." Jesse says, pondering. "I wouldn't count myself out of a battle. I just won't LOOK for them." He winks, reaching out to slide a hand down Danny's chest with a chuckle. "Though, this is mixing business with pleasure. Wouldn't be the first time.

"Ah got involved in a battle like that. Ah had wings for a week, which were quite…sensitive." Danny says as he closes his eyes and smiles as his chest is touched. "They were neat but Ah like may rock. Or Ah can say, Ah just like bein' rock hard?" He says knowing it's a bad joke. "Ah wasn't like that till Ah got recruited but Ah'm startin' tah love bein' a superhero. and there ain't nothing wrong with mixing business with pleasure, it's good to get tah know your clients."

"Oh, you don't mind my getting to know you then." Jesse chuckles, moving in a little closer. "That's definitely a good thing." he chuckles, teasingly reaching around to goose Danny with a wink. "Unstable Molecules…." he names the price. It IS a little steep, but considering the material. "Comes with lifetime mending. Patching costs materials." He says, leaning in to whisper all of that with a double entendre.

Sometimes willpower just isn't there, and right now, it's not for Danny. He's too used to the bar life. He steps in a little close and smiles at Jesse. "Ah don't mind, Ah can pay the cost. And a little extra…if ya like." Danny says as he trails a finger down Jesse's chest, letting himself feel his pecs a bit.

"Nah. See if your team will come to me for costumes, and I'll be able to give a team discount. I've already got two of you. Four makes a discount. And it's retroactive." He says, grinning at Danny's reaction. He slides his own arms out to surround the thinner man with a grin. He doesn't know if he and Cole are actually in a relationship and honestly, doesn't care. He doesn't tell about any personal relationships after all. He tells that he's BEEN with people, but never when. "So, what do you wanna do, handsome?"

Danny places his own hands on Jesse's hips and smiles up at the taller man. "Ah think Ah can get Gabe down here tah see ya. And not just cause of any sort of team discount, just cause Ah think you're that good." Danny says with sly grin. He might feel bad about this later but right now, Danny's definately enjoying himself. "Ah'm up for anything ya wanna do. Ah'm fairly open minded." He says with a grin.

Jesse chuckles and nods. "Gabe… what kind of powers, so I know what to plan for in advance." he says with a wink before sliding down to his knees slightly, sliding his tongue out to brush against Danny's chest. He's a tease as well, just being a little more forceful with his teasing. He stands back up. "Well, I'm no stranger to anything."

Danny lets out a bit of a moan. "Wings…flight." Danny says as he slides his hands back and squeezes Jesse's rear as he moves into kiss Jesse's neck a bit. "It's your tip for helpin' me out and makin' me a costume." Even though he his paying for it he's considering this a 'tip'.

"Hey, does that mean if I come to your bar, I can tip you in the same manner?" Jesse asks, wrinkling his nose happily as he reaches down. "By the way. I'm going to touch you. And this time, I'm not going to measure you. This time, it IS sexual." He snickers, making fun of the speech he makes every time he has a guy or a girl back here.

Danny chuckles and grins. He doesn't say yes or no but he does say this. "Ah bartend at Club Nowhere in Mutant Town." So if Jesse ever does want to stop by. He moves one hand so he can unbutton his pants while the other one slides to Jesse's back. He let's Jesse move his hand where he wants as he leans in a bit to continue to kiss, nibble and lick Jesse's neck and shoulder.

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