2010-11-30: Costumes And Medicine Balls


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Summary: Connor, Robyn and Shane are all working out when the topic turns to Costumes then other topics…

Date: November 30, 2010

Log Title: Costumes And Medicine Balls

Rating: LPG

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

Some students take their free periods in the Quad, or the Rec Room, or anyplace that is not somewhere they eventually have to be. Shania, it would seem, is not among the average student body in this case, and by the looks of her red-on-black SOLDIER uniform in Hellions colors, complete with ash-blond hair coloring, someone showed her where she can alter her squadron uniform. At the moment, she seems to be keeping it light, hanging from the pull-up bar and imitating a military press. Sweat runs down her face, but between her determination and her ubiquitous headphones, all seems as well as it gets for the young woman.

It's a rare thing to find Robyn in the gym but he arranged to meet up with Connor there so dressed in his Alpha Squadron uniform, not modified much except for the sleeves being missing, Robyn walks into the room. He doesn't spot his roommate in here yet but he does spot Shane and gives her a wave. "Hey Shane, hope you don't mind company." He says as he walks over to the wall and starts to go through some stretches. Normally he'd have his mp3 player with him as well but since he was meeting up with Connor he left it in the locker room.

The faint ripple in the air is hard to spot, but it's something Robyn has become accustomed to when his roomie decides to cheat his way around campus, and walking right through the spot in the air where nothing was is Connor, in his New Mutant attire, the jacket designed to go with his uniform over his shoulder, and a gym bag in the other hand. Shane is spotted, but he decides not to say anything for the moment as he looks to Robyn and says, "So… what did you want to do first?" With a smile, but all the gruffness of a physical trainer.

Shane lowers herself on the bar, dangling for a few moments to breathe. Shifting her grip on the bar, she swings back and forth, building up momentum, then flips herself upward, hooking her knees over the bar. Upside down, she notes Robyn and Connor, nodding slightly toward the artist, and starts to work on what appear to be hanging crunches.

In response to Connor's question Robyn gives a bit of a hopeful look and jokes with his answer. "Go get some cookies? I could really go for some of the Ms. Fields Oatmeal Raisin cookies." Though he knows he should get in better shape. "I don't know, I figured maybe some running and just some small exercises. I'm horrible at most sports so I figured something like Horse would be out." He looks over at Shane and smiles. "She has some of the coolest outfits…maybe I could get her to make my squad uniform look cool." Cause for the most part Robyn has no clue that it's 'cosplay'.

Connor arches a brow, but doesn't say immediately what it is, instead just chuckling to himself for a moment as he reaches over and ruffles at Robyn's almost permanently mussed hair, "No cookies for you, Padawan… first thing we do is stretch, then I figure we can get you doing some basic stuff before we hit the weight room, and we stick you on a gerbil machine." Winking once as he digs into his bag and pushes a bottle of water at Robyn, "Take it. First rule of exercise. Always have water available. Keeping hydrated keeps you healthy and helps you while you're working out."

The sight of the water reminds Shane how thirsty she is, and a small frown touches her face as she realizes her own bottle is on the floor, but her set only halfway done. With a quiet sigh, she bends upward, grabbing the bar to unseat herself, dropping lightly to the ground. Pressing a hand to her hip, she stoops to pick up her bottle, taking a long drink as she watches the boys at their exercise.

"Well I was stretching a bit before you got here and I have some water over there." Robyn says as he does know the basics of exercise, he does try to do it occassionally and has has been doing the Danger Room thing for over a year and a half. "And I like gerbils, that'd be neat if we could get one for our room. Or a hampster." He then looks over at Shane again and raises his eyebrows. "I see you're on the Hellions, my brother's on that team."

Reaching up, Connor taps one of his ears, "She's got her tunes going… don't worry about it. From what I've seen, she's not exactly the most social of people. But don't worry… give it some time, and a couple crises, and she'll come around." But then he addresses the pet thing, "A hamster? Meh… why not a chinchilla. They're cuter, a lot more social, and actually play." All said while he moves to the ground and begins to work on his own body, "Okay then… while I'm getting ready, you wanna go get a medicine ball from the storage room?" Grinning from ear to ear.

Shane's eyebrow twitches upward as Robyn speaks to her, and the headphones get pulled off, the volume such that most of the gym gets treated to a short blast of 'THE BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN TO SEE WH—' before the player is cut off. "…Didn't catch that," she says in reply, taking another swig of her water. "What?"

Robyn frowns at Connor for a second and shrugs. "I've already talked with her, she actually gave me some cool advice." He says as he starts to go get the medicine ball and smiles as Shane replies. "Oh nothing, I was just commenting that my brother is on the Hellions too." He then looks back at Connor and makes a face. "You know, it's weird calling Richard my brother, sure we're twins but…I barely know him. You're more family to me than he is."

The reply is a shrug, "Yuri's just a friend of my father, but I consider him my uncle… sometimes family's what you make of it…" And then Connor finally greets Shane with the headphones out, "He was also commentig that he thought your uniform was cool and he wishes you could help him out with the fabricator." Says the guy in the redone version of a New Mutant's uniform that could almost be a 90s throwback in not for the modernized lines. Finishing his stretches, he leaves Robyn there for a moment and then goes to the storage room to get the aforementioned medicine ball. And two actually come floating out, bobbing along with him as they shimmer blue-green around the surface.

"Ah," is Shane's reply, lifting a shoulder at the remark about the fabricator. "It wasn't really that hard. I just gave it a picture, gave it colors, and it spat this out. …*Too* easy, really. Not sure how to feel about that."

"Show off." Robyn teases Connor as he shrugs to Shane. "I just don't really have any design sense in that matter. I just kind of removed the sleeves and figured that was enough. But then I do have someone on my squad anemd Fashionista whose…got this weird power of plastic manipulation." He walks over to help Connor with the medicine ball and looks at it. "Why do they call it a medicine ball? It just makes it sound…mediciney."

"Probably because they used it in physical therapy before it became widespread… or so I'd think. I've taken a hiatus frommy usual nights of trolling Wikipedia for useless fact." , But Connor leaves the topic of his late-night excursions otherwise blank before he drops one of the balls into Robyn's hands, and catches the other in both his hands, "I went through the catalog of what other people had input one night, and put something of my own together. Sure, it's easy to use, but we only get to use it for our uniforms, and not anything else." Then he holds his ball out in both hands, "We'll start easy. Hold the ball out for a ten-count, Padawan."

"…Fashionista. Seriously?" Snorting, the girl shakes her head. "And I felt stupid when all I could come up with was Kiloton. Wow." Blowing her hair away from her face, she pushes down the cap on her bottle, rising and rubbing at an apparently sore hip, eyeing Robyn critically. "…Alucard, maybe. Hellsing, not Castlevania."

Robyn looks at Shane curiously. "Hellsing…like the monster hunter?" He hasn't been exposed to much anime. "And you think Fashionista is bad, the other girl on my team has the name of Mother right now. We're trying to find a better name for her." Not that it matters but it just feels really weird yelling "Mother Look Out!" or "Mother tone done your emotions!" in the danger room. He takes the medicine ball and holds it out as instructed. "Wow, it's heavier than it looks."

Connor picks up his ball and does the same, sharing the pain with Robyn, "That's the point… and Hellsing?" Laughing a bit more as he looks at Robyn a moment, "So he'd be rocking the sweet hat, right? Though the glasses might work. I had some protective eyewear done up for mine." Then with a bit of a black humor he adds, "At least both your names are relevant… when I picked mine out, it was something of an oblique Lewis Carroll reference." And at an internal count of 10, he relaxes the ball against his chest, "And done."

"Hat, maybe. The jacket though, that'd be easier to pull off. Colors, though… Hm." Blinking, Shane shakes her head, nodding in remembered agreement with Robyn. "Since I don't know either of your names, I've no idea how what you just said means anything, Connor. …I'll guess it's not Red Queen."

"I go by Psyche cause all my powers are mental based. I can possess people, make psychic weapondry, go to the astral plane and I need to feed off of psychic energy to function." Robyn says as he relaxes with the ball with a huff of air. "Now I remember why I don't exercise often." He then looks at Connor and tries not to smirk. "I promise I won't start calling you the Red Queen. And I think I'm thinking about the wrong Hellsing unless we're talking about that Hugh Jackman movie."

Connor pushes the ball out once more, "Allright… this time we're going to do squats on every off-count. So only five of them to start. Squat down on odd, push up on even." And he begins his regimen with Robyn, and says in a huff, "When Doctor McCoy picked me up from New York and brought me here, we talked, and he mentioned how coming to the X-Mansion was a little like Alice going into Wonderland. So in a way, at the time I was feeling like Alice chasing the white rabbit to the hollow… so that's where I got it from. Chase. I couldn't think of anything else at the time, and my powers weren't really defined… but with the whole OCD thing, I couldn't really leave a spot on a form unfilled." Coming up from the third squat during all of that, he adds with a pant, "Seems kinda childish when I think about it, but it stuck."

Shane lifts a shoulder. "Worse names than Chase. Sounds like thought went into it, so it's better than it could have been." Her gaze moves to Robyn, and she shakes her head. "Black suit, long coat, wide, wide hat, sunglasses. 18th century English style, sort of. The gun you could leave out, it'd look silly on you."

"Well the green has to be in their for Alpha Squadron." Robyn says as as he can't help but turn a bit pink. "Well…a gun with my powers wouldn't make any sense either. Though sunglasses…I'm not sure if I'd want sunglasses or anything. I'd be worried that I'd have trouble seeing." He then nods to Connor. "I think Chase fits you, it also fits with your teleporting."

Connor finishes up his own set of squats and relaxes the ball against his chest for a moment, breathing deeply and evenly, "Look… Shane… about before. It wasn't because of you, it's because I didn't want to see a fight brewing. I don't know your history, but if Mason is as shallow all the time as he was around Heather, I don't blame you for being mad. But he's in for a hard lesson… at the end of the day… you're gonna get along with a lot of people here a lot better than he will. Attention whores get attention… and usually in the worst ways. Teachers around here seem to be experts at dishing out humility." And settling his ball down he helps Robyn with his, and to relax a bit.

Shane grunts, frowning slightly. "Wasn't planning on starting fights. Especially not with *him,* frankly, and it's still not *my* place to say what my deal is. I'll just be happy to graduate in one piece, and the more I hear people talk about this place the less it looks like it's going to happen."

Robyn looks between Connor and Shane not having a clue what the two are talking about. "Mason? Like that kid whose gonna be on my squad. I haven't met him yet…what's up with Mason?" He asks sounding confused. "And what do you mean not graduate in one piece. I'll be graduating this year and going onto art school so…as much crap that's happened I think I'll still be in once piece. Sure some stuff was tough to get over but I did…eventually."

Connor takes a moment to start stretching out and not cramp up from the squats, "He's a bit shallow… a bit thick-headed… and a bit self-centered. Think Cloud, only with music star replacing football jock." But as he sits down to stretch his legs, "Shane… real world rules stopped applying when you signed up here. You're going to find you're accepting of things that before would have made you laugh. Last month, Robyn was a Ghost, and I was a raving psychotic… and by far and large, it was pretty light by comparison. The most important lesson you'll learn here is you have friends, and they'll stand by you through the insanity, and you'll come out stronger for it. You're here… so you're not alone." And then he laughs, "Yeah, I know… Platitudes, chapter and verse, but seriously? I had the same adjustment period you're going through. Robyn was there for me through the worst of it."

"…Ah, the friend talk," Shane replies to Connor and Robyn's assurances, not… *quite* sneering. "Then I guess we'll just have to hope you're right this time." Shaking her head, she stoops to collect her towel, pressing it to her face to get the sweat away.

"So you're saying I have Cloud version 2 on my squad as well?" Robyn says as it doesn't sound like a thing to look forward to. "Cloud's not bad he just…makes bad decisions like jumping through portals evil bad guys or evil boyfriends open up." He tires to make a joke a bit about his own boyfriend going evil for a bit. "The friend talk? What exactly is the 'friend talk'. I think I'm really lost in this conversation."

Rubbing the back of his neck as he pushes to stand, Connor says to Robyn, "First time Shane and I met was in the Rec Room… where Mason decided to make a pass at Heather while I was standing around trying to relax. Long story short, Shane walked in, things looked prickly, and since Mason was all by trying to glue himself to Heather, I tried to ask our newest face here to politely not try and stare him into a detonation of blonde hair bleached teeth. Anyways.. yeah… I brought up the friend thing. But without you Robyn, or Heather, or Rashmi… I wouldn't be dealing half as well as I should, and I wouldn't be half as well-adjusted as I am." Laughing a bit, he throws an arm over Robyn's shoulder, "Face it, you're a bad influence on me."

Shane looks from Robyn to Connor, her frown deepening slightly. "…Good to hear. I'll keep that in mind about friends, I guess. And, for the *last time,* I will not *start* trouble. Probably there'll be a couple dozen people better at it than me anyway, and I just want to be left alone when they decide to start it. Okay?"

"Without you and Rashmi I'd be huge mess, and without Heather I'd probably still be a ghost. Which reminds me I gotta get Heather a bear." Robyn says before nodding to Shane. "Okay, if trouble starts I'll make sure you're far away. But anyway, there are some good people here, some good friends. Things aren't always easy being a mutant, and being shoved in a school where everyone has super powers, trouble occurs so…it's nice to have people you can trust."

Connor pats Robyn on the shoulder and then moves to stoop and pick up his bag, "Well… I actually gotta get going. I'm supposed to be in Mister Guthrie's Blackbird courses, but with the crap in October, I missed all the initial classes. He's having me do make-up work on top of Danger Room stuff." But he stops before departing and says to Shane, "Next time we're up for a mall run, you wanna come with? There's a pretty cool comic shop down there, plus heck… we could even hit the Big Apple on the weekend. If nothing else… I'm great for saving friends on bus fare and travel time… if you don't mind the side effects."

"We'll see," Shane says, bending down to stuff her towel and water into her own gym bag. "….After you tell me what the side effects are." Robyn gets a long, measuring glance, nostrils flaring. "Yeah… I guess it is nice." Throwing the strap over her shoulder, she seems to decide that to be her exit line, as she heads for the girl's showers.

"I'd be really cool if you could come with us Shane. I'd love to learn more about the resin stuff you were talking about too." Robyn says as he really would like to look into making his own little resin figures. He doesn't understand the nostril flaring though. "Alright, well I guess I'm gonna hit the showers and then hit the art room. I'll try to be back in our room at a reasonable time Connor." Meaning sometime before midnight.

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