2010-02-13: Costumes And Statues


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Summary: Robyn and Dallas find Cam in the Costume generator. Robyn brings Dallas a gift.

Date: February 13, 2010

Costumes and Statues

Rating: PG

With his first DR sequence coming in the next few days, Cam has done his best to find out where to alter his costume. After discussing with a few teachers, he was pointed in the direction of the actual costumer machine that the school has. Finding his way here, Cam is actually in heaven, having the opportunity to actually make it the way he wants it. He had heard it was possible, but he wasn't sure. Now, he's working away, in front of a screen. He left the door open, not realizing that other students may not know where it is or even WHAT the room is.

Dallas wanders in, having decided that he wants to do some alterations to his uniform. Make it more like a surf suit, perhaps. Or a wrestling singlet. Something that lets him move freely and doesn't feel so much like wearing a full suit when he's trying to move. When he sees Cam at the screen, he pauses and then shrugs, coming up behind the new student and peering over his shoulder. "Hey."

Robyn's been looking all over for Dallas, he's been to the weight room, then gym, locker room, Observation Deck, kitchen, Cafeteria, Boat House and a few other places, finally he's decided to go down here since someone told him they saw him going in this direction. He's peaking in some of the room and eventually sees both Dallas and Cam in…a costume generating room. "Woah, I didn't even know this was here." He says as he's surprised to see Dallas in here. "Dallas, I've been looking all over for you."

On the screen in Cam's view is a suit that's loose fitting. The shirt and pants are not tight at all, and are fairly basic. However, it also comes with a long trenchcoat-style jacket. The Jacket is designed to be worn either open or closed, with the standard X forming when it IS closed. Also, at the top, there is a pair of visor-like goggles. Everything is in shades of blue and/or white. New Mutants shades. As someone comes up behind him, Cam squeaks loudly, "Don't DO That. Make some noise!" He says, placing a hand on his chest. As Robyn comes in, "Hi." He says, sheepishly.

Dallas grins as he spooks the new guy. It's a little cruel but still fun. "Cool design." He looks back when Robyn arrives and grins wider, giving his friend a nod. "Robyn. And I know, right? Apparently it's like the X-tailor or something. And, uh, what did you need?"

Robyn walks over and looks at the machine and just follows everything with his eyes for a bit. "Woah. Yeah, this is neat and that is a cool design. "How'd you find this thing?" He asks as he looks at Dallas. "Oh! Here!" He says handing Dallas a figure, it's a football player in a New England Patriots uniform, with an 18 on the back and the name 'Gibson'. "I just finished it this afternoon and I couldn't wait." He says smiling a bit.

"I just couldn't see myself in skintight… ew." Cam says, shaking his head lightly. "And this, I think will hide my form and not be too ugly." He says with a nod. "Though blue and white aren't really good colors for me, I'll deal with it." He looks up at Dallas with a bit of a grin. "Asked the teachers. They told me this is the best place to get one made." He offers to Robyn. "It'll make us one each. Though, to make a new design, we have to give it an old one after the first, it says." He chuckles a little as he looks it over. "I think that's about the best I can make it."

Dallas looks the statuette over and smiles faintly, turning it over and over in his hands. He looks back up to Robyn and asks, simply, "Why?" And then back to Cam with an arched eyebrow at the 'hide my form' statement. He's tempted to let it slide but after a moment, he says with surprising delicacy for him, "You've got a linebacker's build. That's nothing unusual. And nothing to worry about hiding. But I do like the design." And then a faintly chagrined look, "And I should have thought to ask about this myself, a long time ago."

Robyn's smile fades as Dallas asks why and just shrugs. "Cause, you helped me out when I was having a rough time and I thought I'd do that to say thank you?" He does like to make things for his friends. Not having a lot of money, it's something nice he can do for people, or so he things. "Do you not like it?" He asks before looking at Cam. "Well they all have white, which I wish they had black but I'd rather have the blue or green like I do instead of like Yellow or Orange."

"Linebacker?" Cam asks, unable to resist a chuckle at that. "Yeah, but with a lot of flab to cover it." He knows his faults, thankyouverahmuch. And his fat is part of it. Looking it over and deciding, he nods. He presses the button on the screen. Imprint. He's already had his measurements scanned into the system, so now he just has to wait a minute or two for it to come out. "I'm more of a winter person. Earthtones. Grays." He says with a nod. He steps aside from the screen to allow anyone else who wants it to use it. His will be out shortly. "You made that?" He asks, looking at the sculpting.

Dallas gives Robyn a nod and a smile and at that look of fading enthusiasm he pauses a moment and then give Robyn a shoulder hug with his free hand, briefly. "I like it. It's cool. And it's the first thing that somebody's ever made just for me. Thanks!" He blinks at the talk of earthtones and grays and says, "I have no idea what that means." Noting Cam's interest, he holds out the statuette, a bit gingerly.

"I'm more monotone." Robyn says in response to Cam's earthtones. He more gets it from the artsy upbringing. "I'm glad you liked it." He says chuckling at the hug. "I dunno, it's easier for me to make stuff for people and actually having friends here helps with ideas of stuff to make." He looks up at Cam and nods. "Yeah, I made that. I like to sculpt and lucky for me, the art room here has plenty of clay for me. And a Kiln."

Cam waves away from it a little. "Clumsy hands. Except in the kitchen." He says with a firm nod. "It's really nice, Robyn. At least you have some talent there." He offers with a grin before turning to Dallas and chuckles. "Colorsets that suit my complexion. I don't look good in brights, but I have no choice." He explains.

Dallas wanders over the machine and pokes at the screen. "Let's see … Student. Training uniform. Squads. My squad. Ah. Here we go." His brows knit in concentration as he makes alterations by poking at the screen. "T-shirt arms. Bike shorts legs. One piece. Flexible. Um, climbing shoes. Big X built in, because hey, X-Man 'X'. Who doesn't want to flash that? But kind of like a speed skater's design too. Fingerless gloves? No. Too, um, 90s. Or something. Oh, wrist straps. Yea. That's cool." He looks towards the other two. "Do I need a cape or some crap like that? Or like … pouches, maybe? For stuff? Or a utility belt? Or maybe all of them?"

"I don't think you need a cape Dallas, didn't you see The Incredibles?" It's a cartoon so of course Robyn's seen it. He chuckles as he looks at the screen. "I'll have to do something with mine, like remove the sleeves. Then you'll have to make me work out to tone my arms more." Robyn says with a nod to Dallas as he does want to try to work out more. "Thanks Cam, food to you is what clay is to me I gather. Or like weight lifting to Dallas."

"Capes are bad ideas. Didn't you ever watch The Incredibles?" Cam asks, wrinkling his nose. Then, he looks to Robyn. "Jinx. What kind of things are you planning to carry? I mean… are you like me and have a completely useless power for combat situations?" He asks. After all, he doesn't know Dallas's abilities. Robyn has told him a little of his own, but not enough for him to know. He tries to get what Robyn's saying… but fails. "Somehow, I don't think I'd find it enjoyable."

Dallas blinks and nods, grinning faintly at the unlikely stereo. "Oh yea. No capes." And then Cam's question confounds him. "Ah…. stuff? Um …X….stuff? Like, um, hmm." He hits the button that erases the plethora of pouches, bands and belts. And then he looks up and Robyn as he presses the button that puts his uniform in the queue and stands aside. "And I can help with the working out. But that's not /all/ I do. I have an artistic side too. I like to…. organize my sports cards creatively. Like by batting average. Or yards gained in a single season. That's kind of artsy and quirky and stuff."

Robyn looks at Dallas and holds back a chuckle but it's there in his eyes. "Yes Dallas, you have an artsy side." He says more for his friends benefit than believing it. "I didn't mean you'd like it Cam just you like Food and that's your creative outlet, mind is clay and Dallas has his sports." How sports is a creative outlet, he doesn't really know but he figures it works some how.

Cam lifts a finger and starts to say something. He puts the finger down and closes his mouth. He repeats the action, only with an intake of breath as if about to say something. Again, he stops. "I simply have no response." A panel in the machine slides open, and his costume is lying, neatly folded. He looks around and grabs it before moving to the curtain in the back to try it on.

Dallas seems satisfied and just nods. "Exactly." Apparently /he/ things sports qualify as artistic. Somehow. As long as it's not sissified artistic. Like dancing around in a tutu or something. As Cam disappears behind the screen he stares at the machine curiously and says, "I wonder how this thing works." And then looking up at Robyn, "Seriously. Thanks for the cool statue. I'll put it somewhere where's not likely to get broken until I can buy a little memorabilia case for it, then I'll put it on my desk next to the autographed baseballs and stuff." Exalted company indeed.

Robyn can't help but laugh at Cam's reaction and shrugs. He'll let Dallas think what he wants, it doesn't matter. "I don't know, I guess I always took for granted that we all got these uniforms that seemed to fight just right in the snug department and out of what they call Unstable Molecules." Robyn says walking around the machine a bit. "I'm really glad you like it Dallas, that's why I asked you what your number was, like that Panning guy you said something about.

"Plot it. Key in your name, and then press create." Cam calls out, over the curtain. There's rustling and moving going on behind there before he comes out, dressed in it. And, despite his size and weight, it really DOES look good on him. He's a little darker toned than the white or blue work for, but it's passable. He comes out to look in the mirror across the room.

Dallas winces. "Manning. Peyton Manning. Jeez, Robyn. Do I get Tom Burton's name wrong?" And the frightening thing is that he says it without apparent irony. Cam's instructions get a nod and grunt and he saves his work and presses the appropriate button before turning to look at his fellow student as Cam tries on the uniform. After a moment he nods and says, "Looks good. Wouldn't want to try to fight in that coat but it does look pretty good."

"Yeah, you got it wrong now." Robyn says laughing. "Okay, Peyton Manning, I'll try to remember it." Even though he did watch the super bowl and he the quaterback was pointed out to Robyn several times. "I do remember he was a quarterback though." Don't ask him what a quaterback does. "Wow, that's pretty awesome Cam. I really like the coat."

"Fighting's not my thing. As long as I can run." Cam admits. "I can find the fastest, safest path away from something. That's what I will do. I'll leave fighting to the combatants." He shrugs slightly. "Thanks, though. It's… closer to me than the skinsuit."

Dallas shakes his head. "Everybody has to fight occasionally. It comes with being a mutant. Or an X-Men if you decide to go there." He pauses and says, "And hey, I was thinking about this the other day. You might have a serious advantage in a fight, Cam." Dallas may not be creative, but he is strategic. And to his way of thinking, Cam's power has more than a few tactical uses, maybe. He looks back to Robyn and says, "I did? Oh, right. Tim. Tim Burton, sorry."

"So we're even then." Robyn says to Dallas before giving a curious look. "What advantage does he have?" He asks before looking at Cam. "As much as I want to say running is a great idea, I mean sometimes it keeps you alive, but sometimes you're in a situation where you can't run. Like with Owen and I the other night, I had nowhere to run and when Dallas and I were at the Empire State Building, we had no where to run with some crazy French Men causing havok."

"I really don't have an offensive power." Cam says with a shrug. "I'm not saying I won't punch someone, I'm saying if I CAN avoid a fight, damn well believe I'm gonna." He nods before wrinkling his nose at Dallas. "Howso?"

Dallas grins at Robyn. "Batroc." He snickers faintly. Looking back to Cam he says, "You find stuff, right? And people? How about finding stuff in and on people. For instance, I've broken one arm like three times. If you can find the break and hit it, wham, I might be out of the fight. Or like crazy kung fu nerve strikes like in the movies. You know, the one where Jet Li was jabbing people with needles and stuff?" Dallas shrugs and says, "Just a thought."

Cam starts to say something before pausing. "Huh…." He says, considering it. That might work. but it'd take a lot of training to memorize things like that. "Well, dayumn. Didn't think of that." He's absolutely flummoxed. You can tell by the accent suddenly slipping out thick. "Probably take a lot of training, but… huh…"

"I kind of have an offensive power, I just have to learn it better." Robyn says and at Dallas words, Robyn winces. "Wow, that just sounds painful hearing you describe it. Actually I wouldn't want to fight Cam hearing that." He says thinking that if Cam could do that, he'd be pretty damn crazy in a fight.

Dallas grins and shrugs, slapping Cam on the arm. "Dude. This is kind of the stuff I love. Figuring out how my teammates fit in the team. Using everybody's strengths and covering each other's problems." He glances aside as the machine dings again and says, "Oooh, alien sewing machine is done. Or we have cookies. Both would be good." The idea of actually having helped Cam (and making up for his gaffe when they first met) seems to cheer him enormously.

"We don't really have a set leader on our team, Jordan pretty much. But the we have Antonio whose barely around, Annalisa whose…sorry to say this but she's terrified of her powers, cries about it all the time and is pretty much worthless as a teammate. Mikhail and Jared, who aren't bad. They really can't get hurt." Robyn says in regards to his team. "How are things on the New Mutants?"

Cam doesn't really know his team. At all. Other than Eddie and Dallas. He grabs up his old clothes and stretches. "Sorry, I need to hit the sack. I've got some one-on-one work tomorrow to get to know my powers. And then, I think, Monday, I start the actual team training. I'll admit. I'm scared senseless." He says with a firm nod, before heading to the door. "Night."

Dallas shrugs and says, "Honestly? We could use some work. A lot of work. But we're getting there. Max is still our heavy hitter. And we have Cam and another new guy who looks to be kind of Magneto junior." He shrugs. "Not quite as dysfunctional but not great, either." He grins faintly and waves good night to Cam, "Thanks for the tip on the costume machine. You'll do fine." He rounds up his own modified costume and throws it over one shoulder, looking back to Robyn. "Hm. Want to come get your butt kicked at X-box?"

"We still need a lot of work too, I still need a lot of work." Robyn says as he just wants to get things under control so he can live a normal life. Though he's still kicking himself for the Owen incident and how he waited so late to use his psi-weapons. "Take care Cam!" He says with a wave as he moves his hand to brush back his hair.

"We still need a lot of work too, I still need a lot of work." Robyn says as he just wants to get things under control so he can live a normal life. Though he's still kicking himself for the Owen incident and how he waited so late to use his psi-weapons. "Take care Cam!" He says with a wave as he moves his hand to brush back his hair. "Yeah, I guess I can go for some X-Box, and yeah, you're right, I'll get my butt kicked." He's not great at video games but he knows how to at least use a controller.

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