2010-03-21: Costuming Laughter


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Summary: Jesse gets his Barnes Orders begun. Caleb gets embarassed.

Date: March 21, 2010

Costuming Laughter

Rating: R

NYC - Hell's Kitchen - Capes and Cowls

The business is not fancy. However, right next to the door is a large sign that says "Privacy Guaranteed and Certified." There are quite a few costumes hanging from racks around the place, all of the 'for fun' variety. The costumes that are similar to those of the heroes of the world. There is a fitting room to the right, and a register near the door.

There is a door leading to a back room, however, with a sign above it. 'Protective Wear'. On the door is an additional sign about guaranteed, certified privacy. For those that DO go into the backroom, there are samples of materials as well as a few designs of actual heroic costumes, with a stack of business cards. "For more information on actual protective, fashionable costumes, please contact Jesse Hartley" His number is listed below.//

Another day, another dollar. Jesse is at work, currently shirtless but in his costume pants. He's stitching up some issues on his own costume, trying to repair. Needles in his mouth, he's out in the main room doing his work. His brilliant red hair is currently unstyled. Ever since he got this new contract, he's had student after student coming in. Though, most of them don't want anything special.

Caleb has been given this address and told to come here to get a training uniform as he only makes skintight clothing invisible with him and he is NOT attending training in his underwear, hes dressed in blue cargos, a red t-shirt, a black jacket, is wearing black Airwalk trainers, his white hair is gelled in a casual bedhead look and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist. He enters the shop singing to himself, "I am a little beggarman, a begging I have been, For three score years in this little isle of green, I'm known along the Liffey from the Basin to the Zoo, And everybody calls me by the name of Johnny Dhu", he stops when he notices the shirtless guy, "Oh, sorry, i thought this was a shop".

Jesse looks up and nods. "It is. I'm the only real costumer." He says with a nod. Standing at his full height, the man is quite well built and obviously on display. "Jesse. Can I help ya?" He asks, offering a grin as he pulls a few needles out of his mouth and sets them on a counter. A young woman sticks her head out from behind a curtain. "Need help, Jess?" He chuckles. "Not right now, Caroline. If I do, I'll call ya."

Caleb steps forwards into the shop, not exactly sure what to say, "Er, my school told me to come here, to get a uniform that works with my, er, skills", he is choosing his words very cafefully, hes not sure how much he's allowed to tell Jesse, there are so many rule about what he can and can't say now.

"Ah, Barnes kid." Jesse nods. "Caroline, cover the front. Privacy rules in enactment." He says, offering a call. The woman that peeked out earlier comes out to take the counter as Jesse moves to open a door to a back room. "Come on back. We'll talk in here. Private and all. Gonna have to ask personal questions and do some personal measurements." He waves the kid inside as he grins. "It's ok. We're top priority in silence here." He says with a nod.

Caleb breathes a sigh of relief as he realises Jesse knows what he's talking about, "Ok, thanks", he takes a deep breath and walks though the door Jesse is holding open.

Jesse closes and locks the door behind Caleb and then turns on a noisemaker. It doesn't make anything other than white noise, but that's enough to keep most people with hearing abilities and with recording devices from hearing anything. "Ok, so, what's the name? I've got my list of names and what types of costumes they'd be allowed to have." He says, pulling an oddly shaped crystal from his pocket.

Caleb turns to face Jesse when they are both inside, he raises an eyebrow at the noisemaker but doesn't comment, it's probably some form of uniform making equipment, "My names Caleb O'Callahan, whats that crystal thing?"

"Something personal." Jesse says. As he holds the crystal, he spreads his fingers out, touching two places on it before saying… no… singing a pitch-perfect middle C. "Barnes." As he does, there's a view of a piece of paper. The paper has a list of names on it. It's not completely clear for Caleb, but Jesse gets it all. "Ah." He says, pocketing the crystal. "You're on the list. You're a 'whatever he needs for his powers' type. An odd one. So, what's your treat?" He asks, running a hand through his hair. "Or rather, what do you do that might require a unique costume?"

Caleb watches the device Jesse's using with curiosity, but is distracted from it by being asked what he needs, "I can go invisable, but my clothing stays visable, i also phase, fly and i have these weird energy blast things, but i don't know if i need special stuff for that stuff, er, what do you think?"

"You do. If your clothing doesn't turn when you do, you need a specific material designed to change with your body." Jesse says with a nod. "It's called Unstable Molecules. You were approved for it. It's generally extremely expensive. The only way to get it is through Dr. Richards of the Fantastic Four. Only a few people have access to it." He explains. Pulling out a sketch pad, he turns to a basic outline of the general Barnes uniform. Body suit. Gray and Blue. "Ok. So, for you, yourself. You DO have some customization options. Do you want it to be tight or loose?"

Caleb bites his lip and thinks, "Errm, can i have it kinda like this?", he gestures to what he's wearing, the t-shirt he's wearing is quite tight but his cargos are baggy, "But i don't want to look stupid, any suggestions?", he's heard that people in America care alot about how you look.

"I wouldn't mix baggy and tight. It wouldn't look good." Jesse says as he begins making some sketches. "I'd do one or the other. Or just leave it loose. That mix… well… wearing a tight shirt and baggy pants has douche written all over it." He says, rolling his eyes with a chuckle. "The colors are set. We can't alter those. But it's your costume, so that's why I need your input." He states. "We can make it close to the body but not too tight." He offers.

Caleb looks a little confused, "Douche?", he's never heard that word before, and he didn't think how he's dressed is that bad, "Err, that sounds good i guess, is the way i dress bad?"

"Tight and baggy mixed are NOT good." Jesse explains. "Douche. It's… hmm. It basically means someone you DON'T want to hang around. A douche is someone who talks down to their other half. Someone who treats people like they're scum. But the word actually means the stuff women use to clean themselves." Jesse says with a grin as he wrinkles his nose. "Alright. Somewhat loose it is. Not too tight. With it being UM, it should flow with you. Gloves or no?" He's already sketching out a layout.

Caleb nods and makes a mental not to change the way hes dressed, he looks different enough as it is, without looking like a "Douche", he looks at his hands, "Yes to gloves i think", he remembers he should probably explain about the wristband, "Urrm, just so you know, i can't take this off", he holds his wrist up.

"Ok. Easy enough. Tight wrists, so that it can slide under that." Jesse says with a nod. That's not too bad. He adds that to his labelling. "Boots. With a cuff or without? The cuff will stick out. Otherwise, it'll slide flush with the pants." He explains as he adds that onto the actual drawing, making a little room on the sleeves where he draws a vague version of the bracelet.

Caleb shakes his head, "It can't slide under the wristband, it doesn't move", he tugs on it to show Jesse, "Urr, I'll go with the cuff, i think, he tries to have a look at what he's drawing, "Does that look ok?"

Jesse makes another notation for sleeve ending at bracelet. Measurements will follow. "That's fine. When you graduate from high school, you'll be able to design your own, not in their colors. That's… when the fun begins." Jesse laughs as he continues, giving a nod at the end. "Alright. Now all that's left are taking measurements and getting you back on your way. It'll take about a week for it, and it'll be delivered to Barnes for you." He explains.

Caleb nods, kinda glad the hard parts over, "I graduate at eighteen right?", back home he could finish school a sixteen, he stands up straight so Jesse can take measurments, "Ok, thanks".

"No, you graduate when they say you do. It's not age related. I graduated high school at 17. One of my friends didn't graduate until 19." He says with a shrug. There's a chuckle from Jesse. "Nuh-uh. I need you bare to do proper measurements. My costumes are protective, and I need to see where you need protection and to what levels." He explains. "Being an invisibility type, you'll only need it in a few key places. Gotta strip, kiddo. It's ok, though, I'm a professional."

Caleb actully stutters, "W…, wait, what?", he gulps and takes off his t-shirt, he didn't expect that, Caleb is thin but theres muscle tone there, the kind of muscle runners have, he pulls off his shoes, sock, cargos and reluctently his breifs, he stands there for a few seconds going red, before disappearing.

As Caleb starts to strip, suddenly the air is filled with classic Stripper music. The burlesque type. As Caleb vanishes, Jesse starts laughing, "Dude, I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. Come back. I'm not gonna hurt you or try to take advantage of ya. You're a kid. I just gotta give you good measurements." He shakes his head, pulling out his tape measure. "I'll do the lower side first, so you can put your drawers back on." He's laughing quite hard. Poor Caleb. "But you really shoulda seen your face." He grins.

Jesse couldn't make Caleb feel more self-conscious if he tried, laughing at a nude sixteen year old boy is sooo mean, "I'll reappear if you stop laughing", he pretty much wimpers.

"Kid, I'm not making fun of you. You've GOT to learn not to let things get to you. You're going to be seen by people along the way. SHIELD is like military." Jesse grins. He's not laughing now, but he is grinning. "You're going to have to loosen up or they won't keep you. Uptight in some ways is fine. In others, not so much. And the thing is… You may be invisible, but I still know where you are. I can hear you." He taps his ears. "Everyone has a unique song. And I hear it."

Caleb takes a deep breath and reappears, however he is bright red, "Fine, but be nice", he may sound childish but he is very embarassed, "Just get it over with", to distract himself from it, he asks, "Song?"

"I'm an alien." Jesse explains as he moves in. "Spread your legs a bit." He says, before measuring from hip to ankle on both legs, and jotting it down, then following the internal path from crotch to ankle. "Now, I may touch, but it's not intentional. I'm used to doing this, so I shouldn't." He explains. "I have to measure a cupped shape, in order to make sure that you get the proper protective cup fit." He explains. At this moment, he is completely serious. "If it's an improper measurement, you can get chafing, scratching, or a lack of protection. And you want your bits safe, right?" As soon as he finishes, he deftly measures and jots down. "Ok. You can put your drawers on again. I'll finish after." He goes back to the casual conversation. "Every living being has it's own song. It's own unique music that mean THAT person."

Caleb does exactly as he's told in order to get it over with, he tenses slightly as Jesse starts measuring near his privates, as soon as Jesse gives him the word he goes to put on his breifs so quickly that he falls over, going even more red if thats possible, he pulls on his breifs and stands up quickly, "Thank you", trying not to look Jesse in the eye he asks, "Whats mine sound like?"

"It's not really something I can describe." Jesse says. "The problem is that there are too many sounds that you wouldn't know or hear, even if I played them. My race is very tied to sound and life energies." He explains as he taps Caleb's arm. "Arms out." He says as he measures chest and stomach.

Caleb is much calmer now he has some form of clothing on him, he lets Jesse measure his arms as the red starts to fade, "So you can hear music that only your race can?, that sounds kinda cool".

"Yeah. But then, I can do things that nobody else of my type can. Apparently, I'm a mutant to my race." Jesse laughs. "So, I get the double status." He shrugs as he goes back to his measuring. "Suit up." He says, motioning to the clothing. He jots all of the necessary numbers on the pad. Looking at it, he begins to hum softly. As he does so, he singsongs, 'Barnes order.' A crystal appears in his hand. The crystal is placed, then, on a small string hanging by the door. It's the third in line. Then, he takes the paper and burns it. "Only two people on this planet can read these crystals. And only if they know the key. I know the key." He winks.

Caleb wows, "So you're like a super super hero?, cool", when given permission to put the rest of his clothing on, he does so, quickly, but when it comes to putting his t-shirt back on, he leaves it, and instead just puts his jacket on and zips it up, "So i don't look like a douche", he smiles, "Thanks, when you're not laughing at me, you're pretty cool, whats the key?"

"Key? It's tonal and word. It's Barnes order said in the specific keys that I sang it." Jesse laughs. "And you have to hold it a specific way. My people are very private." He laughs, shrugging. "I wasn't lauging at you. I was laughing at your actions. You get so embarassed. You gotta learn to just let it flow away, kiddo. That's the only way to make it in this world." He winks. "Not much of a superhero. Oh, I go out and join in the fights, but I'm more of a… fashion designer for gods."

Caleb nods, "I guess everyone needs their secrets, even aliens", he goes a little red again, "I get embarassed easily, my brother got the confidence from the genes, he would've had no problem with that", at the "fashion designer for gods" comment, he laughs, "You are so modest".

"Not for me, even though I DID fashion my own." Jesse grins. "I'd rather make sure that those out there saving our lives look DAMN good. I mean, seriously. Have you SEEN some of those outfits they've worn? Like that BoomBoom chick a few years ago? Bubble gum pink? Please." He waves a hand in the air. "I can do better with both hands tied behind my back."

Caleb laughs again, "Bubble gum pink?, that sounds pleasant", he hmms, "Ok, whats worse, tight and baggy or bubble gum pink?"

"Both are equally bad. If it's bad, it's bad. There are no degrees. It's like capes. NO CAPES." He says with finality as he goes to open the door, and turn off the noise machine.

Caleb puts his hands up, "Ok, i got it, no capes, i didn't ask for one", confused he follows Jesse to the door, "Sorry".

"It was a movie reference." Jesse says slapping his forehead. "Go watch the Incredibles, kid. If you're gonna be a superhero or some semblence thereof, watch it. It's a Disney Pixar Superhero movie. And quite… possible."

Caleb crosses his arms, "Hey, i am not a kid ok?, i might be younger than you but i'm not a kid", he doesn't like being treated like a child, "But i will watch it".

"In America, you are under 18. Therefore, being under 18, you are a kid. There's no denying the fact of the matter. It's not a bad thing. I call my roommate kid, and he's older than I am. But then again, he can't hold a job and he whines because he has to go to work." Jesse sticks out his tongue.

Caleb grins, fine if he a kid he'll act like one, he phases and walks though Jesse, hopeing to give him a bit of a chill, "Ok, i'm a kid", he turns and sticks his own tongue out.

Jesse is used to weirdness. "Don't stick that tongue out at me. I'll pierce it." He says, before he hums a chord… two voices coming from his throat. Suddenly, his body is red and somewhat translucent. For those that could tell, he's made of solid sound. "Anyway, your costume will be ready in about a week as long as I don't get backed up."

Caleb quickly pulls his tongue back in, and his eyes widen at Jesse's transformation, "Sorry", he nods, "Thank you, for the help with the uniform", he grins as he reaches the door, "By the way, sorry for being difficult".

"It's alright. Some people are skittish. Some are show-offs. And some are downright horny." Jesse laughs, shrugging. "I've dealt with it all. You weren't THAT bad. And you should be proud of your body. When I… well, no. I can't say when I was your age. I was already hitting the gym five times a week." He grins. "But I liked showing off. But that's me. I know a lot of people who were afraid. Ignore fear. Be strong."

As a teenager Caleb has all the traits that Jesse says his customers have, but the first one was strongest today, with his hormones making the last one a close second, "It's not like i don't exercise, i'm a freerunner, i just don't hit the gym that often, and ignoring fear is easier said than done", he opens the door, "Catch you later", then exits.

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